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I really enjoyed this manga- it's nice to read something for adults. Kodansha is doing a great job bringing shojosei titles into English.
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As soon as I saw the cover and the title of this manga, I knew I needed to read it. It looked so cute and I found it something that was like a strangers to lovers trope off just the cover alone. 

I am glad that I was correct in this, but even more alluring was the fact that it is fully a pretend to romance that will most defintely turn into a full romance and I love those just as well. The characters are a little blah right now but I am sure that the author will give the readers a more in depth feeling to the characters as the manga progresses. 

The one thing I had an issue with was how quickly we jumped into the plot of the story and the relationship. I was not ready for it and had to reread a few of the pages becuasae of how fast it was. Or maybe the manga is just a fast page turner because I am a huge sucker for romance of this type. 

Other than than, I would not change anything about this manga. I cannot wait to read the next manga. I hope it shows on Netgalley, but if not I am recommending that our library obtains it for other readers.
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I went into reading this knowing nothing about it and came away with a series I'll absolutely be finishing. A Serenade for Pretend Lovers follows Akari, who finds out her boyfriend is married when she sees him with his wife at work, but freshly after the breakup her coworker appoints her in charge of a documentary feature with an eccentric composer who proposes they fake date after he hears her name. 

I really loved the growing tension between the two mains, and the fake lovers trope was used really well here. I must have had my shoujo glasses on because I wasn't expecting the sexual aspects, but I really loved them! It's refreshing to see an adult relationship with adult humor and content. While it didn't end on a cliffhanger, which is usually what draws me into vol 2, the sneak peek had me setting a reminder to make sure I don't miss the next volume!
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I really liked the art style in this manga—it was very pretty and flowed and not at all distracting! That being said, this particular manga was not for me. 

This particular story was not for me—I think it might have been more my speed if the relationship developed a bit more slowly (pun intended) and the pacing was more consistent. 

Going to read volume 2!
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Thank you to Kodansha and NetGalley for giving me a copy of this volume. 

This was a solid read-through and through. The premise sounds ridiculously fun, and fun it is. I guess it also doubles as an alternative way to tell a romance, so what more can you ask for? Our main character is relatable in her struggles and decision-making, and the musician she stumbles upon is so weirdly unique that you can't help but want to know more about him. Or how his mind works, in any way. A great recommendation for reader looking for something new in the romance genre, and want a nice new manga series
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I think the premise of the story is cute but also weird. Just randomly accepting a person into your home plus pretending to be in love with someone your interviewing... ... Naruse is the only person who is thinking straight in this story. 
Outside of that, the art is really cute and the story is fast-paced and flows well. I do like the main character Akari, though she seems very naive and inexperienced with life.
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I didn't really care for the characters or plotline. The main character, Chizuru, was creepy and unappealing. I wanted to love this book, the art is gorgeous and the cover is stunning, but unfortunately it just fell very flat.
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Is it insta-love that he just doesn't understand or just lust? If you think that's a deep philosophical question, <i>A Serenade for Pretend Lovers</i> may be the book for you. Taking the "fake couple" romance trope and combining it with "really, this is for work," the story follows documentary director Sayo and composer Chizuru as they stumble into...something. Chizuru, a brilliant composer, has the emotional intelligence of a hedgehog, and he somewhat sadly takes it to mean that he doesn't know what love is. Sayo, who's just found out that she's the other woman her boyfriend's been cheating with (and how she thought "allergic to metal" was a viable explanation for why he didn't get them rings, I don't know), was just stuck with a project about Chizuru and isn't quite sure what to do with it. When he reveals that he's stuck composing a love song and needs her help as his fake lover, she feels a bit backed into a corner by the whole thing and ends up agreeing.

All told, it's not a terrible book, it just doesn't do much to distinguish itself from any others. If "serviceable" is what you want in your romance manga, give this a try.
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Not really a fan of this one. Usually I'm all about a fake relationship, and I'm okay with a friends with benefits oops we developed feelings plotline, but for whatever reason this just felt a little... creepy. Chizuru is kinda... sketch.
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Is this storyline a little predictable? Yes. Absolutely. Will I still continue to read it, just like I continue to watch every single Hallmark movie? You betcha.

Chizuru is a little oblivious but also kind of charming? I don't know, he reminds me of Daoming Si (but, you know, a little less violent.) and with the little next volume preview at the end of this book, I can't wait to see him realize that he might actually have feelings for Akari.

I'm hoping Akari works on standing up for herself in the next few volumes, because I hate seeing her get pushed around by people and getting taken advantage of.

Thank you to Kodansha and Netgalley for allowing me to read an ARC
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This was an unexpected surprise! I went into this knowing nothing so to get a fake dating story full of sexual tension, soft moments and a “we aren’t going to fall in love but its definitely gonna happen by accident” was great!

I really liked the art style too. It really captured the personalities of the two main characters. I really enjoyed them both! I can’t wait to see these two absolutely fall for each other in future volumes after this great set up volume!

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**Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review**

While on the job at a TV station, Akari Sayo accidentally discovers her boyfriend cheating on her (actually cheating on his partner WITH her to be exact). Before she has time to even process this, she gets assigned to film a documentary of the super handsome and mysterious musician Chizuru Kobuchi. But when she goes to his house to start the job he completely shuts her down and won’t help her out. However, after he gets her name, he changes his mind and agrees to take part in the documentary…if she agrees to be his pretend lover. 

While the plot itself wasn’t anything super unique/special and there was a mad case of instalust, the art style was absolutely STUNNING. It  may be reason enough why I end up continuing on in the series. I’d be very curious to see how Akari and Chizuru’s romance develops in later volumes.
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3/5 stars

After catching her boyfriend cheating on her and then having her co-worker dump a project on her, Akari Sayo doesn't think things could get any worse. The project is a documentary about Chizuru Kobuchi, a musician. However, her co-worker never mentioned that Chizuru declined to participate in the project. Unsure of what to do, Akari asks him to reconsider, and he says he'll do it on one condition–he wants her to pretend to be his lover.

I have very mixed feelings about this manga. The art is lovely, and the premise is cute. I love the fake dating trope! But this fell flat for me.

First of all, this seems more like a josei  manga than a shojo. There's a lot of talk about sex, and it stops just short of an actual sex scene. Despite this, I feel like Akari acts like a high school girl. 

The male main character, Chizuru, seems like a creep. He made me feel uncomfortable while reading this. He seemed to get a little better by the end, but I still dislike him. 

The pacing felt rushed, and the fake dating felt kinda forced. I didn't have time to get attached to the characters or even feel sorry for Akari for getting cheated on. 

Things finally seemed a bit more interesting at the end. The next volume preview made me curious about where this series will go from here, but I won't be continuing this series. As much as I love the art and enjoy this trope, I don't really have any desire to keep reading this one. 

If you like josei series, then you might like this shojo series. 

Content: some language, cheating, lots of talk about sex and it gets close to having a sex scene
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~ Thank you so much netgalley and Kodansha for providing me with this arc in exchange for an honest review ~

The art was my favourite part of this for sure. Especially the hair and eyes, I thought the stylization of them was lovely. I feel like it’s hard to get to know characters super well in the first volume of a manga series, so I can’t say I became super attached to either, but I was still intrigued to see how they would progress. The plot was probably my least favourite thing about this, as everything progressed so quickly I found it hard to take seriously. However despite that, I did actually feel a lot of chemistry between the two, so I found their dynamic was developed well. I think if things had slowed down a little, I could have possibly processed it better. I did still enjoy it and recommend it for fans who enjoy shoujo but want a bit more mature content.

~ Mentioned in this video on my channel, skip to 17:33 ~

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4 Stars ( I received an e-arc from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review)

While the storyline is a bit far fetched it is handled really well, and is one of the best romance mangas I have read in a long time. Possibly close to an all time favourite, with a good mix of romance and silly antics. A journalist sent to interview to renowned composer, is rejected but then ends up with a fake relationship in order to help inspire music for his latest projects. The leads have really great chemistry and I am excited to see their relationship develop further.
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I really liked this.  Chizuru and Saya are interesting together.  Saya just caught her boyfriend cheating but it turns out he was cheating with her.  Then she meets composer and musician Chizuru and they decide to fake a relationship to help with his current song.  It's an interesting story and its just the start.  I can't wait to see what happens next.
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Thank you to Kodansha and NetGalley for proving me with an ARC of this manga to review!

A Serenade for Pretend Lovers is about a woman named Akari, who works for a TV station. One day while she is at work, she catches her boyfriend cheating on her with his wife. She later gets an assignment to film a story about a composer, who keeps trying to avoid this. Upon going to his house, shenanigans ensue, and the two enter a "pseudo-love" relationship.

I'll be honest, I did not like this manga at all. The male lead came off as very forward and would not listen to the female lead when she told him she was not comfortable with things. It struck me as borderline rape-y. The story also was not interesting to me.

If you like the fake dating to lovers trope, you may like this title.
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It's a cute yet a little strange story, the heroine is at the same time willing to move foward the awkward situation she's with her ex boyfriend and conflicted with the composer she met for the work. I can't tell if he's geniunly ignorant with what touch love, or if he's creep but the story what fun to read and well drawn.
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Thank you to NetGalley for this manga!

Tochika Nekome's A Serenade for Pretend Lovers # 1 was such a sweet little manga about a TV reporter named Akari Sayo who happened to be working when she sees her boyfriend, who is cheating on her. Akari Sayo is barely able to process what she's seeing before she's given a new assignment to manage a documentary about a musician named Chizuru Kobuchi, who takes an interest in Akari as soon as he learns her name.

This was a quick little read that reminded me why I love manga. It was filled with cute characters and the beginning of a great little romance series. I can't wait to read the next volume and see how Akari and Chizuru's "fake" romance develops.
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the manga is really very interesting, being the first volume introduces the story and the various characters well. I will definitely continue to read the next volumes, it intrigued me a lot!
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