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I loved this book, the setting was outstanding and really pulled me in. This book was surprisingly light for a mystery it was honestly just an enjoyable read.

I would recommend this book for a bit of escapism and an entertaining plot.

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Gerri Hill knows how to keep us guessing. The picturesque town near the mountains and waterfall sounds wonderful. Too bad for the local residents after the unexpected events. I think this book is worth reading, it’s great. I always expect the best from Gerri Hill and haven’t been disappointed yet.

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Gerri Hill does not disappoint!

This book follows Agent Carter, a new FBI agent who is sent to the little touristic town of Timber falls to patrol. Here, she quickly befriends the lone town enforcement figure, Mike and Haley, the owner of the diner where she spends a lot of time. This peaceful town changes quickly, though, as a college student is murder and it won't be the last one. Haley moved to Timber Fall to feel closer and mourn the loss of her wife. Now she likes her routine and being alone is part of that. That is until Agent Carter shows up in town as well as a serial killer.

This book was was a bit lighter when compared to other mystery, murder solving books by the same author. However, it was just as enjoyable and it was a good story. The romance in the book was also light but it did touch on some real and hard topics which is always appreciated.

Both characters were great and even the supporting characters were lovable. The writing as usual was on point which makes the book very easy to read and hard to put down.

Can't wait for the next one!

I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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I really enjoyed this book. If you enjoy mysteries and serial killers, you will enjoy this too!
The setting is in a peaceful idyllic town of Timber Falls. There is one cop to patrol the whole town. When a college student is murdered, the cop needs some more manpower and the FBI is called in. The FBI agent, Carter as she is known, is on case.
Carter has a lot of her meals at the local bar & grill and become fast friends with the owner, Haley. The women spend a lot of time together since Carter eats there every morning. And with spending time together, they both realize there is a connection.
Meanwhile, another student is murdered and Carter realizes whoever is doing this is preying on young tourists to the town.
I would recommend.
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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A solid casual read.
Haley owns a bar & grill in the tiny town of Timber Falls, where there has just been a murder. FBI agent Carter comes to investigate (by herself?) and immediately makes a pass at her, which Haley rejects. This does not phase Carter in the slightest, and they continue on to build a friendship while investigating the murders.

I couldn't really get into this one at first, but I'm glad I finished it. The story picked up in the second half, and I enjoyed the romance when it stopped feeling a little forced. The murder investigation requires a bit of suspension of disbelief but I came for the gay and I wasn't disappointed, even if the ending was a bit less clear than I would've liked.

Would I read it again? Probably not, but this was my first introduction to Gerri Hill and I will be exploring what more the author has to offer.

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I received an ARC copy of Gerri Hill’s “Timber Falls’’ from Bella Books (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review.
So, here it is !!!

My rating : 3 ⭐️

The story sets in the isolated, sleepy little village of Timber Falls, Colorado. The Class V rapids on the river make the tiny town swell during the summer months when the “river rats” flock to town to run the river.
Haley Martin used to be one of those “river rats” when she was in college but she’s now a local. She came back in Timber Falls seven years ago after the tragic death of her wife & now owns the ‘Timber Falls Bar and Grill’.
After being disgraced by the LAPD, Carter accepted a position on a team of unorthodox FBI agents.
They meet when Carter is sent to Timber Falls to investigate the gruesome murder of a college student/”river rat”.

I deeply loved the settings … the Timber Falls area (so the town as well as the falls and their surroundings) seems to be amazing. Gosh!! It gave me the desire to go there and see this by myself…

Agents Ross and Sullivan from a previous series (the Ross & Sullivan Series) are mentioned in the book. It was nice on this part (even if I would have loved more info about them as a follow-up on former MCs I liked a lot) but otherwise, I have mixed feelings on this too short (for my liking) book. Compared to the other cops/mystery/romance novels series I loved so much there’s a lack of action and suspense. It saddens me more than I can explain because I’m really a fan of Gerri Hill’s especially her thrillers … In this this novel there’s also a huge lack of character development which would have allowed me (and maybe some other readers) to connect better with the MCs. They appear weaker than the previous MCs of mystery novels …

This being said hopefully it’s because it’s the opening of a new series we don’t have much info and we’ll get more in the next instalments. Of course, if there’s a sequel I’ll read it in the hope to learn more things about those lovebirds and see how they can evolve individually (they both need to heal some past trauma) and as an item & how they build their true HEA instead of the HFN-ish end we’ve got in the epilogue of this book … Haley is worth so much more than spending all her time tending a “saloon” (even if, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong in tending a saloon). She’s very clever and in good shape. With her very analytical mind, she could make a great FBI agent if you ask me, so I surely keep my fingers crossed that Carter and Haley will work together on future cases.

In there, what bothered me the most was, at first, Haley. It was clear her departed wife didn’t loved Haley the way Haley loved her and so Haley’s stubbornness about not letting go on her grief was pretty annoying. As soon as she began to let go, I was more fond of her.
IMO, the time frame is way too tight to make anything really credible … and I wasn’t super thrilled about the serial killer trope, it felt farfetched on so many levels. I really wonder 🤔 if there have been some (huge) cuts in the book and, of course, how on earth was a guy with no money and no connections able to track Mike up to Timber Falls?? It doesn’t make any sense. Maybe he was more clever than we could think but it would have been interesting to have this explained...

To shortly summarise my view, I’d say something like this :
- Did I enjoy this book? => not as much as I hoped
- Did I find the characters believable? => not totally due to the lack of development (hence the fact I hope it’s the beginning of a series to learn more about the MCs in the next instalments)
- Is this book now included in my “must be re-read”-list? => maybe someday
- Will I purchase the paperback? => maybe someday … I’ll see if that’s, indeed, the opening of a series and if I’m hooked by said series the way I’ve been hooked by the others.
- Would I read another book by this author? => of course !! because I’m a Gerri Hill fan (she’s one of the rare, if not the only sapphic author able to write any genre: romance, cops/mystery/thriller, paranormal, etc ... – Personally I’m really fond of her mysteries/thrillers and paranormal stories)
- Would I recommend this book => I’ll let people use their free will to read the novel, or not


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FBI Agent Lynn Carter was part of a team of agents investigating a murder. When a similar murder occurred in the small town of Timber Falls, she is sent to investigate. One of the first people she meets is Haley Martin, saloon owner and best friend of the town’s only law enforcement, Mike Goodson. There is an attraction between the two women, but Haley is mourning the loss of her wife seven years earlier.

This book may well be the best the book Gerri Hill has written in years. It has everything needed to keep her readers reading into the wee hours of the morning – a well-written slow-burn romance, strong women characters, the hunt for a serial killer, drama, and a HEA ending.

Hill’s fans will love this book, readers who stopped reading her books will be drawn back to her immediately, and first-time readers will be huge fans by the end of the book.

My thanks to Bella Books and NetGalley for an eARC.

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I unfortunately had less than a day to add to my reading shelf and wasn't able to download it. Looking forward to reading it now that it is published.

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This was a read about redemption, loss, friendship, and self-reflection. Haley Martin, Timber Falls Bar and Grill owner dealing with the loss of her wife. LAPD Detective now FBI Agent Lynn Carter, is dealing with being pushed out of her current position into this new one. Another character in this read is the picturesque Colorado village of Timber Falls. Just gorgeous! I appreciated the direct talk between Haley and Carter. At times feelings were hurt but they always seem to be able to come back and talk it through. I wish that would happen more often in real life.

Neither character is looking for love/relationship but both women are lonely. The interaction among Mike the Sheriff, Carter, and Hayley was a nice touch. As was the "bar and grill regulars". As the sheriff and Carter work together to find the killer, there is much action and a pull into the read to find out what happened.

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I love Gerri Hill's novels as she always manages to set her books in a beautiful place that she can describe perfectly. Timber Falls features a murder mystery and romance between Haley and Carter. Both are paced really well, and I felt like it was a great blend between the two genres. Carter was such a great character - I could read so much her about her and her life.

Another great novel by Hill. Can't wait to read the next one.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bella Books for a copy of this novel. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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Once I saw this was a mystery, I hesitated a bit before requesting it from NetGalley. I've read the first three books in the Hunter series and barely made it through Angel Fire so I normally avoid anything other than Hill's stand-alone romances. I'm not sure what pushed me over the edge to click that "request" button, but I'm glad I did.

I love some broken characters (which says a lot about my early dating choices) and fell in love with both Haley and Carter. The mystery was pretty good, too. I feel like the romance was well balanced with the murdery goodness so I got enough of both to make me a satisfied reader.

I feel confident in recommending this one to all those Gerri Hill fans out there who enjoy either her mysteries or the romances.

Thanks to Bella and NetGalley - I appreciate the chance to read Timber Falls!

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You really can't go wrong with Gerri Hill, especially when she is writing about crime and this is no exception. An exciting story of Carter a recently appointed FBI agent who is brought in to investigate a murder that soon turns into a hunt for a serial killer in a small forest community. She soon connects with Mike the local Police chief and Hayley the grieving owner of the town's bar and grill. The characters are engaging, I enjoyed the friendship that between all three of them and was gripped by the murder mystery, read in an afternoon. Recommended lightish reading (there are murders after all).

With thanks to Netgalley and to the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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“Timber Falls” by Gerri Hill is a romance with a healthy dose of a murder mystery/thriller.

It’s the busy season in Timber Falls, Colorado. It’s summertime and that means the sleepy river town is full of tourists wanting the run the rapids that make it so popular. Haley Martin used to run the rapids every year but after the death of her wife she decided to move to Timber Falls and buy the local bar and grill. Her busy season is put on pause when tourists start getting murdered and FBI agent, Lynn Carter shows up.

If you’re already a fan of Gerri Hill, you’re going to love this. This is her typical well written murder mystery that’s set in the wilderness and has a sweet romance to pull at the heartstrings and to give it some lightness. I don’t think Hill did anything new here, but that’s not a bad thing.

I really enjoyed this, from beginning to end. One of the things I loved was the pacing. It never felt rushed or too slow, with both the mystery and the romance, which is not an easy feat.

Haley is still grieving the death of her wife when she meets Carter. Although there is some attraction there, she has no plans to do anything about it. They start off as friends and I liked their natural progression and how they eventually moved onto something more, especially as most of the book is just over 10 days or so.

The mystery was nice and although it’s not a whodunnit, I still liked it. It really adds some tension to all the relationships and made me keep reading.

If you’re into romances with murder mysteries then I highly recommend this.

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Another great crime story from Ms. Hill! We are introduced to Hailey, the owner of a local bar and grill and Carter, the FBI agent assigned to the small town to catch a killer. As Ms. Hill draws us in with her suspenseful writing and her developing love story flare, you can't help but feel like you are right there at Timber Falls feeling the mystery that surrounds this small community.

As Haley and Carter draw deeper into the suspense and the feelings for each other, I found myself not wanting to put the book down. I did pickup on some past characters from other books of Ms. Hill's-bonus by the way if you really loved her past crime novels-but don't worry, this is a read-by-itself novel but I do highly recommend picking up Ms. Hill's other suspense novels around this genre, you won't be disappointed.

As the story moves along, at a nice pace by the way, and Agent Carter and Sheriff Mike look for the killer, we also get a look into Hailey's past so just fair warning there is definitely some emotional pull that just tore at my heart. In summary, this story is an emotional roller-coaster ride that is worth the price of admission.

I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, but would have written the same opinion if I had come across this author on my own.

To see my Amazon review, it is under CC-Suspense and love, another hit

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Haley Martin became familiar with Tember Fall when she and her girlfriend spent their summers having fun as ‘river rats’. The small town survived on the arrival of tourism dollars with people packing in to run the Timber Falls river. After her GF’s death she returned to Timber Falls, and when Haley had the chance to buy the local bar, renaming it ‘Timber Falls Bar and Grill’, she got a loan from her grandmother and started living her life, while mourning Gail. Most of the residents were older with the exception of the one local town officer, Mike. Now their little slice of heaven has been tainted with the gruesome murder of a young man, who was with a group of friend’s wanting to run the river.
Mike, being the only law officer needed help with tracking down the person responsible, he was happy when the FBI joined in the hunt for the killer. Mind you it was only one agent, Carter, but she was better than no help.
Carter, a disgraced LAPD detective was offered a position with the FBI she figured it was better than nothing. The thing was she did her job how it was supposed to be handled, that was until she made the decision to just tell the truth on a murder case. Now she finds herself working with Mike, trying to find out what was happening on the river. The fact that Haley is still in mourning doesn’t stop Carter from pursuing her.
Ms Hill is well known for her novels. All of her books are simply great reads. I found myself unable to put this one down. Great characters along with a really interesting plot. Very, very good read.
ARC via NetGalley/ Bella Books

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A well written mystery suspense with a little romance. Amazing plot, characters with great chemistry. I enjoyed every bit from start to finish. Another great one for your collection. I recommend 4.5 stars.

Thank you, Bella Books, and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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I love Gerri Hill’s stories. Her books never disappoint. Her murder mysteries have me mentally pulling out my detective kit to solve the whodunit. Her paranormal tales give me the shivers, and her romances melt my heart. Her newest novel, Timber Falls fits right into the murder mystery/romance genre this author is famous for.

Timber Falls is a small, remote village tucked away in the mountains. Most of the year the population of the town is only about a hundred folks, but during the summer months that number swells dramatically with tourists who are drawn to the river and the Class V rapids they love. The frightful murder of a college student in the nearby campground brings newly hired FBI agent Lynn Carter to town where she meets Haley Martin, the owner of Timber Falls Bar and Grill, and also chief of police (the only police officer in town) Mike Goodson. The three will end up working together to catch the killer who is targeting the campers and others in town. At the same time Carter and Haley must decide if this spark between them is really worth developing, especially with their individual pasts.

As you can tell, the setting plays a major part of this story, and the author created a unique and excellent place. It is both beautiful and remote, the perfect spot for both the love story and the murder mystery. Both Haley and Carter are well-developed. They have tragedies in their pasts that affect their current lives. It is obvious they are well suited for each other if they can only let go of the hurt and misfortune they’ve lived through. The murder mystery is very engaging, and kept me reading to find out the killer’s identity as well as how or if they would be caught.

This novel is actually placed in the same universe as several of the author’s former books. Those of you who have read these novels will immediately recognize some of the characters mentioned from those stories. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the former books though. This is a standalone novel and can be read on its own.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Timber Falls by Gerri Hill. If you love a thrilling murder mystery combined with a heartwarming love story, then read this book.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.

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Gerri Hill consistently writes great stories and this on does not disappoint. I love how she is able to weave together mystery/suspense with a little romance and all with an amazing back drop. Timber Falls is definitely going on the re-read list.

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Overall it was a well-written book like most of Hill’s works that I’ve read - well-developed characters, plot, dialogue, and settings. I was intrigued by the investigation that Carter and Mike were doing.
The chemistry between Carter and Haley has been explosive since they first met.

It was a nice read besides the offensive way other characters were describing the killer, regardless of their crimes, I feel like their appearance shouldn’t be made fun of.

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This is a love story and thriller in one book. Carter is an FBI agent. investigating a murder in Timber Falls. a small town which is dependent on the river and rapids for their economy. Haley and Mikie are a diner owner and sheriff in the town. When a gruesome murder happens, the plot begins. Cater and Haley each brought baggage to their fri4enbship and it makes for an interesting story. Carter and Haley find they have to face their past and come to terms with it.
I recommend this book and author to all romance and thriller readers.

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