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I just read Delta by Tom Starita and here is my review.

Jason is in a dark place, grieving the loss of his father and step-daughter in the river on the same day, 2 months ago.

They never found Delta’s body, heart broken, Jason goes home and to what he thinks is a now empty house…. So who is the little girl standing there claiming to be Delta?

Locking “Delta” in the basement and not knowing what to believe, Jason sets about trying to keep her safe after her mother begged him to protect her from the cult that brought her into the world.

THIS BOOK HASN’T LET ME GO YET! It was so dark and twisty that I am still slightly rattled.
This book was so eerie and dark and with this menacing undertone. I felt such sympathy for Jason. His wife died giving birth to Delta, a child not his, (I WILL NOT SPOIL THIS FOR YOU) and then he loses her and his dad in the same moment. Then you find your dead daughter in your house but she is not dead! How did she get there?

The whole book kept kicking me around like an air dancer during a hurricane! I loved the tone of the story, the character development was really simple but massively effective with the location of the book being the house Jason can’t seem to leave. This read was executed with military precision, it nailed it. I rarely gush over horror books but this one was fantastic.

I have given it 5 stars unless there isn’t a sequel then the ending makes it a 2! The ending is a massive mind warp of possibilities and I am excited to see what comes next.

Do you love horror books with a thriller twist? This is the book! This IS the book! Out Aug 4th 2022

Thank you netgalley and black rose writing for this ARC in exchange for my honest opinions.
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