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This was a great book packed full of stunning pictures showing different areas of Washington. From nature, landscapes, rivers, animals to city pictures. They were in fantastic detail and so atmospheric. They were breathtaking. Unfortunately, the review copy I had wasn't complete and missing all the captions, so I had no idea where these beautiful pictures were. This book has the potential of being a 5 star read, but I won't know about the quality or the captions or how much I could learn from reading it. I wish I could see the final version. It definitely looks like it would be a wonderful reading experience, and I am sure you will love it.

So much praise goes out to the photographers and publishers for bringing us this amazing collection of photographs from around such a beautiful state.

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Really beautiful photography book. I could see giving this as a gift or for a coffee table book. I think seeing it in person would be even better.

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This book is filled with beautiful photographs of Washington State. The photos showcase the natural beauty as well the urban areas. Other than the introduction there is very little text. The Photos are the real stars. Enjoy

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This is an impressive collection of stunning photos of the Evergreen State in all its glory, in all seasons. Seven photographers worked together to capture the amazing variety of landscapes that make up Washington. From waterfalls to farms to fields of wildflowers, there's something here to delight every lover of nature photography. I've now added a visit to this gorgeous state to my bucket-list.

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What a stunning collection of images of truly one of my favorite places on Earth. The state of Washington.

While my interest tends to lean towards the mountains and lakes, there’s now so many other locations on my bucket list. The photos of the Enchantments were some of my favorite I’ve seen. Cannot wait to see this book complete with captions and have this to enjoy on my coffee table!

Thank you to Photo Cascadia and Timber Press for the advanced copy of this beautiful book!

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Washington, Evergreen is a collection of stunning landscape and nature photography shot by seven photographers collectively known as Photo Cascadia. Travel or photography enthusiasts will enjoy this title, and any Washingtonian would be proud to have this grace their coffee table

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I was absolutely gobsmacked at the sheer volume of pictures included in this book--way more than I was expecting (the best sort of surprise, eh?). :) So many books in this genre include just a handful of images; not so this one, and I loved it.

This book is for those readers who ...
- Think Washington state is rainy year round
- Wonder why people move to the state (because again, see above)
- Are looking for inspo for their next in-state hiking trip, off-the-beaten-path spot to explore, or a reminder that Washington state isn't, in fact, rainy year round, it just seems like it is :D
- Are curious about the state's ecological diversity and what makes each region unique
- and more!

The one reason I give this book 4 stars (rather than 5) is that the eARC I received didn't include any captions--disappointing, to say the least! Yes, I'm well versed in Washington topography, but not _that_ well versed, haha; I'd love to be able to google any of the featured locations, and alas, couldn't do that with what I got (nor review that element accordingly). (But it just means I need to buy a copy, right?) :)

I also look forward to perusing the final copy's photo index; I love that it'll indicate not only the photographer, but also all the shot details. Photography nerd alert!

I received an eARC of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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I am awestruck by the sheer beauty within this book! The photography is absolutely magical and mythical! This is a beautiful mix of remote and gorgeous forests and streams, coastal beauty and gorgeous cityscapes. This beauty of Washington state shines within the pages of this book and brings peace and tranquillity to the viewer. An absolutely must buy for a reference or coffee table book.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and opinion. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Because the pages of this book are covered with spectacular photographs of my part of this world, showing spaces I've been and seen and breathed in. . . .I feel particularly able to witness the wordless wonder of the photographs that comprise this collection - they are of the very places, and some are of times and places rare, hidden, unusual, extraordinary, and some are seen so often by so many so often, and yet are uniquely superior and striking. They bear well the many, many instances of their capture on media to be shown once again. . . .a truth of its own kind. . .

The photographs range from micro to macro, showing the detail of blushed pear skin wrapped tight around the ripening fruit modestly tucked behind leaves on which one can trace every vein, to a vast panorama of rivers winding, disappearing into valleys at the foot of mountains upon mountains upon mountains. Mid-range scenes can be found mirrored in bodies of water, and moments caught so deftly that you can just about tell the time. . .

This is a book not meant for library shelves. This one needs to be open on a table, displayed open so the view of the wonder of evergreen Washington country can endow atmosphere to every space in which it is placed.

A Sincere Thanks to Photo Cascadia, Timber Press and NetGalley for an ARC to read and review. #WashingtonEvergreen #NetGalley
Pub date: 25 Oct 2022

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I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a beautiful photo book!

The copy I received didn't have the full captions so I don't know all the locations throughout Washington State included. It's a nice coffee table book to explore the area during various seasons.

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I move to Washington state in one week, so I was really excited to see this photography book posted on NetGalley for early review. What perfect timing! I devoured it immediately as it is expert, breathtaking photography, the kind that gives you chills. Pictured are the diverse landscapes, seasons, and weather conditions of Washington. It is fairytale, storybook beautiful and I want to just crawl into this book and live there. Do your eyes a huuuuge favor and crack open this book.

I can’t wait to see the final copy with the completed captions! I wasn’t a big fan of the foreword, though. I felt like I was reading a very wordy and confusing poem from the 1800s. Sorry, Robert.

Thank you to Photo Cascadia and Timber Press for allowing me to savor an advance review copy!

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