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Mystery of the Library Cats

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I enjoyed reading this little children's book, which is about two cats who go on a journey to find some cats in a New York library. They enjoy their journey, but at first they can't find the other cats. When they finally find them, they are very surprised.

This is a cute book, with lovely images and easy to read text. Highly recommended!

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book.

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Cute book! Well written. I enjoyed and so did my kiddo! I have recommended this book. Good little mystery.

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Adorbs. As a librarian, I appreciate the cats' names ;-) and loved their trip to the NYPL! I even learned so much from Baker's Guidebook facts (did you know more people travel through Penn Station daily than all three NY airports? That the NYPL has 92 locations? That the new One World Trade Center building is symbolically 1776 feet tall? Learn that and so much more!)

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Candy Rodó’s Mystery of the Library Cats is a cute and fun educational little adventure! I love the easy-to-read plot and lovely illustrations.

Best cat friends Baker and Taylor enjoy spending their days reading and lounging at the library. They are complete opposites but are the best of friends. One day, the librarian’s cat Flora encourages them to visit the New York Public Library where there are two cats just like them! Soon, Baker and Taylor set out on an exciting adventure.

I love the fun premise of this easy-to-read book! The simple writing with the short sentences and dialogue are kid-friendly and are filled with approachable words. I can definitely relate to Baker and Taylor’s favourite activities of lounging and reading in the library–they are living every bookworm’s dream! I love their little adventure through the familiar sights and sounds of New York City including the subway, parks, and ever-present bodegas. I especially like the cats’ friendly encounters with other helpful animals and the funny little interactions with the talking human statues!

Every few pages, there is a little fact section entitled “From Baker’s Guidebook” which briefly gives details about well-known places in the city. I loved this section and I wish there were even more facts. Although I’m an adult, I didn’t know many of these things! Curious kids will definitely enjoy learning about these new places and things. The fun facts include information about the statues in Bryant Park (there are nine), and the bodegas (there are more than 10,000 in the city!). There is also a great section at the end of the book with information on the New York Public Library as well as iconic landmarks in New York City. I especially like that everything is presented briefly and simply.

I really enjoyed Weaverbird Interactive’s charming full-page and full-colour illustrations! I like the gentle colour palette and lively scenes. I love seeing the big city from the little cats’ point-of-view. I absolutely giggled at the subway ride with Taylor’s smelly sardine sandwich! Baker and Taylor are so chonky and cute with lovely expressive faces! I love all the great little details: Baker’s adorable pair of spectacles, their little backpacks filled with trip goodies (Baker’s guidebook and Taylor’s sardine sandwich) that are so in character, and the effortless diversity of the background humans.

😸😸😸😸😸 out of 5 kitties!

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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the eARC. This book is adorable and any cat lover will love it! A cute adventure of cats going through New York City to find the library. This book makes you feel like a New Yorker traveling to the library. A fun read for cat and book/library lovers!

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This is so adorable! Love the illustrations and enjoyed the storyline complemented by little factoids taking the reader on a mini tour of the New York Public a library and its surrounds.

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The Mystery of the Library Cats is an adorable picture book with silly cat characters and a library setting. It is a fun little story to enjoy with little ones.

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Page Turner! Love Taylor and Ker
I love the illustration, the story' really cute and fun, and also informative 💙

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Such a cute read! While I don't expect the average reader to know who the Baker and Taylor cats are, it was fun seeing them make their way to the New York Public Library to meet the "library cats." I could see us recommending this to young readers whose families are planning a trip to New York. Hope to see more from this series!

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This was a cute little story about the Baker & Taylor cats I think even if you don't know who the Baker & Taylor cats are you will enjoy this little book about library cats and a little intro to the NYPL.

As a librarian I love the B & T cat bags so I found this one cute.

I received this book from the publisher Baker & Taylor, Paw Prints Publishing and NetGalley for a fair and honest review.

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This is the first book in what will become a series. It’s a cute and informative travel adventure from the perspective of two homebody library cats.

In this book, they venture to the New York public library to meet its resident cats whom they’ve heard so much about. On the way, they travel via through Penn Station, see statues, visit the library, have pizza, and finally meet those famous library cats.

Nice illustrations, a fun adventure, and included facts about the area the cats explore are all included. This would be a fun book to read with your child, whether or not you are familiar with the area they are exploring.

My thanks to NetGalley and Baker & Taylor, Paw Prints Publishing for providing a digital ARC for the purpose of review!

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I received a copy of this book through Netgalley. This is my honest review.

This was a cute story about a couple of cats who love the library. Baker is a very studious cat wanting to learn all the things and Taylor is a tubby kitty who likes adventure. They go on a journey to meet the library cats at the New York City public library, and really struggle to find them, in spite of repeated references to their existence by others. Eventually while grabbing a slice of pizza, Taylor asks a dog about the library cats and learns they are the lion statues.

I can't really speak about the illustrations because they were all sorts of chopped up in the review copy on my phone. I can say that Baker and Taylor were adorable and fluffy looking. And I'd be down to read this book a few times at least.

Overall I give this book 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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This picture book is adorable! I loved that it was pretty straightforward - no politically driven message, no real cultural bent. Just two cats in the Big Apple. There were a bunch of facts throughout the book too, which I thought was clever and informative. A few too many commas, but I won't be mad at that. This is definitely going on the list of acceptable books to send my niece.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the free copy in exchange for this honest review.

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This quick cute read is easy for kids to read, has interesting facts about the the New York Public Library and lovely illustrations of cute little library cats and everything they see on their adventure to the library.

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This was a short and fun read perfect for cat and book lovers alike! The mystery was not what I expected, but perfect for a fun kids book with gorgeous illustrations. The book is set in New York City and we get lots of fun facts about the city amongst the pages. Definitely a fun and lighthearted book perfect for children (and the ones reading it to them!)

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Ready for a bookish adventure with cats!? This silly little story follows friends Booker and Taylor on an afternoon adventure to the New York Library! Our furry friends are avid readers and hear of library cats at the great New York Library! They head out and along the way we learn lots of facts from Booker’s guidebook about New York’s sights from statues to pizza! This book had my son entertained with the cute illustrations! Who doesn’t love a cat with glasses? It also had his asking questions and wanting to know more about the landmarks we saw in the pages! This is definitely a cute story to add to your collection! I can’t wait to go on more bookish adventures with these two cool cats!

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An adorable picture book perfect for lovers of cats and libraries. Two cats, Baker and Taylor, decide to go on an adventure to see the library cats of the New York Public Library. On the way they see different NYC landmarks. There are helpful notes in little text box bubbles that contain information regarding these places. Overall I found the book to be very cute, however, some of the writing and grammar was awkward. Thank you to netgalley for providing me with an electronic copy of this book for review.

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Originally posted on my blog Nonstop Reader.

Baker and Taylor and the Mystery of the Library Cats is a fun illustrated adventure for the youngest readers by Candy Rodo. Released 4th Oct 2022 by Paw Prints, it's 32 pages and is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats. The publisher's info gives the Lexile map rating as 4106L, which isn't directly listed on the map, but should be around grade 1-2.

This is an engaging and fun adventure story featuring Baker & Taylor, the Library Cats. They decide to leave their job in a small library helping patrons (and reading their favorite books) and take a cross-town adventure to New York City's public library to visit two other famous library cats, Patience and Virtue. Always ready for adventure, they've packed their backpacks with a guidebook and lunch, so they don't get hungry or lost along the way. 

The pictures are engaging and fun and are filled with small details which invite a closer look. The sites they visit along the course of their trip are explained in simple highlighted text boxes throughout the book. 

Four and a half stars. This would be an excellent choice for public or school library, group read, or home library use. 

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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I love cats. I love stories featuring cats. Who can resist book-loving best friends Baker and Taylor?

These chonky boys love nothing more than hanging out in the library reading their favorite stories and learning about far away places. Then they learn there are libraries in other towns! Baker and Taylor pack their backpacks and head for the bright lights of New York City. Once they secure directions to the New York Public LIbrary, they learn there are cats there! Will they be able to find their new feline friends?

This is a delightful story designed for “newly independent” readers. I love that Baker and Taylor use guidebooks to learn about New York City. The points of interest scattered throughout the book are fun and tell us more about the culture of the city. There is a nice afterward with more information about New York City and the New York Public Library.

I am looking forward to more stories featuring the adventures of the #bookish cats Baker and Taylor. This book would be great for kids who like cats or kids who are interested in travel. It might even be good for kids who are nervous travelers since Baker and Taylor use their smarts and their guidebooks to find their way around an unfamiliar city.

Thanks to NetGalley and Baker & Taylor, Paw Prints Publishing for an ARC in exchange for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

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I'm absolutely in love with this book and the art style. Our toddler really enjoyed it when we read it to him. We have two cats so he kept enjoying being about to go back and forth between the book and our own "Library Cats" as they tend to hang out in our library room. Great illustrations, great dialogue.

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