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Where Darkness Blooms is both a quiet book and a book that lets out a visceral scream. Any woman who reads this book will connect to it in some way or fashion. We all know what it means to live in a world that sees us as lesser than. I found myself within these pages, within these four girls bound together by a curse that they didn’t make but are forced to contend with.

The writing was whimsical and dark and biting all at the same time. I very much enjoyed getting inside each different girl’s head, I only wish that we as the audience could have gotten a little more depth to them. I understand the writer wanting to hold back on the secret telling, but just a little more given at the beginning would have made this 4 1/2 star book into a 5 star read. Still, very compelling and beautiful
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Where Darkness Blooms by Andrea Hannah - First, soooo sorry for the late review(l, I read this back in February before it came out but I was also super sick and taking a break so when I got back into things I completely forgot about this baby. Anyways, creepy creepy, creepy, magical realism book with a creepy, crappy town an even creepier sunflower field. The world pretty much does not exist outside this town, but when 3 mothers(on top of many other women) go missing, their daughters start to look into things. Maybe things did align with my review because this book is the perfect spooky Fall read!
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I just want to first start off and say that it was the cover of this book that sucked me in.  

So the characters were a little on the weird side.  Not our 4 main girls, but the rest of the town is just,  I think the best word is to say weird.  I mean no one found it weird what the four girls had in common? I would be freaking out if I lived in a town where four girls lost their moms. 

So ok, I liked this book.  I didn't LOVE it but I def liked it a lot.  It was a different book if that makes sense.  There were some plot holes where I was like "Uh..wait a sec" but over all the book kept me interested. 

Thank you so much to the publisher, the author and #Netgalley for my copy!
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**2.5-stars rounded up**

Where Darkness Blooms was an early-2023 release that I had been anticipating for months. The synopsis was intriguing and this cover called to me. I mean look at her...

Then I started seeing some reviews that made me pump the brakes a bit. They weren't bad necessarily, just some of the things mentioned made me question whether or not this would be to my tastes.

I knew I'd pick it up eventually, it just didn't end up making my priority list. Recently, the audiobook became available through my local library and I decided now was the time. It's finally September and if this cover doesn't scream Autumnal, I don't know what does.

Sadly, I just felt sort of meh about this one. I've waited almost two weeks before writing my review, because I didn't want to come off as being too hard on it. I have a tendency to burn hot, even when I consider a book to be middle of the road, or even good.

Sorry for that, personality flaw, and the thing is, I know this is a solid story that a lot of Readers will love and connect with. The writing style, and overall story format though did not suit my tastes at all.

So, what's it all about?

This story is set in a small-Midwestern ((I believe)) town called Bishop, which is known for it's chronic windstorms, endless sunflower fields and disappearing women.

We follow four teen girls, who all live together, sans-adults. Whitney and Jude are twins and then there is Bo and Delilah. The girls are connected, besides by the regular bonds of friendship, by the fact that all of their moms disappeared on the same night, never to be seen again.

In the present timeline, while disappearances are still occurring, a much delayed memorial is planned for the moms and it causes the old tragedy to be dragged again to the surface, revealing new secrets in its wake. 
The girls work together to dig into the town secrets, trying to get to the truth, all while navigating the basic trials and tribulations of teenage years.

We have a few things here that I do tend to enjoy, eerie small town vibes and long-buried secrets. Those elements did work for me somewhat. However, the way it was all presented sort of took the shine out of those two things.

Most critically, the way this one kicked off. By 25%, my overall feeling was confusion. I found the four girls difficult to distinguish from one another and didn't enjoy just being dropped off in their chaotic lives without context. Unfortunately, I never really ended up finding my footing, and frankly, just gave up after a bit. I could appreciate the concepts, but had to work really hard not to DNF it.

In spite of the fact that this didn't really work for me, if you think the synopsis sounds intriguing, or are as enamored by the cover as I was, you should absolutely check it out. You could end up loving it. There's a Reader for every book and a book for every Reader. This one not being to my personal taste means absolutely nothing at the end of the day.

Thank you so much to the publisher, Wednesday Books, for providing me with a copy to read and review. I always appreciate the opportunity!
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I was obsessed with the idea of this book and the prologue really drew me in. I love small-town horror and the idea of the town itself being a bad entity keeping people within its boundaries was such an interesting vibe. Unfortunately, this book was riddled with plot holes and indistinct characters. Right off the bat, how are 4 minors living together and managing to pay the bills???? There is barely an explanation about absent fathers who don't care to provide for them and so the town just?? lets them live? They're children and none of them work. Also, the storms being what keeps people in the town limits also seemed weird and wasn't something explained at all. 

On top of that, the four MCs aren't unique enough to differentiate a lot of the time. There is not enough space four separate girls to tell the story of themselves and their mothers. In that same vein, the supporting characters were so flat as to not exist and the romances were the least believable part of the book. Some of them happen out of nowhere and exist for literally a chapter. 

The "twist" was obvious from the beginning and I don't think the plot has enough within it for it to have been a gripping read. The atmosphere is done slightly well but this book could have used more length and less characters to make it a great story. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my ARC!
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I feel as though the characters lacked depth, which made it very hard to feel engrossed in the story. I think this may be do, in part, to the frequent changes in POV and the short chapters. It was difficult for me to connect to the characters and feel attached to the story.
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Man, this was such a fantastic read! To live in this town that had so many women die and disappear, and to have it a common place thing, where the women are mainly judged for that happening to them? Yeah, that would not be a good town to live in! 

This story about these four girls, whose lived together with their moms, moms who have since gone missing, yeah, I really enjoyed getting to know them! It took a minute to see each one as their own person, but having the perspectives in a consistent (I think throughout the book) order helped! 

There were two main mysteries. What happened to their mothers, and the other women in the town, and the founder. That those are tied together, well, it was great to watch the girls put those pieces together. Between that all their relationships and those ups and downs, there was plenty going on in this book! 

That ending though, that was intense. Like, between setting the police station on fire, being tied up and one of them knifed to the point that the attacker thought she was dead, yeah, that was a lot. I'm really glad that we got a decent time afterwards to close off the book! 

Loved reading this book, and I can't wait to read more by Andrea Hannah!
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This book felt like a feminist version of the show Supernatural without all of the monsters and with more wind and sunflowers, probably because it’s set in Kansas and has creepy elements lol. Typically, I’m not one for picking up supernatural thrillers or supernatural books in general but the idea of this one really intrigued me and from the moment I picked it up, I was enthralled. It’s so different from any other book I’ve personally read and it even brought a few tears to my eyes by the end of it. 

Where Darkness Blooms most DEFINITELY has triggers that I recommend researching before picking up but if you love atmospheric small creepy towns with talking sunflowers, wild winds, secrets and missing girls.. it’s for you. This will definitely be a spooky season recommendation for me even though it wasn’t insanely creepy. 

Read if you like:
- lgbtq representation 
- Supernatural elements
- Creepy midwestern towns
- Sisterly bonding
- Found family 
- Flawed characters 
- Mystery & intrigue 
- Haunting prose
- Multiple POV
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Well this was a super weird read. I was compelled enough to keep reading the entire story but I can't really say if I liked the book. There was a LOT of violence in this story, be it basically all the main female characters being physically abused within the pages of the book and one character having been raped before the book started with the perpetrators getting no punishment and the girl was still getting ongoing torment. It was a lot to take and I would make sure to give lots of trigger warnings and apprehension to recommend this to another reader. I was also expecting a real ending with a satisfying conclusion, but instead it was incredibly anticlimactic and I felt let down after all the build up of the story. I feel like this was unique but I would not really recommend it to anyone. Pick it up at your own discretion.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It caught my attention right away and kept it right through till the end.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher I was able to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
Where Darkness Blooms by Andrea Hannah is a YA supernatural thriller. 
The town of Bishop is known for a few things, the giant sunflowers that stretch far and wide, the strong winds, and their long history of missing women. When three more women go missing no one is surprised but their daughters Whitney, Bo, Jude and Delilah aren’t content with not knowing. At the memorial for the three women (not at all suspicious when there is such a long history of missing and dead women but only these three get a memorial) the wind kicks up evidence of what may have happened to them. Each of the girls have very different personalities and pick up different parts of the clues needed to unravel what is happening in Bishop but they need to move quick before one of them disappears next.
I liked this story but struggled with jumping back and forth between all four girls (I’ll be honest I didn’t care for Jude but adored angry feisty Bo). It felt like too much for the page count getting all four girls when I wasn’t as interested in Jude or Delilah but wanted more of Bo and Whitney (especially with Whitney’s backstory of losing Eleanor and struggling with the loss of both her mom and her girlfriend). The story did seem pretty slow moving and I struggled with the pace but I really liked the relationship the girls had with each other. It wasn’t particularly peaceful or altogether friendly but their reliance and one another was a particular kind of sisterhood that I really enjoyed seeing in the story.
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"Where Darkness Blooms" by Andrea Hannah is a haunting and atmospheric novel that delves into the shadows of secrets and the complexities of family ties. The story unfolds with a sense of mystery and unease, drawing readers into a world where nothing is as it seems.

Hannah's writing style is evocative and immersive, creating a chilling atmosphere that adds to the tension of the narrative. The characters are multi-layered, each harboring their own secrets and vulnerabilities that contribute to the overall sense of intrigue.

The novel skillfully navigates the blurred lines between reality and illusion, offering readers a journey through the psyche of the protagonist. As the story unfolds, the distinction between truth and perception becomes increasingly uncertain, heightening the suspense.

"Where Darkness Blooms" successfully captures the complexity of relationships within a family, particularly those tainted by hidden truths. The emotional depth and psychological exploration make the story resonate on a deep and thought-provoking level.

While the novel excels in its atmospheric writing and psychological depth, there were moments when the pacing felt uneven, particularly in the middle sections. However, the unsettling ambiance and the unraveling of secrets maintain the reader's curiosity.

In summary, "Where Darkness Blooms" is a compelling and eerie novel that invites readers into a world of mystery and psychological suspense. If you enjoy stories that blur the line between reality and imagination while unraveling family secrets, this book offers a chilling and absorbing reading experience.
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Yes. Yes. Yes. This book was absolutely incredible imo and I am surprised it has not garnered more of a fanbase. It’s a perfect fall read, especially if you are into folk horror
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I adored the feminine rage of this book and felt it did an awesome job of answering the question of what if the patriarchy was a small town. the book made me desperate for answers and i devoured it.
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I was intrigued by the description and so glad that I had a chance to read this -- I truly have no words to describe this.  It's unique and haunting and such a captivating tale.
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This far exceeded my expectations! Not only does Where Darkness Blooms have a beautiful cover that draws you in, but so does the story of four friends from Bishop Kansas where nobody seems to leave but there's a concerning number of missing and murdered women. Not only does this book have themes of friendship, grief, trauma recovery, mystery, and small-town living but it also contains one of the best examples of the environment actually being a character of its own that I have seen in a very long time. 

I would recommend the audio version of this book. It is very clear, well-done, and feels like it fits the story well.
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I really enjoyed this book! I loved the small town setting and the storytelling, I really enjoyed the author's writing style as well.
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This book was intriguing from the very first page. it was atmospheric and haunting and thrilling. Everything about this book, from the writing style to the world and its powerful girls freeing themselves to just everything has made me so happy that this this book exists. I would def recommend to the right people.
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Bishop has a weird history of women going missing. The climate can be unforgiving in this little town surrounded by sunflowers, and there really isn’t much to offer so no one is too concerned over the disappearances. Now, three more women are gone, their daughters left to band together and figure out how to move on. But when secrets come out at the memorial for the missing women, the daughters are all forced to confront the things they’ve done while also discovering that there may be more to the missing women than meets the eye.

This is a hard one to review. I ended up giving it 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4, because after an incredibly slow start (so slow I had to put it down for awhile) but I really did end up enjoying the culmination at the end of the story.

The idea was great, I’m just not sure about the execution. It may have been better suited with less main characters. I was getting them confused and also not caring enough to keep them straight. There are rare occasions where I feel as though a book would be better as a TV show or movie, and this is definitely one of them. I think it could’ve been a beautiful dust bowl, dark tinted vibes, atmospheric and slow burn creepy. And these are all things that I think the author was going for, but things that just weren’t screaming through on the pages. 

All in all I'll say that I've been kind of a hater towards YA thrillers and horror, but I've been coming around. I think the genre has been improving and I'm super excited to have more content coming out.
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This book instantly sucked me in by the atmosphere and writing style, and I stayed for the girls freeing themselves from the curse of the men around them, it was wonderful and powerful!
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