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Tiny Spoon vs. Little Fork

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This was a laugh riot. It’s both picture book and graphic novel for the very youngest. We have a tiny spoon and a little fork whose job is to feed the baby. But which ones better? Fork is sure they’re better, but no spoon thinks they’re better, so it becomes a battle of who the baby thinks is better. The book is very tongue-in-cheek but also relatable and funny. As someone with a baby niece who is has just started using little spoons and little forks maybe I like this too much, but I don’t care. This was fun and would be fun for story time, or for naptime, or just for mealtime.
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Tiny Spoon is looking forward to feeding the baby, but Little Fork insists that baby is growing up, and needs a different utensil for eating.

Let's get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E!

A hilarious look at mealtime, with fun, cartoony illustrations.
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Tiny Spoon has a very important job--feed the baby!  But now there's an interloper on the scene:  Little Fork.   They both know that they're the best and most important utensil.  But is there room for only one or can they find a way to work together?

This is a fun story presented in comic book style with bright, vivid picture panels and speech bubbles.  The language is casual and expressive.  It would be a nice choice for a new or reluctant reader to help them see that reading can be fun and not intimidating.   This would be a great book to have in an elementary school or classroom library.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
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TINY SPOON VS LITTLE FORK is an adorably hilarious tale wherein the titular utensils argue over who gets the honor of feeding the baby. The argument gets thrown out the window when Baby picks them both and subsequently drops them both. It is a wonderful story about teamwork and not needing to have the spotlight to yourself told in a delightful comic-strip format.
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I will admit I’m in the minority – I am a spoon person. This one will have your little ones riveted, as the illustrations and large words are louder than life, almost comic-book esque. In this hilarious show down, two utensils get into it before breakfast begins: a tiny fork and a tiny spoon both fight for supremacy over who can feed the baby, both advertising their strengths and fighting for supremacy. In the end, both utensils are used, though they figure out being handled by a baby may not be as easy and luxurious of a job as they’d hoped. Friends in the end, the two comfort each other as they tackle their next issue: being placed and cleaned in the dishwasher.
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I was given this book as an eARC from the publisher for an honest review.

This book is an adorable picture book in a comic book-like format. The drawing are interesting and colorful. The words tell the story in a relatable way. If you like this book you should really read The Legend of Rock, Paper, and Scissors, which gives the same vibes and is a favorite of mine.

One critique I have is I am unsure what age range it is written for. The main human character is a baby and the story centers around it’s small utensils. The words and concepts are to advanced to read it to a toddler. I am unsure if 4-7 year olds would be interested in reading the book besides the colorful pictures.
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It's breakfast time and clock announces its arrival.  

"Time to feed the baby!" yells clock. Bringg!  Bringg!  Bringg!  

The drawers of the kitchen cupboard roll open and up pops a yawning  tiny spoon and a little pointy fork all ready to do the job.  But wait?  That's always been spoon's job right?  Baby loves to sip, savor and slurp her food off of spoon.  Little fork explains to spoon that baby wants to move on to biting, chomping and munching and he's the perfect utensil to get the job done.  

Both fork and spoon deliver their resumes as to why they believe they deserve the honour of feeding baby.  Baby toddles into the kitchen and  proves she has a mind of her own.  The moment of truth arrives.  Which one will baby choose to feed her breakfast? Can you guess? 

Little Spoon and Little Fork learn a very valuable lesson.  Baby's surprise decision forces the two to work together and not against each other to finally satisfy baby's tummy.  

The illustrations are fantastic, full of detail, humour and fun.  The book is written in comic/graphic novel style and the storyline is simple and very entertaining.  This book can be used to discuss differences, acceptance, friendship, babies and table etiquette.  I love it and highly recommend it.
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It's morning time which means it's time to feed the baby breakfast.  Tiny Spoon and Little Fork each emerge from their respective drawers eagerly awaiting to perform the job of feeding the baby, but each wonders why the other utensil is there.  Tiny Spoon and Little Fork each present evidence (including a delightful funny photo album of their related cutlery) as to why they should be feeding the baby.  In the end, the baby comes and chooses both utensils to throw on the floor (because that's what babies do),  They have to work together to get back to the baby.  Once they make it back to the baby, the baby chooses to use both utensils to eat breakfast,  Ultimately, Tiny Spoon and Little Fork see that they are equally awesome and go to the dishwasher together.  
This was such a cute story that could be used in many different ways.  The story is funny, so children should enjoy reading this story aloud.  It can also be used to talk about differences, friendship, babies, and even table manners.  I loved it!
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This adorable picture book written in the comic/graphic novel style tells the story of two little pieces of cutlery who fight for the right to feed the baby! Young readers will love the detailed and entertaining illustrations and the simple but inviting fonts and speech bubbles. The storyline is simple and fairly easy to follow, while still being very entertaining and appealing to young readers. As a grade 3 teacher I could definitely see this book in my classroom library and would recommend it to parents and teachers of children in the age 4-9 range. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!
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I think most parents will recognize tiny spoon and little fork from their own homes, and in this story they come together to make sure baby is happy and fed.
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This was such a fun comic style book. Little Spoon and Tiny fork is a brightly colored and amusing read that will entertain both children and parents. I enjoyed the mention  of the tuning fork, for whatever reason this entertained me greatly
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This was not just hilarious but so adorable. I loved the cartoons, I am seriously a fan of this type of illustration. 
I loved how dramatic both the characters, I guess that's what I'd call them lol, were. 
It really put a smile on my face, maybe I am really enjoying childrens fiction these days. Its a nice repreive from the stressful days of adulthood. What attracts me most to these books is the innocence of the plot and characters. 
I also like to think that spoon and fork helping each other out in the end was a message and a lesson for the little kids who read this book. Or maybe I just like to read too much into things haha. Anyway I loved this fun little book and as always I highly recommend this book for toddlers and children. Will make great reading and bonding time with your little ones.
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Wow, I really didn't know what I'd be getting while reading Tiny Spoon vs. Little Fork but I enjoyed this story about unexpected friendships! Tiny Spoon and Little Fork have a feud about who is going to feed the baby. They go through their lineages of spoons and forks to prove their worth. When the time comes to feed the baby, who will the baby choose? Tiny Spoon or Little Fork?

Tiny Spoon and Little Fork become unlikely friends, along with baby's stuffed bunny, in this story. I think this story would be a great book to read at the beginning of the school year for young children to teach them that it's okay if they're different and they can still be friends despite those differences. This book was much more thoughtful than I expected, in the best way! Thank you NetGalley and Astra Publishing House for the advanced copy. All opinions are my own.
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Tiny Spoon vs Little Fork had a fun, comic book style of illustrations. They were bright and colorful, as was the story itself. The competition between fork and spoon was fun, and would be a great writing prompt for little ones to continue the story (what do fork and spoon feed feed baby next). The stuffed bunny was also a great little bit of a comical character.
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Tiny Spoon vs. Little Fork is a really fun book about a spoon and a fork, first enemies, who have to work together to feed the baby! This comic-book style illustration was really fun. I loved the sarcasm throughout as well as the "families" of each spoon and fork. Very fun!!
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