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Millie never expect to be pregnant neither is she expect to be a single mum. All because her partner doesn’t want a child. Either she terminate the pregnancy or she resign to be a single mum. And she choose the latter. Despite her heartbreak; she return to Lifeboat Cottage to attend Jules’ wedding and met up with Jules’ brother Dexter. 

There are some scene which are so heartfelt and full of emotion which make it more enjoyable as I watched the main character developed. The story is complex yet heart warming and kept me engaged from cover to cover. It is a story about family relationship and friendship and overall, a delightful read for me.

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I’m sure I must have read other books in this series as certain characters in this book felt familiar, but unfortunately I have no recollection of their stories, so this was like reading them afresh. 
I really like Lisa Hobman’s style of writing, it is very captivating and holds the reader’s attention throughout the book. Full of believable and fully-formed characters, this story is full of ups and downs and I found myself sharing the main character’s emotional journey. I knew that her ex-fiancé would pop up again at some point so found myself trying to guess when that would be and how he would hopefully disappear again, but I was wrong in my guesses so although there was inevitably about that part of the story there was no feeling of predictability. It didn’t feel particularly festive despite much of it being set close to Christmas, it really could have been set any time other than the snow. So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for anyone looking for a Christmassy book. It doesn’t proclaim to be a Christmas book (after all it’s not in the title, unlike many others) so if you’re after a feel-good winter read then this is it. 
A really lovely story of friendship, unrequited love, family and mending broken hearts. All set in a beautiful sounding island community. The writer’s love of the country is reflected in her writing and descriptions of the scenery and local people. A great winter read.
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Loved it! I want to move to Glentorrin and make friends with all of these characters. Was some of the story completely far-fetched and contrived? Yes! But it was just a fun and easy escape read that left me feeling warm and happy. I actually cried at parts, it was so touching. If you’re looking for a fun holiday escape read, this will fit the bill.
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This book was a quick, delicious treat full of Christmas, a wedding, an adorable dog, and a second-chance at love. I love the progression of this romance and the journey that Millie took. She had to make some difficult choices–choices that would be difficult for anyone.With some pretty amazing friends, Millie navigates all the ups and downs beautifully.  The perfect holiday romance.
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I have enjoyed the few books I have read from Hobman, set on the beautiful Island of Skye. I don’t think you need to have read the other stories in the series, as I certainly haven’t, to really appreciate this lovely romantic, festive story, that left me feeling warm and cosy… and wishing for bucket-loads of snow!

There were several emotional scenes in this book that nearly brought a tear to my eye. They were so heartfelt and full of emotion and I think they really show-cased Hobman’s writing style. It just made the book more enjoyable read as I watched Millie and Dexter’s relationship swing from friends to possibly more. Throughout, I was wondering ‘will they? Won’t they?’ and I could not predict how Hobman would provide readers with a necessary happy ever after. With Harry’s presence continually felt, Millie’s pregnant emotions are all over the place and cannot help but feel the pull back to his security. Even though it is clear he is not the right match, Millie is not confident that her best friend, Dexter, feels the same as her, making Harry an even more appealing prospect.

Of course, it is not just about romance for Millie. Carrying Harry’s child, she is very aware of the importance of creating a family for her unborn child. I appreciated how Hobman portrayed this dilemma and the guilt Millie feels about not being with Harry because he is the biological father. On the other hand, she recognises how she has so much support around her and I liked how her friends encouraged her to make the right decision.

This was a great example of a Christmas story with plenty of festive feels and snow. It had all the ingredients of a comforting read and I loved all of the characters, especially as previous favourites make a return to the story. There is always a warming community vibe in this series and Hobman continues to emphasise this with Jule’s wedding. Although Christmas is still a few months away, it was such a pleasant story to read that I think I appreciated the goodness of the novel even more.

I have always enjoyed Hobman’s stories and this should continue to delight her fans – me included! I wonder if there will be another novel to come that is set in Skye, but whatever Hobman writes next, I will be sure to visit it.

With thanks to Boldwood books and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Millie and Harry are happily in love. Until a surprise pregnancy changes everything. Harry is very clear that he does not want the baby and Millie suddenly wants nothing more. After deciding to keep the baby, Millie and Harry break up. Millie later travels to attend her best friend Jules’s Christmas Eve wedding. She is staying with Jules’s brother Dexter (her other best friend) and suddenly being around Dexter is bringing back some old feelings she once had for him. But she and Dexter have never crossed that line…

I liked the Scottish, Christmastime setting. I also liked the friendship between Millie, Jules, and Dexter. And I loved the addition of Nigel! I just wanted a little more romance between Mille and Dexter. More stolen moments, more sparks. But overall, it was a very sweet read.
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What a warm heart felt festive novel this is that pulled at my emotions and made me cry on more than one occasion.
With the chemistry between the best friends Millie and Dexter and the adorable Nigel, I was hooked. 
It has the perfect balance of romance, important friendships, being true to self, and cosy location to make this one of my favourite Christmas romances. 
This is my first Lisa Hobman book but won't be the last
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This was my first Lisa Hobman book, but it will not be my last. This was a beautifully written, character-driven romantic novel. I find it really relatable because of the way it depicts family relationships - both good and bad. The friendships feel so natural and just jump off the page. This book is so captivating, I finished it in a day and was instantly rooting for Millie to get her happy ending. I really hope the author writes more about Millie and Dexter's adventures because I'm desperate for more.
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He doesn't want children and she's expecting
So soon comes the choices and their day of reckoning.
After years together, an ultimatum is given
And the relationship between Harry and Millie is riven.

Months later, Millie returns to Glentorrin once more,
To attend her best friend's wedding and options to explore.
She stays with Dexter, who is caring and kind
The best supporter she ever could find.

With a delightful dog to adopt and choices to make
You're left wondering what route Millie will take!
But as the wedding draws near Millie is given some choices
Though Dexter his dissent clearly voices.

So good to return to Glentorrin once more
To meet up with characters and their lives explore.
Some were familiar, others new at the start
But by the end most had a special part.

A heartwarming story with a beautiful ending,
One I have no hesitation in highly recommending!
For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.
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This book was exactly what I needed to pull me out of a reading slump that I've been stuck in for about a week! I read it in a couple of sittings. 

I loved the snowy Scottish setting. The Island Village sounded picturesque. On a very personal level, I particularly loved the description of Millie shopping in the old Jenner's department store in Edinburgh.  It made me very nostalgic as I used to love visiting it in the run up to Christmas. 

The writing makes it very binge-worthy as it is such an easy read. I did get a bit frustrated at times with Millie & Dex and just wished they would open up to each other about their true feelings. 

I would recommend this book to fans of women's lit / romance books by Holly Martin, Jessica Redland and the like.

This was my first book by Lisa Hobman but I will definitely be on the look out for more by her
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Sometimes I buy a Christmas book and the only thing in it that’s festive is the cover, this is certainly not the case in Together Under A Snowy Skye. It’s full of love and magic and what real friendship is all about with a big dollop of Christmas Bling thrown in for good measure.
Millie is happily married to Harry until she reveals her wonderful birthday surprise for him. The surprise is about to change her life forever.
When Millie travels up to Skye to celebrate the marriage of her best friend Jules to Reid she stays with jules brother Dec and suddenly her feelings and everything in her life is in turmoil.
I really enjoyed this book and have since discovered it is part of a series which can be read or as stand alone.
Thank you NetGalley and Boldwood books for annARC OF THIS lovely book.
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Having lived in remote parts of Scotland I absolutely love finding a great book that brings back some fabulous memories and Together under a Snowy Skye really did that for me. A pure peace of escapism that makes you feel all dreamy and cosy, ready for the winter. I was involved with this beautiful story right from the beginning. Hooked and then some. A wonderful story of love and loyalty in beautiful surroundings described to a T. To top it all there is the gorgeous Nigel! (a dog) to finish off the story. What more could a story need? Lisa Hobman has hit the proverbial nail on the head with this marvellous book.

If your looking for a great cosy feel good book then this it absolutely THE book for you. I loved it and I’m more than sure you will to. The synopsis tells you just enough the whet the appetite so off you pop and grab a copy. Great for those early evenings, it will leave you with a lovely fuzzy feeling.
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This is my first book by Lisa Hobman and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got the impression that Together under a Snowy Skye is part of a series featuring different characters but this can definitely be read as a stand alone. Enough information is included, so I didn’t feel lost at all.

Millie Treadaway thought she’d found the man of her dreams…until he showed his true colours. Harry Rose seemed perfect…until the unexpected happened. Millie was devastated at Harry’s reaction and ultimatum. It’s not as if they hadn’t talked about having a family at some point. Almost coerced into doing something she really didn’t want, a few months later Millie, minus Harry, was in Glentorrin on the Isle of Skye for her best friend Jules’ Christmas wedding.

Jules’ brother, Dexter and Millie had always been great friends and drinking buddies, although initially Millie hoped for more. Staying with him in Lifeboat Cottage was just the tonic she needed to lift her mood and help put Harry and his self-centered outlook to the back of her mind.

The relationship between Millie, Dex, Jules and their friends is lovely, as is the sense of community. Skye is a beautiful setting, especially at this time of year. I could picture it in all its glory. Millie was resigned to singledom but determined to be the best mum she could. She knew her friends would always be there for her. However, Harry’s appearance on Skye made Millie second guess herself and wonder…

The characters are engaging (bar one), wonderfully defined and realistic. Dex is a dream and I loved Nigel the little jack russell, he was such a comfort to Millie. Together under a Snowy Skye is a delightful, heart warming story.
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Every time I read a book by Lisa Hobman I end up thinking.... now this is why I read! Reading for me is an escape, getting completely absorbed in someone else's life and forgetting everything else. This was definitely what happened here! Millie's story really touched me and I could relate to some parts of her story and ways of thinking, even though I wanted to shake her occasionally and tell her no, don't do that!
This is really such a moving story that had me smiling and shedding some tears and I loved being back in Glentorrin at Christmas time!

What to expect:
- an easy to love main character, Millie
- Millie's best friends Jules & her brother Dex
- community setting in Glentorrin (Scotland)
- unrequited love
- a bad relationship, but how to let go....
- Lassie type dog, in the form of a Jack Russel
- Christmas festivities
- doubts with regards to becoming a parent
- best friends to lovers?
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Together under a snowy skye is such a gorgeous festive read I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

Millie has a wonderful life with a wonderful fiance but when she surprises him on his birthday and announces that she is pregnant. He leaves her deciding he doesn't want to be a father.
Heavily pregnant she attends her friend Jules  wedding on the Isle of Skye. She is staying at a cottage along with Jules' brother Dex.
When she receives a phone call from her ex she finds she has a big decision to make. Go back to him or stay in Skye.

Highly recommend!
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Millie and Harry are in love. Unfortunately, that loves only goes as far as a baby--for Harry. Harry decides it's him or the baby. So Millie has to make a choice. 

When she ends up back on the Isle of Skye for her best friend's wedding, she also ends up staying with her other best friend, Dexter. Millie and Dex have been friends for quite some time. And Dex only wants the best for Millie. 

This book was a quick, delicious treat full of Christmas, a wedding, an adorable dog, and a second-chance at love. I love the progression of this romance and the journey that Millie took. She had to make some difficult choices--choices that would be difficult for anyone. 

With some pretty amazing friends, Millie navigates all the ups and downs beautifully. 

I really enjoyed this festive, romantic story!

Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book! My review will be live, at the link given, on 9/1/22.
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Oh I LOVED this one! 
This story has me smiling, laughing, tutting and crying! 
What a fabulous book. 
You can’t help but love these characters, the village and just want to visit them all. 
I thought Nigel the Wonder Dog was a brilliant addition to the dog family too!  Perfect.
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Mille is on Skye for her best friends wedding. Heavily pregnant and her own after her fiancé decided he did not want to be a father, will she decide to stay in Skye with her old and new found friends or give he useless ex a second chance?
A great festive read
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Millie has it her own business, a beautiful home and a loving boyfriend but when an unplanned pregnancy tears her life apart she travels to the Isle of Skye for her best friends Christmas wedding.

Can an old friend become something more  and can Millie find her happily ever after??

A cosy sweet romance to get you in the festive mood

I liked Millie a lot but the real star of this friends to lovers story is Dexter. Gorgeous, kind and loyal he’s my ideal man.  The settings were lovely and beautifully framed the story.
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I knew I was going to love this book – I was hooked from the very first page. The story follows the main character, Millie who upon discovering she is pregnant, decides to surprise her long-term partner Harry with the news on his 36th birthday. Millie is expecting him to be thrilled, as they had always talked about what their kids would be like in the future. However, Harry is anything but thrilled and gives Millie an ultimatum – him or the baby.

Fast-forward 8 months when a very heavily pregnant (and single Millie) heads back to Glentorrin, on the Isle of Skye for the wedding of her best friend, Jules. While she is in Scotland, Millie stays with Dexter (brother of Jules) who she has also been friends with for years – and may have also have had romantic feelings for as well.

As time progresses, Millie realises how much she is loving being surrounded by all her friends, and the thought of going home doesn’t make her happy – she realises just how much she will miss everyone, especially Dexter. Does she really have to go home, or could her heart find a way of staying in Scotland?

Together Under a Snowy Skye is beautifully written, with incredible and warming characters, and packed full of friendship, fun, love, and snow! A heartwarming must-read from me.
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