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The strength in this book is the positive message that emerges, through our main character who is paralyzed but takes the opportunity to do and view other things, to never let it get your down.

Sure there are sad parts but the writing is so good that you somehow know that everything will be okay.

Excellent pacing and a story that stands on its own.
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Libby, an Olympic hopeful and leading skier, has her life shattered after being run into by a snowboarder while skiing. Now a paraplegic, Libby must not only face the fact that she won't e going to the Olympics but must always learn to live life without the use of her lower half.

Overall, the book just felt flat. Libby went on with her life, although with changes. we didn't really experience her real struggle. The mystery aspect of discovering who was behind the attack seemed more of an afterthought when the author remembered to add to that story line. None of the characters were particularly likeable and there was a lack of character growth and development.

The book was okay, although I honestly had to force myself to finish it.
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, Evernight Teen and  by #NetGalley. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

Quick read with a twist I didn’t expect.
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Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of Shattered to read and review. 

Libby Brown is an Olympic hopeful for the US Skiing team until an “accident” leaves her without the use of her legs. Now she has to adapt to her new life in a wheelchair. 

Naturally Libby is mourning the loss of her Olympic dream and they way her life was. There is some wallowing but not to the point I ever felt I couldn’t read on. It was a good balance of Libby feeling like she couldn’t handle this change and she can conquer anything. Along the way she tries new things (even goes back to skiing in a different way) and mends personal relationships. 

The “accident” is also a big part of the story since the accident was a set up to get Libby off the team. We don’t learn who set up the ordeal until the end of the book but there are chapters that give insight to that part. 

I enjoyed Shattered more than I thought I would and do recommend!
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Libby has always had a dream of going to the Olympics to ski. One day before she is set to leave for her trip someone comes out of nowhere and rips that dream from her. Waking up she barely remembers what happened, but when she can no longer feel anything from the waist down she remembers.  

As the story progresses you see more from Libby as well as the side story from the person who caused the accident. Libby has a hard time coming to terms with this being her life forever. She just wants to go back to who she was before, realizing that that isn’t possible she spends more time on the activities of her future and keeping herself active and moving forward while trying to find the person responsible for her accident. 

Libby meets new people like Harley and Ash who help her see that this isn’t the end of her life and that acceptance will take time. 

However, the story showed how a major life-altering event doesn’t slow Libby down she pushes through it all and focuses on the life she wants and actively goes after it.  I think this is well suited for young adult readers who prefer a contemporary genre. 

In my opinion, trying to figure out who caused the accident is kind of an afterthought a lot of the time and then pops back up randomly. I found that other than Libby and sometimes Harley, no other characters had been spoken about enough and they would be very scarce in the storyline. The ending felt like everything that needed to be spoken about throughout the story was thrown together and it was rushed.
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Propulsive quick read. I thought I had this book figured out early on but I was very wrong! Plot twist I never saw coming. I enjoyed the inclusivity in this book and the character learning about herself. Also a good mystery. Kept me interested. Definitely recommend. Thank you NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy!
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I really liked this one. Something about sports related mysteries get to me and this was incredibly done. I will definitely be reading more from this author.
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