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The bee illustrations are absolutely adorable! This was a really cute little book and I loved how many facts there were about bees at the end.
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Well, this should be a big success, and hopefully many other animals get the same treatment in time. (I think we've had a lion and a platypus in this series, only, so far.)  I think it's fair to say the artist was on a hiding to nothing with the task of making bees cute – not just their faces, but their huge long tongues, the royal jelly and other excreted fluids, and even the larvae that get faces here are on the more off-putting side.  At least the text is on hand with its first-person reportage about a bee's day (and the different kinds of bee, and the seasonal birth of a queen's nest).  A touch of science is joined by a few light puzzles for the end-matter, to extend the volume's use.  A very well-presented, easily-read primer to the humble bumble and her cousins, for an audience seemingly almost too young to be told about them dying out.
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I am big fan of Anna Brett's "A Day in the Life" books and Little Bee is no exception! We get to see the life of a bee through the eyes of Little Bee. We meet her family, learn about each of their roles, and explore the happenings in the hive. The whimsical and cute pictures make learning these fun facts about bees too fun! My favorite illustration was the growth of the egg into a larva then pupa then bee inside the cells.

Young readers will devour this story without even realizing that they're learning real facts about bees. This book would be a great way to teach them about the importance of bees for our environment and help them realize that bees aren't so scary!

Thank you NetGalley and QEB Publishing for the advanced copy. All opinions are my own.
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aquí nos cuentan de las aventuras de las abejas, de la abeja reina y cómo tienen que cuidar del panal, al final, vienen muchos datos interesantes sobre ellas.

thanks netgalley
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This is a cute book about Bees and this is lovely book for young children to understand what Bees to do with the flowers, different  names the bees have to. The ending really good with fun facts and actions for them to do. The illustrations are lovely and go really well with the story.
Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this book.
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Little Bee is a fun little book about bees and how they go about the world! I loved the thorough descriptions of what types of bees can become (worker, drones, queens). The illustrations were sweet, not scary at all. I also loved all of the activities and facts at the end of the book!
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