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So Tall It Ends in Heaven

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Disclaimer: I received this book for free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I didn't catch the author's drift here. While all the things mentioned are random, they are dully presented. The emotions aren't captured well. Poetry is just a hit or miss. This was a miss for me. 

Things mentioned:

Feathered goat, Satan's favorite idiot chicken, a real man keeping his pocket watch in the folds of his heart, and a newborn pig unable to unfold its legs.

To top it off:
"This man I'm seeing thinks his nipples are baby-grape-shaped and pale as two sun-faded pencil top erasers..."
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Honestly? I just couldn't get into that. And that's okay. It's not my thing, but my partner really enjoyed this. They rated it 4/5 stars, so that's the rating I'll give it :)
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I will confess that some of the book's meta-plot/theme of a son reconciling with his father slipped by me while reading, but I really enjoyed the collection nonetheless. The language is rich in detail without being florid, very readable and the queer themes are subtler in many poems but there nonetheless.
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excellent - very lyrical and I enjoyed how he infused the landscape of the USA into the poems. The format on the kindle did not lend itself to ease of reading though.
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This collection of poems is fantastic. The tone and imagery are wonderfully done. The way that the poems connect thematically makes this a very cohesive collection. It touches on childhood and love and family and loss, all in a really beautiful way. This is a really strong collection, and if you like poetry I think you’ll like it. Even if you don’t like poetry, I think this is worth it.
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Overall, I thought this collection was the perfect length. I really respect the intentionality behind it. 

I love how each poem had an individual theme but they were also cohesive as a collectoin. 
I thought the order was well planned and helped take me on an emotional journey
I like the symbolism a lot
The collection feels super accessible, which is nice
My favorite piece was Love Poem to the Son My Father Wished For, which I thought was so raw and real. I also liked Game a lot. The  title poem was also gorgeous
Most poems did a good job capturing very specific emotions in a very relatable way

Sometimes, the formatting was kind of weird, which I wasn't a fan of but that's more of a personal preference
I didn't really understand why the collection was divided into parts. But, I thought the third one was strongest as a whole
Some poems felt very much like they were trying to be important and have quotable lines instead of just flowing naturally, but this was a rare thing
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A wonderful book of poetry! Though I am not a versed poetry reader I very much enjoyed this work by Ringleb. I found his voice to be distinct and nuanced, I enjoyed how much was said with so little words. I found his writing to be a odd mixture of Armistead Maupin and Paulo Coelho, and thoroughly loved it. As a queer woman, I could related deeply to his struggles and but think anyone from any background would be moved by his prose. Overall, a wonderful debut!
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Jayme Ringleb is a poet for the masses - the queer masses, the masses writ large, whomever can find themselves in this brilliant piece of writing.
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A book of poetry perfect for all the feelings pride month stirs up - some pride, some sorrow & a lot of nostalgia.
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So Tall It Ends in Heaven features beautiful poems that give a sense of place and sometimes sadness. My favorite poem was  "Threesome with Sea Monsters and Theft" -, which contained such a vivid imagery of the sea. There is quite a bit of references to God, but the poems are not overly religious. The poems would sometimes end with a phrase, only to have the next poem include the same phrase to start, so there was a fluidity to them.
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