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As a father of two girls, there is nothing I love more than those quiet moments before bed. “When Daddy Tucks Me In” was both beautiful, and encouraging! I definitely recommend for all families, but especially fathers who know that one day those special moments are going to disappear!
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This children's story, where a dad comes home and tells a dozen different stories to his daughter before bed, would be a lovely bedtime story. I can picture a million ways for students to connect to the text through writing, creating, and building. However, the illustrations really left something to be desired for me -- never quite capturing the fantastical elements of the stories, the magic of being home, the joy of reconnecting with a parent after a long day away. It's unfortunate, because the creative story would appeal to so many!
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This is all kinds of cute.
I love how silly and fun this one is.
The artwork inside is fantastic, and easy to look at.
The story itself is very wholesome and cute.
I now want space noodles, please and thank you.
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Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this book. 

Read this with my 7 year old and she loved all the imaginative details in the book and how each key opens a different world and we discussed on which one was her favorite in the book and why!

This is such a cute book and such a special book for dads and daughters to read, especially. 
My daughter loved it so much that she wanted to read it with her dad that same night! And has already read it multiple times. Some of the words were hard for her to read by herself (eg: ignition, conveyer belt etc). But overall I think it is a great book for parents to read to kids or kids who has recently started reading to read with their parents ! 

4 stars (one star only because of the more advanced words used in the book)
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Daddy wears a large keyring with lots of keys on his belt. When daddy comes home from work, he tucks his little girl to bed. Their routine was to explore daddy’s keys, which held magical keys and each key was a different magical world. Our daughter’s daddy shares the importance of his keys with her.  Those keys were a part of his daily life. Since he was a truck driver, those keys saw many, many states and experiences.
The story was well written and had unusual subject matter. The keys add dimension to the story and encourage imagination.
Sacha Cotter, Sourcebooks, and NetGalley for the privilege of reviewing the book and I wrote an honest review.
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When Daddy Tucks Me In is an adorable picture book by Sacha Cotter. It was originally published in 2014 as Daddy’s Magic Keys.

It’s a simple story woven around a nighttime routine. The loving bond between the father and his daughter forms the core of the story.

The daughter’s love for her father is beautifully depicted. My heart did a happy dance, watching her wake up from her sleep to run into her dad’s arms. I loved their night time routine as the father tucks his daughter into bed, narrating interesting and quirky stories about his bundle of keys.

The illustrations by Josh Morgan are delightful. Though I loved the muted colour palette, I feel children would prefer more vibrant colours.

Vocabulary, font style and size are apt for early readers. The length of the text varies from page to page, with a few pages having more written matter than other. There are even a few pages with no text, but the illustration is more than sufficient to make up for the absence of text.

There is a good balance of familiar and unfamiliar words and children would enjoy adding newer words to their vocabulary.

When Daddy Tucks Me In is an absolutely delightful picture book.
Thanks to Source Books via NetGalley for the opportunity to read an ARC of this novel. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wordsopedia Rating 4.6/5
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I really enjoyed this book and the illustrations. I love how imaginative the father was, and how sweet it was that they got to spend a little bit of time together after dad worked long hours. Having odd schedules is a reality for so many parents, and it's so valuable to be able to spend even just a few quality minutes with children every day. I would definitely buy this book for my daughter's dad to read with her. 

"""Thanks to Sourcebook Kids, Sacha Cotter, and NetGalley for my electronic copy in exchange for honest review"""
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I received an electronic ARC from SOURCEBOOKS Kids through NetGalley.
Every night when her dad gets home late, she hears his key and meets him at the door. Their routine includes him tucking her back in bed and sharing a special time together. When she asks about his many keys, he spins fantastic stories for each. I appreciate the special bond between this dad and daughter. Cotter brings it out with her soft text words. and Morgan's illustrations enhance the sense of safety and love on each page.
A wonderful gift for young families.
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This is a sweet story for a father to read to his children at bedtime.  I particularly enjoyed how patient the father was in the story with his daughter, going through his day and going through each key in his keychain.  This would be a lovely story to read over and over with your own children.
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I absolutely loved this sweet book.  It has just enough tenderness and silliness to make children feel warm and loved, but also de-stressed and happily ready for sleep.  I can almost hear the giggles.  The pictures are also delightful.  This was my first read by this author, Sacha Cotter, and I can't wait to read it to our grandchildren.  It shouts out warm feelings.  

I received this book as an ebook through NetGalley, and want to thank NetGalley and the Publisher, Source Books, for the opportunity to read and review.
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Can be improved. I enjoyed the illustrations but did not care for the language pattern. I prefer books for younger children to rhyme or have longer and more coherent sentences.  I also did not like the fact that the daughter is being woken up by the dad coming home and then him having to put her to sleep. As a parent you want to kids to sleep through the night. It would not have mad a difference if the dad got home to bedtime and then told her about his made up adventures with different keys.
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I thought the concept of the story was good, however I wasn't a fan of the illustrations. The storyline was fun and I think kids will really enjoy reading/hearing the story.
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A cute story about a kid whose father works during the evening so he isn’t home for bedtime. When the dad gets home the kid always greets him wanting a hug and to be tucked into bed. Then she gets dad to tell her stories based on the keys he has. Dad uses his imagination to tell kid stories.
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'When Daddy Tucks Me in' is a heart-warming story of a Daddy who tucks his little girl into bed and gets to tell an imaginative bedtime story as she looks at his bunch of keys and wonders what each opens. I would love to read this both to my child and to use it to inspire children's creative writing. I loved the style of the illustrations too; I thought they were really unique. 

My only negative is the blurb is just terrible. It gives away the entire plot. I always get my daughter and students to read a blurb first. This wouldn't whet their appetite or allow them to make predictions; it would have told them all they needed to know. If I had a hard copy, I would end up writing my own blurb before sharing with my pupils and then, after reading, use this as an example of what not to do and get them to rewrite it! 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for gifting me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a four-star read for me until that last key, which bumped it to five stars. 😭 I didn’t love the art style, but the positive relationship between the dad & daughter made up for it.
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This was a sweet story about a special moment of connection between father and child. I  loved the silly little adventures that Dad told about his keys and the different sounds that the keys make keeps the story fun for little ones.
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Read this before bed to Mr 3 who really enjoyed it, there were a couple of bigger words which he didnt quite understand but overall it was good.
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This one tells the precious story of father and daughter. The father works late, and his daughter is usually already asleep when he gets home. Every time she hears him come home, though, she cannot contain her joy and runs to greet him at the door, where she’s welcomed with a tender embrace, hug, and kiss. Her dad always ends up tucking her back into bed. Desperate to keep her dad with her for longer, the daughter grabs her dad’s very large ring of keys, and begins to question him about what each key is for. Thus begins her dad’s wildly entertaining and imaginative story about what all of his strange keys are for, ranging from his rocket ship, to a corral of wild animals, to a pirate’s treasure chest, and everything in between. In the end, her dad lets her know that the smallest and simplest key is the most magic. Why? Because it’s the key that opens their home and brings him to his daughter and family. Cue the tears. This one is absolutely adorable.
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When Daddy Tucks Me In is a heartwarming story about a father and daughter relationship and how they both look forward to him coming home after a long at work. The daughter looks forward to hearing his key in the door and the key to the front door holds special significance as it lets him in every day. 
It captures the love felt by both the daddy and the daughter and reflects what happens in homes around the world. It’s a lovely story. The art work is a little odd and could be a little more ‘child friendly’/cute but the story still hits the mark.
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When Daddy Tucks Me In is such a beautiful book and I have found it’s brought a special bond between my daughter and husband. 

We have many books about Me and Daddy but none like this. My daughter has been. Asking every night for this book and has asked it be added to her birthday wish list. 

This will def be a go to purchase for friends/family with kids once it is out on the shelves!
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