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Has Populism Won?

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Launching into a Populism 101 and enjoying the writing of @danieldrache & @MarcDFroese who remind us that we’ve been here before as authoritarianism, nationalism + nativism are woven together “to form a chaotic tapestry” in ‘Has Populism Won?’. (Twitter)
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If you know nothing about populism then this is the book for you! It will give you a good basis in what it is, where it came from and how it’s risen in recent years, with a good sprinkling of sociology in there, the probably for me is; as someone who loves politics and teaches voting and trends, I know too much! It was presented very well too!
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Has Populism Won?, by Daniel Drache and Marc D Froese, is a comprehensive study of contemporary populism and the prospects for the future.

Between their own research and many other sources, Drache and Froese offer a detailed explanation for how and why the current rash of nationalist populism(s) has formed and been so successful. They don't pretend that the grievances of many of the rank and file are illegitimate but rather that those grievances are being exploited by individuals and groups who have little to no genuine sympathy or empathy for the masses.

A little aside, I have an easy way to know that a book hits close to home for the right-wing fanatics. There is a reviewer who makes sure not to use their name and claims to be an educator. That claim is highly doubtful if you look at all of the 1-star reviews that make demonstrably false statements about each book. There are some books that argue from the left or center but are mostly preaching to the choir. But the ones that make a well-substantiated argument that would convince many rational thinkers to reconsider their position are the ones this fake academic chooses to target.

For the record, the bulk of the sources cited are academic or well-researched popular works. The academic books generally offer some of the framework for making connections between places and situations, while the popular works are often in-depth looks at specific circumstances. To this mix Drache and Froese offer their analyses based on years of study and experience. But don't take my word, read it for yourself. If you want to disagree at least disagree with the actual facts presented, not some juvenile false misdirection.

The book does not paint a pretty picture, for anyone. Things have gone very wrong and there is no group that has been involved in governing that can claim absolutely no responsibility at all. The issue is how we make things better and whether we can do so before the current flood of right-wing nationalism turns the world back into one of feudal kingdoms but with bigger weapons. The right is counting on hate to win, we must counter that insanity.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.
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Dear Lord! What a dreadful excuse for a serious book. These two academics from Canada clearly demonstrate what is wrong with scholarship that is composed by far-left political scientists. "Has Populism Won?" was composed almost entirely from clickbait that they found in the NY Times, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, and yes, even The Guardian. Even worse, Drache and Froese even cited off the chart far-left sources such as the Jacobin, Think Progress, and the New Left Review. The straw that broke this camel's back was the authors' list for Further Reading -- Our Top 10 Recommendations in which they listed Umberto Eco's analysis of current fascism "Ur-Fascism" which amazingly they themselves may not have read since their footnotes were drawn from a review of this well-known book that appeared in The New York Review of Books.
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