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Six Sweets Under

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After a successful acting career in Hollywood, Becca’s moved back to her hometown of Larch Haven, CT to work in the family’s chocolate shop and reconnect with friends and family.

Life is great - tourist season is bringing lots of business to the shop and her boyfriend is visiting soon. But then Archie, the town curmudgeon, is murdered. And Becca’s grandfather is a top suspect. Becca needs to clear his name ASAP so she enlists her bestie, Dizzy, the town’s librarian to figure it out.

I loved the setting. Larch Haven is described as a miniature Venice, Italy with its system of canals and bridges. People get around by walking, biking, or taking to the water in kayaks, Jon boats, and gondolas. Who wouldn’t want to visit a small town with chocolate and gondolas? Larch Haven has that small-town feel where everyone knows your name and your secrets and has no trouble weighing in on your personal life. Especially the Gossip Grannies who embellish when the truth isn’t sensational enough.

Becca felt relatable - wanting a successful career but longing for the warmth and comfort of home and family. 

Her friendship with Dizzy sounds like the perfect ride-or-die relationship. And the romance vibes with her old friend Sawyer, who’s a cop now, were definitely there.

You get all of the delicious descriptions of chocolates that you could want and even some recipes.

Lots of diversity - Latinx, Filipino, queer - worked in the story with a natural feel - a very realistic feeling.

The puzzle was intriguing with lots of murder suspects and motives with no clear answers until the end. 

Special shout out to Becca’s cats, Binx and Truffles, and their awesome sounding catio.

Six Sweets Under is a perfect light read with delicious descriptions, an engaging cast of characters, and a challenging puzzle of a whodunit.
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Former actress Becca Ransom has returned to her home town of Larch Haven to help run her grandparents candy shop. Her homecoming is going great until there is a murder and her Pops is one of the main suspects. Becca decides that she has to clear his name and with the help of her best friend Dizzy starts her own investigation. 
I had mixed feelings about this book. While it is a good premise and the setting was interesting, I found the book lacking is some ways. First off there was way to much filler that did not further the story. I liked the characters but other than Becca they did not seem to have a lot of page time. Most of the book was Becca thinking about things and trying to come up with suspects and what their motives might be. Also what questions to ask them that she never asked. In fact there was very little investigating going on. I found these things to make for a very slow read.
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It’s been a while since I read a mystery this entertaining. Highly recommend it. This is my first time reading anything by Julia Fox so I will go back and check out her other work. Six Sweets Under is the start of a new series and I can’t wait for the rest.
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A fun, food centered cozy mystery. This checks all the boxes: a small, quaint town, curious female protagonist, murder!  A little predictable but still fun.
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This is the first book in this series. I enjoyed this book so much! It is the first I have read by this author and she is going to be one that I will definitely be reading more by Sarah Fox.
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