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The Fisherman's Wife

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Many thanx to NetGalley, the author and the publishers of this book for allowing me to read and review this book.
I looked forward to reading this book but found it hard to concentrate and focus on the story line. Connie had placed herself in a horrible and very dangerous position by marrying this man. She was brutalised, beaten and her life was made a misery until she rescued a pirate from the sea.
The village people could have helped her but she needed to help herself. 
The story line was OK but, for me, there was too much romance, I don't enjoy the frilly, romantic books!!
Can't say I loved this book but I know many will, therefor can only award this 3 stars.
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Very enjoyable historical fiction. I enjoyed the story, the true grit displayed and the hopeful spirit. Well written story.
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Historical Romance is my favorite genre and I dove into this with eager eyes. It starts out in a small fishing town and it’s centered around a women stuck in a terrible marriage. But after the ship wreck I felt like things went sideways. I don’t enjoy a romance where one or both keep second guessing the situation. It drives me crazy. And then it felt rushed. So I’m only giving this 3 ⭐️. 

Thanks BooksGoSocial via NetGalley.
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It starts in a little poverty stricken pirate village.   A story of brutality and love.  Connie married a guy who was brutish, particularly when he drank, so many beatings that even the villagers felt sorry for her.  Her best friend Peggy lived with the Captain of the pirates, a guy whose sword had seen many killings for treasure.   One day a ship carrying gold ended up on the rocks, and any surviving sailors were brutally murdered……save one that Connie rescued from death’s door.   Her friend Peggy helped her hide the sailor and bring him back to health taking great life threatening risks.   A love story begins but not without many twists and turns that will keep you reading until the end.  The story is filled with hopes and dreams, many setbacks but Connie’s determination to become her own woman prevails.
A good entertaining story.
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An enjoyable historical read. I have read a book by this author before, and this one did not disappoint either. I think a lot of readers that enjoy the historical fiction genre will enjoy this one as much as I did.
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An historical romance plus a bit of good old fashioned sex and violence this book ticked all the boxes for me.  Poor Connie married to the abusive husband but saving a pirate saved herself.  
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An enjoyable historical romace that was well written and had a compelling storyline. I really enjoyed it.
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An adventurous story between an abused spouse and a killer pirate. Shipwrecked Eddie makes it to shore and Connie hides the pirate to save him.

What did I like? An interesting story but it just didn’t suck me in. None of the town would step between an abusive man and his wife but Connie found her own solace. Saving a near drowned pirate saves herself. 

Would I buy or recommend? The blurb sounded interesting but the book only made it to fence book standards. I didn’t really feel like the story was enough and not enough chemistry from Eddie and Connie.

I received a complimentary copy to read and voluntarily left this opinion.
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This book was a historical adventure and romance. I was rather aggravated at Connie who just seemed to find herself in constant turmoil. Some of her decisions were frustrating and I found the story seemed to take a while to develop. It's was just ok.
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(Thank you, NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the opportunity to read this book for a honest review.)

Are you in the mood for a historical romance with a pirate love interest? Then you're in the right place! 

The Fisherman's Wife starts with a young woman, Connie, who is trapped in an abusive marriage. When a violent storm destroys a pirate ship carrying a treasure chest, a pirate named Eddie is rescued by Connie from death.

I really enjoyed this book! I loved the slow-burn romance and Connie 's relationship with Eddie was enduring. The beginning was a little slow for my taste, but it did hook my attention not long after. It was hard to follow the writing style, but the plot was even paced. I would like to say that domestic abuse would be a trigger warning for some people. I would recommend this to any historical romance lover and anyone who loves a good pirate story!
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This book is a good afternoon read. It wouldn't win a literary prize, but I read for fun and for relaxation. With romance plus a bit of good old fashioned sex and violence this book ticked all the boxes for me.
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