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Women are beginning to show up on the streets of Chicago with red lipstick markings on their wrists. Detective Harriet Foster, who recently lost her partner, is on the case. She begins to suspect a serial killer is in their midst. She doesn't believe the boy that is standing accused of such crimes is the right person. Will she be able to find the killer before they strike again? But she will have to face her own dark secrets along the way too.

I enjoyed this murder mystery. I look forward to reading the next installment of Detective Harriet Foster.

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This was my first read from Clark and I am hooked! In this one, Detective Foster is beginning with a new team after the loss of her partner to suicide. As Detective Foster begins to find her place with the new unit, works to grieve the loss of her partner and friend, and struggles in having to work with some "old-school" officers, she finds herself at the center of a case that is astonishingly brutal and quickly reveals multiple victims. While providing us with a fast-paced thriller, Clark somehow manages to also delve into the complexities of race, policing, suicide, and grief. All the main players are thoroughly fleshed out and we are provided with multiple points of view - from Detective Foster and from multiple suspects along the way. Can't wait to read the next one in this series!

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Police procedural's are sometimes hit or miss for me and this one was one of the few that just did not capture my attention, I will look for her future books because I did like her writing, I just did not connect with this one,.

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The author has done it again. I am the type of mystery reader that tends to go with the flow of the story and not try to figure out who done it (probably because i"m never right). I loved the flow and pacing of the story. It was also a very emotional read. I could not and didn't put it down until I was finished with it. I am patiently waiting for the next book in the series.

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This was a good story which kept me turning the pages throughout the night. Great mystery, writing and plotting will recommend to all my friends who love this genre.

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Chicago detective Harriet Foster has a solid 17-year career so far working in city law enforcement. But she's adapting to a new “old school” partner and male-dominated team after the sudden death of her previous partner. And on her first day, a body is found on the Chicago Riverwalk, with chilling details indicating a premeditated murder. Hide is the beginning of a new series by award-winning author Tracy Clark, in which Foster must simultaneously deal with her grief and catch a possible serial killer before more bodies turn up around the city.

As Foster begins working on the murder case, she's also getting to know her new partner, Lonergan, and the rest of the department. Everyone knows that her previous partner died by suicide and left behind a husband and kids. She wants to simply focus on the job. But it's clear that her grief and lack of closure take up lots of her mental energy. Nevertheless, she knows she has a job to do. And then another body turns up with the same red hair and bright blue eyes as the first victim. Now Foster and the rest of the department worry that there may be a serial killer on the loose.

Foster and Lonergan continue to follow leads, including the victims' acquaintances and last known whereabouts. While readers attempt to unravel the case with Foster, we also follow the storyline of Bodie and Amelia Morgan. The twin siblings discovered their father's disturbing secret at 12 years old, yet swore to never tell a soul. And since he disappeared mysteriously after sending them off to college, they only have each other and their dark past. Amelia often feels responsible for Bodie – whether it's checking up to make sure he stays out of trouble, or picking him up when he is.

When Bodie's psychiatrist, Dr. Silva brings him to Foster's attention, the two storylines sync up and Clark takes us for a ride for the remainder of Hide. And just when we think we've got the case figured out, Clark throws in a twist that fans know and love her for.

Fans of Clark know that she doesn't shy away from the gritty, dark side of crime/suspense novels. Readers beware that Hide includes sensitive content such as suicide, murder, and body dismemberment. If you can get past that, you're in for a treat. Clark knows how to write suspense/thriller, and those who enjoyed Cass Raines will love getting to know Harriet Foster.

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Wow!! This was such a compelling well written book. I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed the main character ,a female detective, who never quit. Great storytelling and character development. The story can get a bit gruesome when the killers actions are described. I am really looking forward to more from this author. Thank you Netgalley

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Hide is the first book in the Detective Harriet Foster series by American author, Tracy Clark. Violent crime isn’t unusual in Chicago, but the first case Harri Foster takes on in her new unit, after eight weeks’ compassionate leave, is extreme. Red-haired, blue-eyed Peggy Birch is found on the Riverwalk, under a pile of leaves, disembowelled, her wrists and ankles ringed with lipstick.

Harri has been teamed with Detective Jim Lonergan and, despite her sergeant’s warning, she is shocked and dismayed by how callous, how condescending, how disrespectful he is. She’s a divorced black woman who has just lost her work partner of eleven years to suicide, but she isn’t going to let this sexist, racist man distract her from doing her job well. And her sergeant has her finger on the pulse enough to act where necessary.

Lonergan has already decided that the young black man who was found, unconscious, nearby is the murderer, but Harri isn’t convinced, and carefully investigates all aspects of the killing. It is soon apparent that several others might have opportunity and possible motive, people whose alibis don’t all stand up to scrutiny.

Meanwhile, Bodie Morgan, a troubled man with a history of stalking young women has just been released from a psychiatric facility, and his treating psychiatrist is quite sure the story he has told her about his family history is false. She’s right about that. The ambitious career psychiatrist hopes to gain notoriety from his case, and takes her suspicions to the police, hoping to get involved with the case.

Then, the mutilated body of another young woman is found, not far from Riverwalk, one with similar features and markings to those on Peggy Birch. By the time Harri and the team have checked out CCTV and trace evidence, they know they are dealing with a very clever killer.

There’s lots of really good detective work in this police procedural, with plenty of red herrings and distractions to keep the pages turning. While some may think they have it all figured out, there are a few twists to keep even the most astute reader guessing right up to the final, chilling reveal.

Clark’s protagonist is easy to like, respect and cheer on as she deals with her narrow-minded, judgemental partner; this complex character and glimpses of her appealing support cast are enough to entice the reader to look out for the sequel, Fall. Excellent crime fiction.
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This new series by Tracy Clark introduces us to Detective Harriet Foster, a gifted detective living with heavy grief from losing a child and her partner. A murdered woman with red hair and lipstick around her wrists and ankles is discovered on Harriet's first day back on the job. She and her new partner are assigned the case. As the only African American female detective on the team, Harriet has overcome many obstacles at work, and her new partner proves to be another challenge. When another murder with similar characteristics occurs, Harriet's boss makes a switch and pairs her with another female cop. The new duo follow clues in a search for the murderer/s. It's a very exciting book with strong characters. I look forward to seeing how Harriet continues to heal from her losses.

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If i could rate this 10 stars i would.
My mind was so intrigued, i found myself thinking about who, what, when, where, and why every time i had to pause in reading this book. Amazing. Exhilarating.
Tracy Clark is a new author for me, and i already love her. She wrote this in such a manner that you really don’t know who, what, when, where, and why!!! THIS is what i mean when i say i want my brain completely behooved by what could be next.

The downfall was really just the mid-beginning. It’s not a word i know. But i felt like they spent sooooo much time on “Peggy” they really dragged out a lot of her case that didn’t tie in later on once the plot was unraveling.. i wanted to know more of what Amelia was even doing while bodie was in the psych ward. I wanna know why bodie even stalked women, like was that his attempt in being the groomed killer Amelia was?

Other than that i enjoyed this read a lot. I appreciated how it was written even still.

<i> thank you <b>NetGalley</b> this review is in part of my request to review this book.

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NetGalley ARC Educator 550974

A psychological thriller that will keep you on your toes and guessing. Harri is a cop, transferred to a new precinct and assigned to work with a new partner. They are quite different and some interactions trigger both of them. Add a serial killer to the mix and we have a thriller. You will want to read this book and the next. Would make a great movie.

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Love love love this book and this writer. Characters were great and well formed, the mystery was complex and interesting, and the resolution was fairly satisfying. The writing caught me at once, and continued to hold my interest. Can’t wait to read the next in this series .

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Hide is one of the best thrillers I've read this year. The strong female detective of color is a much needed character in books today!! Detective Harriet Foster is starting at a new precinct after a couple of months off following the death of her long time partner, Glynnis. Glynnis killed herself in the parking lot of the precinct leaving behind a loving husband and 2 young boys. It was devastating and Foster is still dealing with the guilt of not knowing that her partner was so troubled. It's been tough which led her to want to start somewhere new.

Foster is very nervous on her first day as it's been awhile and she's starting all over again. She gets to the precinct early and is shown a desk. Her boss lets her know that she knows what happened with her partner, but also lets her know that she knows her son died and how devastating both incidents were. Foster is divorced as the marriage couldn't survive the loss of a child. She tells Foster these things to check on her. She wants to be sure Foster is ready to return to work and that her head is in the game. Foster assures her that she's ready to return and mentally there. She assigns Foster a partner, an old school man, named Longegan. He's abrupt and thinks he knows everything because he's been around so long. He and Foster don't get along and are often at odds over how to proceed.

The call comes in that a body was found down by the Riverwalk in Chicago. A jogger saw something weird and when she checked it out it was a hand and foot sticking out from under a pile of leaves. Foster and Longegan arrive to check out the scene and interview the jogger. The woman that was dead was a red head with blue eyes. She was naked, had been stabbed many times, and there was lipstick drawn around her ankles and wrists. Her clothes were missing as was her cellphone and purse. It's odd that she was under a pile of leaves as there are no leaves in this area. There's a young man on the steps to the bridge and he's hunched over and out of it. He has a spot of blood on his jacket yet he doesn't seem to remember anything about last night or this morning. Was he involved? Where did the blood come from?

The boss sees that Foster and Lonegan are struggling as partners and decides to shake things up. Foster is now assigned Vera Li as her partner on a trial basis. Li is married to an ER doctor and has a young son at home. Luckily, her mother lives with them to pick up the slack with both parents having long hours. Foster and Li get along well and think alike on how to go about things. This is a much better fit for Foster and it will be needed as another body is found with the same MO, A red head with blue eyes has been stabbed to death and has lipstick drawn around her ankles and wrists. Will Foster and Li be able to solve the case without getting into trouble themselves? Who is this psychiatrist who comes forward about a patient? Why does she seem off? Why does she want to turn in a patient of hers?

Foster and Li are being watched as they have been in the papers about the case. Foster finds footprints by her window and cigarette butts. She checks her car and someone has put a tracker on her car. They can follow at a distance without making it obvious that they're following. Foster warns Li and when she checks her car she's also got a tracker. That means the killer knows where they both live. Li decides to move her family to a relatives place to make sure they're safe. Will Foster and Li be able to get the killer before he gets one of them or both?

I loved Tracy Clark's writing style and the characters she created in Hide. I am hoping there will be many more books in the Harriet Foster series as she's one of the most intriguing characters I've read. I want to know more and I am rooting for her to be able to overcome the hardships and tragedies she's had in her life. If you love good books, I rate Hide 5 stars. Get this book and enjoy the mystery. I'd like to thank NetGalley and Thomas and Mercer for an advanced copy of Hide. #Hide

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I am no longer interested in reading this book. I am sorry it has taken space on my shelf only for me to change my mind and no longer have an interest in reading this story.

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I smell the start of a successful series…..

I found this detective myster thriller to be an enjoyable read. A little bit psychological thriller and a little bit police procedural, this novel seemed to expertly blend the two. I really appreciated the twists and turns in this book and would definitely read any sequels to this book.

The author does a great job describing situations and making you question what is going on. The amount of subtle possibilities leaves nothing but wide open space as to who is committing these murders and why. I really appreciate it when I am not able to figure out a storyline!

It did start out a little rough for me but as the story progressed so did the mystery and the complexity of the writing (in a positive way). If you like current event issues filled with nothing but intrigue and the constant question of “BUT WHO DID IT?! And WHY?!”, this is a good place to start.

ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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This already has thousands of ratings and reviews, so I'll simply recommend it to mystery fans.

Thanks very much for the free review copy for review!!

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A serial killer thriller with a twist on the race and gender discrimination was bound to attract my attention from the moment I read the description.
The beginning is a bit slow as we are introduced to a mixed cast of characters , from the investigators to the suspects and the killer itself. The main characters are really intriguing and while i can understand why she's having a hard time to be involved in an investigation after her partner was murdered. The new coworker is a great character and seems to balance her well. Their dynamic of work is really interesting to watch even with the "testing" parts.
Then the story picks up really quick after half point, with the reveal of a few twists and some turns that were quite unpredictable for me.
I've enjoyed a lot this story and I'm excited for the next books in the series.

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What a fantastic series debut! 2023 certainly started with a lot of exciting and marvelous series debuts and Hide by Tracy Clark is one of them. From start to finish, this book was gripping, gritty, a tad emotional, twisted and dark. I absolutely loved every bit of this book. I couldn't put it down until the end and I certainly cannot wait for the next installment.

First things first. What I liked about this series the most is, we have two women detectives as lead. At the beginning, Harriet is teamed with the station's "asshole" - Harriet's boss' words, not mine. The boss is also a woman - so, let's call her boss lady. She's a no nonsense woman and wants the serial killer case solved YESTERDAY.

When the first victim is found, Foster and her "asshole" partner Lonergan question the other man found near the scene of crime - the guy with blood on his jacket. Lonergan is quite convinced the man had killed the young girl. But Foster isn't. Then, another body is found - murdered more gruesomely than the first one.

There's another PoV here: a man in his thirties named Brodie is released from psychiatric ward. He and his sister have a secret - more of a "family secret." This so-called secret bothers him - but he's a stalker. And he was arrested for the very reason - and claiming insanity, he got himself admitted to a psychiatric hospital where he lied to his therapist about everything - from childhood to family. His sister didn't seem much affected by their childhood trauma - and Brodie is annoyed that his sister has it all when he's still struggling.

The alternating PoVs kept me guessing till the end. I knew there was something wrong with the Morgan siblings - though Amelia looked like she had it under control, I felt it was too good to be true. Meanwhile, Brodie was Creepy with a capital C.

There's a change of partners in the second half of the story. Foster gets partnered with Li. This is when things get messier and murkier. Li and Foster form a better pair than Foster and Lonergan, no doubt about it. Li has a way to get things done and she's supposedly the 'good luck charm' amongst her teammates. How far does luck take the two female detectives on the case, you ask? Till the very end - face-to-face with the killer and what comes after that.

I loved the storytelling and the characters. Hide by Tracy Clark is a perfect blend of character introduction, series-plot setting, and mystery. We readers couldn't have asked for a better series debut. If you love police procedural with a twisty ending, you might want to add this book to your TBR.

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Detective Harriet Foster has returned to duty some months after her longtime partner killed herself. As if this wasn’t enough to knock a person down, Harriet is still deeply mourning her murdered son Reggie, and the breakup of her marriage. Harriet has isolated herself from her family, relocated to a house on the street where her son died, and uses small rituals to help her get through each day.

Her new captain pairs her with an “old-fashioned” cop, and the two immediately pull a case of a young, re-haired woman brutally murdered. Her new partner is abrasive and insensitive, and the two really are not a good fit together, though he does find some leads in the case.

At the same time, a young man is released from a psychiatric facility, and reunites with his twin sister. Bodie has issues, while Amelia seems like a successful artist; though, as the story progresses, and more young, red-haired women are found murdered, it becomes obvious that there is a lot more going on with this pair. And it’s dark.

Harriet is a great character, and after she’s paired with a different detective in the squad, really begins making a dent in the case. It’s painstaking, methodical work that gets her and her new partner Grace Li close to the murderer. And I liked their dynamic, and Grace’s determination to connect with the closed-off Harriet.

I enjoyed this book, but found the resolution to the case not satisfying, as it did not feel not earned. The murderer experiences a break with reality at the end, and it felt like a too swift and easy wrap-up to what till then had been a compelling story.

I did, however, like that there are no easy fixes for Harriet; she’s still got to find ways to keep moving through her day, despite her terrible grief. I’m interested in continuing the series to see what’s next for this character.

Thank you to Netgalley and to Thomas & Mercer for this ARC in exchange for my review.

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Overall this is more of a 3.5 star read for me. I rounded up. This is my first read by this author and overall the book is a decent read. It was fast paced and the story kept me wanting to read. The author weaves through the story a few different ways the story could go. There were a few things that didn’t surprise me, but a few that did. I assume this is a first in a series with the main character, Harriett Foster, I will be looking forward to reading the next book featuring her.

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