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When i grow up, I want to become a member of the Thursday Murder Club! I really don't know what else to say. The characters are delightful and the banter couldn't be better. There is indeed a crime, but who cares? I just want these four friends to keep talking..
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Richard Osman has perfected the geriatric sleuth genre, and this one is no exception. These are favorites of our library patrons.
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The Thursday Murder Club" by Richard Osman returns with another intriguing mystery, filled with unexpected twists and turns. The unique and lovable characters that are the septuagenarian residents of Coopers Chase, who make up the club, add to the enjoyment of the series. The latest installment is a fun and entertaining read.
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I read the first Thursday Murder Club book when I was in a darker place, and the characters brought me out of that stupor. I enjoyed each character and their journey along the way, the antics they get into, their relationships and understanding of one another. The second one, I devoured. This one, however, I did not, and it kills me to say that. There is simply too much happening. Who is going to kill who, there's layers of who might die, and I believe that honestly I would have rather only had one storyline, whether that was Ibrahim's or Elizabeth's. This was entirely too much, too outlandish, and as a result, while I loved the characters deeply, this book was a flop for me.
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This is the third installment in The Thursday Murder Club series and I can't wait for more.  The elderly cast from previous books returns to solve a cold case mystery while Elizabeth, a former British agent, confronts problems from her past.  Readers of the previous books will love it as well as those who pick it up for the first time.
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This has been one of my favorite series since the first book came out. I was thrilled to get an ARC of this book but hit a major reading slump this fall and struggled to get back into books. I finally picked this up again this week and flew through it. It does not disappoint! I had lots of thoughts leading up to the ending for a "prediction" and everyone was wrong but it was beautifully wrapped up and I felt like I had all the answers I needed. This isn't a "cozy" series but it is such a comfort series to me!
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I have loved every book in this series - and the latest is no exception. The characters are so much fun. And I really liked the introduction of some new folks. Very fun and engaging!
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The four retirees who comprise the Thursday Murder Club are wily, thoughtful of each other, and run rings around non-retirees. They live in an upscale retiree village in the bucolic English countryside (money does grease the wheels of aging).

Those lively characters, all Coopers Chase residents, are the key to the series’ success. Joyce Meadowcroft is a retired nurse who lives with Alan, an “indeterminate terrier” she got from a rescue group. Ron Ritchie had a long and public career as a trade union leader; now his main passion is football. (He has a West Ham team tattoo on his neck.) Ibrahim Arif is a mostly retired psychiatrist, thoughtful and deliberate and, if he does say so himself, a “handsome” man.


As for Elizabeth Best, as Joyce (whose diary entries form some chapters) said in the first book, “I’m not supposed to say what Elizabeth used to do for a living, even though she does go on about it herself at times. Suffice it to say, though, that murders and investigations and what have you wouldn’t be unfamiliar work for her.”

Fold in humor, pathos, the reality of aging, family relationships, and the eternal need for love and acceptance, it’s no wonder readers can’t get enough. Elizabeth is the undisputed star of the group. Her brains, her former *hush hush* spy career, plus her ability to see four moves ahead on the chess board of life result in a woman who sparkles with ferocious capability. Stephen King, referencing Netflix’s Lou, said “And how cool to see a tough older woman kick some serious ass.” Of course, Elizabeth kicks ass cerebrally and her victims don’t know what hit them.

The club has found a great new cold case. Reporter Bethany Waites’s car drove “off Shakespeare Cliff in the dead of the night,” ages ago and she disappeared, never a body found. She was meeting someone, to fill them in on “the big story she was investigating, a massive VAT [Value Added Tax] fraud.” Local television star Mike Waghorn comes to Cooper Chase to interview Ron but unbeknownst to him, he’s been maneuvered into spilling the beans on Bethany. They butter up Mike, once Bethany’s colleague, before they shake him down. One almost feels sorry for him—Mike thinks he’s “just enjoying free wine with four harmless pensioners” but he’s about to be debriefed by pros.

“Do I fancy a pint? Have I watched Line of Duty? There’s one about the story she was working on here, but from a couple of weeks before. Interested?”


“One never knows what might help,” says Elizabeth, pouring Mike another glass of red.


Mike reads from his phone.


“Skipper . . . that’s what she used to call me.”


“Among other things,” says Pauline.


“Some new info. Can’t say what, but it’s absolute dynamite. Getting closer to the heart of this thing.”


Elizabeth nods. “And did she ever tell you what the new information was?”


“She did not,” says Mike. “I’ll tell you what, this red is half decent.”

Later that night, diarist Joyce Meadowcroft ponders everything they’ve learned thus far about Bethany.

Night-time is for questions without answers, and I have no time for questions without answers. Leave that to Ibrahim. I like questions you can answer.


Who killed Bethany Waites? Now that’s a proper question.

Although it’s not necessary to have read the earlier books in the series, Richard Osman folds characters from earlier books into the mix. Like imprisoned gang boss, Connie Johnson.

It can be hard to run a multimillion pound drugs gang from a prison cell. But it is not, as Connie Johnson is discovering, impossible. 


Most of the prison staff are on side, and why wouldn’t they be? She throws enough money around.

The Thursday Murder Club put Connie in jail, which she knows. “The diamonds, the murders, the bag of cocaine. She had been very skillfully set up, and her trial date has been set for two months’ time.” In a relatively short time, the club has amassed some worthy enemies.

Elizabeth doesn’t care for quiet—she craves excitement. “The simple life is all well and good, but, in this moment, with a murder to investigate, and threatening texts arriving daily, Elizabeth realizes that she has missed trouble.” Careful there. Her husband Stephen is quietly, inexorably, slipping away as his memory fades. Elizabeth cherishes their quiet walks. “She can pretend for a little while longer that all is well.” Until she spots someone out of the corner of her eye. Someone who found her because of her predictable walking regimen.

Routine gives your enemy an opportunity.


An opportunity to plan ahead, an opportunity to hide, an opportunity to pounce.


Her split-second is up. Her last thought is “Please, please don’t hit Stephen.” She doesn’t even feel the blow she knows is coming.

Elizabeth and Stephen are thrown into the back of a van and taken to an unknown destination. It’s almost a cliché. Eventually she and Stephen meet their abductor, a tall man they dub the Viking. 

“You have been very busy for an old woman.”


What is the accent? Swedish?


Elizabeth notices that Stephen is scanning the shelves of the library, eyes opening in wonder from time to time.


“Now, Elizabeth,” says the Viking. “To business. I believe you stole some diamonds?”


“I see,” says Elizabeth. At least she knows where she is now. No ancient history, simply their last little adventure. It felt like she had wrapped the whole thing up with a pretty little bow, but no good deed goes unpunished.

The Viking informs her that, contrary to her belief, she stole the diamonds from Martin Lomax, which belonged to Viktor Illyich. Elizabeth knows Viktor, “The most dangerous man in the Soviet Union.” Their captor tells Elizabeth he wants her to kill Viktor. She declines the honor, saying “If I refuse, the worst you can do is kill me, which is a nuisance for you, and, honestly, I’ve had a fairly good run.” But the Viking has an ace: “So here’s my deal. Just as insurance, if Viktor Illyich isn’t dead within two weeks, I will kill your friend Joyce.” What is it they say? “Kill or be killed.” The Thursday Murder Club has a new hot case to solve. At this point, no one would bet against the Fab Four because with their track record, it’s a matter of time before they wrap things up. As Brittany muses while driving to her assignation the night she disappears, “Life is about understanding opportunities.” Another winner from Richard Osman!
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Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Group Viking for the free digital copy in exchange for an honest review. This book is out now! 

I love this series, and the Thursday Murder Club, so much that this is an auto-buy series for me. The Bullet That Missed is the third in the series and I loved it just as much as I loved the first two! Ron, Joyce, Elizabeth, and Ibrahim are my favorites and so, so endearing. One thing I really enjoyed is how much this book connected to the previous two, while still being a completely fresh story. New characters are added (including someone from Elizabeth's past--ALWAYS a fun time), side character stories are deepened, and absurdity abounds. While there are so many humorous moments, there are also some truly heartbreaking moments, especially those surrounding Elizabeth and her husband. 

At the end of the audiobook, there is an interview with Osman and he mentioned that he didn't think he would ever kill off the main four, because the story wouldn't feel right without any one of them and I was RELIEVED to hear that. :) I can't wait for more books in this series!
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Love this series! Elizabeth, Joyce and the gang are some of the best characters ever written. I hope there is at least one more book to come if not more!
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I have loved all three of The Thursday Murder Club books! Keep them coming! My book club can't get enough of them.
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What a fun mystery-definitely feeling like it would make a good Masterpiece Theatre series!  I read the first book in the Thursday Murder Club series and was not blown away, so I skipped the second one.  The third was a charm.   The Club takes on an unsolved murder that has been nagging many people-an investigative reporter on the trail of a big story mysteriously disappears, presumed murdered.  Her car is found and the Club investigat4es the people she was investigating.  The characters had a wonderful depth.  A very satisfying read!
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You can't go wrong with Richard Osman. He's the cozy mystery writer I need--not quite so cozy it's silly. He has the ability to create such a vibrant cast of characters and I laughed, I cried, I screamed. It's so hard to choose a favorite character of all of them, given each has their own beloved quirks. 

Osman isn't someone to miss.
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The books in this series just keep getting better!

Please more Thursday Murder Club!

I would give this 10 stars if I could :)
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I absolutely love this series and each book just keeps getting better with more intricate plots and even more likeable  characters to join our spunky favorite septuagenarians Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim.  While some of the scenarios may seem a little far fetched they are possible and I feel that just adds to the fun!  Enjoyable cozy mystery series that I recommend to anyone in the mood for an intricate mystery to solve with an enjoyable cast of unlikely slueths.  This has become one of my favorite series, couldn’t put this one down and can’t wait for the next.
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In this latest addition to the Thursday Club mysteries, the elderly friends set out to solve a cold case, and encounter new dangers along the way.  Former spy Elizabeth must make impossible choices, but of course she might always outwit he bad guys.  Having not read the earlier mysteries in the series, I found the references to earlier situations a minor irritation, but this book can stand on its own, and may encourage readers to read the earlier novels to catch up.
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Oh why do I love these senior citizens so much?! I read the first two books in this series, and while I think that you don't have to read those to read this, you should! The characters are so well developed and quirky! They each had such a distinct voice. I love when they come together to solve murders (or mysteries.) Part comedy/part mystery and I hope there are more books to come. I hope they adapt this into a series because it would be SO FUN to watch.
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I don't think Richard Osman is capable of writing a bad book. The Bullet That Missed, the third in the Thursday Murder Club series, is another delightful read (although there is some sadness). Once again we get to learn about the exploits of Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim, the elderly friends who live in the Cooper's Chase retirement community and their friends, former criminal muscle Bogdan and police officers Chris and Donna. The mystery is not the focus of Osman's books (at least to me), but the characterizations are wonderful. I feel like I know these people. In this book, the Club is trying to solve a cold case, the disappearance and most-likely murder of a TV news reporter. There also is an ancillary plot revolving around "The Viking" and a former KGB colonel from Elizabeth's past. This is such a fabulous series and is best read in order.
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I absolutely LOVE this series. And each new book only grows my love of these fabulous characters. The audiobook narrator is perfect; I would listen to anything she reads. I appreciate how Osman gets you to care about every character--villain, small part, doesn't matter--somehow he shows the value of everyone. And he can bring me to tears one moment and laughing out loud the next. So good. One of my favourite series to recommend.
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I adore this series and it just manages to get better and better! The banter between the characters is my favorite part. I love their conversations and their little jokes and jabs. It is such smart humor and makes it so enjoyable! The mystery in The Bullet that Missed was a fun whodunit. I’ll admit, I had a hunch and my hunch was wrong, but that’s ok because it turned out way better than mine would have! Whenever anyone asks for a book to read, I tell them “The Thursday Murder Club” series! I’ve had so many people come back to me and tell me that they love it too! It’s a great series and I’m now impatiently waiting for book 4……
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