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How can Ms. Steel write eight books in 2022 with another two lined up for very early 2023? I don't want to falsely accuse someone of using ghostwriters, but I just cannot see how this is physically possible. I did like the book The Whittiers, which came out in November, and that is why I agreed to read the next two books, this one (published in January 2023) and Worthy Opponents, which I hope isn't as far-fetched as this book was.

I almost gave up on this book after the first few chapters. But, I must admit that Ms. Steel does bitchy, money-grubbing wife really well, so I keep going. But, unfortunately, the story got increasingly ludicrous as it went on. I must that it took me a while to understand that while in America, the family would have had to wait a number of years for him to have been declared dead since there was no found body, and then they could split the estate. I was surprised at how fast everything works in France.


The gist of the story- The husband hates his job, quits his career is out of work for two years, and takes a loan from the money-grubbing wife's father. He finds another job and makes even more money but again hates his career and his employer. Then, one night as the money-grubber is having a party in their fancy chateau, he falls asleep at the wheel as he is coming home and drives off of a cliff into the ocean. Yep, you heard me. And get this-he lives and makes his way to a lovely little YOUNG french woman and makes love to her within several hours of her rescuing him.

Long story short-he feigns his death until one day, his hotties ex-husband breaks out of jail (yep, in there for murder) and makes his presence known to them. So the husband decides to return from the dead and make things right with his family and his finances *snort* so he can spend the rest of his life with his young hottie.

Now, what do you think the money-grubber will think about this? She already has issues with splitting his estate with their two children.

Well, the rest I will leave up to you to imagine. I've read about 80%, and while I'm still interested in how the greedy wife is going to take him to the cleaners during their divorce and just what is going to happen to the hottie and her escaped ex. But get it from the library if you can.

*ARC was supplied by the author, the publisher ‎Delacorte Press, and NetGalley
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This was one of my favorite Danielle Steel books in a long while!

Have you ever thought about faking your death and disappearing?  Charlie was given just that chance when his car ran off the road late one night and he almost died.  Luckily, he survives and finds his way to a small house occupied by Aude, a local painter who lives a quiet, understated life - she is the opposite of everything Charlie's wife Isabelle is.  

The storyline covers 6 months of Charlie and Aude's life, his healing, finding a life again and then suddenly a traumatic event that changes everything.  I don't write spoilers, so I can't go into more detail, but let me say that I enjoyed Charlie and Aude's story very much.

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book, but my opinions are my own.
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Charles Vincent appears to be living a life that most people would envy, but all is not as it seems.  His wife cares nothing for him, only the money he makes and he is in a job he hates.  Things change when he falls asleep at the wheel and goes over a cliff, miraculously surviving.  Charlie decides he doesn’t want to go back to his old life.  This is the story of a man who decides he wants to change his life.   There are complications when his new relationship is threatened.  This is a typical Danielle Steel, entertaining with a good story with the expected happily ever after. Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.
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Although I haven’t finished the book yet , I want to share  my thoughts, this is a hard book to read. Reading how selfish this woman is and how money hungry she is makes me want to put the book away. “ All she could think of now was Charlie, what he had left her, and how she would survive.”
Reading about Charlie, who walks into A’s life and just stays? Does that happen? Does it matter, this is a book after all.

Just finished and I did not like this book any better.  Seeing A get kidnapped and what she went through.

Just not my kind of book,  I would say my least favorite of all of DS’s books.
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Thank you NG and Delacorte Press for allowing me to read this early for an honest review.
Growing up as a kid my mom was already reading Danielle Steel so when I saw this book I thought yes this would be good to read. And it was. I really enjoyed the book. So much happened in the beginning but I felt like as the book started to get closer to the end things were just rushed and loose ends quickly tied off. I would have liked to know more of what happened after the return. The book was still a good read and worth recommending. 
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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Danielle Steel never disappoints, and “Without a Trace” is no exception.  I love her easy to read writing style and storylines that are always interesting and engaging.  This story takes place in France and reminds us that everyone deserves to be happy- even if it means starting over with a new job or a new love.  Thank you DS!
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What would you do if your life was unhappy and you had a chance to disappear and start your life all over again? Charles Vincent learns the answer to that question when his car slides over an ocean cliff into the water. He survives, and finds his way to a country house where a lovely woman takes him in and helps him heal. Charles hates his job, is unhappy in his cold marriage, and wants nothing more than to move on in his life. Could this be his chance to just disappear?

WITHOUT A TRACE by Danielle Steel is a page-turning story of a man struggling to let go of his past life so he can finally be happy again and move forward. As Charles and the new woman he’s fallen madly in love with face devastating complications, the only truth is their love and devotion to each other. And after all, isn’t that what everyone wants?

I highly recommend this exciting tale by the queen of women’s fiction. This is one Danielle Steel story you won’t want to miss.
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Without a Trace by Danielle Steel takes place in modern day Paris. Charles is married to Isabelle. They have two adult children, who live abroad. Charles hates his job as well as his marriage. Isabelle just takes from him and is only interested in what he can do for her and make her life better. On a dark night on his way to see Isabelle at their chateau, Charles's car goes off an embankment and he and the car go down a cliff and ends up in the water. He must make a decision - die in the water or try to survive and live out his life. He gets out of the car and survives, but his wife and children believe that he is dead. He does nothing to discourage that, and eventually his will is read. Isabelle is not happy about what she is left, and now needs to find another way to survive. Charles is happy living his new life with Aude, who has her own past that she is trying to outrun - an abusive ex-husband who is in prison for killing Aude's boyfriend. She persuades him to resurface and claim back his life for the sake of his kids and officially file for divorce from Isabelle. Meanwhile, Aude's ex-husband has escaped from jail and is hell-bent in finding Aude and killing Charles because her ex still believes that they are married. Charles must find her after her ex kidnaps her. 

A great Danielle Steel novel set in France. Good descriptions of the settings as well as character development.
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Thanks to and Netgalley and the publisher who provided me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
This one talks about a guy wanting a better life. The ending could have been a little better. All in all it was good.
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I’ve been a fan of Danielle Steel for many years. Without A Trace is a much darker book than many of her previous books I have read. There is plenty of drama in this story regarding selfish spouses, abusive ex-spouses, and toxic relationships. This latest novel is a quick but engaging read. 

I think most of us at some point in our lives could probably relate to the question of What would you do if given the chance to start over ? Would you do it? 

Charles Vincent appears to have it all. A beautiful wife, two successful children, a well paying career, a Paris apartment, and a gorgeous Chateau. To the outsider Charles has it all but the truth is he is in a loveless marriage and a job that is simply a paycheck. 

In a single moment Charles’s life will be forever changed. Driving home to the Chateau late one night, his car goes over a cliff into the ocean. He miraculously survives . He finds the strength to climb up the cliff and begins walking looking for help. He comes across a cabin in the woods and meets the beautiful and kind Aude. Aude takes him in and nurses him back to health. 

Charles falls in love with Aude and makes the decision not to go back to his previous life but to chose the life he really wants. But Aude has secrets of her own.

Without a Trace was an easy read and kept me engaged throughout the story. It was thought provoking in that we wonder what each of us would do if given the chance to start over. 

A special thank you to Netgalley and Delacorte Press for the eARC I received in exchange for my honest opinion. 

My review will be posted to Goodreads on 11/7/22 and on Amazon closer to publication. 

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I am so lucky to have received this ebook. I absolutely loved it. I did not want to put it down. The drama and the suspense had me guessing.
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I wish to thank NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group – Delacorte Press for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book.  I have voluntarily read and reviewed it.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Years ago I was a huge fan of this author and read all her books. It has been a while since I read her stories.and I must say she has not lost the ability to captivate me as a reader and I loved this one.  There are times in life when you wish you could just walk away and begin life a new somewhere new and different.  That is the premise of this story when an unhappy wealthy businessman is faced with such an opportunity.  I read this one in one day as I was totally absorbed in the details.  The characters are beautifully described and predictable.  We all read for different reasons.  Sometimes it is to learn, sometimes to escape, and sometimes for pure enjoyment.  If you are looking for an escape read this is an absolute must for you.  Do not miss this one.  I highly recommend it.  Danielle Steel is once again one of my favorite authors.
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Without a Trace is slow-moving, especially at the beginning.   I felt like yelling at the book, “Okay, okay, I get the point.  He is unhappy.  Let’s get on with the rest of the story.”

      I used to adore Steel’s books.  This one seems different, almost like someone else wrote it for her.   I wonder if my relative, now age 90, would enjoy this book.  She often swaps Steel’s books with a cousin.
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Danielle Steel always delivers and she does again with this book as well. The plot and characters were very engaging. I couldn't put this book down at all. This book was definitely different from her other work and it was a nice departure from what she's known for.
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Without a trace kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters were very engaging and gripping. Its not like other Danielle steel books I've read and I loved every second of it.
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Trapped by a loveless marriage and a job he hates, Charles Vincent is given a chance to start over when his car careens off a cliff.  He survives the crash and gets to a remote cabin seeking help.  There he meets the lovely Aude, a beautiful artist.  Here’s where things fell apart for me.  They go from complete strangers to lovers in a matter of minutes.  Charles pretends he is dead for months before he returns to Paris to legally make the changes to his life he desires.  This had some twists and suspense but it was too predictable for me.  I thank the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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Danielle Steel is one of my favorite authors and again with this book, she proves why. I really enjoyed this one and would definitely recommend adding to your reading list.
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Without a Trace by Danielle Steele is an interesting book. It’s been years since I read a book by this author and I thought this book sounded promising. However, I found this book equally intriguing and disturbing. I think the mystery itself was fascinating and well written, but this book is not for everyone. I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher with no obligations. These opinions are entirely my own.
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I read this  in one sitting, it kept my attention throughout. I have been a fan and  read all of of. Danielle  Steel  since I was a teenager,  It was a different format for her. 
Thank you NetGalley for approving me to read this one.
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This one felt like a breath of fresh air for DS fans…a totally different story than ever before. I always love when the main protagonist is a male character as it’s rare for a DS book and this one was a tour de force. She hits all the emotional notes….no stone is left unturned. A fast, easy read, this one was hard to put down and leave for work. I’d have much rather stayed home and read instead…lol. Relatable characters, no stereotypical characters/twists. I genuinely enjoyed this from a story point of view. I’ve read all of Danielle Steel’s novels and this one really felt fresh and innovative.
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