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I love a good small town romance and WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY was all that and more! I love a romance when both characters don’t want a relationship but just can’t help themselves as the attraction is so strong. WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY is a perfect example. I have made it a quest to catch up on the rest of Sara’s books because her writing is just that good. She makes her readers feel every emotion her characters are feeling to the point where you feel as if you are right there, struggling along with them. WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY is former US Navy SEAL Aiden Steele, and pediatric nurse Kyra Fowler’s story line.

WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY is very funny at times. I liked that Kyra did not want to move out of the city and live in a rural suburb, especially as she is such a city girl. Her dream is to sell the town and move to London to begin her dream job. She definitely did not enjoy the small town vibe, but tries to make the most of moving to a small town for the month she is there. My emotions were on a wild roller coaster ride from the first page all the way until the very end. At first I really tried to read it slowly and make it last, but soon I was so caught up in everyone’s lives and business, I was flipping the pages like a mad woman.

I loved this heartwarming sweet romance. The characters were well developed and I liked them both very much. It was clear they were meant to be together from the start. But, they each had a considerable amount of baggage and I loved seeing how they each were able to unload it.  I fell in love with all the characters in the small Wyoming town of Star Valley and wanted to be right there with them. The secondary characters in WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY are just as perfect and I can’t wait to continue this series and learn more about my new found friends!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Forever through Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This is another Christmas in July read for me.
Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy is the first book in the Star Valley series.
You always have to read the Christmas book in the series because it's a little extra.
Pediatric nurse Kyra Fowler is thrilled, her dreams have finally come true. All her years of hard work and devotion have finally paid off, it's been noticed, and she's finally landed her dream job at the prestigious children’s hospital in London. She can leave all the memories behind and start over again after she moves out of the country. Ther's a slight snag though, first she must sell the Wyoming town she’s just inherited from her estranged father. After visiting the proper authorities, it seems as though there's more to this selling than she's realized.
Ex-Navy SEAL Aiden Steele couldn't save his brother-in-law on the battlefield and it's haunting his waking hours. He's determined not to allow Miss Big Bucks to step in and create a topsy turvey turn of events in the town his precious nieces are growing up in, he only wants the best for these sweet little girls.
Aiden is determined to show Kyra how charming Star Valley is and have her want to stay and not sell off the town to one of those big developers. A spirit of Christmas magic is wrapped around the lovely plot. Will Kyra doing some Christmas baking with the cute little girls that have become wrapped around her fingers and Aiden taking her to visit the town's sights work it's Christmas magic on her? Holiday good cheer and memories were made for the characters as the season happily wraps up.

Pub Date 11 Oct 2022
I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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A nice Christmas book with two different people but looking at wanting the same thing in helping people or families. Adyen just wants to help his family to make sure his nieces have a place to live and Kyra is just doing what she thinks is best before she leaves for a job in London. Yet this story works and all of the characters are good also.
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Apologies for the late notice, but I have decided not to review this title.  

While I am certain it's obvious by now, I wanted to also clear this off NetGalley, so it's not showing as open for either of us.		
I look forward to continuing to work with you in 2023 and beyond.		
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Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy (Star Valley #1). By Sara Richardson. 2023. Forever (ARC eBook).

I really enjoyed the premise of Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy. Kyra is a new face in town but she doesn’t have plans to stay past Christmas. But Kyra, who’s long been on her own, surprisingly finds family and friends in Star Valley, and the love of an ex-Seal who is determined that his widowed sister’s ranch stays afloat. Richardson’s writing make it easy to root for both Aiden and Kyra’s, and Star Valley’s, happily ever after.
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Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy begins the Star Valley series with a multi-layered romance that so often just broke my heart for Aiden and Kyra for different reasons. Although it has Christmas in the title, this is one romance that can easily be read any time of the year, for the message within is for the heart, and that is timeless.

Imagine inheriting a small town! It certainly comes as a surprise to Kyra as she’s just about to head off to London to start her dream job. Now her father, the man who seemingly abandoned her after her parent’s divorce, decides that he’s leaving an entire town to his daughter! No way. She’s out of here as quickly as she can sell this place to the first buyer who shows up. Granted, she’ll need to do some repairs to get the best price, but this isn’t home; London will be just as soon as she can get there.

Aiden has returned home to Star Valley after his military career came to an end. He’s seen too much; nightmares haunt him to this day. He wasn’t able to prevent his brother-in-law’s death and survivor’s guilt along with dealing daily with the ongoing effects of PTSD. He’ll do anything to protect his sister and nieces… and that includes stopping someone from selling off their town to the highest bidder.

Neither Aiden nor Kyra expected to fall for the “enemy” in this situation. Yet now, instead of getting Kyra out of town as fast as possible, he’s wanting her to stay… with him forever.

I enjoyed Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy so much and absolutely fell in love with the citizens of this tiny dot on the map. Kyra and Aiden will do some growing, some healing, and discover information that makes a difference to their mindset throughout their story. I met many people that I cannot wait to read their stories to come. If you love a well-written romance that will give you all the feels you could ever wish for… then have I got a book for you!

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are my own – good, bad, or indifferent.*
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ARC for honest review with no compensation Received from NetGalley 4.5 stars  Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy is book 1 in the Star Valley series by Sara Richardson and a great start to the series.  Kyra Fowler learns he estranged father has left her a small town in Wyoming with certain conditions and where her one time best friend lives. Wanting nothing to do with the town, her old best friend, all she wants to do is sell and take the money and move to London to start her life over.  Aiden Steele, ex SEAL who lost his brother in law during a mission is determined to help save the ranch but first must convince Kyra not to sell the town.   What happens when sparks fly, romance is in the air, people taking care of others, some Christmas magic and more…read on to see how it all end!
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

What a fantastic way to start a series! This book took me on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride. There were some hilarious scenes. There were extremely tearful scenes. At times, I just had to put the book down and grab a tissue. (Word of warning have the tissues ready!)

Aiden and two of his former Navy SEAL buddies help to take care of Aiden's sister's ranch. His sister, Tess, was married to Aiden's best friend and fallen comrade, Jace. All three of the men promised Jace to help take care of his family when he died. The heavy survivor's guilt is a burden that they struggle with, especially Aiden. He hasn't sought treatment for the PTSD.

Kyra comes to Wyoming to settle her father's will. Her father left, when she was a young child. He had an affair with Kyra's BFF (Lyric's), mother. Kyra will follow his desire and fix up the town and then she is selling and moving to London! Kyra recently lost her mother to cancer and there is nothing left in Florida for her.

Kyra contacts the local contractor (Cowboy Construction) for estimates. The company is really the only local company to handle the rebuilding and it is run by three former Navy SEALs. Yep, Aiden and his buddies! Aiden comes up with a plan to get Kyra to fall in love with the small town and it's lovably people.

Will Kyra give up her dream of living abroad for the handsome cowboy? Will the town's people grow on Kyra? Will Kyra discover the plot to keep her in town? Can Kyra get back her BFF (Lyric) or will the past come between the friends?

This is wonderful story that completely drew me in. I could really see the scenes fully develop into a movie inside of my mind. I can't wait for the next installment!!!
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When Kyra Fowler in Harrett‘s a small town in Wyoming her plan is simple get in satisfied the terms of her dad’s will sell the little town then fly off to London to her new life. Unfortunately sometimes destiny makes other plans that was definitely the case with Kyra. She had no love for her dad or this little town but that’s OK because those in the little town head all the love in the world for her. Her first clue was win she ran out of gas in the first thing that greet her is a naked Aiden Steel swimming in the creek. When her dad left her mom for her best friends mom she of course took the side of her own mother but when she never heard from him again she built up an anchor that she has carried with her for years. And even though he is now deceased her ex best friend and all the residents of her new town will show her that her dad wasn’t the bad guy he was made out to be threw her ex-best friend, Aiden in the local ladies society she will learn A new way to Love and a way to forgive. Unfortunately there are people wanting to buy the town to make it in to every other town in the USA that has a Walmart in Aiden and his friends are dead set against it will Kira make the right decision and go where her heart liter or will she abandon Aiden and the town for a life in London? I loved this book and I especially love that she didn’t draw the whole thing out with her best friend for the entire but but squ ed it into the beginning and got all to bigger and better things I love the slow progression of Aiden and Kyra‘s relationship in the suite kiss they shared I just think this author is very talented and I am so excited to read the second book in this theories. I can’t say I’ve ever read a book by this author before but I will definitely be reading more in the future. It is rare that you find  books where the end is pretty much predetermined because of the great riding in the middle you want to keep returning to that authors books and that is the case with Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy Hi Sarah Richardson. Every author bring something different to a book but it seems when it comes to sweet romance it’s the same old tropes and same bowl wash rinse and spin but I have to admit Sarah Richardson bring something different and her talent definitely leaps of the page I can’t say how much I love this book and highly recommend it. I received this book for NetGalley and the publisher but I am leaving this review voluntarily please forgive any mistakes as I am blind my dictate my review.
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Wishing On A Christmas Cowboy is the first book in the new Star Valley series by Sara Richardson. It is a small town romance filled with snippets of holiday joy. It is not always smooth sailing though as both main characters have some demons from their past that they need to put to rest.  Two main characters who can't seem to get out of each others orbit. 

Everything seems to finally be going right for Kyra Fowler. She has an application into a prestigious children's hospital in London and it appears like she is going to accomplish her dreams. There is only one problem in her way: she has suddenly inherited the town of Star Valley which was owned by her estranged father.  She doesn't want anything to do with the town and makes plans to quickly fix it up and sell it without getting attached. 

When Kyra first arrives in town, she meets ex-Navy Seal Aiden Steele and their first exchange isn't exactly pleasant. He cannot stop praising her father for what he has done for the town. She wants absolutely nothing to do with her father because she has always felt that he abandoned her when she was younger. Her family had been broken up when her father cheated on her mother with her best friends mother; and then moved way with her best friend in tow. She hadn't spoken to him since that moment and how he was gone and left her this place in the middle of nowhere. 

Kyra and Aiden are both wounded characters. She is dealing with the wounds that were left by what was perceived as her fathers betrayal. Of course, not everything is as it seems. He is dealing with wounds from being an Navy Seal and watching his best friend/brother in law get killed in action. These two do not like letting people in but, neither one of them can ignore the attraction that is there. They have a good chemistry together and I enjoyed watching their relationship grow. 

I also really enjoyed meeting all the characters that live in Star Valley. It was especially nice to watch Kyra make amends with her childhood best friend Lyric. It didn't happen overnight but the two characters actually worked at re-finding their connection. I look forward to hopefully learning more about them as the series continues.  I also look forward to learning more about the towns traditions as there were many special holiday ones within Wishing On A Christmas Cowboy. It made me want to visit Star Valley and make it my home.
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Lies and secrets are at the bottom of the latest book by Sara Richardson. In WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY we learn about a young woman’s life pretty much along with her. So many things in Kyra’s life were built on a very shaky ground. Her beloved father Kenneth leaves her and her mother as he basically runs off with another woman. For eighteen years Kyra never hears from her father. He had abandoned her. And so as a protection Kyra learned not to trust. Her mother had built their new lives on the premise that they were doing okay on their own. They didn’t need anyone even when times were tough. 

Then her father passes away with Kyra named as his heir. 

Kyra is bright, tough, independent and has a dream. Her dream is to land a position as a physician assistant in a prestigious London hospital. But now finds herself in a small town, Star Valley Springs. Everyone in town loves and respects her father, Kenny. To claim her inheritance she must repair several buildings in the town. Once done her plan is to sell his property and follow her dream. Sounds relatively easy. 

Lots of folks in town have an interest in Kyra’s plans. A warm respectful town that depends on neighbors in times of need they immediately include Kyra as one of their own. But is she. 

Ex-military Aiden Steele took on the role of caring for his sister and her two adorable girls. Her husband Jace, part of Aiden’s team abroad, did not make it home. Aiden is a doting uncle, but we quickly realize that Aiden hasn’t taken care some personal issues. Aiden becomes part of the plan to help Kyra decide to stay in town. Ultimately becomes much closer than he expected, candidly too close for him to deal with. Aiden is not ready to move forward with his own life. How can he help Kyra. 

How does a young woman react to all this community. She has never felt as if she belonged anywhere. Couldn’t even imagine what home looked like.
Kyra learned early on to trust her head when making decisions. Sure way to avoid getting hurt. But now in this small town it may be necessary to trust her heart. Listen to it. Listen to the small voice of her father that appears in many different forms. Perhaps even move a step away from logic. Tough choice and difficult to switch paths after most of her life. But perhaps move toward something instead of avoiding it. 

Lots of wonderful characters to meet in WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY. The story center on Kyra but just as her world opens to possibilities so does Sara Richardson cast of folks that bring this story to life. WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY is about taking chances and leaving logic behind in the search for a full rewarding life. Half full instead of half empty. Hot chocolate with loads of marshmallow. The scenic splendor of this area is backdrop to the story and is itself a character. Kenny leaves behind a legacy of family to the daughter left behind. WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY is a journey to reconnect to a father and perhaps find a wonderful family in the discovery.
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I enjoyed this book! Of course, I love any book with Christmas, and of course, cowboys too! The author did great bringing the magic of Christmas to this book! I also felt the emotions that the characters were feeling. Even a few times, I cried! I enjoyed the storyline, as it kept me interested and wanting to know what happened next! This is a great read!
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I read an ARC of this at Christmas.  It does give you all the Hallmark Christmas feels.  Typical romance with characters that have internal conflict they have to overcome to be together.  The charming setting in Wyoming adds to the story and the storyline is pretty solid with likeable characters.  It is a quick read.  
Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of the book!
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This romance was about a city girl who gets a small Wyoming town from father and falls for a now cowboy/construction company owner and former Navy SEAL. Also, got to love when the hard tough cowboy falls first. This is not over Christmassy  it's more fall with a sprinkle of christmas cheer. Enjoyed this setting of Wyoming with a little ranching in it all and the side characters, with some cute kids as well. They go on a cattle drive so whoot!  Great start to a series and if you are looking for a nice small town romance.
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This  is a new to me author and I have to say I am looking forward to reading more by this author!  I loved this book
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Looking for a sweet romance set in an out-of-the-way town in Wyoming in the weeks leading up to Christmas? Then look no further than Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy. The story featured two main characters each with an interesting backstory with heavy baggage. Their issues, somewhat predictably, got in the way of cementing their feelings for each other. In the background were questions about the future of this small town - a place full of interesting and kindhearted folk. Most notable were two engaging little girls who helped bring everyone together and gave the story energy.

Overall, this was an engaging read but there were a couple of things that would have really upped the ante for me. For believability, I would have liked more of a buildup in the connection between Kyra and Aiden. And more details about the setting would have given a better sense of place. I just didn’t recognize Wyoming other than the references to Jackson Hole and proximity to Idaho.

This was a cute Christmas romance just right for de-stressing with a quick read (as well as setting up a new series for Richardson’s fans!)
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A new to me author and it says this book is the start of a new series. I really liked this book. I liked each of the characters and can already see how there are at least 3 more stories worth telling here. I loved Kyra and Aiden and was sad when the story ended. Hopefully their story will continue in the rest of the series. Ther was a good amount of steam, an interesting and complicated back story, and emotions you could feel. Overall 4.5 stars for me. Ill keep my eye out for more books.
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Kyra and her best friend Lyrica were inseparable.  They felt like sisters, then the unthinkable happened. Lyrica's Mom and Kyra's Dad had an affair and he left Kyra to start over with Lyrica and her Mom as his family.

So Kyra lost her best friend and Dad all at once.  Her Mom was bitter about the separation and Kyra never heard from her Dad again until she was in college and then she returned all his letters unopened.

Now both of her parents are gone and her Dad left her a town.  She needs to decide if she is going to keep it or sell it.  

Loved this book and could not put it down.  I think you will enjoy it too.
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Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy 🤠 by Sara Richardson was a beautifully written Christmas story. I loved the descriptions of Star Valley Springs. The story of Aiden and Kyra was one of  friendship, suffering from PTSD, kindness and romance.
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3.5 stars rounded up.

Kyra Fowler is on the cusp of achieving her dream of working as a nurse practitioner in London. The only catch is that she must first travel to Wyoming to tie up her estranged father’s estate and sell the town he inexplicably left her in his will. She just has to do a few repairs that are certain to easily attract an investor and she plans to be in London by the New Year.

Aiden Steele was unable to save his brother-in-law and Navy SEAL teammate in battle, but he’s determined to save his sister’s ranch and make sure she and his two young nieces can have the life they deserve in the small town they love. He’s not about to let them be driven out by an uncaring investor. His plan is to show Kyra around and, with the help of the townsfolk and a little Christmas spirit, make her fall in love with the place so she won’t want to sell. The plan backfires a bit, however, when Aiden is the one who begins to fall for her.

I have to say, this wasn’t quite as light-hearted and Christmassy as I was expecting or wanting, but the ending surprised me with how much it charmed me. In facing a holiday without several loved ones who should be here, the grief is hitting hard, so it was both painful and somehow a bit comforting to find that grieving was such a big theme in this unassuming book with its cutesy title. Some scenes were difficult to read and had me in tears, but the close bonds formed by this small-town community and the found family aspects gave me warm fuzzies.

Suffice it to say, this book was a bit of a mixed bag for me, and it was sometimes difficult to remember that it was meant to be a romance. Kyra and Aiden didn’t actually spend that much time together and in fact, she spends a great deal of time avoiding him. She was a pretty difficult character for me to like, mostly because she spent so much time harping on about the necessity of sticking to this life plan of moving to London even though it was something she came up with pretty arbitrarily. She was extremely inflexible for a long time and somehow seemed to think that this meant she was making her own decisions when really, she was just latching onto something random. All this did make some sense given her background and the fact that her mother had kept them so isolated, but this definitely would’ve felt more like a romance if she’d had more on page time with Aiden. Their chemistry was clear, but there were a lot of issues for them both to work through and they spent a great deal of this book pushing each other away and trying to protect themselves from potential heartbreak.

Overall, this book was a surprise for me. It was a bit less romantic than I had hoped and also less Christmassy, and yet, Aiden whipped out a beautiful bit of romance right at the end. That completely melted me, and I would’ve loved to see a similar confession out of Kyra. I really loved this small-town setting and all the found family here. There’s also definitely something to be said for the character development and how well the supporting characters were fleshed out, although possibly to the slight detriment of the main characters’ on page romance. Nonetheless, this is a new series I’m excited to continue and I especially can’t wait to read Tess and Silas’ story.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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