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The Last Folk Hero

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Wow! I thought I knew Bo, but I did not know Bo. Jeff Pearlman always delivers and The Last Folk Hero continues his streak. The way he paints a picture of Bo's youth and upbringing... there's a few images that will stick in my head for a long while. I'm not sure how much people under 40 know about what a phenomenon Bo Jackson was, but hopefully this book will rekindle interest in this one of a kind athlete. Highly recommended!

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I am a big (big) fan of Jeff Pearlman and have had the joy of reading several of his books. Further, I enjoy a great biography and this latest work by Mr. Pearlman is a great biography about the life and times of sports legend Bo Jackson. The book did not disappoint…”The Last Folk Hero” walks us at just the right pace through the Bo Jackson saga. As with all of Pearlman’s works this is a well-researched tale of a man who reached legendary status in three sports - football, baseball, and track-and-field - but also became a Shakespearean tragic hero while still a young man. The book captures larger-than-life athletic feats (as well as moments of great failure, both athletically as well as personally.)

I did not have any great feeling, neither good nor bad, before reading “The Last Folk Hero.” Bo Jackson has not been a sports hero to me when I was young nor when I am no longer young. But Jeff Pearlman engaged me enough in Jackson’s life story I stopped reading my beloved British mysteries for the past several days as I became engrossed in this latest narrative. Thanks, as always, to NetGalley for giving me the chance to read and opine on “The Last Folk Hero.”

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Pearlman always writes an entertaining sports biography and this is no exception. Bo Jackson is a legend and Mr. Pearlman does him justice. Lots of nuggets, revelations, insights and stories.

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Exactly what you would expect by combining the writing talents and enthusiasm of Jeff Pearlman with a subject such as Bo Jackson. Pearlman covers it all, the good, the bad and the ugly of Bo. The definitive Bo Jackson biography. This book had me going to YouTube often in hopes of finding the highlights referenced in the book, and Pearlman interviewed a ton (over 700) of people on the record for this one.

Right up there with another great sports bio from 2022, Howard Bryant's "Rickey," as books that sports fan of a certain (or any) age should have on their Must Read List.

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