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Kyra is looking to fix up and sell what her father left for her in his will so then she's free to go onto her dream job. Aiden and other are hoping that Kyra would change her mind about selling the place because of the amount of changes that would happen so they are hoping to change her mind by showing her what this town and area has to offer. Aiden and Kyra never expected for fall for one another but its on a time limit because decisions need to be made and Kyra might has a dream job she's waiting for. 

I really enjoyed this book. Thing is I think I read this book too close to another one I recently read, I mean the plot is done many times over and I can say that this book has it own unique twist. I thought it was intersting getting to know the characters and seeing why her father did what he did and seeing as Kyra pieced together things about her father that she just wasn't aware of. I enjoyed how meddlings the small town with thier plan in trying to make Kyra feel so welcomed that she would'nt want to sell to or just sell to any ruthless developer. I enjoyed seeing the attraction and romance form between Aiden. I mean its not ment to last but hopefuly she'd stick around. Overall this was a pretty enjoyable book good to read at any time but even better for this time during the holidays so for those of you looking to add something to your holiday tbr list thats christmay without being too much then you'll like this book.
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I just love a good Christmas romance and this one was so cute. I love that small town cowboy feel. They both came into this novel with an interesting back story. Kyra had been through so much in her life and is not only grieving her dad but also the possibility of reconciliation. Aiden is dealing with his own set of issues that he is still working through as well. You go on a slight emotional rollercoaster so be prepared. I can’t wait to see what else this small town has to offer.
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Sara Richardson made my favorite authors list with Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy. This. Book. 

While I was prepared to enjoy the book based on the description, I was not prepared to be pulled in to the extent that I was. Kyra was left a town by her estranged father in the middle of nowhere. Cue Aiden to save the day despite his internal battle of knowing she wanted to sell the town and move on to her dream job in London. 

I giggled. I smiled. I had all of the feels. 10 out of 10 recommend.
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Wishing on a Cowboy Christmas by Sara Richardson is a charming holiday romance about finding home and opening your heart to all life has to offer. Kyra Fowler, a pediatric NP, has just been offered her dream job in London when she learns that she’s inherited her estranged father’s estate ~ a small town in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. Before she can start her dream, she first has to sell the town, but it isn’t going to be as straightforward as she things. Her father had a list of odd jobs for her to complete before selling, all designed to make her fall in love with the town he called home. Add in a retired Navy SEAL hellbent on convincing her to not sell the town he loves, and Kyra’s got her hands full.

I truly enjoyed this story. Kyra is a great character to follow. She’s faced so much hurt in her life, and now she’s grieving a father who she thought abandoned her years earlier. Not only is she grieving, but she is also reconciling what to do with the town he left her. If she sells, a developer is sure to come in and change all the things she finds charming and unique about Star Valley, but keeping it isn’t an option since she is leaving for London. Kyra’s heart and head conflict as the longer she stays in Star Valley, the longer she falls in love with the town, her newfound friends, and the home her father created for her.

As much as I like Kyra, I adore Aidan. He breaks my heart in more than one way. After losing his best friend and brother-in-law in the service, he suffers from PTSD, shoving down his feelings and putting his sister and nieces first always. Kyra upends his life and makes him feel things he refuses to let himself have. The closer they become, the more his struggles come to the surface before he can no longer hide behind them.

Overall I really enjoyed Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy. Kyra and Aidan are so easy to root for. I loved the dual POV so we experience the story from both their perspectives. My heart broke for them, but the author happily put it back together again. Fans of sweet holiday romance will fall for the town of Star Valley and enjoy the tender moments between Kyra and Aidan. Highly recommend!
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Christmas and cowboys are two of my favorite things to read about and this book delivered perfectly. The vibe was immaculate and the story was engaging. A fantastic seasonal read to add to your TBR.
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This is a good book. The two main characters are Kyra and Aiden. Kyra is a nurse practitioner. Aiden is a rancher and owns a construction company. Kyra comes to town because her father had recently passed away. In his will he had certain things he wanted Kyra to do before she sold his holding. She had seen her father since she was 10 years old. There was an instant attraction between Kyra and Aiden. He was hoping she wouldn’t sell her father’s holding.  They were falling in love.
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Kyra has inherited a town from her late estranged Father. She plans to sell it to developers and move to London. The town pulls together to show her a good time so that she will change her mind about selling. Aidan an ex= soldier suffering from PTSD is charge with entertaining Kitty. They develop feelings for each other but she's not staying and he thinks that he is not worthy of a relationship. This is a lovely book full of wonderful characters and the magic of a small town.
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So many feels!! Kyra has had a rough childhood and when she receives an odd inheritance from her estranged father she just wants to deal with it and be done. She has a hard time understanding why the man who appeared to want nothing to do with her would leave a town to her. When she arrives in town, Aiden is the first person she meets and good thing cause he has to "rescue" her right away! She wants nothing to do with the town but she doesn't realize that she holds the fate of the whole area in her hands. Life in this small town couldn't be more different than what she's used to but it comes to grow on her. She can't get involved, it would ruin all her plans....but would it? Could she start over in this small town and have a real family like she's always wanted? I truly enjoy the the characters Ms. Richardson develops and the twists she puts in her stories. I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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I love Christmas stories as well as those with cowboys who live in the mountains and usually do the right thing. WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY fits the bill and is the first book in the Star Valley series, and I can’t wait to read more. This is Kyra and Aiden’s story, and they couldn’t be more different!

Kyra’s dad left her and her mother to start a new family when Kyra was just a girl. He moved to Wyoming and bought up a town. She never heard from him again until she was in college, but for her it was too little too late and she ignored his letters when he reached out. She grew up in Fort Meyers, Florida, and is a pediatric nurse practitioner with her heart set on getting a job in London, now that her mother is gone too. But that dream of London belonged to her mother, and Kyra isn’t sure what she really wants.

Aiden’s an ex-Navy SEAL and has a lot of baggage as he cares for his sister and her two young daughters and is in the construction business with two other ex-Navy SEALS.

The characters have real depth to them. Even the secondary characters play an important part in the story, and Aiden’s nieces are a cute and wholesome addition. This is an emotional story covering such topics as PTSD, grief, and heartache, but it’s balanced nicely with romance, love, and laughter. The holiday celebrations tie in with ranch life and are really interesting. The relationships between Aiden and his family is precious and tugs at your heartstrings.

WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY has a good flow along with vivid descriptions that paint a picture of the town. I could feel the cold and see the lights from all the Christmas decorations. The last chapter takes place four months later and definitely gives needed closure. I can’t wait to return to this small town over and over again since there are definitely more stories to tell.

Ms. Richardson is an author whose books I enjoy. I have more on my TBR pile and hope to get to them soon.

I rated the book 4.5 stars but rounded to 5 stars here and on other sites.
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This is a Cowboy Christmas Small-Town Romance, and this is the first book in the Star Valley series. I really enjoyed getting to know this small town. I loved getting to know the characters in this book. I also loved getting to understand the two main characters back stories, and I think they both fit together so well. The ending was cute, sweet, and everything I wanted. The Christmas parts were cute. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Forever) or author (Sara Richardson) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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I’m such a sucker for cowboy romances! Especially ones that are christmasy and give the hallmark vibes! This was exactly that with angst! I really enjoyed this sweet, heartwarming romance. I think Kyra and Aiden were meant to be and perfectly matched. They really deserved an HEA, though it took a lot to get there. Kyra is a nurse ready for her new job in London but she finds out that she’s inherited a house & small town from her father. So she goes to this small town ready to sale….only she needs to repair a few things at the house. Aiden is an ex-seal who struggles with PTSD. He’s the only one who can do the repairs for Kyra. Aiden doesn’t want her to sale so he comes up with a plan to get her to fall in love with the town while he slowly does his work. These two have good chemistry together and are supportive! But both have a past to move forward from in order to have a future. Such a sweet romance read!
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A great start to a brand new series from Sara Richardson!! 

This was a sweet, small-town romance that also packed a pretty decent emotional punch. Between Aiden's PTSD and survivors guilt and Kyra dealing with her grief and the new information about her parents, this story was definintely more than "just a romance". 

I really enjoyed reading as Aiden and Kyra got to know each other and eventually opened up to each other and how they helped each other to slowly heel. I absolutely adored Aiden's love and interactions with his neices and how quickly they connected to Kyra. I was NOT a fan of the conflict and how Aiden reacted to a secret being revealed but it wasn't anything that wasn't redeemable. All in all, this was a super low-angst read that I enjoued reading and will definately be reading more in the series. I'm particularly looking forward to a certain pairing that was illuded to. ;-P

*I received an ARC from NetGalley for voluntary review
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I loved the small town of Star Valley and enjoyed Kyra & Aiden's story. Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy is a great start to the series. I can't wait for Tess and Silas's story!
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Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy is Book 1 of Sara Richardson’s Star Valley series.  Pediatric NP Kyra Fowler has been bequeathed much of the town of Star Valley Springs by her estranged father.  When Kyra was 10, her father Kenneth left her mother and her behind while remarrying Kyra’s best friend Lyric’s mother. At that time Kyra felt she had lost everything, her father and her best friend. All that was left behind was a bitter, stern mother and a scary future. Told by her mother that Kenneth wanted nothing to do with them and instilling that the only person you could ever depend upon was yourself, Kyra took the lessons to heart and they shaped who she became. 

Upon her college graduation, Kyra’s mom was diagnosed with cancer and only made it a few years. Now her father has passed of a heart attack, and a lawyer tells Kyra she must come to the Wyoming town to complete some repairs before she can sell off the lot. At least this will enable Kyra’s dream to travel to London and establish her career there.

Meanwhile, the townspeople are very worried about developers buying in to their quiet valley, disrupting lifestyle and raising taxes such that the locals will be forced out.  As it is Aiden Steele who meets a lost Kyra first, it is Aiden who must take the lead in the town’s operation to save themselves.

Aiden, along with his current business partners Silas and Thatch and his brother-in-law Jace, had served as a Navy Seal. On their last mission something went terribly wrong and Jace was no longer there with them. The three had sworn to take care of his widow, Tess, and daughters Morgan and Willow. Aiden is not only a grieved friend but he is also Tess’s brother and the girls’ uncle. He cannot allow Kyra to sell off as the impact to his sister’s ranch and feed and seed business would be catastrophic.

The town’s ploy is to pull out all stops and show Kyra every bit of kindness they would show any of their own. After all, Kenny had helped save their town to begin with, now they would step up to save it once again, and perhaps save Kyra at the same time.

This is a lovely and unexpected tale of finding one’s true past and pure present as two people with troubled histories come together in a little Christmas magic. I very much enjoyed this book and will be on the lookout for the next in the series! I do recommend this book!
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Talk about a lot for one character to carry on their shoulders. Kyra was essentially abandoned by her dad when she was 10 years old and her father left her mom for her best friend’s mom (yep, you read that right) and moved away. Now he’s died and left her the small town he has been living in with his new family for the past 18 years. I told you it’s a lot. Kyra has to fix up some specific things in town in order to sell the town and move on with her life. The problem is, everyone in town adored her father and it’s not so easy for Kyra to hear about what a great man he was with the way he left her behind.

Of course, there are reasons. There are extenuating circumstances, but they don’t necessarily make Kyra’s life easier. The way she was treated during her parent’s divorce, by both parents, is inexcusable. Kyra still turned out to be a compassionate and loving person and, while she really could use the money she would get selling her father’s holdings to a developer, she has come to love and respect this small town. She has to figure out if her dreams are the same now as when she rolled into town.

Aiden and Kyra have had great chemistry from the start. Aiden has his own struggles having lost his best friend/brother-in-law in the line of duty. He was there when it happened, as well as the other two SEAL buddies that now live in the town with him, and it screwed him up. But Aiden and his two other buddies moved to be near his sister and kids so they could look after them and help out. It’s all that keeps Aiden going until Kyra comes to town. What starts as Aiden wanting to flirt his way into Kyra’s good graces and keep her from selling the town quickly turns to feelings he is ill-equipped to handle. Aiden really is a great and caring guy and wants what is best for Kyra. Once he knows her story he never once thinks of keeping her from selling if that’s not what will give her the happiness she deserves. And he makes that clear to the other folks in town who want her to stay.

I was so happy that Aiden’s issues weren’t just swept under the rug or magically fixed by “the right woman”. I’m also glad that, although Aiden came to the decision on his own as he had to, his sister and friends were always supportive while also encouraging him to get outside help for his PTSD.

This story, while filled with some heavy issues, was also filled with hope and joy. Especially when Aiden’s nieces were on the scene. Those two are just too cute and did so much to keep things light when they could have gotten overly heavy.

I hope that we get to see Aiden’s sister get her HEA next. She deserves it, as do her kids. This town should be a lot of fun.
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I am a huge fan of Sara Richardson's books, so I was excited to dive into this first book in her newest series!

Kyra has been estranged from her father ever since he left after having an affair with her best friends mom. She is surprised when he dies and leaves her the small country town of Star Valley. Her plan is simple, fulfill the conditions of his will and then sell the town. Aiden is the first person she meets there and he's determined to keep her from selling.

I really liked the development of the relationship between Kyra and Aiden. Things are complicated as they start on opposite sides, but slowly find common ground. They were both interesting and relatable characters.

Sara's writing and storytelling always keep me glued to the page, and this book was no exception. I loved getting to know this town and its inhabitants. I am looking forward to reading more books set in Star Valley.
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When her estranged father died, he left the heroine a huge inheritance that came with stipulations. The heroine has dreams to go to London, England, to start a new life. Instead, she ends up at the small town in Wyoming that her father left her and she meets the hero along the way. The hero wants her to stay and love the small town, because there are dire consequences if the heroine sells the place. He didn't expect to fall in love with the heroine as he interacts with her in a plan to save the town.

This is the first book in the Star Valley series. It features a heroine who closes herself off after her father left her and a hero who is struggling with his own personal demons after his brother-in-law died in the battlefield. There were some wonderful supportive secondary characters in the story, which definitely helped the heroine open up to others and showed how the hero has a caring side to him as he interacted with his nieces. I liked the story vibe of the book but do feel that there are some more details needed in some parts of the story to make it better in my eyes. I also have some deep feelings about the heroine's parents, but glad that the heroine didn't let their actions make her closed off from others. Overall, it's still an enjoyable book and I look forward to reading more books in the Star Valley series in the future.

**Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions and thought in the review are my own.**
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Wishing on a Christmas Cowboy is the first in what I hope will be a long running Star Valley Series by Sara Richardson. It is all together a wonderful romance extended family and Christmas story. There is not a character who I didn’t like. Except maybe I wouldn’t want stranger coming into where I was staying while I was still asleep. Though delivering breakfast was a good thing to do.

Kyra Fowler has had a difficult life after her father and mother divorced. It was easy to sympathize with her but also to respect how she was willing to change how she thought of her father when the truth was exposed. Ex-Navy SEAL Aiden Steele was also admirable in taking care of family too. Not sure I approved of his original plan though.

This sweet story of forgiveness, finding family, forgiving other and yourself, and being open to love is a splendid Christmas story just right for anytime of the year. Recommend to all romance readers and especially those who enjoy cowboy romance. 

An ARC of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I really liked this book.  It  was perfect with its sexy, wonderful characters, a cute rescue dog, and a beautiful story of romance and angst.

I liked how the book grabbed my attention immediately with Kate camping during a thunderstorm and being afraid because she was very much a city girl.  I felt the characters were very realistic, especially Jaden, and all that he had been through.  

The town of Topaz Falls, with its fun characters and cute shops added to the story and sounded like a fun place to live.  I liked how the town welcomed and embraced both Kate and Jaden.  I received an advance copy of this book and I willingly chose to write an honest review.
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3.75stars--WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY is the first instalment in Sara Richardson’s contemporary, adult STAR VALLEY romance series. This is former US Navy SEAL Aiden Steele, and pediatric nurse Kyra Fowler’s story line.

Told from dual third person perspectives WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY follows in the aftermath of the death of Kyra Fowler’s estranged father. Kenneth Fowler had walked away from his wife and daughter years before leaving a heart broken Kyra to struggle in the after math. Fast forward to present day wherein, Kenneth Fowler has passed away, leaving the small town of Star Valley Springs in the hands of our story line heroine. Kyra has no plans to keep or live in Star Valley but the people have a plan of their own. Enter business owner/rancher/ former US Navy SEAL Aiden Steele, the man with whom Kyra will fall in love. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Kyra and Aiden, and the fall-out as the people of Star Valley set a plan into motion to persuade Kyra Fowler to become one of their own.

Kyra Fowler has struggled in the years since her father walked away but Kyra never knew the truth about what happened and why. With her arrival in Star Valley secrets will reveal a different story than the one she was told, a story that leaves our heroine wondering where everything went wrong. Meeting Aiden Steele made Kyra reconsider her hopes for the future, a future that would have pulled Kyra around the world.

The relationship between Kyra and Aiden is one of immediate attraction but Kyra has no plans to stay in Star Valley, and Aiden is hoping to prevent the sale of the small town he has grown to love. A slow seduction of our story line heroine ends badly when Kyra discovers everything has been a ruse to convince her to stay. The $ex scenes are limited but passionate.

We are introduced to several townsfolk as well as family and friends of our story line couple: Aiden’s sister Tess, and her daughters Willow and Morgan; his best friends and former teammates Silas and Thatch, as well as Kyra’s best friend Lyric.

WISHING ON A CHRISTMAS COWBOY reads like a Hallmark™ Christmas movie with all the sugar and sweetness of romance and love. The premise is entertaining, enjoyable and heartwarming; the romance is seductive; the characters are energetic, determined and real.





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