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Small or Tall, We Sparkle After All

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Awww, I loved this!  As did my 3 year old and my 6 year old!  What an important message and it's shared via these delightful illustrations AND such sweet text.  More, please!
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Great illustrations. This is a cute book about a little girl that wishes she was taller and her mom explains to her how everyone is different. Small, short, big, or tall we are all special and loved equally.
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A unique book both  fictional and factual. Great illustrations. A story about not having to be be big or tall to shine in life
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I thought this would be a cute and important book, but it tried to be too many things. The first part is about a birthday and how the MC wants to physically change on her birthday. Then it dives into Hindu mythology which I thought was interesting. This is where I get lost though - it suddenly starts talking about genes, pituitary glands, and human growth hormones. I literally thought I’d missed a page because it didn’t make sense. Then it goes back to the MC wanting to change and her mom and brother point out things that are good about her. At the end, the title makes its appearance, but it feels really inauthentic. I did like information included at the end of the book, but I think this could have been 2 or 3 different books instead of one. I’ve never read a picture book that touches on mythology, genetics, and affirmations all in one. It’s just too much.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC.

I understand the struggles that Shreya facing. Being short isn't a fun thing. You always feel down because you need help from people surrounding you. U will feel low self-esteem. This is a good book about accepting who are and how to deal with the negative thought that you have. This book also discovers her brother's feelings. Getting a different opinion from different people is always helpful for you.

Suitable for early years kids.
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I am a sucker for books about body acceptance and self-image, so this book already has bonus points simply based on its topic. I love how it shows a parent explaining height to their child, as well as showing the biological forces at work behind how we grow. As a mom with a short daughter, I will keep this book in mind if she ever asks similar questions to the ones in this book! The illustration style is not my favorite, and it would be fun to have rhymes for younger kids. Overall this book is great for parents who have kids asking questions about their growth!
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I really like this book! It tells the story of a little girl who is sure that birthdays mean you grow. When she goes to bed on her birthday and realizes that she is not any taller, her family remind her that she is beautiful and special the way she is - that height does not matter. Bringing in the science behind height, such as the human growth hormone in a way that is easy for young children to understand, this book also explains that height is based on so many factors and that all people grow at different rates. The book shares positive body image messaging and also demonstrates a belief that even young children can understand and deserve to know the reasoning behind why all people are physiologically different. I would recommend this book to parents and teachers of children in the age 4-9 range. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!
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Very cute book. Explains how people grow in a way children can understand. Also explains to kids that being tall doesn’t mean you’re more special.
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'Small or Tall, We Sparkle After All,' isn't that a sweet message? I loved the title and chose it right away.

The narrative revolves around Shreya, who is looking forward to her birthday because growing a year older means growing taller, right? But, when she wakes up the next day, she still looks the same and is upset. What follows is how Shreya's mother helps her understand the true sparkle within her.

It's a wonderful read. All the illustrations are lovely! The only reason I gave it four stars is because the hindu mythological references in this story are unexpected. The analogy may be difficult to understand for someone who is not familiar with the context.

Overall, this is a body positive children's book with a beautiful message that is ideal for young readers!
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Cute story about we are all special in our own way! I enjoyed the simple message and illustrations. Great resource to add to my teacher toolbox. Thank you to NetGalley for the wonderful ARC.
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Shreya wakes up on her birthday to her Ma Pa and brother Anik singing happy birthday to her but she wishes she was taller and she believes taller is better so her mum shows her how good things come in small packages 
Totally recommend so well written with delightful illustrations 
Thank You NetGalley and Victory Editing NetGalley Co Op
I just reviewed Small or Tall, We Sparkle After All by Aditi Wardhan Singh. #SmallorTallWeSparkleAfterAll #NetGalley
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First, I directly requested for an ARC of this book on NetGalley when I saw that the author is an Indian. I am a foreigner living in India and reading authors from this country makes me feel excited. I like learning new things about India, too. 

The story is about a little girl named Shreya who wants to be taller. She opens up her struggles as a kid to her Mom and her Mom have beautiful advice about it as well as her brother.

The book is beautiful. I love how it introduces kids to body positivity. I also love that it has a hint of Indian mythology and even scientific explaination about how the body works. Not to mention, Indian delicacy as well! The title sums up the whole book and I love the rhyme to it.

The drawings are also adorable! They are clear, bright and crisp and it's just stunning. I just love how the drawings are put together. The attention to details is great and it makes the readers want to flip the page more because of the colourful drawings!

I also like how the font is visible. Most of the words are put on white background which is very easy to read. Even though most of the paragraph are in white background, the drawings are still in their beautiful and colourful section.

The end of the book has a little explanation about the short Indian Mythology  and about the Indian drinks mentioned  in the book. It also has a Daily affirmation in the end which is just touching!

The book expresses that children have their own worries, too. It just takes the people they love to appreciate the good things in them. Everyone of us, tall or small have their own way to spark.

Amazing book indeed!
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I enjoyed the setting of a birthday party and the educational aspects. This is a good motivational, inspirational, and educational book. The appropriate age group is above 5. Mostly because of some of the vocabulary used. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Raising World Children LLC for a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Small or Tall, We Sparkle After All was a really lovely book filled with lots of facts and lessons. I loved the inclusion of some Hindu mythology, and the accompanying illustrations. I also liked the affirmations list at the end of the book.
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