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Master Mentors Volume 2

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Master Mentors by Scott Jeffrey Miller is an inspiring read. Scott works at Steven Covey and has had the opportunity to meet amazing individuals from all walks of life. In Master Mentors 2 he shares the top learning from 30 different individuals. Some of these people I knew and many I had never heard of which surprised me.

I enjoy short cliff notes and this is what you get from each of these leaders. Scott shares their most important learning or advice. I have already made several notes where I want to go back and learn more about these people.

I highly recommend Master Mentors 2 if you enjoy learning new things and dont have the time to read 30 books. I plan to go back and read Master Mentors 1. I am not sure how I missed that book.

This book is definitely worth a read.

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Mentors play a significant role in our lives. By holding this book you have a chance to listen to thirty different people who share their experience and give you tips. Sometimes it is a simple but very effective wisdom, sometimes it is a new story that teaches you something you didn't come across yet.

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