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A Book of Murder in Notchey Creek

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A solid whodunit. Plenty of red herrings that will keep the reader guessing.  This is a can't put down book! Carve out some time because it's that good a mystery! Strong characters and great story plot.  Thanks #netgalley and #LittleForestPress for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.
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A Book of Murder in Notchey Creek by Liz S. Andrews is book #4 in her Harley Henrickson Mystery series. This was a fun whodunit to read. It kept my interest throughout. I really like the characters especially Harley. She works tirelessly to prove her friend Beau's innocence. The action and mystery in this story made this a page-turner for me. I can't wait to see what's next in this series.
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I read the series out of order, but wasn’t lost. Good cozy mystery of Harley helping to solve the multiple murders. Lots of red herrings and kept me guessing to the end. Highly recommend this book and author. Now to read the earlier ones.
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This is the first book I've read by this author, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.
Harley seems like a strong character, I'm going to enjoy getting to know her. 
The twists and turns the author wove into the story kept me guessing, I wasn't sure who the killer was.
A book appraisal for a rare copy of Jane Eyre is the catalyst that sets off a roller coaster of events, which leaves Harley asking questions, and putting herself in danger.
I'm really looking forward to reading the previous books in this series.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for selecting me to read an advanced copy of this book.
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In exchange for an honest review, I received a free copy of A BOOK OF MURDER IN NOTCHEY CREEK (Book 4 of the Harley Henrickson Mysteries) by Liz S. Andrews.  Who knew a book appraisal could be so dangerous?  Unexpectedly, the book appraisal leads to a trail of murders that Harley is determined to solve.  I enjoyed this book as well as the previous three.
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A Book of Murder in Notchey Creek is book #4 in the Harley Henrickson Mystery series by Liz S. Andrews. This is my first book I have read in the series. This is a delightful cozy series with great charcters and a well crafted sleuth. Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity. My review opinions are my own. I liked the characters and Hayley the protagnist , Beau the rock star friend and Matilda the pig are great additions to this series. 

The setting of early summer in a small town in Tennessee is beautifully atmospheric and enjoyable. As the town prepares for a antique fair a local woman of esteem and a checkered past has a valuable copy of Jane Eyre to sell. She makes a deal with a less than honest antique book vender who convinces her to sell to him.   Soon secret emerge and dealings with nefarious types who want access to the book . The mystery that builds is so well done I found myself enthralled turning pages to conclusion. A very enjoyable read, a well crafted fun sleuth and great charcters. Well done to the author.
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Harley Henrickson puts her investigative skills to the test again when a body is found at the annual Antiques and Blooms Festival. It seems that one of the newest residents of Notchey Creek, Suzanne Clare, recently acquired a rare book and came into town to have it appraised. She spoke with Jonathan Vermis, who tried to lowball her and buy it out from her. Regina Somerville was also appraising items and started salivating when she saw the one of a kind first edition Jane Eyre. After causing a stir with the appraisal and actually scheduling a date with Hunter Rowlandson to buy the book, a woman is found dead behind the bookstore and it is Harley who takes the lead to find out who she is. She recognizes the woman from the appraisals line where she seemed very intent on the appraisal of the rare book, however, neither she nor Jed, the sheriff, know her name. However, before they can get more information about her, a new morning dawns an additional murder as Suzanne is found dead. As Harley starts asking questions as an honorary deputy (temporarily of course) she starts uncovering a secret held for decades. All the while, more bodies are added to the list, narrowing down the possible suspect list.

This book is even crazier than the last and I love it! With all the twists and turns and almost steamy interludes, the author takes you on a great ride. Harley is just about one of my favorite characters to read about. She has a heart of gold and nerves of steel. She just needs to kick that self-confidence up and she would be knocking the silly boys away with a stick. Everyone is drawn to her because of her great personality and she is smart as hell, connecting dots all over the place. These books are all written beautifully, the flow is perfect and the storyline is engaging. It never felt like there was irrelevant descriptions nor filler pagers to add to the length but not the quality. Each night I would read until I fell asleep, I just couldn’t put it down. This book is great for everyone who enjoys a good mystery who-done-it.
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