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Wow, what a wonderful story! Fearless at Heart follows Seth Kincaid and January Howe, two former high school sweethearts, who are reunited for the summer and find themselves falling deeper than either imagined. After leaving Pine Harbour after high school for a career in the military, Seth returns to his hometown after twenty years to conduct business for his air ferry company. January, meanwhile, has taken over her family’s marina for the summer and is taking care of her niece and nephew while her sister is out of the country. Seth offers to assist January with the children to help take a few things off her plate, and what begins as one old friend helping out another, quickly becomes something more. As old hurts and feelings are brought to the surface, January and Seth must decide if what they have is for more than the summer— and might even be built to last.

Zoe York writes some of the best small-town contemporary romances on the market, and Fearless at Heart is another winner. She has a way of writing such warm, fully-realized characters that feel like they are so true to life while also being achingly romantic. Seth and January are one of my favorite couples in this year’s crop of contemporaries and are a great addition to the other books in Pine Harbour series (which are also excellent!). This is a story of love, lost and rediscovered, and is a must read for anyone who loves Zoe York or second-chance romances. Fearless at Heart is a definite purchase for our digital collection. 4.5 stars.
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Really good book. This is my second Zoe York so far and I consider myself satisfied. I really liked Seth and January's second chance story. Great emotional punches throughout. I teared up several times. That additional world building was nice, I'm interested to see If and how we'll get Shaye's story(?). 
One thing I'm really liking in Zoe York' books is that a lot seems like it's happening, but then I look down the page, relieved, cause I'm barely 20-30% in. Throughout the book, I never had a moment where I felt bored, and considering it's not a short book, that's a win for sure. 
I think she won me over, I'm quickly gonna go back to read the rest of the Kincaids. And I'm definitely reading the follow up to this book because that drama moment ending was something. 
My criticism (kinda of): There are some books where I'm annoyed when suddenly there's a flashback. Funnily enough, I feel like I wouldn't have minded to see some of those crucial moments between Seth and January through flashback, instead of just having the story told. I kinda understand why that choice was made though. 
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I received an advanced reader copy of this book to leave an honest review.  I have read all the previous books in the Kincaid series so was excited to read this one also.  It started off a bit slow for me but then really picked up and I enjoyed it.  I love how all the characters are intertwined throughout the books but each have their own book.  

This book follows Seth, a retired air force pilot that now has his own air charter, and January, a teacher who is working at the family marina for the summer.  Seth and January had a history from high school.  Seth was always a little bit wild and January was the tutor from school that helped him focus.  That relationship bloomed into something more back in high school.  Then Seth went off to the air force and January became a teacher in their hometown.  Now 20 years later, Seth is retired and running his own air charter.  This allows him to spend more time in his hometown with his brothers and ultimately with January.  Both think it will just be a summer fling as they know a relationship isn't for them from the first time around.  But things change and Seth wants more even though January is scared.  They have a lot of unresolved past to work through to get to where they want to be.

Overall a good book.  I enjoy the town and all the characters.
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Let me tell you that this book tugged on my heartstrings the entire time I read it. The surprise twist really had me and let me tell you January was one of the most relatable and down-to-earth main characters that I have read in a while. I fell in love with this story more than that the ending really had me hooked and I will need to make time for the next book in the series.
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First, the author developed the characters very well; I found myself liking January immediately, and I was intrigued by the mysterious and sexy Seth. The dialogue was witty, and the ending was what I hoped for.
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Zoe York is a must to me. I’ve bought and reviewed many of her books and I´ll keep doing it.
For twenty years, Seth Kincaid has kept his visits to his home town brief. He’s not avoiding January Howe, exactly—he’s giving his high school girlfriend space. But that distance evaporates when she takes over her family’s marina for the summer. January is temporarily raising her niece and nephew while her sister is overseas, and running the family business, too. The last thing she needs is the dangerous risk of pretending a fling with Seth could be simple. Except the grown man version of the boy she once dated helps with the kids, no questions asked, and then once they’re asleep, satisfies her desires. 
But two decades of distance is a shadow layered on top of complicated, long-ago memories. Whatever this temporary magic spell they are under, it can only be for the summer. 
This book has an intensity that can be hard to get into in the beginning, but then, you can´t stop reading about these two amazing characters. Seth has all these inflexible ideas about himself and what he should or shouldn’t do with his life. January is a beautiful character too, strong and resilient.   I enjoyed a lot all the scenes together. The sparks are right there and the attraction too. 
This is definitely a slow burn romance, but full of aghast and emotional moments. There are many interesting side character, many of them from previous books, and it was great visiting them.
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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January and Seth there is alot of emotion in this read. The raw intense emotions come out and grab hold of you. It was written well enough that I lost track of time and became immersed. When you have a not only a second chance but small town read it is easy to get caught up and get to know the other characters.
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I love the books I've read by Zoe York. She writes well with great storylines and likable characters. I have enjoyed this series a great deal. I love seeing characters from previous books and look forward to reading the next books as well! I'm so invested in the Kincaid Family. I'd also love to see Autumn get a book.

Seth and January have a second chance at love. It started with friendship more than 20 years prior, and picks back up as friends. I loved these two characters. But this book was heavy all the way through. There were deeper, life circumstances throughout that just kept the heaviness from lifting. It made it harder for me to get through. With my favorite authors, I often reread a series after all books are out. I'll update my review if I find that it's my emotional state being reflected during the reading of this book. 

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Another great installment from the Pine Harbour adventures with the Kincaid brothers. I enjoy reading practically ever book that Zoe York has written and Seth and January’s story definitely did not disappoint.

This is a second chance romance that was several years in the making, but all that does is allow for people to get better with age. Seth can’t seem to stay away from Pine Harbour - and not because that’s where his brothers are. 

I commend Ms York for touching on sensitive topics in this book and being open and honest with her readers. I rarely read the acknowledgments, but I am so very moved by what I read in this one! Bravo!
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Fearless at Heart by Zoe York is the fourth book of her Kincaids of Pine Harbor series. This is a very enjoyable second chance at love for both Seth Kincaid and January Howe who have known each other for 20 years. Seth has started a summer float plane business and January is running the marina that her father almost lost. She is also in charge of her niece and nephew while her sister is in Lebanon for the Canadian Army.

Follow along while both Seth and January try to see if their feelings are more than a summer romance and one of the Kincaid brothers plans his wedding with his brothers.
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Zoe York brings us the story of Seth and January.  January steps in to help her sister run the family marina business while watching her niece and nephew until her sister returns from a tour that will give the business much needed funds.  Seth returns home to his family avoiding his high school girlfriend January for twenty years until they meet when he docks his plane at her marina.  With their shared history and run ins with each other, they have plenty of opportunities for shared confidences and stolen moments.  But's it's only for the summer, and then it all goes away.  What if it doesn't have to be just for the summer?  Will these moments be enough for them to rekindle and keep their romance past today?  Or will the past get in the way of their future?

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I would like to thank NetGalley and ARC provided by Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op for this privilege.
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Thank you NetGalley and Zoe York for this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Fearless at Heart is the 4th book in a standalone series about the Kincaid brothers. This book is about Seth Kincaid and January Howe. They dated in high school but broke up when Seth joined the Air Force. For years, they've been avoiding each other whenever Seth visits their hometown. But, that ends when January has to manage her family's marina while her sister is away, and Seth owns a business where he flies a floatplane and he needs to dock at the marina.

The chemistry between the two is unbelievable. This was very light-hearted compared to other second chance romance I've read. No cheating, no betrayal, no revenge, no resentment. Although I do like the boats of drama those type of second chance romance books provide, it's nice to read one about two ex-lovers who went their separate ways after high school and reconnected years after, albeit unplanned. Their entire relationship (as adults) is so mature, it's refreshing. They were always respectful, understanding and there for each other. I really liked that they didn't dwell over unnecessary things for way longer than necessary.

Another thing I'm glad for in this book is the portrayal of abortion. Not many books portray it and when they do, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But the portrayal of abortion here was written beautifully. They made a tough decision and they were there for each other. Seth and January didn't hate each other or regret their decision. They truly matured over the years.
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This was. a sweet romance with a bit of spice to it.  This book centers on Seth Kinkaid and the high school sweetheart, January, he walked away from 20 years ago.  Having both overcome decisions they made as teens, Seth and January have a hard time controlling their feelings when their paths cross for the summer.  Can they both forgive the past and look forward to a future together?
This is ultimately a beautiful romance filled with friends, family, and second chances.  Looking forward to the next book in the series. 
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Seth and January have reconnected again after 20 years.  This was a great read full of intense relationship development and well rounded characters.  It handled sensitive issues thoughtfully.  I would highly recommend!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book via NetGalley.   All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Seth and January may have known each other their entire lives but reconnecting 20 years after a sad breakup brings us a slow burning romantic love story.. From the start York does a great job describing the scenery. I felt like I was watching a movie not reading what she was describing. It’s that well written. It moves you through the story and doesn’t keep you paused on an unnecessary drawn out description. It’s a beautiful love story to “witness” with lots of internal monologues that keep you keenly in touch with their feelings throughout this journey. Side note: loved the humor added in with the brothers text exchanges!
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I absolutely love how this author writes small town romance. It’s full of rich imagery of places you’d love to live and with characters you can see yourself being friends with.

This one is a second chance romance with plenty of emotions and heat. I loved the chemistry between these two. It was delicious.
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A second-chance, slow-burn romance that is 20 years in the making.  Time nor distance seems to lessen their feelings for one another. 

Seth and January's journey to the HEA might have been one of the best I have read in a long time. I am not always a fan of the second chance romance, but this was an exceptionally well done romance.  This was not the typical second chance romance. It did not have the over the top angst you often get. I really enjoyed the journey of this story.  

This is the story of two people who because of life went their sperate ways.  The respect these two characters had for each other was amazing. I really liked the respect they had for each other. 
Seth and January showed a maturity and thoughtfulness that I really appreciated.  The way to connection with each other was amazing and even with all the year between the chemistry was still there.  This was a really well-done adult romance. With adult characters who brought out the best in each other. I really liked this story and highly recommend it.
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This was a slow burn romance that was actually 20 years in the making.  January and Seth were childhood BBF who became lovers before breaking up upon high school graduation and going their separate ways. They both chose to follow a career path that would take them away from the small town of Pine Harbour.  While January ends up returning to Pine Harbour both for her job and to help family, Seth is reluctant and will only make short trips to visit with his brothers.  I didn’t really understand his reticence of being in Pine Harbour.  

I enjoyed watching them rekindle their friendship and love life (fire alarm hot!). And the way Seth integrated into January’s life with her niece and nephew, was endearing. The peanut gallery, AKA their families, was hilarious.  

A low angst and low drama read.
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Initially I wasn’t going to request Fearless at Heart because I have too many arcs and I am struggling to get reviews written right now. But then I saw a tweet about the book that said “he eats!” (iykyk). I decided I could fit in one more arc. And let that be a lesson to me about how I get people to read the books I want them to read.

Plentitude of oral sex aside, Fearless at Heart is a sweet second chance romance. Seth and January were an under the radar couple in high school. We don’t know a whole lot about their prior relationship beyond a few discussions and remembrances. We get a few pieces of information, but Seth and January are more focused on the present, which I loved.

There are no hard feelings and both feel like they made the best choices they could, but there are regrets. As teens they both had dreams that involved leaving Pine Harbor and each other, and they made choices to facilitate those dreams. Seth has largely cut himself off from Pine Harbor, while January came back and is a teacher at the high school.

York navigates her characters through layered small town and familial relationships with respect. Seth’s brother is the Principle at the school where January teaches, and Seth knows without being told that he needs to enforce the boundary between Will his brother and Will January’s boss. January is taking care of her niece and nephew while their mother is on a tour of duty. Seth makes himself available to help, first as a friend of the family. Even when they are hurt and angry with each other, they commit to maintaining their friendship and Seth’s relationship with the kids is  maintained.

Towards the end of their senior year in high school, when Seth was getting ready to join the RCAF and January was getting ready to go to college, they realized January was pregnant and chose to have an abortion. As adults, 20 years later, there is sadness around the choice, but no regret. It was the right choice for them at that time and they had the right to make that choice.

CWs – past teen pregnancy, past parental death, military service, financial struggle

I received this as an advance reader copy from NetGalley. My opinions are my own and freely given.
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Twenty years previously Seth Kincaid broke his high school girlfriend January’s heart by ending their relationship and joining the military.
He has avoided going home often due to this, when his floatplane business takes off he has to use the harbour where January is now in charge, looking after her sisters business and children whilst her sister is on tour with the military reserves.
Difficult at first it soon becomes obvious to both of them that despite what happened in the past their chemistry is still strong. Slowly their relationship builds and now as mature adults they can look to the past and maybe start a future together.
An enjoyable story with a good cast of characters, no great drama or angst but a satisfying read.
My thanks to net galley and publisher for the opportunity to review this book honestly.
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