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Never After: The Broken Mirror

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Another adorable story from one of my favorite series! Melissa de la Cruz never misses when it comes to the Never After world. It's always such a fun ride! Filomena continues to charm in this story that picks up right where Stolen Slippers ended. Its fast-paced, full of love and tender friendship, and just a blast to read. Couldn't recommend this series more as it seems to just get better and better!!! 5/5 stars!
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Filomena is back in this three book in the series that is trying to set the stories we know and love straight. We have been feed lies, Cinderella is not nice but horrible and Robin Hood is evil! Ogres are taking over Never After and Filomena and her band of friends are out to stop them. This is a fun continuation of the series and tweens will love to continue the adventure. 3.5 because it was good but not quite as much as the first two.
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Thank you to #NetGalley, Melissa de la Cruz and the publisher of the book for the eARC copy in exchange for an honest review. 
The Never After crew is back for another great adventure! This time they are in a Robin Hood setting where Robin Hood is evil. Robin Hood isn't the only one causing problems. Evil Cinderella is causing them too! It's up to The League of Seven along with some new friends to help save the land!

I love these new books that put twists on fairy tales! This new Never After book did not disappoint! I will be buying a copy for my classroom.
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This is the third book in the series.  It can be read alone but is best read in order.
Filomena and friends are back.  This time, they need to help defeat the ogres so the correct people can be crowned in the three areas in Never After.  At home, Filomena's mom is sick and she is distracted with worry over her mom.
Yet again, de la Cruz amazes me with her twists on fairy tales.  Even though I recognize the stories embedded into this book, the new take on them is thrilling.  How does the frog prince return to his human form?  Who are the seven dwarves really?  De la Cruz has turned fairy tales upside down and given you a story you won't forget.  
This book is perfect for the middle grade reader who clings to childhood but wants to venture closer to adulthood.  This book offers a little of both worlds.  
Many thanks to Net Galley and Macmillan Children's Publishing Group for providing me an ARC of this book.
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I love the world of Never After, I think it is so fun to turn fairy tales on their heads.  Having characters such as Robin Hood no be the hero who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, is just such a fun way to say that stories are truly written from one point of view.  What about the other people involved.  In this story we find Filomena, Jack, Alistair, Gretel, Beatrice, and Byron Bessley all trying to once again thwart Olga’s plans to take over Never After.  This time they need to head to the Snow Country in hopes that Rose Red, Snow White’s daughter might be able to help them.  As always, the journey doesn’t quite go as planned when they are asked to help save the Sharif of Nottingham and return a crown to its rightful queen.  At the same time Queen Olga has turned Prince Charming into a frog.  With so many Kings and Queens of Never After falling under a spell will it leave the perfect opening for the ogres to finally take over or can Jack and Filomena find a way to stop them once again?
	Kids will love reading these stories.  They are the perfect twisted fairy tale.  I will say though as a reader I was a little upset that Filomena and Jack’s crew left Jeanne right as her uncle attacks.  That just seemed so out of character for our crew of heroes.  I am glad the story circled back to help bring a conclusion, but it just seemed so odd to leave a story half finished and wait till the end to really bring everything together.
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The Broken Mirror picks up right where The Stolen Slippers left off. We love these characters so much! It's fun to watch them grow and mature. I'm reading these aloud with my 4 kids and they love it. It's a fantastic mix of fairytale retellings with some fantasy. Melissa does a fantastic job of spinning new fairytales!! It's perfect for fans of Land of Stories or The Sisters Grimm. My kids love shouting out the characters and stories they recognize! It's definitely a fun, fast paced adventure! Sure to be a hit with the tween crowd!
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The Broken Mirror was a sweet continuation of the Never After series. The first two books were better as the reader gets to discover more and more about the land and characters. This book was absolutely still fun and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Fairy Tale retellings.
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This was the third novel in the Never After series and it was just as good as the previous two. It starts off right as we left off on the previous novel Filomena, Jack and the gang are heading to Snow Country to help Zera, Filomenas Aunt to rally the dwarves to help fight off the ogres, while on the they get ambushed by Robin Hood and his gang who steals all their things. So they end up helping Princess Jeanne who is trying to find the Sharif of Nottingham who disappeared while looking for her lost crown that she thinks Robin stole for her Uncle who usurped her throne but they both need the crown to be the true ruler of the kingdom. They end up having a really fun adventure with more fairy tale characters such as Snow White who is in Snow Country with her giant dwarves as well as still fighting against Queen Olga and trying to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled and the ogres taking over Never After. They haven’t defeated the Queen Olga by the end of this book so there will definitely be another book. I love all the different interpretations of the fairy tale stories and how the author flips who is the good guy and who is the bad guy like we know the story to tell. There was a little romance blooming between Jack and Filomena which was so cute and fluffy. Great story, fast read and I can’t wait for the next installment.  

Thanks to Roaring Book Press and Netgalley for the complimentary copy of this book in e-book form. All opinions in this review are my own.
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Loved this book. It’s a great addition to the Never After series, love reading about how the characters grow and change in this latest  installment, and how different fairy tales are brought into the real world.
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Melissa de la Cruz never disappoints me, I always have a great time reading her work. I loved the use of fairy tales and find it to be beautifully retold. The Never After series may be one of my favorite retelllings series as it blends the fairy tale and real world perfectly. The characters were what I enjoyed from previous entries and enjoyed the plot of the book. Thank you for letting me read this and I look forward to the future books by Ms. de la Cruz.

"Jack’s eyes have widened in disbelief. “Are you serious? So in your world, Snow White is so pretty, she gets punished, and then she’s just happy to do chores all day? That’s messed up.”
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