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I got this title from net galley.  Now I do love a mafia romance book.  This one is no different and I loved it but the ending made it seem like a cliff hanger.  Which I'm sure that this is the last book.
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One of my favorite translated to English book series. It's a mafia romance with a love triangle between Massimo, Laura, and Nacho. It's the last in a three part book series and I was not disappointed. It definitely has a lot of trigger warnings so be sure to check those put before you read. Make sure you read book one and two before starting this as well. If you like books with powerful men who are part of the mafia and female main character who are longing for a different more exciting life and these two men absolutely give her one hell of a ride.
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Enjoyed the conclusion to this series.  I still want more and totally would love to see more on Laura's future.
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Once again, I forgot to leave my review. I dislike leaving three stars or below, but even after thinking about it, I just couldn't go higher. I was looking forward to this read but it wasn't as enjoyable. I was stunned at the twists and just didn't like the direction the author took.
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Much like the first and second books, I liked the movie a bit more. I read The Next 365 Days after the movie came out. I don't like how the characters are portrayed in the books vs the movies. 

Massimo is a complete and utter monster in the books, and some of the things he does in this one are downright despicable. He's not the Massimo of the movies. While he may be a mafioso, he doesn't do some of the things to Laura that he does in the books. 

Laura is much like she is in the movie. Fashion is her passion, and she's stuck thinking about her time with Nacho, and if she wants to stay with Massimo. But unlike in the movie, her choice is pretty easy considering all the things Massimo is doing, lots of drugs and killing little puppies...oh and he sexually assaults her. 

Then there's Olga, who is so self-centered and bitchy in the books. While she might have her moments of being a BFF to Laura, she's more of a bitch to her. Lally lost her baby and all Olga cares about is going out and getting drunk, and preparing for her wedding to Dominico. While she does help Laura with her fashion company, she almost always makes everything about her. 

Unlike the movie, Laura does choose in the end. And while I'm not happy with her choice, it makes sense. I normally always agree that books are better than the movies/shows, but in this case, I don't. There were aspects of the book(s) that I did enjoy, but some of it was downright annoying. I wish the movies would have stuck to the source material, or that the books were written more like the movies.
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this is the sequel to 365 days.  Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter.  Truly loved this book.  loved the characters.  this is a great second book.  Definitely worth reading.
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The Next 365 Days by Blanka Lipinska. I am a  big fan of Romance books and I found this one to be a very enjoyable read.  I will be looking for more books from this author.
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The 365 days is at end. Which is sad but I’m glad this book had the ending to tie it all together. I need a spin off series or another book connected in that universe. Or an alternative series where they never meet.
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Wow, what an ending! I was left a little speechless after reading this. The Love triangle between Massimo and Marcelo was intense. This whole book a wild ride! I enjoyed this book and went in looking fro entertainment and got exactly that!
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Here we go…..the third and final installment in the 365 DNI series. The series must be read in order to keep from losing any of the nuances of the plot. After the roller coaster scene that readers were left with in the second book, I couldn’t wait to uncover what would happen next with Massimo, Laura, and Nacho.

The Next 365 Days doesn’t exactly start out where things left off in book 2. In fact, Laura has a hard time finding out the events that led her to the moment she wakes up. When Laura does recuperate, the antics begin. Partying, shopping, clubbing……nothing is off limits as Laura works through the reality of her life.

Through the chaos, there seems to be someone watching Laura in the most unexpected times. As Laura grapples with the reality of her kidnapping, the twists, and turns of life in the mafia might be more than anyone can bare.

It’s pretty hard to keep the plot of this book under wraps when reviewing. All I will say is everything worked out the way that I thought it should have. Laura’s future is nothing short of interesting. The chaos and upheaval in this book is nothing short of insane. Fans of the series will read this one with a lot of commentary that will escape from the mouth with the start of each chapter.

Then there is the Epilogue….things were wrapped up too neatly in my book. With all of the unrealistic drama that unfolded in the two previous books, I found so many plot points that were left without closure. In spite of that, I still found myself enjoying the final installment of this insanely 'off the wall' romance.
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Thank you Netgalley for the ARC of "The Next 365 Days." I was pretty disappointed after watching the second movie when I really enjoyed that book. Because of that impression I really could not draw enough enthusiasm to  read this book when the movie was so poor. The book seem more cliche from that impression now and overall not a good series. The evil twin scenario was just too outlandish and the appeal was lost for this series.  I am hoping to reread after a significant amount of time has gone by, to have a fresh perspective.
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I like the idea of the storyline, but the writing is just off. It doesn’t flow well and I believe that’s due to the translation of the English version.
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Thank you NetGalley & Atria/Emily Bestler books for providing me with his arc. Unfortunately, I can not leave a great review. I was unable to finish this book due to the poor writing and story line. I’m his book is a definite flop for me and contained no soul or storyline that makes sense. I found the story repetitive and played out.
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The Next 365 Days is the third book in this series. I have watched the whole series but not read the books so I didn't quite know what to expect going in. The book is chock full of much drama. The story revolves around Massimo's obsession with Laura and their toxic relationship and what role Nacho will play in Laura's life. 

Two of the three main characters are head of mafia families, yet the book have a mafia feel at all aside from the fact that the characters were rich and they killed people. There was no shortage of steamy scenes if that is your thing, though I will say it was a bit much for me. I struggled with connecting or liking any of the characters aside from Nacho who seemed to be the most genuine. It was interesting to read the book though, especially after watching the show to compare and contrast similarities and differences. Overall I didn't really enjoy this story line and I found myself jumping ahead or quickly reading to just get to the end of the story. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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This is the third book in the series, Massimo and Laura story continues, please read previous books to understand the story. This was not what I was expecting from the story, however that's the way the author wanted it and so it was a complete twist and turn around from what I was expecting, I think it is a good story to read and you probably came across after the movies, let me tell you you will be reading something different from the screen. Give it a go but never expect it to go the way you think.
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I saw this book and immediately snapped it up- I mean, I've seen the Netflix movie so YES, PLEASE. Truthfully, this wasn't my favorite story. Still dark, still beyond steamy, and all of that is great. I guess I just didn't feel like the characters evolved or grew enough. I'd have liked to see more personal growth but this isn't exactly that kind of story so I get that. I'm still glad I read it.
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New steamy installment that didn't have enough plot for me. There's a lot that happened, but I just didn't love this story.
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Overall an interesting end to the trilogy. I can’t say it’s a new favorite, but also glad that I read it and know the ending to Laura, Massimo & Nacho.
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The ending to a good series.  As with a lot of the books..  if you have triggers.. don't read this one.  There is drugs, violence.. assault and abuse.. 

I will say.. this was not my favorite of the 3 but I don't think it was as bad as some of the other reviews I have been seeing.  There were parts of all 3 books that I just didnt get or didnt care for, but on the same sense.. there were parts I just LOVED in all 3..  I say read for your self and get your own opinion...  If i would have went off the reviews in them selves... I dont think i would have read any of them.,.  

Thank you NetGalley, the author and publisher for allowing me to read these books
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3.75 stars--THE NEXT 365 DAYS is the third and final instalment in Blanka Lipinska’s contemporary, adult 365 DAYS dark, erotic, romance series focusing on Laura Biel-Torricelli, the wife of Sicilian Mafia Don Massimo Torricelli. THE NEXT 365 DAYS should not be read as a stand alone as it picks up immediately after the cliff hanger and events of book two THIS DAY.

WARNING: Due to the nature of the story line premise including rape and sexual violence, there may be triggers for more sensitive readers.

SOME BACKGROUND: Several months earlier Laura Biel was kidnapped and held as a virtual prisoner in a gilded cage, learning she was to become Sicilian Don Massimo Torricelli’s captive for the next 365 days, 365 days wherein she will either fall in love or walk away at the end of the year. With several threats looming over her head, her family, and those of her friends, Laura reluctantly agrees to Massimo’s terms, terms that find our heroine falling for a man who will control every aspect of her life.

Told from first person perspective (Laura) THE NEXT 365 DAYS follows in the wake of profound loss for our story line couple. Unable to cope, Don Massimo Torricelli becomes a man his wife no longer recognizes, a man whose violence and power are growing every day. Weeks to months will pass wherein Laura has no concept of her husband’s whereabouts, time in which she reconsiders her life going forward. Getting reacquainted with a man from her past, Laura must come to terms with the failure of her marriage, and the man with whom she had fallen in love.  What ensues is the break down of Laura’s marriage to her controlling captor, and the rebuilding of her life with someone else.

We are reintroduced to Massimo’s brothers Domenico; Laura’s best friend Olga, as well as Spanish Mafia executioner Marcelo ‘Nacho’ Matos, and his sister Amelia Matos. The requisite evil is a familiar face.

The world building continues to focus on the nature of the Stockholm Syndrome style relationship with an abusive man-Laura’s life, the path she has chosen, and the path that is no longer under her control. Laura’s marriage has imploded; the man she thought she had loved is showing the true nature of the beast; and Massimo is pushed to the limits when his wife falls in love with someone else. Like the previous two instalments there is plenty of jumping back and forth between paragraphs such that I had to often re-read what I had just read. I also have to question the ‘medical’ procedure, the after-care, and lack of real-world medicines and treatment-the lack of believability is concerning.

THE NEXT 365 DAYS is another story of power and control, betrayal and vengeance, obsession and determination; acceptance and loss;  family, friendships, relationships and love. Massimo Torricelli is a man out of control-he wields his power as a form dominance and discipline, a dominance manifested by rage and abuse. Laura Biel-Torricelli is a woman pushing the envelope of security and freedom but a woman who must forge a new path towards freedom, a freedom gained at a cost. Laura’s immaturity is prevalent; her indecisiveness is often frustrating.  

THE NEXT 365 DAYS is not a story of romance or love between Massimo and Laura, but a story of obsession, control, recovery and acceptance. Laura will find true love with someone else, pushing Massimo to try and break the bird he was desperate to cage. The premise’s primary focuses in on Laura’s fight for her freedom, and her building relationship with another man-saying that, the blurb is misleading to the point that some of the issues alluded to did not exist ; the characters actions are questionable on so many levels including Laura’s back and forth, up and down persona, often exacerbated by her best friend’s marriage into the Torricelli family, as well as the uncivilized and unconscionable  actions of the Sicilian Don.

Once again, a trigger warning must be observed.





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