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WoW Rough Diamonds by Gillian Godden was another Excellent book, this was just brilliant from start to finish with great twists and turns throughout. All the characters were excellent and worked well within this book. Looking forward to Gillian's next book. 

I highly recommend all of this lovely ladies books I loved it.
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Rough Diamonds by Gillian Godden is an action-packed, gripping and intense gangland thriller. Strong and independent female characters, a story that keeps you hooked on until the end and of course, a bit of oomph and naughtiness.

The story begins with Patsy visiting Natasha at prison. Patsy is up to something and Natasha wants nothing to do with her lover's disgruntled wife. Natasha is carrying Patsy's late husband's child.

Patsy has a plan. She wonders if Natasha knows about Nick's money laundering scheme. She's also looking for answers involving Nick's secret life. Natasha goes into premature labor and a child is born. Victoria, Nick's mother, writes to the judge handling Natasha's case - she says she will provide shelter for the newborn baby and mother. Natasha is released into Victoria's custody and efforts are made to bring Jimmy (Natasha's firstborn). 

Sheila, widow of the man who was accidentally shot and killed by Jimmy, knows of Nick's secret life. Patsy and Natasha go over to meet her. On their first meet, they do not get along. But when Sheila calls Patsy and says her life is in danger, Patsy helps her out. Meanwhile, an Albanian goon has threatened Patsy - he was in her house when she came back from the salon one evening. He's physically harmed her and threatens to kill if she does not stop interfering.

The story went a tad off-track halfway through. There's more emphasis on Patsy and Sheila's love life, as well as Beryl (Nick's grandmother) and her role in this whole mess. At times, it did feel like a long read but definitely worth it. 

The character portrayal is excellent and the story leaves you guessing for more. This isn't your usual murder mystery. A bit of gore and oomph - after all, this is a gangland thriller. There is a twist at the end - something to do with the person responsible for killing Nick. Nick Diamond's killer gets justice alright - in gangland style.
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an advanced review.

I am a massive fan of Gillian Godden. She is quickly becoming Queen of Gangland. Another great book from her. I'm looking forward to the next one in the series.
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This book is a follow up to Diamond Geezer. 

I loved both of these books and the authors style of writing, is exactly what I like to read. 

Look forward to
Reading more of this authors books!
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Great story, lots of secrets to unfold throughout the book, gritty, violent, and full of crime.

This book is the second in the series, the rough diamonds being four women their lives and how some of them live on a crime drug-filled estate in Scotland. 
Two of them were married/ in a relationship with the now-dead Nick Diamond, who was murdered by nobody knows.  But as the book unfolds we discover he led two lives.
Some great characters, full of grit and sassy, and some (Beryl) with a wicked tongue.
Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this excellent book. xx
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This was a great story. I read it all in one day. It was a thrilling story line with some unexpected twists. The story was easy to follow and had a great medium pace. I really liked most of the characters who developed well throughout the book. A couple of moments in the book was a little far fetched for me but that was the authors poetic license. I did enjoy reading it and connected well enough with the story and characters. It just didn't blow my mind or make me engrossed in this novel. I think this book would be really good for die hard crime fans who like lots of female characters. 

Many thanks to the author and publishers for creating an enjoyable book. That I am sure others will love more than I did.
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Despite being an installment of a well established and engaging series, there is adequate back story provided in each book to ensure that they can be read as standalone if desired.

I loved that it was the women who took centre stage in this story. Natasha, Patsy, Beryl and Victoria are all strong women who value loyalty, honesty and women that you do not want to mess with! I have had a great soft spot for Beryl from previous installments, and she continues to show her ruthless side here.

The women unite, with the help of some friends, to uncover more about Nick’s past and this is an enthralling and exciting journey that takes all over the UK: from Glasgow to Dorset and some places in between. This, along with the complexities of their situation has sent my head spinning but ultimately had me hooked.

There is a wider cast of characters who threaten their plans and further keep them on their toes. It is very clear that the gang war has not died with Nick and the fight for power and leadership will not be an easy one.

This book answers a lot of questions about Nick’s death eventually, but it also digs up some new queries about Nick’s identity. This leaves the book open to another installment, which definitely left me wanting more.

This book is not for the faint-hearted but much of it is focused on solving the mystery of Nick’s murder and the secrets he left to uncover, so this book and series would be a great starting point for any crime thriller fans thinking about going over to the sometimes darker genre of gangland!

I highly recommend this series to fans of Kerry Kaya, Heather Atkinson and Alex Kane.
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I would recommend reading the first book in the Diamond series, Diamond Geezer to understand the character and setting. Eventhough, each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone... 

Rough Diamonds is a detailed slow paced story that entices the reader from the start...

Godden has created a entertaining plot by using vivid imagery. The writing style is ok. There is a good mixture of description and dialogues. I found some points were repeated...  

The character development of Rough Diamonds is good. The characters are relatable and interesting. It was good to catch up with previous characters. There is a strong sense of female enpowerment as the characters come together with a common goal. 

I sympathised the most with Patsy's character. After fifteen years of marriage to her husband, Nick...The relationship had ended in an affair and his murder. Patsy is angry, her actions come across as jealous, petty and bitter. The police investigation has slowed due to the lack of answers. Patsy believe that by following the money it will lead to killers identity. Especially when anyone could be next in the killer's sights...Patsy takes charge of things, including Nick's child. I admire the fact that she offers to help the Natasha with work and accommodation...

I would recommend reading Rough Diamonds to people who enjoy thrillers featuring gangland crime, as it is a character driven that follows the drama and secrets as they try to discovery what happened on the night of Nick's murder...
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Gritty Gangland really sums this book up to a T. Its starts off strong and just doesn’t stop until the last breath taking page. Patsy is one feisty woman who perhaps has bitten off more than she can chew. She was totally in the dark about her dead husbands links to the gangland underworld. She needs to find his missing money and fast before she becomes the next victim. She wants to get to the bottom of it all and doesn’t care who she uses or upsets along the way. She is just brilliant. unfortunately for her, the bad guys think she knows everything which places her in great danger.

Natasha, Nick’s pregnant mistress gets herself embroiled in everything without realising that Patsy is more than likely just using her as a means to an end. She can cry at the drop of a hat and gets the sympathy that makes her appear weak and that she knows nothing. But what does she know? Will Patsy get anything from her? Who will win in the end?

Gillian Godden has a great style that creates brilliant characters. As the pace began to pick up I found myself reading faster as though the book was just encouraging me to read quickly and find out who does what to whom. An utterly compelling read that leaves no stone unturned. There is violence a plenty and raw emotions that have you on the edge of your seat. The perfect Gangland thriller.
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Gillian Godden has become one of my favourite authors in this genre and she's back with #RoughDiamonds which is the second instalment in the trials and tribulations of Patsy Diamonds life. In my humble opinion this was equally as good a read as the first #DiamindGeezer in fact it probably pips it a little, the duplicity of Patsy is shocking, she's absolutely determined to get to the bottom of everything.

Finding herself a widow after the murder of her husband Nick she discovers that in actual fact after all their years together she barely knew Nick. It seems like he had a whole other life, one that didn't include Patsy. Nick had seemingly been having an affair with a young girl Natasha, and to make matters worse they were going to have a baby. As if that wasn't enough on its own it appears as if all of the money has gone too.

Now I knew from the offset that Patsy would have a plan, but the cunningness left me shocked. Splitting her time between Glasgow and London becomes a steep learning curve when she learned that he had rather more dealings with the criminal underworld than she had ever realised and she needed to find it. It began with Patsy sweet talking Natasha into moving in with her, telling her that Patsy and Victoria (mother in law) will look after her and the baby when it was born. 

There's a plethora of characters in #RoughDiamonds but they all have a rightful place within the story. Patsy really doesn't come across as a particularly lovable character but I have to admit that there were parts in the book where I felt sorry for her, Nick was a Solicitor with a side hustle of money laundering and that ended badly with him being shot. Natasha seemed so young and vulnerable to me, but honestly don't let that fool you she has a core of steel. You've just got to love Beryl with the knitting club, even the thought of their antics makes me smile. I have to admit the person that surprised me the most was Larry the Solicitor, watch out for that one!

I can honestly say that if you enjoy authors such as Heather Burnside, Emmy Ellis and Caz Finlay then Gillian Godden should be on you TBR list. Now I just need to wait for the next instalment in the Diamond family life.

Thanks to the author Gillian Godden, #Netgalley and Boldwood Books for my ARC. All opinions are mine and mine alone.
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“Flawed, tough, unbreakable….”

Rough Diamonds is a gritty and enthralling read that I couldn’t tear myself away from! Completely hooked right from the outset, the pages just turned themselves and I raced through it in one sitting. I was actually disappointed when I had finished it as I was enjoying it so much!

Godden takes the reader back into the lives of the Diamond family where the tale picks up in the aftermath of Nick Diamonds death. For his widow Patsy, she is on the hunt for answers and soon begin’s to realise she really didn’t know Nick at all. What follows is a thrilling ride full or secrets and lies and I loved uncovering them all.

I love strong females in these types of stories and Patsy definitely kicks arse! Perfectly imperfect, she really is a force to be reckoned with and she is such a brilliant character. The other players, good and bad, played out there roles well and make the story all the better.

Flawless writing kept me engaged, it’s plot twists had me on the edge of my seat and it’s outcome has left me wanting more! An addictive and entertaining read, I can’t recommend Rough Diamonds highly enough!

Thank you to Gillian Godden, Boldwood Books and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advance copy of Rough Diamonds, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Whenever I hear Gillian Godden has brought out a new gangland thriller, I clear my diary and prepare to lose myself in her habitual writing style's dark, intense atmosphere.

'Rough Diamonds' is the sequel to 'Diamond Geezer' but can still be read as a standalone. As with all follow-ons, it is always helpful to read the previous instalments to get the history and relevance of the characters' dynamics, but it's not essential - which is another reason why I am a massive fan of this author.

The early chapters are gripping, and I inhaled the new connections between Pasty and Natasha. The captivating, fascinating and powerful bond between these main characters makes this fast-paced read hard to put down. When the wife and the mistress collide, you already know it will explode; however, when they work together, the absolute truth about Nick Diamond is finally exposed.

Pages of plot twists, revelations of secrets and hidden deceit make for an exciting, dramatic and entertaining conclusion.

'Rough Diamonds' is highly recommended and is available now!
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I absolutely adore Gillian Godden. This is another absolute gem and I do love a trip to the dark side with these books. This is another perfect read for lovers of a good gangster thriller.

I have devoured page after page of this gem in just one sitting . I found myself completely unable and unwilling to put this one down once I had delved in.

This has been an intriguing read, I loved patsy she is just a brilliant character. I can’t imagine meeting a partner’s mistress- so this has been a real interesting part of this one for me. I have devoured this completely craving information.

Godden is able to transport me to the pages and I have wanted to stay in this one. The characters are realistic and it’s been a fun journey through this one.

I adore Godden, I’m always pulled in and never want to leave. I have absolutely nothing negative I can say about this book. I am already eagerly anticipating what may come next.

A fantastic read and a definite for the TBR.
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Rough Diamonds is part of a series so if you've read the other books it's great to see some of your favourite characters back. But if you've never read one of Gillian's books, this would be the one to start with. It's fast-paced and taut with tension that keeps you turning the pages as secret after secret is revealed.

This book showcases why Gillain Godden is one of the best Gangland authors out there.
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The kind of twisty, jet-fueled thriller that explodes on page one and has you happily abandoning work, sleep, and life as you race to the stunning end. Don't miss it!
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Another awesome book in this series. 
Patsy Diamond is determined to find out who shot her husband and, Nick.  She uncovers a whole lot more than just a simple name.  It appears Nick was not at all what she thought.  He had a whole other life filled with drugs, weapons, and lots of shady characters.  Once Patsy and her crew of women start asking question and raising suspicions, things get dangerous for them.  She has no idea who she can trust, and how deep into the underworld Nick was in.  Finding justice won't be as easy as she had hoped.
Great book, kept me reading to get to the "who done it" part.  Loved seeing the characters in a different light in this book.  Highly recommend.
I received an advance copy of this. book in exchange for my honest review.
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In the aftermath of her husband's shocking murder, Patsy diamond wants answers. Who was Nick really? Natasha might be young and innocent, but Patsy is certain the girl is hiding something. The two women form an unlikely bond, they begin to dig deeper into Nick's secret life. But Nick Diamond played a deadly game and the women in his life want payback.

This is the second book featuring the Diamond family, and what a fantastic read this book is. Now that Nick is dead, the women in his life want answers and they will stop at nothing until they get them. There is some evil characters and they are well portrayed. This is one gripping, gritty, well written edge of your seat read. I was pulled in by the first page. All the previous characters from the previous book, Diamond Geezer, are back and they all have their own part to play. I never knew what was going to happen next, This is just the second book that I've read by the author, but they won't be my last. 

I would like to thank #NetGalley #BoldwoodBooks and the author #GillianGodden for my ARC of #RoughDiamonds in exchange for an honest review.
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This is the latest book in the series that focuses on the Diamond Family. Nick Diamond has been shot, and the repercussions of his death are far-reaching. SOme will be pleased that he is gone, others though see an opportunity to take over his patch.

This latest in the series see's the focus change to the women in the Diamond family, Mother - Victoria, Wife - Pasty, Mistress - Natasha and those who are close to the family who live in one of the rougher parts of Scotland.

Pasty is threatened and she starts to realise that there was more to her husband's activities than just him being a solicitor and money launderer. She discovers that her husband Nick had more underworld business dealings than she had ever realised. Splitting her time between London and Scotland, Patsy desperately tries to discover the truth and where Nick had hidden the large amount of money that is missing.

Seeing the Diamoinf women step up and take charge was something that I really liked. The author didn't change their characters at all but instead made them determined. It would have been easy to toughen them up, but this is not who they are. Now don't get me wrong, they are not people to be taken advantage of and they do have a bite, so the author does just enough to give them what they can deal with at the right time. 

While Patsy doesn't come across as likeable, her character is determined, and she really isn't a woman to be messed with. She has made decisions and will act on them, who they will benefit in the long run though, well we will have to wait and see.

While this is the next book in the series, it is also one that marks a new chapter in the Diamond family. New contacts, friendships and business partners are needed but who to trust to watch your back is something that you will discover as the story unfolds.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is one for those who like their crime thrillers with a gang-style kick to it, brutal at times but very addictive reading. It is one I would definitely recommend.
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With Nick dead and Natasha in prison  Patsy wants to unravel what or who Nick really was. Unexpected friendships are formed and between them they slowly work it out. 
A great book  easy to read and hard to put down.
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I feel I have to start with the negatives in this review and that is that this author does not realease a book a week. I could read these books forever and day. The kind of books that you can't wait to start but then you really don't want them to finish. If they were 10k pages in each of these books then I still don't think i could get enough of them.

Rough Diamonds is a follow on from Diamond Geezer. Which I may add was also a phenomenal read. This time around we are to spend more time with Patsy Diamond. A woman on a mission, and a womon with a mission. Wanting to figure out just who she was married to and where all his money is Patsy begins to make unlikly friends. The more she digs in to her husbands life the more she discoveres she didn't really know him. Still close to his family Patsy is trying to find answers. She isn't really bothered where these answers take her, she wants to know and will go to anylengths to find out.

This books was strong, addictive and thrilling. Not knowing what was coming next or the way the story might go, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails. An exciting read that once started it's difficult to stop. A true page turner.
Some superb characters the book felt new and fresh. Characters and story line are very well written and I really can't wait to read more from this author.
Gillian Godden is proving a hit in this genre and is up there with some of the best. High praise from me, and highly recommended.
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