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One Last Day of Summer

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So good!  

Four strangers share a flight from London to St. Lucia, and as they get to know each other, secrets and scandals and truths emerge.  All of the characters are well-written and relatable-you feel like you are flying along with them on the trip, and the ending is perfectly sweet.

This is the perfect book to read while poolside on vacation, or in bed dreaming of your next trip.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
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This is a truly escapist read as you get to jet off to St Lucia with four very different characters who all are sitting near each other on the plane and find their lives becoming entwined. Each one is at a crossroads in their lives and during the journey, strike up connections. I'm not sure whose story I was most invested in as they were all intriguing but I think my sympathy overall was with Hayley who was facing up to a few truths about her arrogant and controlling husband. 

    There are some light-hearted moments during the long flight to the sun, notably when you glimpse the cabin crew who must have seen it all before and took all the comings and goings in their stride. Each of the four characters have their own backstory and alternating chapters are devoted to each one. This is an ideal holiday read as you can pick it up and put it down due to this structure. There are a few surprises to keep you on your toes and I can thoroughly recommend it this summer.

In short: entertaining and enjoyable read
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I absolutely adored this book from the moment I started reading it and found myself staying up in the early hours of the morning to finish it.

The story follows 4 people who find themselves sitting next to each other on a flight heading to St. Lucia. Each have their own reason to be on the flight including getting married, a holiday with a husband, a holiday without a husband and a trip to find the girl of his dreams! Such a simple idea but so cleverly done! 

I initially picked this just because I am travelling to St. Lucia in 2022 and thought it would be fun to read because of that, I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. It is one of those stories that laves you completely satisfied. I predicted everything that was going to happen in the story, but it really didn't matter - if anything, it added to the story for me. Once finished, I felt complete - like a fairy tale, it reached the desired outcome for me at the end.

I hope now there is a follow-up when they all go again for their one year anniversary!
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I loved this uplifting story of a four strangers who meet for the first time in a plane on the way to St.Lucia.  Each characters were well-developed and I couldn't really put down the book. The most part of the story takes place on the long plane ride, but there wasn't a single dull moment throughout. I loved the fact that Low even involved a few fun characters from the cabin crew in to the story.  Absolutely recommend to anyone who is looking for a fun and thoughtful book to read.
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This is the first book I have read by this author and I really loved it. As a flight to St Lucia leaves the runway, four passengers meet for the first time... Its about four very different people with very different circumstances going to St Lucia for their own reasons. This was a great story with great story lines from start to finish. Great characters to boot! Recommended.
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Four strangers meet on a nine hour flight from London to St. Lucia. All have their own romantic quandaries. In those nine hours, they become fast friends, sharing their innermost thoughts, embarrassments, and hopes. The chapters alternate in perspective among the four characters.

This was an engaging, pleasant read. A feel good story, it is perfect for the beach, a rainy day, or a Sunday afternoon relaxation read.
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Another truly lovely story from Shari Low. She just had such a way of intertwining stories. I was so happy to see Bernadette Mansons story continue from the last novel. And the new cast of characters is just as wonderful as I have come to expect. As someone who hates flying this novel is by far the best plane ride I’ve ever taken. Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book! It’s a must read for all Shari Low fans
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Thank you so much Netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange of honest opinion! 😊❤️

"If he was faced with the failure to have a family or the failure of his marriage, which would he choose? He could only pick one option. Live a life without children or divorce and marry someone who could give him the family he wanted. Like a mist clearing to reveal a bloody great big flashing sign, it came to her – either way, he would view whatever choice he made as a failure. That’s why he was unbearable. That’s why he was so angry with her. That’s why his behaviour towards her had become utterly disparaging. She was his failure."

I didn't plan on finishing the book today but once I started reading, there was no way I could put it on hold before reaching the last page.  It was an emotional, inspiring and uplifting read, not to mention the only book that I don't despise despite having friends to lovers trope. We get to meet to calm and motherly Bernadette, humorous and friend zone inventor Dev, sweet and lively Hayley, kind and thoughtful Tadgh who are all on a flight to St. Lucia, each with a fascinating history that led them to the journey. Does this book have wayyy to many coincidences? Yes.  Is it predictable? Kind of. But don't let any of that sway you! The characters are so much fun and by the end of the book, they will leave a warm feeling your heart. I was captivated by their struggles as much as their strengths and my love for them only increased with each page. Definitely recommended!

"At work, in A& E, I’m always the first to spot signs of abuse. I don’t mean the bruises and the broken bones , I mean the wounds that aren’t visible: the blunt force trauma to the self-esteem, the cuts to the confidence, the footprints that show where someone stamped out the light in the victim’s soul. Those are the ones I see, because those are the wounds you inflicted on me."
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One Last Day of Summer by Shari Low

I received an advance review copy for free thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


As a flight to St Lucia leaves the runway, four passengers meet for the first time.

After escaping her controlling husband, Bernadette Manson is taking the first extravagant holiday of her new life. But when her best friend cancels, will she be strong enough to fly solo?

Tadgh Donovan is about to jet off to his destination wedding when he sees a shocking text. Has his bride-to-be written her wedding vows… or already broken them?

Hayley Ford is the wife of a top fertility specialist yet her battle to get pregnant has almost broken her marriage. Can a trip to the sun heal their relationship or should she brace for a crash landing?

Dev Robbins is crossing oceans to track down the woman he fell in love with at first sight. Will it be a one way trip to happy ever after or a return journey to singledom?

My Opinion

So I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started reading this book. This is an engaging read that would make for a lovely holiday read. Shari Low tells the story using four different perspectives, each of the characters have their own life decision to ponder during the nine hour flight. 

Rating 4/5
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Lovely feel good book to read. It was a joy to read. Lovely characters. Great plot. The book was charming. Very well written. I’d definitely recommend this book. It had me hooked from the beginning. Lovely characters with a mix of not so nice. Once again this author has got a fantastic book
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One last day of summer is the perfect summer read full of hope, friendship and the most perfect happy ever after!
Four strangers on a plane bound for St Lucia, Bernadette middle aged escaped from her controlling ex husband, let down by her best friend but determined to do something for herself, Hayley wife of a renowned fertility doctor who’s is struggling to get pregnant causing much strife and anguish to her marriage, Dev chasing after a one stand that he feels is the love of his life and Tadgh on the way to his fiancée to get married !
During the flight secrets are shared, hearts opened and friendships formed, revelations, plans and advice abound and what ensues is the most wonderful reformed friendship group who go onto make their own holiday one ti be remembered! Would so love to read a sequel to this book!
Thank you net galley for this early read.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. I struggled to get into this story and may try to pick it up on audio and try again.
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Another smash book from Shari Low. 
A fantastic concept of 4 people who meet on a plane and come together to discuss their lives and problems. Couldn’t put it down, 5 stars
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I am a huge fan of Shari Low’s novels and this is another cracking page turner full of drama, fun, romance and real characters that you want to get to know.

Bound for St Lucia four passengers sit together who are not travelling together. Over the course of the flight they chat and discover things about themselves and each other, a bond forms that helps all of them.

Highly recommend this book for an excellent holiday read.

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I read my first Shari Low book recently and enjoyed it so when I saw this one I thought I would try another of hers and I wasn’t disappointed. 

The plot is mainly centred around a flight from London to St Lucia. Four strangers meet for the first time after a series of changes mean that they are thrown together unexpectedly. Each is a very different character in a different phase of their lives and all with some drama going on. 

Bernadette has recently escaped her controlling husband but her best friend cancels at the last minute so she is unsure whether to go alone or not. Tadgh is heading off to his wedding but has been separated from his brother and best friend after a seating mix up. Hayley is going on holiday with her husband who turns out not to be as wonderful as he would like you to think and leaves her behind while he upgrades for a better flight experience. Finally, there is Dev who has fallen in love after a one-night stand and is following her across the world to find his one true love.

The plot doesn’t sound like it would really work, all set on a nine-hour flight, with four strangers, you wouldn't expect much to happen or for it to be very exciting. Shari Low has managed to make it exciting though in this mainly dialogue-based story. All four characters discover something new about themselves and some make some life-changing decisions in those short nine-hour flights, bigger than any they have made for years before. 

Mixing the character's experiences and their shared wisdom brings some magical results for them all. I loved this story and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a life-affirming, thought-provoking, story. Perfect for on the beach.

My only, very minor, issue was there seemed to be a small discrepancy in where they were all sitting. I couldn't work out if they were in business class or premium economy. I doubt anyone else noticed it but it confused me so much I flicked back and forth a few times trying to work it out but it never did, so it's not perfect but nobody ever is!
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This was the perfect book that I read during my beach vacation. It begins with some general information on different people that I was not sure how it would connect but it begin to make sense as you learned about the characters. Even though they were on the flight for the entire book it did not feel claustrophobic or boring that flights can feel like. I loved the ending, it was so wholesome and I look forward to reading more by Shari Low!
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A fab must read on holiday book, it was a comforting story it felt as though they were my friends, good friendships are made in a short space of time and an engaging storyline.
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This was such a fun summer read. It began a little confusing, but it became clear very quickly how these very different characters would be related. You could see the collision course they were on and it really kept me engaged, wondering how all the sides of the story would come together. Will definitely read more of Shari Low after this book!
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One Last Day of Summer by Shari Low is a story about 4 strangers who connect during a nine-hour flight. Their similarities and differences form connections and their stories are shared through each different character's perspective and narration. The characters who walk on to the plane are all changed, for the better, by the end of their flight. 

I thought this was a wonderful book filled with interesting characters from different walks of life who all share the desire to be surrounded by love, loyalty, and respect. The growth of the characters throughout the story was what kept me reading. It was an easy read that I just kept coming back to.  I highly recommend this book!

Thank you Netgalley and Boldwood Books for my free digital copy in exchange for my honest review!
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I’m a huge fan of Shari Low’s writing so was eagerly awaiting reading this new release and devoured it in two sittings!

My initial trepidation at the start of the novel, where all the characters and their family members were listed and I panicked that I’d never remember them all, was soon allayed as I realised that each chapter dealt with one of the four main characters in turn, each of whom end up sitting in the same row of a plane bound for St Lucia.

Shari’s writing style is always easy to read, peppered with contemporary and nostalgic references and also with a heavy sprinkling of humour. In this offering, the character of Bernadette is someone everyone would love to have alongside them on a long journey!

Given that most of the story takes place in time intervals for the duration of the plane journey, there is still plenty of drama and gasp out loud moments to be had as each of the characters deal with their own circumstances whilst also becoming inextricably linked as the flight progresses.

This a gem of a summer read and another sure-fire hit for the author. Definitely recommended!

With thanks to the author, Rachel at Random Resources and Boldwood Books for the opportunity to participate in the tour
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