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Omg this was brilliant, fast paced with each twist more shocking than the last, this thriller transforms the ordinary into a heart-pounding journey of intrigue.
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Thank you Netgalley for the ARC! SLow read that was a bit predictable. It kept my interest and I rate it a 3.1
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Holy moly what a fab read! Thank you @rachelsrandomresources @dianesaxonauthor for our place on this tour!
I've being seeing this advertise online alot, so was really happy to get a place, it caught my attention straight away.
This was intense, like really intense. So many secrets and twists. Certainly continued to keep my attention  throughout. I think I may be losing my touch, I was always pretty good at figuring it all out, but that wasn't the case with this one.
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This has been an engaging and satisfying thriller that ticks all the boxes. It has creepy characters, shocking scenes and gripping flashbacks. 

I didn't particularly feel much sympathy for the character or Caryn, and actually, after reading, the person I felt the most sympathy for was her mother. Caryn appeared quite narcissistic and snobby. 

There is an unexpected twist but the author has kept things quite simple when it comes to the psychological and character building elements of the book. I quite liked this aspect as sometimes authors in this genre make these sorts of stories far more complicated than they need to be, pulling in far too many characters or timelines.

This is definitely a book and author I would recommend if someone is looking for a satisfying and engaging thriller, that doesn't try too hard to be different.
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I enjoyed the book and the ending was a surprise. Started slow.  It didn’t follow the general plot layout, Very well written, and told in the third person, this was a very good psychological thriller with enough twists and turns to keep me fooled! Caryn is a great character, she could so easily have given up but thanks to her grandmother she made a life for herself but sad that it wasn’t the life she would have chosen.
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A great read, full of intrigue and suspense. Recommended.
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This book was so gripping, the plot was so interesting and I couldn’t wait to get to the bottom of the case. I thought the plot was unique and it was definitely action packed. I enjoyed how the story was told through present day chapters and chapters set in the past like flashbacks. 

This book was full of secrets, tension and suspense. As more and more secrets are revealed, it makes it difficult to figure out what happened and who was involved. The ending was truly shocking, as it got closer to the end I was on the edge of my seat as I was reading. This book had such a good pace to it, it wasn’t too slow but wasn’t too fast. Certain secrets were revealed to both the reader and Caryn, the main character, at different points of the book so it made reading it very exciting. 

I felt so sad for Caryn as she was blamed for everything as a child when her brother went missing. When she arrives back to her hometown after 20 years, she definitely gets the answers she is looking for. Some of the events that happen are heartbreaking and I could feel the sadness and betrayal through Caryn. 

I highly recommend this book if you haven’t read it already. It was such an amazing mystery/thriller and it has a very unique plot. This was a great book to end the year on.
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The was a creepy book that had me hooked through all the twists and turns. I really enjoyed it. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book.
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This book is just wow! It is intriguing and creepy and the plot sends the reader on a journey that is both emotional and disturbing. Carts has always been blamed for the disappearence of her brother so when, 19 years later she is drawn back home, so starts a mystery. 

I loved this book. the author writes superbly and everyone who loves this genre will not be disappointed by the plot.
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I really enjoyed this book. There werent many suspects to choose from and I still got it wrong. Loved the characters in this. I had a connection with them. Loved the flashbacks and didnt mind that is a trope we have all heard before "missing child"
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This was a great read full of suspense and twisty thriller.   Definitely a page turner.  Would love to read more from this author.
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WOW another excellent book by Diane.

A real page turner which had me totally gripped from the beginning and I certainly didn’t foresee the ending.

Highly recommended and a very well deserved ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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A great read
Will keep you guessing
You will not want to put it down
Another great story by this author 
Thanks NetGalley
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Diane Saxon’s My Little Brother is a heart-jolting and spine-tingling thriller about twisted secrets, past demons and old ghosts that will chill readers to the bone.

It was an ordinary school day when Carys’ life changed in a heartbeat. Although she had only been ten years old, Carys had been left in charge of her little brother. But things had quickly gone awry when six year old Lloyd had vanished off the face of the earth. One minute, Lloyd had been right in front of her eyes and the next, he had disappeared. Despite of her young age, Carys had been blamed for her brother going missing and she had been sent away from everything she knew and everything that was familiar to her.

Heartbroken Carys has tried so hard to move on with her life. Yet, that fateful day lives on in her memory. Tormented by shame, regret and devastating pain, an incident in her childhood has condemned Carys to a lifetime of despair. She has spent nineteen years in exile and has spent the past two decades trapped in a prison from which there is simply no escape. Carys has never managed to shake off the guilt of Lloyd’s disappearance, but when events conspire to send her back to her childhood village in Wales, she finds herself with no choice but to return.

Carys hopes to lay old ghosts to rest, but before she can do that she must be brave and confront her own terrifying secret from that devastating day when Lloyd had gone missing…

Diane Saxon’s My Little Brother is a creepy chiller that will have readers sleeping with the lights on for weeks. A complex, eerie and disturbing thriller where nothing is quite what it seems, My Little Brother is packed with nail-biting tension, terrifying twists and turns and heart-pounding suspense. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading this book, which made me jump on more than one occasion.

An unsettling rollercoaster ride I won’t forget in a hurry, Diane Saxon’s My Little Brother is perfect for readers who like their thrillers on the scary side!
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Great plot to get yourself lost in. This book has everything. A real fast paced thriller. Will get your heart racing on more than one occasion. Very well written. Highly recommend this book
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Caryn's brother went missing when they were children but his body was never found. Due to being blamed, Caryn ends up living with her Grandmother until 12 years later she returns to the small Welsh village she was bought up.
This book had me in suspense the whole time and for once I didn't guess who did it. A definite must read!
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This was an intricately written story of woven secrets which kept me guessing throughout - outstanding! When Caryn returned to her childhood town, memories of her little brother and his disappearance resurface, but who is keeping guilty secrets and why? Diane Saxon once again made me suspect every character at some point and gave me urgency to keep reading. Highly recommend!
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When Caryn was 10 she was looking after her 6 year old brother Lloyd, she left him for a matter of minutes and when she returned he was gone.  He was never found. Caryn’s parents blamed her, the whole village blamed her so she was sent away to live with her grandmother who brought her up sent her to boarding school, gave her an education and she became a doctor.

Now 29 years after her brother’s death she starts getting letters in Welsh from someone claiming to know what happened to her brother.  She cannot resist going back to find out the truth so she can lay to rest her guilt or know for certain whether she was to blame.

She returns and is not welcomed with open arms and shortly after her arrival there is a death and another body is discovered, will she finally find out the truth, but does she really want to know the truth?
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I loved the start of this book. The part on the playground between Dylan and Caryn was written superbly and I felt every bit of the young girl angst. Unfortunately that was the only part of the story that appealed to me. It was a very quick read but quite depressing I felt.
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I received an ARC of this book from Boldwood Books via NetGalley. Unfortunately, I seem to be in the minority with a not stellar review. I thought this book moved really slowly and was repetitive. We know Caryn was worrying and feeling bad about her family situation, but it was repeated on basically every page. I also did not find the big reveal of the villain very plausible. On the positive side, it was interesting reading about Wales. This is only the second book I have read that is set there, but I am getting a clear picture of small, insular Welsh villages, which is interesting. I also liked that in the chapters from the villain's point of view, the author was very careful not to use gender pronouns so we really had no clues as to the person's identity.
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