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'Seaside,' by Happy Yak uses bright and colorful images to engage with young children about the seaside!  Very enjoyable. I could see this being a perfect book to bring on a beach trip with your toddler!
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I read this children's book with my daughter, and we both loved it.  It has beautiful, bright, colourful images of the beach and  people playing there.  There are 100 words sprinkled throughout the book, which tell the child the names of things, as well as things that people are doing.  For example, some words are sun, path, shop, wheel, excited, running, playing and digging.

This is a fantastic book, which I highly recommend.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. Cute board book with 100 words in it about the seaside.
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Beautiful illustrations and colors that keep a child's attention as vocabulary about the seaside are introduced as well as feelings and colors.  I will definitely buy a copy to use in my toddler classroom.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book.
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Happy Yak is the perfect name for the creator of so many delightful children’s books. This time, little ones will enjoy a cheerful beach day.

This book is for very young children. There are many things to name and see. Some of the words are for objects while others are actions or qualities (for example, helpful). So children will discover illustrations with words like turtle, whale, paddling, waving and many more. All in all, a cute and sweet vocabulary title.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Quarto-Frances Lincoln Children’s Books for this title. All opinions are my own.
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Seaside is a simple vocabulary book about things a child may see at the beach. We enjoyed having my 3 year old point to the pictures he knew, and pointed to the words as he read the picture. He also enjoyed giving his own description of what was happening in some of the pictures.
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This book is part of a series called "My World in 100 Words" and is filled with detailed, colourful pictures and labels to help children learn vocabulary words related to the subject of the book, in this case, a beach or lake. There are also colour labels for adjectives and verbs that are slightly different from nouns and I think that having a way to differentiate between the types of words is great! As a teacher I could see myself using this book with EAL students or children learning to read and also discussing the reasoning behind the coloured adjective and verb labels. It would be a great opening for an exploration on why there are different parts of language. I could see this book being fairly easy for early readers to tackle, especially because the font is large and accessible and the amount of words on a page is very limited. I could definitely see this book in my classroom and would highly recommend it to parents or teachers of young readers or English learners! I am excited to check out the other books in this series! Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!
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<b> Seaside </b> is a Children's picture book that brings us to the seaside and describes 100 different words to learn.

The illustrations and artwork are inviting, colorful and cute. Our toddler was captivated from page one. I like the inclusivity of the characters included. 

There's some more difficult words such as binoculars or paddleboard, but also some simpler words for kids such as happy or wet.

5 Stars. Would recommend. I feel like this could be used for multiple age ranges as well which is nice as a child grows.

<b>Thanks to the publisher, Quarto Publishing Group – Frances Lincoln Children's Books, the author, and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC copy to read and review. Review will also be posted to my blog (, GoodReads, TikTok (@unearthingeco), as well as NetGalley reviews.</b>
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Perfectly colourful word list for people learning about the seaside.  What people see on the approach to the sea, what they get up to whilst there, and what they play with and eat and drink, and then the home-going, where we see the difference between waving goodbye and an ocean wave.  You get a coloured badge to know which word is a verb and which an adjective, but beyond that it's the simplest of items, and one very easy to use in point-and-discuss sessions, letting the vocab build up easily.  Four and a half stars.
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This book with 100 words about the sea and beach is wonderful for toddlers. The illustrations do a good job to match the words, which should help kids learn them.
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Seaside is a colorful book filled with different pictures and words about the seaside. I loved the diversity of all the people enjoying their time at the beach and the various activities portrayed throughout the story.

This book would be a good tool to teach students about labeling pictures. I can also see teachers using this book to explain the difference between nouns and adjectives. Seaside would be a perfect book for young readers who need a boost of confidence when reading as the pictures help them read the words on their own.

Thank you NetGalley and Happy Yak for the advanced copy. All opinions are my own.
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un libro para aprender las palabras a todo lo relacionado con la playa, y buenos dibujos para que los peques puedan saber qué es que.
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Seaside is a really fun, brightly illustrated book that can help children learn to read. I loved the variety of words (but I'm not sure Boules or Sieve are needed...). I also loved the fun illustrations of things you see at the beach!
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Review to come on the release day on blog/goodreads.

I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just love the Happy Yak imprint and so I was eager to get this book, especially since I really enjoyed the My Halloween book that came out last year. I was curious what words we would get in this Seaside book and what else nice surprises there would be!

In this book we follow a fun family (dog, girl, her brother/sister, parents) to the beach! We see what you have to take along on the journey (sunscreen, floaties, sunglasses for example), and then it is time to see what kind of things there are on the beach. From playing with sand and making a sandcastle to making a mermaid of one of your parents to rock pool explorations and having picnics. There is plenty to do on the beach and also in the sea! Swimming or water skiing. You won't be bored at this beach, oh no! 

I really liked that, just like the previous book, it isn't overwhelming, not everything gets a word, just the most important things and the words aren't too big or in the way, you can still see everything on the picture. 

I also like that there are themed pages in between the pages with our family have a grand old time at the beach. Themed pages like what to pack on a picnic or what kind of creatures one may see at the beach/in the sea. 

Just like in the previous book about Halloween we don't just get words on items or things you may see. We also get emotions and actions. Like how the dog is helpful. Or how the girls baby sister/brother is paddling in the water and having a grand time. 

The illustrations are just the cutest. I wish I could step into the story at times and just have a great time on the beach as well~

All in all, this was once again a really fun book and I hope that more themed books like this come out, I will be keeping an eye out for them~ I would recommend this one to all, especially now with summer coming up and beach going may be an activity people do, I think this will be fun to read during these months.
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