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3.5 - thank you so much for the opportunity to read this!

I have some conflicting feelings, and I wish I had reread at least the Toll before starting this as my memory was a bit spotty and I think I missed some references.

I did feel like this was kind of jumpy, with all the different authors and no cohesive structure, each story was very distinct. Some were very...artsy?? And went a bit over my head.

Interesting overall, but not my favourite.

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Shusterman for the win again! I loved the Scythe trilogy and absolutely loved going back to that world in these short stories. A perfect addition to the Scythe series. Can't wait to buy this and add to my ever growing Shusterman collection.

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Absolutely LOVED the Arc of Scythe series and was so excited to get the change to read this arc! All the short stories we’re fantastic and have glimpses into different scythes, characters in the world and it was fun seeing other authors collaborate to bring the stories to life!

I think my favourite stories were The Mortal Canvas and Perchance to Dream. They were both so compelling and I definitely see myself going back and reading them again!

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It was so great to reread this series! I wasn't really planning on doing so this soon after I first read them, but then we have Gleanings, so I had to reread the rest of the series before reading it, because rereading vs. rereading and then a new book changes the timeline on rereading!

Citra and Rowen, or Scythe Anastasia and Scythe Lucifer, are both so fantastic to read about. This world is about the morals of killing, and while they started on the same path, it was wildly diverged, and they both learned different things. But oh, did I enjoy them so much!

The thing about Goddard is that he's the worst of humanity. And it's funny, at one point he put down the founders for their rules-but he's the kind of thing that they were trying to prevent. But he's all high and mighty and evil. Bah!

Now that I knew where things were building up to, it was great to see the clues, see it all come together. To know about how the Scythedom sabotaged the Thunderhead's space efforts...And the possibilities there could've been if they hadn't. Alas!

And oh, the stories in Gleanings. Some of them were almost happy, given this world and all, and some of them were really interesting to read, and some of them were sad. Like the one about Kila, Kohl's sister, and the one with Ben, Citra/Anastasia's brother. I loved the Antarctica one, it was great to explore the dreaming world. And the one with Scythe Dali was fantastic. Oh, and the one with Scythe Boo and her wayward niece. And the space ones, giving us post-The Toll looks at the world! That one with the dog, I didn't know where it would go, but it was so great! It was really great to read all of them, learn these things about this world!

Loved rereading this series, and continuing with the anthology, and I had a great time reading them!

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It was nice to be back in the Arc of a Scythe world! Not all of these stories were hitters, but overall this was a nice addition to the series. Like a dessert after finishing a meal

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The Arc of a Scythe books have been some of my favourites since I first read them in ninth grade, and this collection of short stories from the post-mortal world only added to my enjoyment of the series. Each of the stories added something new, gave backstory on certain characters, and how the world transitioned into what is shown in the trilogy, as well as after.

I particularly liked "A Martian Minute" for the backstory on the Mars colony and everything that went down there. I also liked "The Mortal Canvas" because now I know that the first Scythe was probably a lesbian and I appreciate that very minor detail. I also nearly cried at the end, and I don't do that very often when I'm reading. The only story I didn't like as much as the others was "Never Work With Animals" and it wasn't enough to make me lower my rating from five stars.

As a whole, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I would definitely recommend it to any fans of the Scythe books, for all the extra worldbuilding and details it provides from so many different perspectives.

Thanks to Netgalley and Simon & Schuster Canada for the e-ARC!

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I loved the Arc of a Scythe series so I was very excited to get my hands on this short story collection! I enjoyed seeing fresh new characters (as well as some we’ve previously seen in the trilogy) with more storytelling in the scythe world. Although I was initially disappointed with the lack of stories featuring old characters, the stories featuring characters we’ve already met made up for it. As I’m a big fan of backstories (especially for my favourite characters and villains), I enjoyed stories featuring them more than the ones featuring new plot lines and characters. I am very fond of the way Shusterman and the co-authors of Gleanings write, which helped me enjoy this short story collection even more. As I haven’t read a YA novel in a little while, Gleanings was a great novel to pick up when diving into YA again. Thank you, Simon and Schuster Canada/NetGalley for this arc!

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Thank you Simon & Schuster Canada and NetGalley for an arc of Gleanings in exchange for an honest review!

I was super excited to return to the world of the Scythedom and this book did not let me down (for the most part).

Gleanings is a collection of various perspectives and narratives throughout the timeline of the Scythe series. The world-building is expanded upon and side characters from the series are given a central narrative in the story.

FYI: I will have to say my enjoyment was dulled by the fact I forgot much of the original series so I recommend refreshing up on the plot before picking this one up!

Several of the stories did not really contribute much to the world of the Scythes and I found myself a bit bored with them. Others I wish were written longer either in the form of a novella or something else as the emotional punch they aimed to give to the reader did not deliver due to how brief the appearances of the characters are made in the short story (with little time to develop or to have the reader form an emotional bond with them). My favourite short story was absolutely “a martian minute”, it was the longest and thus delivered what it originally promised in terms of plot twists and getting to know the character featured.

Several stories have similar themes, of social commentary on art which was a bit repetitive but it was nice to see these links and callbacks made between short stories.

In regard to the other authors, I think their writing style was incorporated seamlessly with Shusterman’s and did not notice that much of a difference between short stories. It was a pleasure to read all these varying authors and their takes on the Scythedom.

3.5 stars

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A return to the world of the Scythe series! This is a collection of glimpses throughout the timeline of the Scythe series, but told from fresh, new perspectives. If you loved the series, you’ll love getting to see the universe and world building expanded even more.

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