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The title of this cookbook is Cooking with Kids: Fun, Easy, Approachable Recipes to Help Teach Kids How to Cook.  The problem is regarding the recipes themselves, as I do not feel this is the right approach to teaching kids to cook.  Using processed and canned foods in some of the recipes, this is teaching kids to eat in an unhealthy way.  I do like the beverage section for the most part, as it utilizes fresh fruits and vegetables in the smoothies.  The recipes themselves are geared towards children's tastes, like pizza, Nutella pancakes, burritos, tacos, and soups.

The recipe sections are:
All the Fun Drinks: Blackberry Smoothie; Orange Float
Breakfast is Ready: Strawberry & Nutella Pancakes; Brown Sugar Oats
Lunchtime is the Best Time: Ground Beef Tacos; Chicken Noodle Soup
Snacks & Sides for the Win: Kale Chips; Heavenly Potatoes
Kids' Fav Main Dishes: Mini Sloppy Joes; Chicken Tenders
Sweets & Treats: Cranberry Cookies; Cookie Dough

Overall, this cookbook caters more to what kids like to eat instead of what they should eat.  Giving children a palate at a young age can make them more adventurous eaters.  For these reasons, I am not sure I would recommend Cooking with Kids to other readers.

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Reader's Copy by NetGalley and the publisher.  The decision to read and review this cookbook was entirely my own.
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Multi-talented and popular food and lifestyle blogger Grajkowski cooks with her kids and shares the recipes with us.  Cooking like many hobbies makes learning fun for kids.  It teaches them important skills such as reading, maths, while having quality time and best of all the skill to eat healthy meals from a young age.  The curated recipes with kids in mind encourages their creativity, boosting their confidence and promoting independence.  It comes replete with cautionary notes and advice when cooking with children, a recipe conversion chart, a supervision icon gauge and gorgeous photographs of the meals and of the kids prepping the different recipes.  She goes to considerable length with her advice on how to make it a pleasant experience.  A first timer will soon gain confidence to involve their kids in cooking.

My mouth was watering as I leafed through the book.  Starting with drinks to breakfast ideas and then onto lunch, snacks and sides, main meals and finally treats the book covers it all.  One can easily plan a whole day’s menu using it.  I had not considered adding spinach with my berries in a smoothie before.  Delish.  The tropical notes of some of the recipes transported me to an exotic place.  I do however deplore sugar being used in many of the recipes.  A diabetic would need to use a sugar alternative or like me the sweetness in the fruit could suffice.   The Fizz was gorgeous, what a fantastic combo.  And then onto breads, moreish Nutella pancakes, a humble scrambled eggs given a new twist.  It also introduces many healthy and uncommon ingredients.  One is easily eating the rainbow.  The Hawaiian waffles with their toppings is easily one of my favourites.  There’s also burritos, tacos, pizzas, sliders, soups yep quite an international menu.  Another plus is introducing kids to healthy snacks like banana bites. Carrot chips even bruschetta.  I didn’t care for Spam Musubi as I don’t like spam and could not think of a suitable replacement for it.  Just ham maybe?

Though these recipes are simplified for kids their benchmark is quite high.  Newbie cooks could easily wow their friends.  Equally one could easily plan a party or buffet menu. It had some great ways to spice up ones brek too mmm…. even if only at the weekend.  

Though a cook myself, I do like to have it easy sometimes, well most of the times.  Grajkowskis book ticks all the boxes for me.  Thank you.  I’m definitely going to have a blast with this super fun book with or without kids.
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I absolutely love children's cookbooks. They have be best easy recipes that don't take a long time to make. This book did not disappoint and I will be adding to my library
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Cooking with kids by Brianne Grajkowski is an excellent recipe book for kids and adults. Its full of great instructions and easy to follow recipes, Would recommend this book to anyone with kids
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BOOK: Cooking with Kids
GENRE: Cookbook
RELEASE DATE June 20, 2022
My 10 year old  has shown recent interest in cooking hence this book request. We tried a few of the recipes with solid results.  There are lots of easy meals, snacks and desserts for beginner cooks.
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Everything looked delicious. And not only that, it looked simple. Which, you see with the title is the aim. If I am going to cook with my child, I don't want to be confused along side him trying to figure this out. But every recipe in this book looked appetizing and so simple! Win win!
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I had hoped this book would be a bit more geared towards kids taking the lead with some of the recipes, but I feel it is truly for you to be cooking alongside your kids and potentially doing the bulk of the work. The recipes do have step by step instructions, but I didn't find them to be written tailored for kids - quite a few of the steps are something an adult, likely with cooking experience already, would need to show the child how to do. I wish the book had more clearly defined ways kids could participate in the specific recipes.
The recipes are in chapters on drinks, breakfast, lunch, snacks and sides, main dishes, and sweets & treats. The recipes sound good and like they would appeal to kids to both make and eat. I enjoyed the full color photographs with each recipe.
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Loved this cookbook with our son! The colors are great in the photographs, all the recipes are are easy and simple so that he could help out.
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As the mom of 6 kids, we cook a lot. As the wife and mother of a family who loves food, we definitely cook a lot and always need new recipes. The older my children get, the more they want to help in the kitchen and the more the strive for independence. 

This cookbook has so many great recipes to make with your kids, whether in a supervisory role or by being hands on. The recipes aren’t complex, the instructions are well written, the materials list is excellent, and the level difficulty meter is an extra bonus. I will definitely be grabbing my own physical copy when it comes out in March, and I suggest every other parent does the same. 

Thank you, NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing, for the opportunity to read through and review this wonderful cookbook.
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Great selection of kid and family-friendly recipes, with great photos. This book will be a great resource for my library and the test chefs who utilize it.
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I wasn't overly impressed with this recipe book. They were mostly very basic recipes, and honestly not very healthy. I would have liked more healthy alternatives, especially since this is catered towards children.

Overall, it was okay. It wasn't anything that stood out, but it is still nice because it encourages children to cook and spend time with their parents or family members in the kitchen.
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What an absolute delight! Easy and fun recipes. Even the fussiest eaters will enjoy preparing and tasting these amazing recipes.
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Cooking with children is an activity that can be enjoyable and one that can leave kids with a great feeling of mastery and accomplishment. This nicely illustrated title offers lots of choices about things to make. It is divided into sections on drinks, breakfast, lunch, desserts and more. Just a few of the recipes are those for strawberry and Nutella pancakes, lemon baked fish, brown butter carrots, and cranberry cookies.

The book begins with lots of welcome advice before moving on to the easy to follow recipes. Many are accompanied by illustrations.

This book will be welcomed by children and also by adults who want to feel more confident in their beginning cooking skills.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for this title. All opinions are my own.
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Cooking with kids was a great first book to do over the winter break with my daughter (5 yrs. old) to spend quality time with her one on one. The recipes were simple and the instructions were easy to follow. I have a picky eater but she was willing to sample that was out of her normal food.
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I was excited to get this, when I read through the recipes I was expecting to find recipes I haven’t cooked before. 
I’ve made a lot of these recipes with pretty much the same ingredients lol. Kids love it and it’s easy!  Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy.
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Great cookbook for older kids. Not too many i feel are toddler hands on friendly. Nonetheless it is kid approved recipes!
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Cooking with kids would make a great addition to our family kitchen! My son (5) loves to help In the kitchen and there were so many recipes that were simple enough that he’d be able to do alot of them. We can’t wait to actually make a few together and get him more comfortable in the kitchen!
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Cooking with Kids by Brianne Grajkowski is a great cookbook to help introduce the joy of cooking to young kids.  There are more than 100 yummy kid friendly recipes that the whole family can enjoy.  The sections are nicely broken down to cover breakfast, lunch, main dishes, snacks and sides, desserts and beverages.  Things I really like about this cookbook are:
    •  The recipes provide simple, step by step 
         instructions that use common ingredients.
    •  Each recipe has a colorful photo of the final 
        product (some recipes have multiple photos
        that demonstrate multiple steps).  
    •  icons are used to help gauge recipes that 
        may need more supervision (e.g. using   
        sharp blades or heat) and the recipe level 
        (e.g. easy, medium and hard). 
    •  The beginning section has a recipe 
        conversion table, tips for getting started and 
        notes tools for little hands, common tools 
        and special tools (e.g. blender, skewers, 
        bamboo sushi mat) that will be needed for 
        making the recipes in the book.  
    •  There is a detailed and well organized table 
        of contents

Cooking with kids is not only a fun family activity that builds memories, but is a simple way to teach creativity, build self confidence, practice skills around measurement, math, science and reading, and help lay a foundation for healthy eating habits.  When kids are involved in meal planning/preparation, they are more likely to eat the final product!

Thank you to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for the opportunity to view an ARC of this fantastic cookbook that is due to be published 01-Feb-2023.  I look forward to ordering several copies for my kids and grandkids (even a copy for myself).
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Cooking with Kids had some recipes that seemed a little basic to me, especially the ones for breakfast. Also, I wasn't sure why some recipes included Spam. It's not something I would choose to cook with. Out of all the options in this book I would say the most interesting looking are probably the desserts.
I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, and all opinions are my own.
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If you're a family that likes to cook together, this is the perfect book for you and your littles.  It has a wide variety of recipes from super easy to a little more advanced where you might have to step in a bit.  It's a great way to get kids interested in cooking and who knows, it could be a life-long hobby for them as it was for me when I was a kid!
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