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Chock full of fascinating anecdotes, mouthwatering photographs and delectable Recipes, Cooking with Nonna is more than "just" is about (Sunday) gatherings around the table with family.  Though not Italian I live next door to Italy and adore the fresh ingredients, the idea of family dinners and the role culture plays in its food.  It is strong where I live, too, and really resonates.  Author Rosella Rago highlights 130 simple recipes with a focus on her Nonna Romano and the engrained feeling of Italy regardless of where you may be.  

In addition to recipes what really shines is the reminiscing and creating new memories.  So many lovely stories.  One which stands out to me is the tablecloth mention which could be the same with tea towels or aprons...anything!  Another is the mourning rule story.  My only wish is that the recipe layout would be more accessible with one recipe per one or two pages, clearly delineated.  Perhaps this is an e-book issue which I read.

Photographs show Nonna and Rossella elbow to elbow as they create recipes such as sauces for the wondrously instructive pasta section, Stuffed Mushroom with Mozzarella, Frittura di Pesce, Sausage and Provolone Stuffed Hot Peppers , Lentil and Mushroom Soup (especially as it's porcini season so I'll add fresh with the dried), refreshing Fennel and Orange Salad, Linguine with Stuffed Mussels (we often buy fresh mussels), Pork with Vinegar Peppers, Cannoli Tiramisu (one of my favourite desserts is Cannoli and my husband's is Tiramisu) and Almond Ricotta Cheesecake.  I love that new ideas are incorporated into the old, yet in keeping with tradition.    

Sometimes recipes may appear complex but when broken into components they really aren't.  Cooking from the heart sometimes takes time.  Cooking with Nonna includes a few time consuming recipes as well as many quick ones which suit any cooking level, including beginners.  This book feels so comfortable and homey!  

My sincere thank you to Harper Horizon and NetGalley for the privilege of reading from and salivating over this delectable book!
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I love cookbooks that also include stories that go with the recipe or family traditions.  This book is heartwarming and filled with so many family stories and memories. Weather you are Italian or just love family gatherings and good food, you will enjoy this book. It brought back some fond memories of Sunday gatherings with my family. It has so many yummy looking recipes that I am anxious to try.
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I stan Nonna and I love Italian food, so this is a win win. This one focuses purely on Sunday dinners when the family comes together before the start of a new week, and I love it even more for that reason. This one has an entire section devoted to just how to make homemade pasta of any variety, and is actually so easy to understand and follow that even I (not exactly a chef) could handle it. Special Shoutouts go to the stuffed mushrooms, sausage and provolone stuffed long hot peppers, roasted tomato soup with burrata, provolone filled potato croquettes, baked ziti, rigatoni with broccoli rabe cream, and spumoni cookies. Honestly there is not a single recipe in this book that won’t have your mouth watering.
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Cooking with Nonna is a lovely celebration of Italian and American-Italian food and family.  The finished dishes are beautifully photographed and the recipes look mouth-wateringly good.  Recipes are clearly written and most are achievable by even a novice cook.

Thank you to NetGalley, Rossella Rago and Harper Horizon for the Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
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I pretty much want to make everything in this cookbook!  I have always wanted to make homemade pasta, but found it intimidating.  This cookbook explains the basics and what sauces go perfectly.  It also has a variety of recipes for sides, bread, soups and desserts.  

The book was beautifully photographed, but wished it had more (felt every recipe should have a photo).  All in all a good cookbook to add to your shelf. 

I want to thank NetGalley, Rossella Rago and Harper Horizon for the e-ARC of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are honest, my own and left voluntarily.
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Are you from US and can't visit Italy? Have you dreamed of the wonderful and delicious italian pasta but you can't eat them? Well now you can cook them. Cooking with Nonna, is a great cook book that even while reading it my mouth was watering. In this book you can make your own pasta-that's right!, You can make soups and calzone.. yum!
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I enjoyed Cooking with Nonna.  I especially liked the stories that went along with the recipes. I am not a great cook but I have tried a few of the recipes and my family enjoyed them very much.   I will make the, for years to come. Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Horizon for the E-ARC.  This is my own opinion.
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I would say that this is a quintessential addition to any cookbook collectors shelf. The photographs and recipes are just gorgeous and Nonna is absolutely the Italian grandma that we all wish we had. The recipes are varied and authentic and really speak to family and food and just the importance of tradition.
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This cookbook is love letter to Italian American Nonna's and an homage to their cooking.  I wouldn't say this is the strongest instructional cookbook ever, but it is comprehensive and I loved the narrative stories that went along with each section.  It covers Sunday supper soup to nuts (to cocktails), and I can't wait to try some of these recipes.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC, in exchange for this honest review.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this cookbook. I was not aware of the many types of dough for pasta. I found a few of the recipes enticing but for the most part not my usual fanfare. Lovely pictures as well
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Miigweetch NetGalley and Harper Horizon for sending this book for review consideration. All opinions are my own. 

I love Rossella Rago and have been subscribed to her ‘Recipe of the Day’ emails for quite some time. I even bought the fancy Grattugia della Nonna from her woefully outdated webstore (it works ‘grate’!) So to say that I came to this cookbook with some expectations would be accurate. 

Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed, in particular because I felt the book suffered from a lack of photographs. It’s a cookbook; I literally want a photo of every dish that is being made so I have something to compare it to. Too many of these recipes did not have an accompanying photo. Great shots of Rossella and Nonna, now please show us the frittura di pesce, marinated eggplant, lasagna rollups, risotto with meat sauce and the garlic knots! It seems simple but like, I don’t know what I am doing, and I need a visual. 

Moreover, I found the layout frustrating. Many of the recipes extended over to another page with a lot of wasted white space. The text is small and not easy to read at a glance. Generally, when I am buying a cookbook, I look at how easy it will be to use “in action” in the kitchen and this book is not a winner on that front; I suggest a larger font. Instructions could be grouped in a more logical way as well - oftentimes recipes are presented as only having two steps, however I find this misleading - preheating the oven and preparing pans is a step in and of itself, and needs to be respected as such. Recipes were often accompanied by a story (in particular I am thinking of the recipe for chocolate olive oil ciambella). I would have liked to see the recipe ingredients and instructions all on one page, with the anecdotal story following after.  

For the record, I’m not a fan of “narrative cookbooks” - just give me the recipe, I don’t need the story. However, that is sort of part and parcel for Rago’s band. Fortunately for me, I’m a sucker for a good grandma story, and most of the stories revolve around - you guessed it - cooking with Nonna, so in this instance the gimmick works for me, if the physical book layout can be tweaked a bit.

There is good material in this book, and with changes to the presentation it could easily be a five-star cookbook. I recommend this to anyone looking to scratch their at-home chef itch. Most of the recipes are accessible and the ingredients are (relatively) easy to source. Anyone who enjoys eating Italian-American food will probably like the recipes in this book.
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Growing up, I was lucky to have two honorary Nonnas show me around the Italian-American kitchen. "Cooking with Nonna: Sunday Dinners with La Famiglia" by Rossella Rago is like being in those kitchens again. You won't go wrong with any recipes, as Rago starts the reader with the basic pasta and sauce recipes, which are used later as part of more involved recipes. The Chocolate Olive Oil Ciambella had me looking for my fluted tube pan, finding a stash of Jimmies, and making plans for Sunday dessert.

I've already made room for "Cooking with Nonna" in my cookbook collection. You will too!

Highly Recommended: five stars
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3 Stars!! Some of these recipes look like they’re delicious yet nothing really caught my eye enough to make me want to actually put the effort into making it. Maybe I’m just lazy?
This book needs more pictures! It didn’t have nearly enough photos. I prefer when each recipe has AT LEAST one photo of the food but ideally the book would have multiple pictures of each recipe, start to finish. 
*I received this at no charge & I voluntarily left this review.*
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Love this cookery book. Even my husband (who fears new food, even more so if it's healthy) said that he would like some of the things in this book. Mainly the desserts admittedly, but I will be testing out many of the lovely recipes over the next few weeks.
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Cooking with Nonna is a wonderful, Italian (and Italian-American) cookbook that is full of delicious, yet easy enough recipes -- both classics and new takes on classics. Photos are beautiful in this cookbook as well, and all in all this was a very enjoyable read. There are many recipes that I look forward to trying.
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This is the cookbook I will reach for the next time I want to cook for friends and family. It is filled with old favorites, twists on old favorites and new favorites. There are recipes for appetizers, drinks and desserts as well as more substantial soups, salads, entrees and seafood. But it is not just the recipes (which are fabulous) that make this book special. It is written with such love and care, that you feel as if you have been welcomed inside the home of the author and her Nonna.
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I follow a lot of Italian influencers and I was excited to check out Rossella Rago's Cooking with Nonna cookbook! Great Italian and Sicilian recipes! I tried the lentil mushroom and it was delicious. I can't wait to try the other recipes and the idea of the cannoli tiramisu sounds amazing.
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I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

If you have ever cooked with your grandma then you will absolutely love this cookbook. It's well written , aesthetically pleasing and the recipes worth trying out. This cookbook belongs in kitchens everywhere and I cannot recommend it enough. Flip the pages on an empty stomach because you will love it  and thank me later when you eat what you have made from the book. Get the book!
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I used to devour cookbooks in the same way I devoured novels. Then, with every recipe in the world available op on the internet, I got away from it.

I discovered this cookbook, a young lady cooking her Italian grandmother's recipes. This is so much more than a cookbook. There are lots of backstories about Nonna and her life. I love that personal touch. What a great re-introduction into the world of “real” cookbooks,

And, at the top of each recipe is a brief description of the dish and the family connection to the dish.

There are beautiful photos of most the dishes. Mouthwatering photos!

I love Italian food, aside from the common spaghetti and lasagna. Lots and lots of choices in this cookbook. Most of the recipes look relatively easy, the ingredients should be easily found at the grocery store. But, in truth, I would love to join this family for a few Sunday Family Dinners! 

I have bookmarked a few of the recipes, I cannot wait to try them out. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an Advance Readers Copy.
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What’s better than a Sunday meal with family?  Cooking it with your Nonna!  That’s what memories are made of, cooking with love for family and treasuring that time together enjoying the fruit of your labor.  These recipes are easy to follow and look fabulous!  My husband has highlighted the ones he wants us to try and I’m ready to invite la famiglia!

This is the first I have heard fo this author or her Nonna and I’m loving it!  I have so many fond memories of cooking with my Grandma, Grammy and Great Aunt that I found this book to be a bit of a hug from them and I treasure those memories and envy Rossella and Nonna’s relationship.
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