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I'm absolutely in love with this book and the art style. Our toddler really enjoyed it when we read it to him. We have two cats so he kept enjoying being about to go back and forth between the book and our own "Library Cats" as they tend to hang out in our library room. Great illustrations, great dialogue.

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Baker and Taylor and the Mystery of the Library Cats by Candy Rodo is a fun, entertaining children's picture book that makes learning about New York City fun. The story is about two library cats who go on an adventure to see the library cats at the NYC Library.

I'd like to thank NetGalley, Baker & Taylor, and Paw Prints Publishing for the free copy of Baker and Taylor and the Mystery of the Library Cats in exchange for my honest review. I was drawn to read this book as I love cats, and this book would have been right up my alley as a kid.

Author Candy Rodo did a great job in writing this children's book and making it fun for little ones to learn about some of the things to do and see in New York City. It gives parents a perfect opportunity to take their kids on vacation there to see some of the sites mentioned. I also like the fact that the main two characters are very different but are still best friends . . . that's an important life lesson right there for kids. At the end of the book, there is an index of information provided in the actual story along with a couple definitions for kids that might not know what a couple of words mean.

Five out of five stars is what I gave Baker and Taylor and the Mystery of the Library Cats by Candy Rodo as I think this should be a book in every child's home library. To top it off, the book was well written, and the illustrations were fantastic as well. This book was published on September 6, 2022.

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As a cat lover, the cover is intriguing for me. Plus, the word 'library cats' has caught my eye.
Again, a cat and a library which means A nerdy cat?? That's so cute! I definitely enjoy this book and the graphic design was totally amazing. The facts about New York public library were totally incredible. I'm looking forward for the other journey of Baker and Taylor!

Special thanks to the author, the publisher and netgalley team for this free cute book!

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Baker and Taylor's mystery adventures start with finding the famous New York City Library's famous cats. The two cats make a few new friends on the way, and even find some pizza with sardines. Families planning to visit New York City will find fun facts about locations close to the library for added fun. I did find it odd that the cats were able to speak to non-living statues, but children probably won't think twice about that.

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Thank you NetGalley and Paw Prints Publishing for the opportunity to read "Baker and Taylor and the Mystery of the Library Cats" in exchange for my honest review.

This book has adorable cats and colourful pictures in it throughout. Baker and Taylor are cats that spend their days at the library lounging and reading. They actually love books more than they love chasing mice and even more than eating tuna. Baker loves to read about history and faraway places, Taylor loves adventure books. Baker is a quiet and serious cat who reads to learn new things. Taylor is a silly and outgoing cat who just reads for fun. The librarian has a cat named Flora who suggests that they visit the New York Public Library to see their cats.

In they city they find a lot of legs, loud noises, cars honking, phones ringing and vendors yelling. They soon find themselves lost while looking for these library cats. Finally they happen upon Patience and Fortitude and they are not quite the cats they were expecting.

My favourite part of this book is the bonus feature which has facts about the New York Public Library system and also many of the landmarks in New York City. It gives parents/teachers/caregivers an opportunity to have a conversation about what there is to see and do in a big city.

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What a cute little book. I loved the little meandering adventure these little cats went on. I also enjoyed the facts about NYC. The illustrations were adorable and engaging.

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First and foremost, I would love to thank NetGalley, the author, and publishers for allowing me the opportunity to read this advanced copy. Such a great adventure! also The CAT ILLUSTRATIONS are so GOOD. Recommended

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This is a really fun book. We have two cats that love to read and spend their days in the library. Until one day the librarian (she is also a cat) encourages them to get to know other libraries and they go to New York.
I really liked these readers cats!

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Thank you NetGalley and Baker & Taylor, Paw Prints Publishing for accepting my request to read and review
Mystery of the Library Cats.

Author: Candy Rodo
Published: 09/06/22
Genre: Children's Fiction

I'm going to begin by letting the cat out of the bag, pun intended; I did not figure out the mystery. I was entertained with both the illustrations and the written story.

The illustrations are darling in that they mimic people; there is a realistic edge to them. The color palette is energizing.

The story is adorable, and all the human things the cats experience are so well-written they feel natural. Cats riding a city bus eating a sandwich and reading a book done everyday, right? Differences between friends and working together are just two teachable opportunities. The mystery is solved in a smart and safe travelling way.

I would gift this, and see this in a babysitter's arsenal.

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Loved the adventure these two cats get into. I always enjoy books set in libraries, and especially the NYPL. I loved seeing them on the subway, in the park, and taking selfies. I think this is a fun way to introduce kids to NY

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What an adorable book!

Baker and Taylor are two cat buddies and spend their time reading at the library. One day they decided to find cats in the central library. They packed and go off to adventure in a crowded new york city.

This was a very lovely picture book, colorful and fun! at the end of it, there is a detail about the new york public library which seems a good idea. I hope there will be more of sweet Baker and Taylor.

Many thanks to Baker & Taylor, Paw Prints Publishing via NetGalley for eArc, I have given my honest review.

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Baker and Taylor are library cats. They spend their days reading and learning in their library. But, one day, they go on an adventure to the New York Library to find other famous library cats. They search high and low for those library cats. Will they find them?

This is a great book for kids. The illustrations are whimsical and cute. The main characters are cats who live in a library, which will encourage kids to read. They go off on a trip and experience new things in the world from a cat's perspective. The reading level is easy. Younger children can read it on their own, or have an adult read it to them until they learn how. Very appealing illustrations accompany the story.

It is a quick story and has interesting characters that should appeal to children. It's a perfect book to introduce young readers to the fun of reading!

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🐈 Cats, libraries, and an adventure? Yes, please!

🐈‍⬛ Two cats decide to leave their local library (where they live) to visit two other cats at a library in New York City. Of course, the library is the famous 42nd Street Branch of the New York Public Library and the cats they are looking for are the lion statues out front (Patience and Fortitude). But the traveling kitties don’t understand they are looking for statues!

🐈 As the cats traipse around New York on their way to the library they encounter people, parks, stores, and other new places they aren’t familiar with. The book provides little factoids about New York City as the cats travel through – including the definition of a bodega, data about the diverse population of the city, and information about the first pizzeria. There is also extra information in the back of the book about the New York Public Library and other NYC landmarks.

🐈‍⬛ The cats are cute – one loves learning and the other loves eating! And both love to read!

🐈 This is the first book in a series that will include these loveable, bookish cats.

🐈‍⬛ If your child loves reading, cats, and learning about new places, this book is a must!

Thank you @NetGalley and Paw Prints Publishing for an eARC of this book, which I have read and reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Oh my gosh this was absolutely adorable! The artwork is fantastic and the story is lighthearted and quick. The pacing is fine for younger children and the illustrations are engaging.

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I loved the fun library cats and their adventures to make friends! On their wait, their sightseeing was full of adventure.

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4/5 stars

Thank you to Netgally, the publishers, and Candy Rodo for allowing me to read and review this book.

This was a cute little book about library cats. A cute book to encourage reading and traveling to nearby libraries. I would definitely read this to my nieces and nephews and one day my own children.

However this book does not translate well onto a kindle/phone. I am sure it is perfectly fine as a physical book, but I did have trouble being able to see all the pictures on my kindle. This may just be the link used on Netgally and may be fine when buying somewhere else.

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I like the idea of this book, but I do not love the preview we got of this version. The pictures were not formatted correctly, which took away from the book. But I did like the storyline and I think that this would be great for young children.

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This was so cute. I love children's books that give animals humanistic qualities, and having two cats that love to read and adventure at the New York Public Library was super interesting. I think it's a great way to interest children in reading too, making it look interesting and connecting it to something else they may love...cats!

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This is the review I posted on my Instagram page-

Baker and Taylor and the Mystery of the Library Cats
By Candy Rodo
Illustrated by Weaverbird Interactive

This is my first review of a book from NetGalley.
Baker and Taylor are two cats that are buddies and enjoy spending time in the library. One day the librarian suggests they get out of the library and do some exploring. They decide to visit the New York Public Library. As the two cats travel to the NY Library, information is shared with the reader about New York in a "From Baker's Guidebook" section. They hear people talking about the "library cats" and know they must meet them. Will they find the New York Library? Will they meet the "library cats"? Read and find out.
I enjoyed reading this cute cat story. I love New York and especially the NY library, and I like the facts sprinkled throughout the book and the backmatter about NY/NY Library.

This book was published on 9/6/2022. I plan to recommend my library purchase Baker And Taylor and the Mystery of the Library Cats.

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Baker and Taylor, two adorable cats that reside at their local library, hear of two cats at the New York Public library. They simply must visit this library and meet their fellow bookish cats.

Along the way, they travel by train and subway, seeing great sites…and lots of legs!

I loved the interplay between these two completely opposite cats. It demonstrates people can be different from each other and still be best friends.

Baker is quite studious and brings along his guidebook to New York City. He loves to drop little tidbits of information for the reader. I’ve never been to NYC and appreciated these fun facts. The author also includes a guide to the New York Public Library and a sheet of landmarks in the area.

Taylor is the more adventurous of the two friends and loves slipping off to find a snack.

In their travels, they meet other talking animals and statues before they find the two famous cats that guard the entrance to the library.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Weaverbird Interactive and published by PawPrints Publishing.

I highly recommend this delightful tale to readers of all ages. Early readers may need a bit of help with reading Baker’s guidebook. I know I learned a lot from this book and can’t wait to read it with my grandchildren.

I received a digital advance reader copy from #NetGalley and #pawPrintPublishing. This review is my honest, unbiased opinion.

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