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Thank you, Netgalley, for the review copy!

I have never read from this author before but, after reading through the other reviews, I hear her other books are better so I’ll definitely be giving those a go. I wasn’t blown away by this one, though. The concept was so cool and I am also in agreement with other reviews that this gave away way too much in the synopsis so, if you like sci-if thrillers and want to read this, go in blind! it just felt kind of flat for me? I wanted the concept to be explained more - I wanted to see where they came from, where they get the funding, how they do this secretly and undercover as well as they do, I really wanted a whole scientific background to it. 

(This second part is a bit spoilery) 

I also wasn’t a fan of the characters and I didn’t really care about them or their relationships but I did find it sad and it was an interesting way to look at nature vs nurture and also about about morality and whether doing a bad thing for the Greater Good is really in the best interests of those involved. I loved the idea of getting rid of traumatic events but also loved seeing how it still effected them, whether they remembered it or not. 

If there is ever a second book that goes more in detail about how it all works and long term effects and stuff I think that would be really fun!
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I got sucked into this book from the very first chapter when we meet Blythe and Tucker are asked the question "do you want to do something bad?" Right from the start this book takes off running and doesn't slow down, it's fast-paced, and the mystery was something I was just as invested in figuring out as our main characters and didn't want to put it down until I reached the last page. 

When Blythe witnesses something horrible, then wakes up in bed with no memory of it, the mystery begins. When she starts having strange visions of things that didn't happen, her best friend starts acting extremely weird, and Blythe starts getting strange emails from an anonymous person telling her to look deeper into the past she has no idea what to think. But, when things start getting weirder.. if that's even possible... Blythe, Tucker, and Tanya start digging into what's going on, and they are not prepared for what they are about to uncover.
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This is an intriguing young adult mystery where Blythe and her friends attend a STEM school run by CMT, the neurological research company their parents work for.  Blythe's friend Gabi experiences a mental breakdown followed by a violent attack.  Something strange is going on and Blythe are her friends must puzzle it out.
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I started reading this book not really knowing what would happen but I enjoyed it and couldn't stop reading it.
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I have loved a lot of the authors work and went into this book without a clue as to what might happen. I think the beginning was very promising but the story ultimately felt very hollow.

The plot itself and the characters are a bit too cliche. Sometimes being cliche can work, especially if character relationships and dynamics bring something new. This doesn’t do that.

The resolution was also very rushed and kind of just unbelievable. Without spoiling anything, there was one particular moment at the end, all on a single page, which felt like a complete 180 in terms of the characterization and events. The whole book itself just didn’t seem very fleshed out at all and moved too fast for me to care about anyone or anything.
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When Blythe's friend Gabi has a psychotic break, she sets out to uncover what happened.  Then she starts to get mysterious messages from someone named Veritas - someone claiming that one of her friends is a murderer - a killer child who murdered a another boy.  Blythe doesn't know what to think, who to trust or who is watching.  She needs to find the truth - but will the truth set her free or doom them all?

This was a great teen mystery - a slow burn thriller.  The characters were complex and genuine.  I read it in one sitting.
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This was a great pick for my first Kelley Armstrong novel. While not a full blown thriller, I really enjoyed it. it did take me a while to get into but once i got hooked i couldn’t put it down
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Prolific author Kelley Armstrong presents another thriller - this one aimed at the teen set.  

Blythe is ambitious, a math whiz, and never, ever acts out.  Or usually doesn’t.  Sometimes when she’s with her best friend, Tucker, she lets her bad girl out to play.  But that’s to be expected, since Tucker is considered the trouble-maker of their tight-knit friend group, all students at a STEM high school for children of the researchers and employees of CMT, a neurological research lab.  

But Blythe knows that Tucker has an unearned reputation.  They’re all just kids, and are actually pretty well-adjusted, right?  It seems that way, until Blythe’s best friend has an apparent psychotic break, claiming the security cameras in the highschool are watching her, just before she tries to cut her throat with a box cutter.  While trying to figure out what might have triggered Gabrielle, as well as why her own memories seem to conflict with what she’s been told, Blythe and Tucker stumble upon a cover up by CMT that has them questioning their own memories and whether anything they believe is real.

I’ve not read any YA by Kelley Armstrong so I was excited to dive into this ARC.  The first line is awesome and promises a great psychological thriller:  Do you want to do something bad? Immediately we see the dynamics between Tucker and Blythe, but nothing is as it seems in this novel.  Through one plot twist after another, the reader is kept guessing what is going on, who’s a good guy and who’s a bad guy, and who is behind the seemingly random attacks on the highschool students.  I blew through this book in two days, impatient to find out the answers. In addition, it’s a fairly large cast of characters and the author did a splendid job making use of all of them.

That last point leads me to my only criticism of the book.  The point of view jumps around, seemingly landing on whichever character is the most convenient to advance the plot.  Sometimes I would have rather been kept in the dark until a later reveal.  At other times, the secondary character in a chapter is kept intentionally vague, but it happened so rarely it stood out as an obvious tease.  

Final word - if you like high-tech thrillers where scientists play fast and loose with research subjects, you’ll read this one as quickly as I did.

3.75/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐+

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada for providing the ARC ebook.  I’ve left my review honestly and voluntarily.
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Let me say first, this book had me totally hooked and I read well into the night to finish it. A stand alone fiction story, maybe classed in the YA category, but I’m well beyond that and I loved this thriller. If I say more I will drop spoilers. So I finish with:- If you have never read a Kelly Armstrong book then start here for many hours of reading here and in her many other books.  If you have been reading her books, then don’t miss another excellent story. Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada and NetGalley for the ARC. The views expressed are all mine, freely given.
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Someone Is Always Watching is a phenomenal thriller from start to finish. Filled to the brim with twists and a captivating plot, this one is sure to keep readers hooked. The characters are well-developed. The story is incredibly fast-paced. This is one not to be missed! Highly recommended! Be sure to check out Someone is Always Watching in April.
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I highly recommend going into this without reading the synopsis, which is what I did, because I see now that it actually gives almost the whole game away. This thriller works a lot better when you have the mystery of set-up (the whats and the whys) to contend with, too -- though I'll admit it isn't full-on thriller, though maybe it's enough for the YA demographic?

Having said that, obviously this has not become my new favourite thing but I still think it was a fascinating premise and enjoyed how the events, and reveals, unfolded. With one major exception being the whoddunit of it all. While I absolutely think the little twist about their role in the whole thing is great, and the quandaries it reveals (about the whole thing, really), the methods seem.. sus. 

Yep, I'm being even more vague than usual, but it's a mystery (I'm calling it this now instead of thriller), come on, how else can I talk about this?

Regardless, if you're an Armstrong fan, I'm sure this is already on your radar and while it's more mystery than edge of your seat suspense, the issue at the heart of the story is compelling. Will I forget about this one in a month's time? Probably. But I still had a good time.
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Someone is Akways Watching is truly fantastic! I was confused at first and yet fascinated… What’s happening to these teenagers?? Fine one minute serious PTSD that seems like someone else’s memories but yet their own the next? 

A mega Corp that seems to be involved. But nothing to see here folks just some randomly odd acting kids. 

I mean just wow this book kept me up so late with all the what if’s regarding this technology being real. Just loved it and it could be taken in so many directions. Adults what if this is the new rehabilitation for adult criminals. What if it’s all to see if it might have military applications. Hmmm 🤔 totally gripping and fantastic story with so many twist. Can’t recommend it enough. Brilliant writing as always!
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I was completely drawn in from the first enigmatic chapter onward, and before long I felt compelled to find out what would happen next and, more importantly, what was genuine and what wasn't. 

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this and found myself anxiously turning the pages! I don't read a lot of YA these days, but I'm glad I did because it was really worth it. Undoubtedly a tale that will stay with me and leave me wondering precisely what is and isn't feasible.
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This book is a really good mystery! I really enjoyed the characters and pacing. I highly recommend adding this one to your TBR
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Kelly Armstrong delivers again! I have been hooked on her writing since the Bitten series and this psychological thriller/mystery had me guessing throughout the plot.
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Thanks, Netgalley and Tundra Books for the eARC, this opinions are my own. I thought this book was a fast read. Blythe and her friends attend a private school that is only for kids whose parents work for a specific company. A part from some distance with her best friend Tucker things are good. That is until she finds her friend Gabrielle covered in blood and her vice principal dead. The thing is the next day she wakes up and it's like non of it happened. What exactly is going on? And does Blythe really want the answers? I though the premise of this book was really good. It was different then I was expecting and it really shouldn't have been as the description is fairly clear on what it was about! I think I was just expecting something a little different. But it does have mystery, experiments, foggy memories, and secrets! Overall it's a pretty good thriller that I think many will enjoy! Can't wait for it to come out!
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When I requested a copy of this book for review, I did not realise it was a young adult book - that being said if you enjoy Kelley Armstrong books you will love this story 
Set in a private school funded by the students' parents' employers - a medical research facility , things are not quite as they seem .

Blythe is a rule follower , she loves nothing better than a clear set of rules ...........except the day she sees her friend having a breakdown and attacking a teacher . An event she has no memory of the following day , just a feeling that something is not quite right ....... will breaking the rules be necessary ?, rules she lives by .
With the help of her friends, she decides to investigate ...... are her flashbacks real , are her sister's nightmares set in reality ?  As they investigate it seems as though each has something to hide , just who is telling the truth , who can Blythe trust be it parent or friend ???

This is a story full of suspense , surprises at every turn and the question of nature versus nurture becomes central to the plot . A well written thriller that suits all age groups .

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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Yet again another new Kelley Armstrong book that has me wanting to scream about it from the rooftops for all to hear. While most young adult books lack a certain depth for their adult readers Kelley Armstrong always has a way of writing a story line that both adults and young adults can relate to and enjoy. I was so excited to be able to read this title and it sure did not disappoint. I loved all of the characters in this story but especially out main character Blythe. She was very strongly written and her and the rest of the characters really pulled the reader into this story. This book will have readers young and old hooked from the start and dying to see what happens in the end. This book was full of suspense and left the reader trying desperately to figure out who was watching our main character and why they were doing it or were they even there at all? Our main character suddenly awakes to find herself covered in blood with a dead principal and no memory of what happened. When things start to come to the surface long hidden secrets are threatened to be exposed. There was such a strong story line in this book that lots of YA novels are lacking so it was very refreshing. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the multiple points of view, however I understood why they were necessary. Great read Im glad i got the chance to check it out.
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This was excellent. It was a good mystery. I enjoyed the characters and the pacing.

The twists worked well, and there were a lot of unexpected events and surprises. Side note: I am not often surprised by what happens in stories I am usually good at predicting most of what will happen. Kelley Armstrong is particularly clever and bold at throwing wrenches into her protagonist's path that I do not see coming.

I will definitely be re-reading the final version of this book when it comes out, and I will post a more thorough review.

Thank you to Kelley Armstrong, Penguin Random House Canada, Tundra Books, and NetGalley for the pleasure and honor of reading this early.
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I enjoyed this book, it was easy to read and held my attention. I will be reading more from this author :)
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