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This is one of my favourite children's books!  The story is about a little girl who goes out with her grandpa in nature, in the summer time.  As they explore, he teaches her all about the plants and animals and the natural environment, including some challenges that the natural world is facing.

The book has amazing illustrations, which are beautiful, and the information in the book is fascinating.  

I loved it a lot, and highly recommend it!

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book.
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I love books that are dedicated for kids, but at the same time, have a great value for adult as well.

Wild summer reminds me to stop and slow down a bit. To see a small pleasures, count baby steps and just enjoy the day. Like a child. They see so many bright colours and are able to notice even the smallest things that catch their attention.

The book is must-have in modern world. Help to calm down kids' emotion and just be present while reading. I truly appreciate it.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. A young girl walks towards the coast with her grandfather, a naturalist, and learns about all the plants and animals along the way.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Happy Yak for a free digital copy.

With a very forward message about climate change, this book follows a grandfather and granddaughter on a summer walk as they discuss the benefits and drawbacks of summer. It has beautiful illustrations and is very educational about how climate change is affecting plants and animals.
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Wild Summer is a beautiful book about Summer. In this book, a girl visits her grandfather and learns about how nature changes in the Summer. I loved the vibrant colors of Summer in this book and the various creatures introduced in the book and how they handle summer. This book will be a reader favorite.
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This picture book uses a story about a young child visiting their grandfather in the summer to talk about the ways that climate change is impacting the planet, and why "warming" isn't as innocent as it sounds. It does a nice job of balancing the nature exploration and family time with developmentally appropriate questions and responses. It talks about the topic with a serious note, respecting the curiosity and knowledge of young children, while also not using an alarmist tone. I loved watching the different habitats that they explored throughout the story too! Beautiful illustrations of animals, fossils, and more.
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This book is full of beautiful illustrations and a great message. I found it to be a bit wordy, but overall a wonderful book.
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A book brimming with warmth and sunshine that also manages to pack in a lot of information.

This is a read that will make you want to bask in the summer sun whilst also making you appreciate the importance of the changing seasons for the natural world.
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The art in this book is very pretty and I respect what the author was trying to do with its message.  However, the book is very wordy and pedantic.  I can't imagine most children would want to read this book because it isn't really fun or fascinating.  It seems more like a book that parents want to read to their children when the child couldn't care less.
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The storyline is very simple, narrating the conversation between the grandfather and granddaughter when they on their way to the wildlife. Instead of fiction, I think it's more like between fiction and non-fiction.  If you expect it as a fiction children's book, it's a bit bland, but if you consider it as a non-fiction, then it's a sweet way of delivering knowledge.   The illustration is beautiful, and the dynamic perspective caught my eyes.  At the end of the book also brings up about protecting environment, so it's a book for the parents who want to talk about the topic to their kids.
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I liked this book a lot. It featured a girl and her grandfather. They make plans to visit in the summer and then we see them taking nature hikes as the grandfather teaches about seasons, animals, and nature. I thought it was a nice touch that they were communicating with cellphones in the beginning. It was a cute modern scene that will likely seem familiar to young readers. The illustrations were beautiful. 

I would recommend this for readers looking for intergenerational stories, stories about missing relatives, stories that feature diverse characters, and stories about seasons/nature.
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Charming book about a little girl and her grandfather, and their outdoor summer adventure. There is more fact than fiction here but I recognize it is meany to serve as a good primer for talking to children about nature, and there's a helpful glossary included too.
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I got this on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!

I really enjoyed this picture book! I had previously read the previous installment in the series Busy Spring, so I knew I would like this even before reading it ngl! Love the combination of the story and facts about the season, with a mix of environmental focus and specific animal/plant focus. Really great for younger children to learn more about Summer!

Definitely recommend it!
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Very competent read, that gives a narrative to what is practically a non-fiction book, and a non-fiction book based around the question of whether eternal summer would be a good idea or not. Our narrator is a young lass (of colour, if that matters to you) whose grandfather is taking her on a day's walk to someplace or something mysterious. Along the way the older naturalist points out fire damage, and how some critters cope with long periods of heat but some don't. Thus we all see that heatwaves can be beneficial and also dangerous, which brings climate change quite easily into the discussion. Many end-matter pages kind of lean this towards the classroom, and it was never the best of entertainment at the best of times, but it was still an enjoyable way to convey the lesson, and a pretty looking one at that. A strong four stars for a book whose singular topic I've not seen handled before – and will never expect to see handled better.
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Representation: 10
Story: 10
Illustration: 10

I loved this book and cannot wait to read the previous ones.

Wild Summer captures the essence of its titular season, and I love how it encourages readers to explore nature. As someone who spent her childhood summers with her grandparents, I also loved being part of their relationship. 

** Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for the ARC in return for an honest review. **
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This book tells the story of a little girl who is excited for summer and the opportunity to visit her grandfather. Once summer arrives she and her grandfather go exploring in nature together and he explains to her why it is important to have different seasons (and more importantly, climate change) and the impact that seasons can have on wild life, such as forest fires. The book ends with information on how animals and plants have adapted to the new temperatures as well as information about seasons and how to help take care of our planet and wild life. Additionally, the artwork in this story is phenomenal, it is truly beautiful and I enjoy taking a moment on each page to really observe the details. I could see using this book as an introduction to an art lesson as well! As a grade 3 teacher I could definitely see this book in my classroom library and as a resource for teaching about seasons and climate change. I would recommend this book for parents and teachers of children in the age 6-11 range. There are definitely some more challenging words int he book, but I think that younger children would enjoy reading with an adult and looking at the neat pictures. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!
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el verano no es de mis estaciones favoritas pero el mostrar cosas de esa estación hace que se vea bonita. las ilustraciones de los animales estaban cutes.

thanks netgalley
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Wild Summer is a great way to teach children about climate change and how it affects our planet. I loved all the different illustrations of insects, animals, and plant life. There were lots of facts at the end of the book, along with some action steps. The story walked the young girl through the idea why summer all the time is not good for most creatures.
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Review to come on release day on blog/goodreads.

I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I spotted this book on Netgalley and just had to have it. For two reasons: 1) It is practically summer (June 2nd when I write this) and 2) I really enjoyed Busy Spring by the same author and was curious what Summer would bring! 

In this adorable book we meet a grandfather and his granddaughter. She is excitedly waiting for the summer to come so she can visit her granddad. He has a surprise for her! This whole book was just one big AWWW so cute and pretty. Because grandpa takes his granddaughter on a trip through his backyard and further along. Remember, he has something to show her, but before we get to there he has plenty to show. Beautiful scenery and I just love how he took the time to explain things to her, let her explore and discover for herself, how he let her calmly take it in, and I just wished I had that kind of relationship with my grandfathers when I was tiny. *sighs*

The surprise was a lovely one and I loved that he kept it a secret until the moment they came to it. That must have been hard, or maybe I am just terrible with surprises. XD I just get so excited about having to show something someone that I sometimes just feel it bubbling out. XD 

I loved reading about summer. Nothing really new to me, but I still enjoyed reading about if it can be summer forever and what that means. And I had fun following this duo through gorgeous nature and have a wonderful time! 

Then after the story there is some more information on summer, animals, plants, ocean life, and more. 

Of course, climate change is mentioned. Once again, I am all for fixing it, and I am doing my own bits to help out... but I am also tired the doomsnews that is on 24/7 in newspapers, social media, and other places and I see climate change get more and more mentioned in books. I just want to shut things out for a while. Please. Just let people have that. My mental health needs it. 

But all in all, I did really enjoy this book. The art is absolutely gorgeous, I just love the bond between granddad and granddaughter, love reading about the summer and am now looking forward to that summer time (yes, it is early June here but the weather is not impressed). I would recommend this book!
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