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Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace

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This is an interesting book that hits on interdisciplinary topics that work together to make a hybrid workplace successful, and also recognizes that these workplaces can be more difficult at times. I loved the stories and humor infused throughout the book as well as many great resources.
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For many years, workplaces have struggled with keeping projects on time, on budget, and within scope. Now, with more and more people working from home, the typical solution of co-located everyone is not plausible. With such, team building, quick catch-ups around the water cooler, and face-to-face reminders of project deadlines are much harder to establish virtually. In this books, Phil Simon gives invaluable advice, anecdotes, and relevant research to today’s complex working environments. He covers communication, managing stakeholders, and other elements of project management. 

Award-winning narrator, Gary Bennett brings his passion and expertise to his narration. His narrative pace matches well with Phil Simon’s writing style. Information is helpful and engaging. Advice and research provided is relevant, helpful, and has some original insights. Those who are just starting project management or are experienced managers needing a refresher will find this book helpful.
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Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace by Phil Simon is a great read for those of us managing projects and people in the hybrid workplace.  Phil writes in a no nonsense conversational tone with a little snark thrown in.
The book has three sections. Section one provides an overview of the massive changes (you might skim this if you feel you have lived it and know it already).  Section two covers an overview of project management and the effects of the hybrid workstyle on it. Section three is what you have been waiting for.  It provides recommendations to make your projects more successful in this new hybrid workplace. 
Some of my favorite parts of the book were the graphs that the author includes.
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Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace by Phil Simon is the book I wish all old-school managers were given and forced to read, to open their eyes and make them move away from the mindset that it's impossible for anyone to do a good job if they are not sat at a desk in the office where said manager can see them. 

The book is split into three parts. The first part takes us through the massive forced changes that happened to many workplaces since the pandemic rocked the world and how this has fundamentally changed the way we run projects. The second part provides a whistle stop tour of the world of project management; a good introduction for the beginner or a refresher for the more experienced. In the third part, which for me couldn't come soon enough, we get the key part of the book - how to run projects successfully in a hybrid / remote workplace and what traps to look out for.

Technology is a must in a hybrid work place, and it's crucial that everyone is agreeing on which tools to use and that they are able to use the agreed tools properly. Structured, company led (and paid for) training during work hours is key. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the section on pre-morten (yes PRE, as in BEFORE the project starts!). Plan for the worst, but hope for the best. Having a good think about what can go wrong and what to do when it does, or even what to do so it doesn't even happen. Unpicking the problem backwards. 

I also liked Simon's section on the importance of writing in a hybrid organisation. Without being able to express ourselves clearly in writing, it'll be challenging to communicate in a hybrid world (unless we want to do TikToks instead of Slack messages....). 

All in all a fab book! I thoroughly recommend that you get one for yourself, and one for your manager!
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Some useful insights into project management and the new hybrid way of working. 

I particularly liked the nod to Succession in one of the case study examples!
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Advice on adopting the new WFH hybrid model and strong case of proactive collaboration irrespective of physical locations to boost productivity both personal and professional. Backed up with latest data, industry insights and examples.
strategies and tips  to work on complex projects in this hybrid model, this book has been so timely where WFH needs to be adapted in post pandemic world as well.
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If you have worked in an hybrid office since Covid pick up Project management in the hybrid workplace by Phil Simons I do believe hybrid workspace are here to stay I don't see them going anywhere long after covid era is over so we better learn how to work in them.This book will help you learn the basics of what you need to know about being successful in project management. I love the step by step guide to ask yourself questions to evaluate if your project is on the right track.
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Simon's tone is both conversational and straightforward, while humorous. The author speaks directly to his audience both literally and metaphorically: His perspective would appeal to younger generations (Z and millennials) who want to succeed without the traditional indentured servitude to a job.  This is an author with a soul writing about business, and that is rare. The information is useful--certainly what he sets up and argues about our current work environment changes are accurate and his responses seem smart. A caveat I noticed: he provides current suggestions about applications—this is great, in that readers can take this knowledge and run with it, but I’d have appreciated more details as to what each application did well—why it worked well, so that as new applications became available, or popular, one could judge how well it would work. But that is small compared to the usefulness and readability of the text.
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Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace is a useful guide to project management and leadership post the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are working more and more in a hybrid workplace and subsequently, best practices have evolved. Phil Simon expertly guides the reader with advice, strategies, and illustrations. Anyone involved in project management will walk away with practical tips that are easy to implement and make the job easier in this ever-evolving work environment.
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A good book with very interesting analysis post Covid-19
How management evoluates ? How is it impacted? 
Illustrated with a lof of examples and excellents practical advices.
To be implemented now. 
thank you
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