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I have read only one of Mikes book a deadly influence and I really loved that read so I was so ready for this one! Although this was book third book for that series I felt like I was just fine with not reading one and two. The pace was a relentless as it was fascinating. There were some parts that were on the gruesome side but the humorous parts of the story balanced them out In my opinion. I really didn’t want this book to end! Now that it has come to an end tho I want to go backwards now and learn more about Abby!
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I enjoyed this wrap up to Abby's series overall. There were a lot of questions answered. We get an in depth look into Moses. There was a major plot point from book two that wasn't resolved or mentioned at all which I found disappointing. There wasn't as much suspense in this one but the tension is amped up. As for the crossover, still want to reach in the pages and shake Zoe. I did like the way the ending went. I love Carver. So not my favorite, but a good read nonetheless.
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Before I review this novel, I would like to thank Netgalley, Mike Omer, and Thomas and Mercer Publications for allowing me this ARC. 

A Burning Obsession is the third installment of the Abby Mullens series, and Mr. Omer did not disappoint me as a reader. The book took me a little while to get into, but I had to remember that the reader needed to understand the antagonist’s psyche. The overall storyline left me in flames by its end. 

I enjoyed reading this one because you could understand each character introduced. The storyline shows readers how cults influence the weak-willed and how hard it is to break that chain. 

I was satisfied with the book’s ending, as I said before. I  like how Mr. Omer used his other breakaway characters as well. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars because it took me a while to engage, but the novel is still an excellent, excitable read.

I cannot wait to read what Mr. Omer will present to us next!
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A Burning Obsession completes the story arc with Abby Mullen tracking down the cult leader from her childhood. Mike Omer has teamed Abby with his FBI profiler Zoe Bentley and it's amusing to watch Zoe try to come to terms with Abby's dogged pursuit. To paraphrase Casablanca, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship! A satisfying read and I hope that there are more opportunities for Zoe and Abby to work together in the future.

Thanks to Thomas & Mercer for providing a digital ARC on NetGalley.
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I absolutely love this series! Book 3 and I'm hoping it's not over.

Abby is a crisis/hostage negotiator for NYPD. She's really good under pressure (knowledge is her oxygen) and she has an amazing ability to read people, talk them down, sympathize what they are going through and lead them to do what she wants them to do. She's good at it because training and determination, sure.

But she was also raised in a cult. And one of her last memories of the leader is the day he burned the whole congregation down.

I've been with Abby for 3 books now - 2 books really establishing who she is, what she can do, but also giving us the background of where she comes from and about the previous cult and leader. And here is, what I assume, is the final installment. The final showdown for Abby to come to terms with both her childhood, her previous upbringing and all her fears and regrets. It's a great conclusion, one that had me holding my breath and flipping pages. I wasn't 100% sure how it would all end. I loved finding out more about cults in general, as they researched this one, and Zoe's perspective of who runs them and some of their quirks. This was a great conclusion, one I was looking forward to but also sad if it means it's the end of the series.

A huge thank you to the author and publisher for providing an e-ARC via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion regarding the book.
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The Abby Mullen series is honestly of my favorite reads this year and they're some of my favorite thrillers in general - I loved loved loved the first two books so much and was super excited for the third one, especially after the ending of the last book. 
But - and I'm a bit sad to say this - this was my least favorite book of the series. The manhunt just wasn't for me, it wasn't as suspenseful as I hoped it would be. The ending was definitely good and I'm glad I read this book and know how the story ends but major parts of the book were a bit repetitive in my opinion. That may be because I've read the series back to back, I'm not sure, but it bothered me a bit. It was very predictable and just not as good as the first two books in the series. But to be fair, at this point I mostly read it because I loved Abby as a main character so much and she didn't disappoint. She's one of my new favorite characters right now. 
So, this book isn't my favorite of the series as I said but it was still a solid ending. Not everything I hoped for but oh well. Everything I said sounds a bit bad and it for sure wasn't a bad book at all, just a bit less thrilling as the first two books in my opinion and I would still absolutely recommend picking up the series!
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This was my first time reading Mike Omer's book, and I'm not disappointed. The characters, the plot, the tensions were good. Once I noticed I was holding my breath while reading, didn't want to skip any details. 

Abby Muller and Zoe Bentley were so opposite characters, but I loved them both.  Abby had so many in her past, and many years later, she is still fighting with the past. Even if it has a  special form of Moses Wilcox. Abby so kind, so understandable. And Zoe, who is strict and sharp, emotionless, made a perfect team. 

Mike Omer give us a chance to be inside a religious cult, to feel the manipulative way it's organized. Easy to sow the seeds in broken souls, promising safety and care. But  in depths it's always a manipulative and maniac obsession.

Do I regret not having read the author earlier? Definitely yes.
Do I become a fan after reading a one book? Definitely yes.
Do I reschedule my tbr list to read all of Mike Omer's books? Definitely yes.
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Thank you so much for allowing me to read and review your titles. I really not the opportunity! 

I do appreciate it and continue to review books that I get the chance to read.
Thanks again!
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A Burning Obsession’ is the third and final book in the Abbey Mullen series and you should probably read the previous books in the series to truly Abbey and what’s driving her in this book.
At the conclusion of book 2 ‘Damaged Intension’, Abbey learned that the leader of the cult she grew up in hasn’t been dead like everyone believed for the past 20 years. He is very much alive and continuing his sinister behaviour of murder and setting fires.
This time around Abbey has a lot more resources to help her try to find Moses Wilcox, including FBI agents Zoe Bentley and Tatum Gray (from Mike Omer’s previous book series called the Zoe Bentley series). Together the three of them race against the clock to try and locate Moses Wilcox and his cult before even more innocent lives are lost.
It was great to see Abbey and Zoe working together. I’ve really enjoyed both series they’ve been in, so I was looking forward to see how the two of them would work together, especially as their personalities are so different. I have to admit, I thought Zoe was kind of annoying in ‘A Burning Obsession’. Maybe because we’re seeing her from Abbey’s perspective, but I didn’t love her as much as I did in her own series. 
And while ‘A Burning Obsession’ was probably my least favourite book in the series, I did think it was a good mystery/suspense read. I enjoyed catching up with Abbey, Zoe and Tatum and thought this book was a good conclusion to the storyline of Abbey and her childhood trauma. 3.5 stars from me.
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A Burning Obsession is hands down an absolutely thrilling read! I love the dynamic’s between Zoe and Abby and I am very excited to hope they do collaborate in the future. I love seeing them slowly bond as she begins loosening the tightly controlled vengeance that is Zoe. It’s like a hate to see Zoe so antagonist and predatory and yet she is shaped by those things that gave forgeries her. But Abby has a way of softening that and pulling that endearing and more open Zoe back into focus. Absolutely riveting fire scenes and the dynamics of a cult leader were intensely fascinating. It is hard to believe people can be so pulled into an alternative mindset all for the hope of belonging. I absolutely love this author and can’t recommend this series enough!
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Burning Obsession is the last in the Abby Mullen Thrillers. I always hate when these series end and this was no exception. I got attached to Abby and her hostage negotiation skills being used to get some closure on her past. Mike Omer pulled out all the stops brining Bentley and Tatum in to help. Page turner right to the very end! Who knows maybe we will see Abby, Bentley and Tatum in his next series!!

*ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review.
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Big thanks to Thomas & Mercer and to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an early copy of A Burning Obsession!!

In this third book of the series, NYPD hostage negotiator Abby Mullen investigates a series of suspicious fires that leaves multiple victims dead in their homes.  She's teamed up with criminal profiler Zoe Bentley as she is forced to deal with the things she wants most to forget: The cult her parents were a part of when Abby was a child, and the insane man who was the leader of it.  

The pace of A Burning Obsession was as relentless as it was fascinating.  Some parts were on the gruesome side but the humorous parts of the story balanced them, in my opinion.  I didn't want the book to end!  

How I have loved this trilogy!  It saddens me to know the time has come to say goodbye to Abby.  She's a wonderful character.  

Oh!  I just found out Mr. Omer has written books featuring Zoe Bentley!  I'm stoked!!
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Whew!!! What an ending to the Abby Mullen series!!! This was a thrill ride from start to finish! I found it super interesting to learn how cults pull people in, and so easily!
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A geniunely interesting story. I need to go back and read the previous stories so I can get to know the characters better. Really loved the writing style of the author.
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A Burning Obsession by Mike Omer   Slow moving with a lot of repetition and not much interaction between the characters. Zoe and Abby were like ships passing in the night, not really interacting with one another.  The ending and the story itself left a fair amount of questions unanswered, even if only about irrelevant instances that were mentioned.  Not a favorite book from Mr. Omer.  Am looking forward to reading more about Zoe and Tatum.

Thank you to the Publisher Thomas and Mercer, NetGalley and Mike Omer for the opportunity to preview the book.
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This was probably wasn't my favorite in this series, but I didn't have any issues with the length or the side quests or anything like that. I thought it was fine, perfectly entertaining; it just didn't blow me away. I think having the team-up just made me realize that I like Zoe books better. I've liked the Abby books, but I think the Zoe books are favorite. Gotta find out what Marvin, my role model, is up to now.
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Once again, author Mike Omer hits it out of the ballpark with “A Burning Obsession--a nail-biting conclusion to his Abby Mullen Thriller series! 

Working in unison with our revered NYPD hostage negotiator, Abby Mullen, is “fan-favorite,” criminal profiler, Zoe Bentley. An unorthodox pairing to be sure, but a delightful one, nonetheless. While Abby and Zoe have differing opinions and approaches, their ultimate goal is the same: to solve a series of deadly fires and to bring down cult leader Moses Wilcox once and for all. 

As excellent as this story is, it is definitely not for the faint of heart. Yet, to his credit, Mike Omer does an excellent job of incorporating a bit of levity here and there in an effort to lighten the heaviness that undoubtedly accompanies the many disturbing, heart-pounding moments that permeate throughout. 

Right from the get-go, I was pulled into this suspenseful, addictive story, hard-pressed to ever put it down! “A Burning Obsession” was right at the top of my TBR list, and it was every bit as enthralling as I had hoped it would be!!
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I was very excited about this as I enjoyed #2 in this series and #1 in the Zoe Bentley series. However, this book was waaaayyyy too long winded and overly detailed. There were so many painfully long scenes that had nothing to do with the mystery at hand. Zoe's personality was completely off-putting. 3 stars due to DNF at 20%. Skimmed the rest.
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Lieutenant Abby Mullen looking at the charred ruins of farmhouses, where a cult area had been, few survivors. The leader was to have died thirty years ago, his fingerprints are showing up, and why is an arsonist destroying homes and lives now.   Zoe Bentley investigating needs Abby’s help to understand this  criminal mind.  For Abby the memories of childhood and the cult, and what she lost. 
As this duo works to uncover the secrets of why now, and hopeful to bring closer for Abby.   Given ARC by Net Galley and Thomas Mercerfor my voluntary review and my honest opinion
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My Rating System: 2⭐️⭐️ ticked very few boxes BARELY THERE

Abby is back in the finale of the series and she has to put her negotiator skills to the ultimate test facing off against a deadly threat from her past. 

A spate of suspicious fires across the country that are leaving people dead in their homes sparks the attention of Abby Mullen and she just knows that it has to be Moses Wilcox the ominous figure from her past. Meanwhile, Zoe Bentley and FBI Agent Gray are hot on the tale of the arsonist.

The fanatical cult leader Moses Wilcox has re-emerged and reborn as Moses Williams and he is quickly gathering a large cult following preaching about the second baptism. 

Can Abby and Zoe work together to solve this case before more people’s lives are ruined?

Ok, so I was super pumped for this one to come out, I’ve been waiting for it. I’ve read all the other books (loved them), read the Zoe Bentley Series (loved them too), I’ve even read the Glenmore Park Series (pretty much loved those too). It hurts me to say this but I suppose there was bound to be a bad apple in the bunch and I am sad to say this is it for me. 😭🍎

First of all this book was SO LONG, ok I’ll deal with that if we have a super long book full of excitement and fun. No… that did not happen in this one. There were whole pages and even chapters that were what I personally consider filler. Completely irrelevant and nonsense that was never mentioned again or revisited or just didn’t add any value at all to the story. 😰

I mean there is a whole chapter about a meaningless characters dislike for a certain kind of drink, a chapter about an escaped pet … never to be revisited … so what!! 🤦‍♀️

So, I went on, let’s overlook the length and the extra pages - the story itself A CROSSOVER OMG… so pumped to see Abby and Zoe in the book together. First of all their vibe was all wrong for me… I expected butting heads but I did not love how they interacted it got slightly better by the end but overall it was lacking. 🤯

The premise of this story was missing something, it felt like it revisited the same topic over and over. There was a lot of repetition and a lot of mentioning Abby’s big ears and Zoe’s eyes and so on… it would have been easy for me to put this one down and DNF it was kind of boring… and I was disappointed to say the least. 🤷‍♀️

Yes people were being burnt alive… you might say to me what the hell else do you want… I want a story with grunt and body and characters that vibe together whether they like each other or not. I want to be excited to pick up my kindle every change I get… not think of every single thing that is annoying me about it. 😩

The ending - well there was a huge plot hole for me that was never explored and I just felt like for a story that is the final a series I was expecting something a bit more - not in the action but in the after. It just came to a grinding halt ok thats it see ya…. I won’t spoil it for you, as there will be many that will absolutely love this and thats great but for me it was pretty much a miss. 🛑

The positives were that I do love that there was a crossover, the series has been wrapped up which is nice to know not waiting for another and another outstaying its welcome, there was a little appearance from a fan favourite in the Zoe series (no spoilers). ✔️

I will be looking forward to the new series that Mike Omer has talked about I will not give up because of one crappy book. ⏭

Thank you to Thomas and Mercer, NetGalley and the author for an advanced copy of this book for an honest review.
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