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What a lovely story! It was fast pace and I loved the chatty dialogue. Overall, it was a good clean romance that I would recommend anyone read.
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The premise of this book sounded really intriguing and right up my street, however I struggled to not only get into the story, but also with the writing style. This is an incredibly dialogue heavy book and confusing to read when you don’t know which character is speaking. I feel like if this had been an audiobook then it could have worked really well, but ultimately the format made it a real struggle for me.

(Thank you to NetGalley and the author for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review).
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A super warm and fluffy book that left me wanting more!

I loved how Cara Bastogne transformed a boring bus ride from Boston to New York into this beautiful story with two loveable and sweet characters. It gave me romantic play like vibes due to the lack of narrative and inner thoughts but that just added to the story to make it even better. 

I loved it!
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3.5 stars
Having enjoyed Cara Bastone's previous books, I was really excited when I saw that she had released a new story but sadly, this one just didn't work for me.
In the past, at school and University, I've been told that I can ramble on in my writing. But this was on a whole different level, with just pretty much never ending dialogue for most of it.
Maybe it would work as an audiobook but sadly it didn't in book form.
This way of writing dialogue made it quite difficult to connect to the characters as well.
It was a quick and easy read but you could work out exactly how it would turn out, even if I didn't expect some of the hecticness that took place throughout.
I would still be very interested in reading more from Cara Bastone though, having really liked her first two books.
Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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It’s kinda of different as most of the chapters are lead only by dialogue.
But it’s still easy to follow and makes the book fast paced.  it was just so cute. A perfect little read I loved it.  I really liked the excerpts at the end and will hopefully be reading more from the author.
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I struggled with this book. The author is unknown to me, but the synopsis sounded fab and I was excited to get started.

Unfortunately, the book is very dialogue-heavy. Now, I’m a big fan of dialogue, and dislike stories where scene descriptors are overused and conversation is too little. However, this book has reams of dialogue that made it quite hard to follow and connect with the characters fully.

I found the story hard to engage with, which is a shame because the outline is great.

Thank you NetGalley and publisher for my advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 📚
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This was unfortunately not a book I enjoyed. I loved the premise and the overall idea and the storyline feels like it would be a perfect read for me but the dialogue and tone of the dialogue wasn’t for me. The writing  felt like it didn’t flow the way I wanted it to and I couldn’t really get into the story or root for the characters sadly.
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I was so excited to read this book after reading the blurb and cover instantly caught my attention. 
The writing style is very different to books I’ve read before, as there are whole chapters that are continual speech. Although this was an interesting format it made it difficult to connect with the characters and the storyline. 

This wouldn’t put me off reading other books by this author but overall I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I hoped I would.
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4.5 stars
The only reason I have taken a half star off is because having read the book, I dont actually like the cover anymore. I get that the tux and the blue hair is a big part of this story but having read the book, in my head Gwen and Sam dont look like they do on the cover. Their dynamic is making me think of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis from the movie "Friends With Benefits" so all the way through I'm picturing Justin Timberlake with blue/ indigo hair and Mila Kunis in a tux. I'm sure other people reading this will disagree but this was just my interpretation of the book and I kinda think there should have been a way to show the tux and the hair on the cover without actually showing the characters so your imagination can let you picture the characters. The one thing I will say is that the fact that I feel this way means the book was really well written if I can see the book playing almost like a movie in my head and I can think which actors and actresses should play which characters.
Apart from the cover, I actually loved the story. It was funny in places, emotional in other places and just generally absolutely brilliant! I will definitely be recommending it to people!
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This was a lovely quick read! 

I read it as an ebook, due to the format it reads more like a play as it’s very dialogue heavy, which was actually quite nice in some ways? 

I liked both of the main characters & it was so nice watching them fall in love over a bus journey (because let’s be honest, we’ve all imagined it!)

If you don’t like descriptive passages or just want to get lost in a cute little romance, I would definitely recommend this book! 

After reading the other reviews I am also ready to try out the audiobooks as they sound amazing!

Thank you to victory Headline Eternal & Netgalley for the opportunity to review this ARC.
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I have exactly 5 hours and 10 minutes to get from Boston to New York City or the professional opportunity of a lifetime disappears. My only travel option? The second to last seat on a discount bus. Across from the bathroom. Wearing last night's clothes (don't ask). All worth it if I can make it in time.

My nerves almost get the best of me, but then there he is, sitting down in the seat next to me. Tall. Friendly smile. Bright indigo streak in his brown hair. The perfect distraction. Turns out he's on his way to reconnect with an old flame. The one that got away. We can both make it on time - just barely - if the traffic keeps flowing.

Playing road-trip games, avoiding calls from his mother, and effortless conversation keeps us from clockwatching . . . until the bus breaks down. And my seatmate turns into my copilot as we wrangle a ride in a car three decades old. And hit all the traffic. And oh, Lord, the detours. And somehow I end up careening cross-town on the handlebars of a Citi Bike carrying a box of kittens. (Yeah, don't ask.)

He's my hero every step of the way . . . and I might be falling for him. But what happens when we reach our final destination? Could my seatmate really be my soulmate?

Highly recommend if you want a fun, easy read with lovable characters.
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⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review - Seatmate by Cara Bastone @carabastone #CallMeMaybe
Thanks to Headline @headlinebooks and @NetGalley for providing me with a proof copy in advance of publication. 📚
This was a quick, sweet story about fate and how open two strangers stuck together on a bus ride can be. Our two main characters start talking about how they’re sitting in the worst seat on the bus, then bond over where they are rushing to be and tell each other their deepest secrets, thinking they’ll never meet again. But after one too many complications, will seatmates turn out to be soulmates? 

This is a classic meet-cute rom-com by Cara Bastone and the third of her Love Lines series. This is a perfect novel for lovers of the 90s and 00s romcoms. The story is told through dialogue and very few descriptions, so you fall in love with the characters exclusively through their words.
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I don’t know how I feel about this one to be honest, it was not my favourite read of the year and I struggled with the dialogue. Normally, I quite like a lot of dialogue but I felt a lot of this was quite rambly and no real point to the story. 

It was very cliche (which you know I enjoy) so I knew from the first few pages what would happened with the storyline and I was right. 

It was a quick, easy read but not my favourite.
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Fun, fast paced, entertaining, romantic read. That makes you wish for a summer holiday in the sun. Read this by the beach.
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A fast paced book, loved the fact it was told from both sides. Really enjoyable. I read it in one sitting. 

Look forward to more from this author. 

Thanks for the arc
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I’ve enjoyed this author’s previous work, but Seatmate left me exhausted. This book was filled with never ending chatter and while I appreciated the set-up of this story, the execution was painful. At times I couldn’t tell who was talking in the book (maybe if I listened to it, it would have been different). I liked both the characters quite a bit. Sam was just one of those good guys that goes out of his way to help not only his mother, but his friends, and even strangers when he can. He was a bit goofy, had a great sense of humor, and seemed to be a bit of a rut when it came to life. Gwen was a whirlwind and it was easy to see she had a very outgoing personality which worked well for her profession. It was obvious there was more to her and it took awhile for that to come out, but she was at a bit of a crossroads in her life and career. This book takes place in a day on a journey from Boston to NYC on a Megabus and beyond and it was just frantic.  I did feel the relationship building between them but for them to change their entire lives in a day’s time, not buying it. Seatmate was fun and entertaining but also frustrating and hectic and a bit unrealistic.
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Great read. Sam and Gwen are seatmates on a coach back to New York. Everything seems to be going wrong, except their connection, but what will happen when they reach their destination?
A fast paced read set over the course of one day, but easy to keep up with. I liked how it is told from both points of view.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me access to this eARC of this book I am so grateful as I have now found a new fav.

I may have read this in a day! A day guys. 
The relationship was cute and progressed so sweetly and slowly, they are just such a pick-me-up couple that was adorable and made me feel in such a good mood. I have read all the other books in this series so I was very excited to be accepted to read this eARC that I may have read it all primarily in one sitting. This series is based on meeting a  new person over the phone or on transport and falling in love, the series is a cute romantic comedy with sweet heart-melting romantic characters. The main female lead was fun and a lover of travel and the male is a homebody which is usually not seen in romance the male is usually seen as the traveller and the woman a home body so I loved that twist. I fell in love with not only the male lead but the female lead too, now I have a fictional book best friend and a fictional boyfriend.
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I received an Arc in exchange for my honest opinions. Thank you Cara Bastone and Headline for giving me the opportunity to read Seatmate before it's release. 

This is 100% a book I wish I had read as an Audiobook. I found it a little jarring to get into at first as it is mostly dialogue, but once I got used to it I fell head over heels for Sam. 

Seatmate follows Gwen as she rushes to get back for the opportunity of a lifetime; interviewing an idol of hers in the hopes she can turn it into a book deal. Finding the coach is probably the cheapest and quickest way of getting back in time, she gets one of the last tickets. While on the coach she meets Sam; who is travelling back to his mum. The two get to talking and the spark is clear. 

But everything that can go wrong does in fact go wrong and the pair find themselves in a race against the clock to get Gwen to this interview before her rival. 

I absolutely loved Sam as a character and the interactions between him and Gwen were brilliant. I found myself hoping that they would make it in time and I was rooting for them to get together; despite only just meeting.
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A totally fab read! I always love how visual Cara Bastone stories are, I feel truly immersed into the scenarios every time! The characters develop and evolve so quickly it’s the perfect read for a short trip!
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