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Bootcamp for Broken Hearts

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The story
Nora’s a single mom to Charlotte. She split from her partner when he was cheating on her. Coming up to her 40th birthday, she realises her life revolves around her business, a cafe, her daughter and her best friend and sister. When her besties plan a surprise bootcamp week away as a gift for her birthday, the re-boot changes Nora’s life, even if she is really reluctant! 

My thoughts 
I loved the witty writing in this story, the slightly jaded heroine and her finding a new way of thinking of herself. While there is lots of love floating around in this story, the message is clearly that self-love comes first before we can attract the right kind of romantic love. Some parts felt like a bit of self help wrapped in a first person narrative, but Nora’s fun thoughts and self-deprecating default kept the story fast paced and ending is just lovely. It’s a goodie @bookouture ❤️
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Big applause for the author - this book is a great read. It is a fun, feel-good, romantic story about happy single mum Nora (40 years old), who goes to bootcamp and gets to know herself better, which impacts further changes.
I smiled a lot and enjoyed reading every chapter.

🙏#netgalley #joannabolouri #bootcampforbrokenhearts #bookouture
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Unputdownable worth a 5-star rating 

Rarely do I finish a book and feel tempted to return to page one and immediately re-read. This is one such book. The characters are believable and entertaining. Nora and Will's dialogue was original, snappy, and frequently very funny, often compelling me to go back and read again once my laughter tears had cleared. 

The woowoo ideals of the bootcamp's counsellors and instructors were written with just enough snark to be funny without mocking them.

With one unexpected turn of events, mostly what I expected to happen, did happen. This isn't a criticism. 

Definitely recommended, pre-order or watch for release date on 6th July. 

Thank you Bookouture and NetGalley for the ARC, this review is my personal, unbiased opinion.
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Nora Brown is perfectly happy single. Well, sometimes she wishes there was someone else to do the dishes, or fight with her daughter about brushing her hair and sure, a woman has needs… but Nora knows better than most that it’s complicated when you’re a single mum of (nearly) forty. She’s not risking a broken heart ever again, thank you very much.
Which is EXACTLY WHY she’s dreading the ‘sexy singles getaway’ at a castle in the Scottish Highlands that her pushy sister is forcing her to attend. Faith says it’s a chance for Nora to relax, find herself, and maybe even get some action surrounded by tumbling waterfalls and the sweet sound of bagpipes. Nora thinks it’s a chance to embarrass herself in front of a bunch of un-marriageable weirdos with tufty facial hair.
Nora is definitely not going to enjoy it and definitely, definitely not going to fall for a roguish guy with a naughty grin who is the complete, exasperating opposite of her… right?
This book was such a pleasure to read, such a beautifully written, humorous, atmospheric book , everything about this book  is just so perfect and  beautiful, the writing, the characters, the world building and the story. I was so ecstatic at how good a read this was and it completely blew me away. Thoroughly, highly and wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone and can’t wait for more.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Well this is just the perfect summer read. Nora is likeable, relatable and her cynicism at boot camp is thoroughly entertaining. Great ensemble of supporting characters, in Nora's home life and at the boot camp..
One particular speed dating scene had me cringing behind my kindle.
A sweet message of becoming your no1 champion and an empowering read also.
LOL funny, packed with awkward moments, and romance as a cherry on top. Blissful.
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This one was super cute. I really, really enjoyed this book. It was light and emotional all at the same time.
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It’s the classic single-mom-who-hasn’t-dated-much-since-her-ex-cheated-10-years-ago-so-her-friend-sister-and-daughter-send-her-to-relationship-bootcamp-where-she-may-or-may-not-find-true-love-but-hopefully-learns-to-love-herself-more trope 😜

I really enjoyed this story and actually laughed out loud a lot. Solid 5 stars from me! Excited to read more by this author!

Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review. Watch for it to come out on July 6, 2022!
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