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Such a beautiful testimony about God weaves the pieces of our lives together, especially in the midst of tragedy. Thank you, Anne Wilson, for your openness to share your hurt and grief, but also your journey to healing through both this book and your music. A captivating read. about God's faithfulness even in our darkest moments.
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This book is a heartfelt story of faith and relationship with Christ.

This was an emotional read. I didn't expect to be shedding as many tears as I did. This book was extremely moving and it was a wonderful reminder that He is with me. 

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for this honest review.
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A moving, inspiring testimony on her journey from grief to fame and all the steps along the way and how her faith played a vital role in every aspect of her life. It is raw and unpolished emotion and full of reflection on God’s goodness despite the pain the family was suffering at the loss of Jacob and how through his loss, Anne discovered her ministry of worship music.  It is interesting to get a backstage look at how she became famous and how the songs came to be and she doesn’t take credit for it, she gives all the credit to God. 
This is definitely tough to read in parts because it’s so sad, but ultimately it is truly a worship filled autobiography and I am thankful to have had a chance to get to know her a little bit better. It makes me like her even more. 
Thanks to Thomas Nelson and NetGalley for this eArc in exchange for my review.
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An uplifting story about dealing with loss and healing while learning to lean on God during the good and the bad!

Anne Wilson came onto the Christian music scene with a powerful country/bluegrass sound and her song, My Jesus, which exploded up the charts. In her book, My Jesus, Anne gives listeners of her music an inside look at her path to becoming a recording artist. Anne originally had a goal of going to space and becoming an astronaut, but when her brother passed away in a car crash, her plans changed. She and her family were very close and the death of her brother, Jacob, almost crushed them. When they couldn’t find anyone to sing at his memorial, Anne stepped up; even though she had never sung publicly she quickly found she had a talent for it. Finding hope in God was how Anne and her family made it through the hardest time in their lives. 

This book was a quick glimpse into the life of an up-and-coming Christian music artist, one that is quickly become one of my favorite artists. I enjoyed seeing how she was shaped by tragedy and found her voice, a gift given to her by her Jesus. Her voice in singing and now in writing is real, authentic and a breath of fresh air. The tragedy she and her family faced is one no one wants to have to encounter but the way they let it move them closer to God and each other is uplifting and so great to read. I recommend this book to those looking for an uplifting read with one of the brightest young stars.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.
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Very sweet book. What a sweet family. I loved getting to know Anne and her Family through the stories she shared and the memories she pinned. 

My heart ached for their loss- but man, God became so real to them after that devastating loss. It was so beautiful to see her whole family come to a place of surrender in that season. I’m so encouraged by their faithfulness & steadfast love for Jesus. 

Thank you Net Galley for this book. ❤️
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I loved reading this powerful testimony through grief and tragedy. What impressed me was how Anne's family didn't waver in their faith and clung to Jesus in the darkest moments. (And stuck together as a family, too) I thought Anne captured her brothers memory so beautifully and her heart for Jesus is all over the pages of this book. She's young, adorable, and on fire for Jesus. Highly recommend!
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The book carries us through Anne's journey of hardships and fellowship with the one who matters most. The peace she finds at her family farm or at the church, sipping coffee and learning to discern the voice of God and her soul. The image she wants to bear, that of a country girl and the trust that everything comes when was promised.
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An honest, emotional book that's focused on Jesus. Anne seems to be a very sweet young lady who has come through some hard times stronger in her faith in Jesus. I love how she points people to Jesus!
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the advance e-copy of this book. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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This was a great book. I loved learning about Anne Wilson's story. It is truly inspiring and she has gone through so much. I really enjoyed the book.
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The song “My Jesus” introduced me to the other “Anne Wilson” in the music industry. The only Ann Wilson I knew then was the lead singer of Heart. This is Anne with an "E," just like “Anne of Green Gables." I listened to this song on repeat. I originally thought Carrie Underwood or Jenn Johnson had been singing. Anne has this great country-folksinger sound, and her songs tell a story. 
Anne’s journey into Christian music began after and through a time of intense suffering. A talent scout saw this video of her singing the song, “What a Beautiful Name,” on YouTube. The story behind that captured moment is the topic of Anne’s memoir “My Jesus: From Heartache to Hope.” She had been just 15 years old when her brother, Jacob, 23, died from a car accident. Her mother wanted someone to sing at Jacob’s funeral. She could not find anyone who felt up to the challenge of singing. Anne’s mom and dad prayed together for God’s will in this desire to have someone sing and glorify God. Her Dad asked God to remove the desire if it wasn't in His will. 
Not long after, Anne told her parents she would sing...despite knocking knees and nerves. People at the funeral were so moved by Anne’s performance they asked for a recording of the song. She, her sister Elizabeth, and friends Carson on violin and Hayes on guitar would perform the song once more with friends Paxton and Josh working on recording and uploading the song onto YouTube. That way everyone who wanted to worship with them could do so once again.
Anne grew up in “the great outdoors” of Lexington, Kentucky, a place I can only describe as gorgeous countryside with lush green scenery and these beautiful bluest of blue skies. (If you go to see the Ark Encounter, in Williamstown, you will see what I mean.) Anne begins her story with times she enjoyed alongside her brother Jacob. The two would go to Wilson Farm, a more-than 500-acre farm owned by her paternal granddad and his wife Jan. They would ride horses, go shooting, and enjoy the beauty of this place together. Anne had wanted to explore space when she grew up. She thought she would work for NASA; in fact, she and her mom visited the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Fla., because Anne had this dream.  
But with Jacob’s death, Anne no longer felt the same exhilaration she once had about space travel. Her memoir details the devastating effects the loss of her older brother had on her and her family. She presented pictures of God showing up in the midst of each of her family members while they grieved over the next five years. I liked how she talked about when they would turn their faces to look into God's face, a heart attitude, a shift from agony to comfort in His presence. She and Liz had moved their mattresses into their parents’ room at first, and then Anne had people stay over with her. She didn’t want to be alone. Her sister grieved on her own behind closed doors. Liz had a clothing company she worked on from age 16 on and had been flourishing and would continue to do so, eventually having her Dad as an employee.
And Anne thought she needed to hold everyone else up, while she unconsciously stuffed down her own pain. The Wilson siblings all learned piano, so Anne turned to hymns to try to release pain while worshipping God. Before this time, she said she wouldn’t have considered life as a music artist. In fact, until she started playing the piano in her grief, her family didn’t know she sang. She gave God her heartache and found comfort during those times. And she also wrote in her journal as she studied God’s word.
Anne said she noticed she first called Jesus – “my Jesus”— in her journal after she lost her brother. And down the road, she and Matthew West would write the song with that name, but I don’t want to spoil the journey for you. Just know that this is a memoir about love and loss, about giving God your pain and trusting that He will not waste a moment, but create something beautiful out of the ashes.
I learned details about what it is like to become a Christian music artist from Anne. She had voice lessons, her granddad and sister would help pay for a manager early on, and her mom took her to Nashville for song-writing trips. Her journey in Christian music has been a family affair. She would gain experience singing in front of large groups of people at summer festivals before then going on a fall tour with Big Daddy Weave (2021) and then with Zach Williams for a Christmas tour.
I think I loved most how she ends each chapter with “A Note from Anne.” She provided these deep spiritual insights based on the story told in each chapter. I could see how much her faith grew during her times in the valley with Jesus. Anne said she will never completely heal from the loss of Jacob, but she has been in counseling and has learned how to express her emotions without letting them control her. God has been faithful to her and her family through it all. She wanted to glorify Him, honor Jacob's life, and introduce others to Jesus and show what He's done in her life, as she sang in the chorus of "My Jesus":
He makes a way where there ain't no way
Rises up from an empty grave
Ain't no sinner that He can't save
Let me tell you 'bout my Jesus
His love is strong and His grace is free
And the good news is I know that He
Can do for you what He's done for me
Let me tell you 'bout my Jesus.
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Synopsis: “My hope isn’t that I won’t face suffering again. It’s a hope that no matter what I face, God will be there with me in it, working it for my good.” For some artists, music has always been a dream, a lifelong hope that one day they’ll make it big. But this isn’t that story. In this short autobiography, Anne Wilson tells about her childhood, her family, and the heartbreaking story of what brought her to a career in music. It’s a bit unconventional, but it’s full of truth and hope of who she sings about, My Jesus. 

Analysis: I have adored Anne’s music for the last few years, but I’d never heard her story. This book made me love her music in a completely new way. It’s a simply written book that details the suffering Anne has gone through, but it leaves you with the hope of Jesus who is always with you no matter what you face. If you’re looking for music with real meaning, this is a story you don’t want to miss. 

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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I was excited to see this book of Anne's story. I have listened to her music since her debut single and enjoyed her distinct sound. She has such a mature voice through her book and I appreciated her humble point of view. She gives all glory to God, who has walked with her (and her family) through a dark and hard time. Thanks to Anne for sharing this part of her life story with us. And thanks to NetGalley for a free electronic version of this book, in exchange for an honest review. I read this book in 1 sitting.
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A beautifully written story about the lost of a beloved brother. A honest reflection of the grief and painful path of healing in the arms of Jesus. For those readers familiar with the song, My Jesus, this book will provide the depth and understanding of which the song was written. Powerful!
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In MY JESUS, ANNE WILSON tells the true story of the loss of her older brother Jacob and how she, her sister Elizabeth and their parents, turned to Jesus to help them function in their grief. We see how the Lord used this tragedy to draw this godly and loving family into a closer walk with Him. 
Anne, whose dream had always been to be an astronaut, is led by Jesus into a music ministry, which started when she sang at her brother’s funeral. We see the miraculous way the Lord made a way for her in Nashville, the beautiful songs she has written, her family’s support and the way she ministers to those who are hurting, leading them to her Jesus.
A truly beautiful and heartfelt story in which we are encouraged to choose Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.
I was given a free copy of the book by NetGalley from Nelson Books. The opinions in this review are completely my own.
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It was really beautiful to hear Anne’s sorry in her own words, and the story behind her song, “My Jesus.” I did not previously know her story. She did a great job of walking us through her pain, and also pointing us to Jesus in the middle of it.
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My Jesus
From Heartache to Hope
by Anne Wilson
Pub Date 25 Oct 2022 
 Nelson Books,  Thomas Nelson

I am reviewing a copy of My Jesus, From Heartache to Hope through Nelson Books and Netgalley: 

Anne and her two older siblings, Jacob and Elizabeth, grew up in Kentucky, where they were surrounded by a faithful community and had abundant opportunities to play, learn, and create under the loving care of their parents. Big brother Jacob was beloved for his kindness, charm, and endless energy. Then tragedy struck, and Jacob died in a car accident. The family's grief was all-consuming.

After Jacob’s funeral Anne decided to honor her brother by singing in public for the first time. She chose "What a Beautiful Name," the lyrics evoking the power of Jesus' name. It was then that she heard God's voice calling her to create music that would glorify Him and share Him with others.

After family and friends urged her to create and post a video of her singing that song, her video caught the attention of a talent scout who alerted a music manager, and the two of them worked together for several months before Anne received an offer for a record deal. Still deep in grief, Anne and her family sought God's leading and decided to take the next step of faith. Anne signed with Capitol Christian Music Group and, without prior experience or professional training, began to write music. As she worked, she realized that God had been building a steady, deep faith in her for many years, which flowed into the song, "My Jesus."

Anne Wilson  weaves together her personal story, in a fresh, young voice. With keen insights about her transition into the music industry, and an inspiring look at the power of faith. With touching anecdotes about her family and a realistic depiction of learning to trust God through the pain of grief, Anne describes her relationship with Jesus in the poignant, faith-building way that has moved people worldwide through her number-one song

I give My Jesus five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

Note: I received an arc copy, My Jesus will be available on October.25.2022
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