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This was a decent mystery. It had an interesting pairing and plenty of twists and turns to keep the story engaging.
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Not my usual kind of book with more action perhaps than I normally go for but I loved it. The description of a chase or fight would usually be the point I lose interest but I enjoyed following every page of this book. Great characters and a twisty interesting plot.
Finally if Carrie and Dylan don’t manage to work another case together it would be a travest
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This is not my typical type book I read but the synopsis sounded good so I gave it a go and I was not disappointed it was a really fun read with likable characters well written and enjoyable! 
Thanks to netgalley and Joffe books for my advanced readers copy
I will also be reviewing on the Facebook group I created after the book is published 
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Fun, actiony, and high adventure story with really lovable but morally gray main characters. It did start a bit slow, but picked up quickly, and I enjoyed the overall plot traits and twists (even if they weren't terribly shocking - I'd predicted quite a few).
This was a fun read, if not super crazy brilliant.
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I haven’t come across Mark Mills before however, I cannot wait to read more of his novels after reading Impact.  
Florence is in a car accident that leaves her battered and bruised and the other driver dead but when Dylan Bodine is called to investigate – something doesn’t fit quite right.  Dylan is promoted and teamed up with Carrie Fuller who is on the verge of retirement in order to solve the case, which isn’t as simple as it first seems.
I loved the investigative aspect and how they used evidence form the crash to piece some things together – identifying little things that most people wouldn’t think of.  I enjoyed the use of deduction to and working through the suspects (and there are quite a few).  I found it fun to try and keep up with the investigation and make my own deductions too – so many untrustworthy characters and so many red herrings to watch out for. 
The use of multiple points of view worked really well as it kept things a little more tense and continuously added potential clues and information into the mix.  Every time I felt as though I was onto something, the direction changed or something new came to light.
I enjoyed how Dylan and Carrie worked together and both brought their own skills to the investigation.  
A fast-paced and thrilling detective novel. Really recommended.
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I read AMAGANSETT years ago (2007 according to GoodReads) and Mark Mills has returned with a new thriller also set in New England. This was a pretty good thriller, with an original, fast-paced plot and decent character development, especially for what is supposed to be the first of a new series. Reminiscent of an episode of 24. I would definitely read a second book featuring police detectives Fuller and Bodine. The only negative, and this may be because it was an ARC, is the British slang coming from American characters in a US setting was a bit jarring. It may be corrected when the book is released in the US.
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Florence Winslow wakes up in hospital. The nurse tells her she’s killed a man.
All she remembers is that she was driving down a deserted country road in northern Connecticut late at night on her way to visit her in-laws. A car hurtled out of nowhere and ploughed into her. She’s lucky to be alive. The other driver was killed on impact.
Dylan Bodine, an ambitious young detective, thinks Florence was extremely lucky. Too lucky perhaps.
The dead man had no ID and was driving a stolen vehicle. Piecing together the evidence, Dylan concludes someone wanted Florence dead.
As Dylan and his new partner, grizzled former FBI investigator Carrie Fuller, dig deeper, they discover that Florence isn’t just anyone. Her father-in-law is one of the wealthiest men in America.
And the two detectives are in a race against time to crack the case to keep Florence alive.

This is a thrilling read.
Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.
Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believable.
Great suspense and found myself second guessing every thought I had continuously.
Can't wait to read what the author brings out next.
Recommend reading.

I was provided an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher.  This is my own honest voluntary review.
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Florence wakes up in hospital after a car accident, although she cannot remember what happened Florence is told that a man in the other car was killed and died at the scene. When detective Dylan Bodine turns up at the scene and looks at all the different factors surrounding the accident he is convinced that something else is going on and to him all things seem to coincidental to be simply an accident.

For starter the car that hit Florence had been stolen, the dead man had nothing on him including no form of ID and with no evidence of either car having tried to break before impact Dylan suspects that someone maybe out to kill Florence. 

As Dylan’s investigation progresses he comes to learn that Florence is set to inherit a huge sum of money from her father in law. In confidence he has recently changed his will however his confidence has been broken and now his whole family have learnt that Florence is set to inherit some of his money. Money they don’t think she deserves. 

What I liked about this crime thriller is that it’s unlike any I’ve read before. I love the fact it portrays that money can make people do crazy and stupid things. It was a very cleverly written book that had plenty of mystery involved. All I would say is make sure you’re able to really concentrate when you’re reading this book as there’s a fair amount going on and you could easily get lost.

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for an advance copy of this book in exchange for this review.
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Dylan Bodine, a police officer who handles accident reconstruction, is called to the scene of a two-car accident with fatality. He soon realizes that this was not an accident. The deceased driver of the one car had no identification, phone or license and was driving a stolen car. He meant to kill Florence Winslow who was in the other car, but why? She was injured, but alive; is the threat still out there? Assigned to the investigation is Detective Carrie Fuller, former FBI, sarcastic, forthright and not afraid to offend someone to solve a case. She will be retiring soon and has nothing to lose, but would like one final win. As she investigates, she asks to have Dylan as her assistant and as he is dealing with some personal issues, he welcomes the assignment. The interaction between the two is an integral and entertaining addition to this mystery as they delve into the Winslow family who seem to have many secrets to hide. I can’t wait for the next book in this series! I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (paytonpuppy)
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What a brilliant new detective pairing-one which I hope will continue into future books. Seasoned detective Carrie pairs up with rookie cop Dilyn on what she says will be her final case(I really hope not!). A young woman,Florence,survives a fatal crash ,which turns out not to have been accidental. Someone wants her dead,but who? While there is a possibility it could be the corrupt general who murdered her father, the evidence also points to her dead husband's wealthy family. There ensues a well thought out, brilliantly crafted plotline with shoals of red herrings, humour and maybe,even,love. A delightfully refreshing and engaging read. More please
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I have not read a mark  mills book before got a chance to read this book via netgallery .
 the book was a very good read plenty of twists and turns. really gripping book from start to finish. get a copy you wont be disapointed. i will be reading more of mark mills books.
briefly on her way home   woman is involved in a car collision a fatal one.
is it an accident or murder .
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Men trying to write as women is a difficult thing. Even more so when it is a white male writing as a Black female. No. Just no. You do so much injustice to the real life issues and struggles that face Black womxn and reduce the Black experience as whole. What is the purpose of this? If it is truly to bring more representation to the book world of Black females, then have a Black female author.
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The author does a good job of pulling together so many tried true elements of mysteries: character awakens in hospital, police procedures/relationships, families, and more. Weaving together the parts into a unique tapestry of an entertaining story is not an easy task, but it’s pulled off successfully.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy of Impact, a stand-alone featuring rookie detective Dylan Bodine and his partner Carrie Fuller of the Torrington, Connecticut PD.

Florence Winslow is rescued from a late night car crash, the man in the other car isn’t so lucky. Dylan is called out to analyse the scene and finds enough anomalies to suggest that the unidentified man was trying to kill Florence. He gets promoted to detective and asked to help Carrie investigate who and why.

I thoroughly enjoyed Impact, which is a high octane read with a convoluted murder plot and enough humour to keep the reader turning the pages. 

It turns out that Florence isn’t just any young woman, but the estranged daughter-in-law of Lyndon Winslow, one of the richest men in the country and one who is on his deathbed. Money and greed are always good motives in a murder mystery and in this one the author has taken them and put his own twist on them, making the whole family and some hangers-on suspects to Carrie and Dylan. Florence has her own suspect and that’s a doozy. 

Carrie and Dylan decide to use the “back door method” to solve the case, so rather than confront their suspects they start with trying to identify the unnamed, dead assassin and his contacts. It takes them all over the north east and a lot of intelligent deduction, not to mention gunfights and mayhem, before arriving at a conclusion. It never stops and it’s fun. What more could a reader ask for?

They are a great double act. Dylan on his first case and Carrie on her last before retirement. They work well together and have great banter so it’s a joy to spend time with them. I for one would like to see more of them. 

Impact is a good read that I have no hesitation in recommending.
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Definitely a good read.  This suspense/thriller seemed to have it all packed into one story: intrigue, suspense, dysfunctional family, sprinkle of humor, and lots of twists and turns.  This was an interesting plot, that hooked me from the start with a dying father and a fatal car accident involving his estranged daughter in law.  The accident should have been straight forward, someone ran a red light.  But when the scene is investigated, things just don't add up.  
My first book by Mark Mills, won't be my last.  Really great story.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Good book! I definitely enjoyed reading this one! This book had suspense, intrigue, action and great police work! The storyline was very interesting and kept me glued to my kindle! I will definitely recommend reading this book as it was well worth reading! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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Two detectives, one nearing retirement and the other very much a newbie; initially they circle around each other but their dry senses of humour bring them to together and a nice working relationship develops. A fatal car-crash turns out to be anything but a simply accident. It involved a the estranged, widowed, daughter-in-law  of a local very rich family, the Winslows. Attempted murder, helpful local police in various jurisdictions and unhelpful military mixed with a dysfunctional family lead to plenty of twists and turns all set in beautiful countryside the the north east of the USA. A good read and I would certainly like to see more of this detection team although with Carrie coming up to retirement we'll see. Thanks to NetGalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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The book starts with a horrific car crash involving two vehicles, in which a male driver is killed. As Florence, the survivor of the second vehicle, wakes up in hospital, a local detective, Dylan Bodie, is tasked with investigating the circumstances of the collision. So many things fail to add up as Dylan discovers that Florence is the estranged daughter in law of one of the richest men in America. I really liked the the setting of Connecticut and the characterisation although the pace was a bit slow at times and I felt the plot became a bit disconnected. I enjoyed the read and my thanks to Net Galley for my ARC.
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Mark Mills is the best-selling author of 2 of my all-time favourite books,The Whaleboat House and The Savage Garden.

Impact is something different from him being the first book in a new series.
Florence Winslow wakes up in hospital to learn that she's been involved in a collision where the driver of the other car has been killed.Handsome young rookie Detective   Dylan Bodine finds aspects of the crash deeply suspicious and begins to think it's a lot less accidental than it first appeared. He's teamed up with someone opposite himself in every way,veteran Detective Carrie Fuller about to turn 55 and with this investigation Dylan's first and her last before retirement.

With Florence's links to a prominent and very rich family becoming an apparent motive for a staged accident the odd police couple lock horns and unearth several cans of worms as they investigate.

This is an entertaining read and a good start to what will hopefully become a long-running series. With most of Florence's rich in-laws appearing to have a motive and other dangerous elements becoming apparent the action is non-stop and the twists ongoing.

With Impact being a "first in a series" book there is quite an emphasis on building the back-stories and personalities of what will become regular characters but that doesn't overly slow things up.
Bodine and Fuller work well together in more ways than one,they're a great crime-fighting team and as characters they're  believable , interesting and likeable. 

An entertaining book and a great start to the series.
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Entertaining whodunnit introducing a likable pair of detectives.    The mystery held my attention though was a bit unrealistic at times.  As a guy who grew up around Northwestern Connecticut and upstate New York, I thoroughly enjoyed the setting of the story.
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