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I really love the Little People, Big Dreams series!  This book in the series shows the life of Nikola Tesla, who was a scientist and inventor whose inventions we still use today.

I loved reading about Nikola from when he was a child, up until he was an adult.  I found him fascinating.  I was amazed at how clever he was, since he was able to create electrical inventions, and bring so much to the world through his work and his scientific mind.

The book has easy to read text, and bright, colourful graphics, which are beautiful to look at.

I highly recommend this book, which is amazing and interesting.  I learned a lot from it.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book.
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I love the Little People Big Dreams series, as it brings to life famous people that kids usually wouldn't hear much about. This one is about Nikola Tesla and his system of alernating current. I very much enjoyed the colorful illustrations. As for the story, it is told in simple terms. Sometimes I feel like it could be a bit more detailed, but I guess that would be too much for this series. Once again this is an interesting addition to the LPBG books.
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I love the way this series makes so many people accessible to children. A lot of these people don't get a lot of notice for young children but having the books could spark interest in a child much younger than previously.
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We’ve all heard the name but do we know about Nikola Tesla? I certainly didn’t. We loved reading and learning about him. Perfect biography for little ones.
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Well I won’t deny the cat on the cover immediately drew me in. And wow - how had I not heard of Nikola? He’s awesome and he should be taught in every science classroom! I also must say the illustrations in this are absolutely stunning - the one showing inside his mind was my favourite. Another great addition to the series.
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Little People. Big Dreams is a great series.  This book features Nikola Tesla.  While it does give great information about Tesla, I feel like they skimmed over some of the important details such Edison and Tesla feud.  Otherwise a good launching point for anyone interested in Tesla.
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Thank you to the author, Frances Lincoln Children's Books and NetGalley, for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

This is a new book in the "Little People, Big Dreams" series. As always, it is very well-done and introduces the inventor Nikola Tesla to children who may be puzzled that he did not invent cars. However, I do take issue with the fact that Tesla's life is scrubbed and presented as shiny happy - his ideas were stolen by Edison, and Tesla died rather young, and poor. Not only that, but he was regarded as a bit of a quack and a crazy, rather than the amazing scientist he was. I wish younger readers were given less of a sanitized version of the truth in this instance.
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The life of a great inventor is on pages to inspire children and even adults like me.
This is such a sweet and informative book. I highly recommend it.
The illustrations and text are on point. I am thankful that I was chosen to enjoy such an entertaining book.
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The thing with the Little People Big World books is that they are too happy.  They make every person sound like they lived happily ever after.  And that is just not so with Tesla.  It briefly mentioned that he and Thomas Edison didn’t get along, but nothing about Edison stealing his work, or that Tesla died early and pretty poor. He was remembered as a quack  and a crazy, instead of the brilliant mind he was.  I wish this book had touched on this just a little.  Not all people have a happily ever after and this series needs to stop trying to make it seem like they do.
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Here is a new entry in this ongoing and excellent series for kids. This time they will spend time with Nikola Tesla. Children will learn about his fondness for his cat and also his scientific accomplishments and ideas. Learn why AC is important to electricity and find out who wanted to meet Tesla.

This book has colorful illustrations. Again, meet the cat and see what this inventor could do with electricity.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group-Frances Lincoln Children’s Books for this title. All opinions are my own.
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I absolutely love this series of books. The illustrations the cutest & they’re so informative! Nikola’s cat was my favourite throughout this little book. 
I’m honestly jealous that kids get to read these and learn from them because I wish I had them when I was younger!
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Budding scientists will get a charge out of this engaging bio of Austrian Nikola Tesla, whose fascination with electricity led to work with Edison Machine Works in New York, and more than 300 patents as a scientist/inventor. Part of the Little People, BIG DREAMS series, this intriguing book for readers 4-7 gives a compelling look at Tesla through historic photos, a timeline, and a detailed life profile. Highly recommended!
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“Born during a lightning storm, his mother Djuka proclaimed that her son would be a child of light.”

It's almost like his mother could relate and predict the most amazing things, this would become part of his life's work, pretty amazing when you think about it.

An interesting book aimed at children about Nikola Tesla, whom I knew nothing about previously to this book, so thanks for the education for myself too. Nikola had a cat and that's what started the obsession and curiousness about electricity through static and his cat and more cats are featured through out the book,  a bit like an omen. 

The stories being short as they are very wonderful, obviously they are aimed at children and I would whole heartedly like to applaud this but also I think it's very clever how this man's life's work has been condensed to explain to children about the importance of his work and how it's affected our world. 

It's also very good for people like me who are able to read informative books but not large chunks of information about people's lives and so this is far more easier to read. 

Many thanks to Netgalley and publishers for this wonderful insight into this world through their FREE ARC in return for my review! Enjoy!
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This little biography of one of the most important, yet underrated scientists is the perfect introduction to Nikola Tesla for kids (and adults alike)! It hit all the most important life spots of his life and even mentioned my hometown that benefited immensely from Tesla and his alternating currents! I especially enjoyed that the author wrote about his feud with the more famous Edison! I highly recommend this to budding little scientists to peak their excitement about electricity and following their curiosity!
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Like everyone else, I thought Edison was the father of the electric age. Learning about Tesla gives me the feeling that he is a "Van Gogh" of science. 

This book is a good intro to Tesla for little ones, I think they will be inspired and open up their imagination. The illustrations are adorable, I love the texture and hand-drawn style. I enjoy reading this book as an adult.
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What a beautiful way to introduce children to important people in science— we love Little People, Big Dreams books. Nikola Tesla is the one book my husband wanted to read with my kids! The conversations and experiments  this book *sparked* were so beautiful. Even I learned a few things— all of his ideas started with his cat, I never would have expected that! 

Thank you so much NetGally, and Quarto Publishing Group – Frances Lincoln Children's Books for this preview!
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Nikola Tesla is about the inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla. We follow him through his early years as a child and inspiring inventor to him as an adult and his inventions being brought to real life. 

Another great read about one of the most famous scientists Nikola Tesla. Books like this inspires young readers to follow their dreams and I’m here for that. With beautiful illustrations the text becomes more alive and fun to read.
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Another great addition to the Little People, Big Dreams series! My daughter loved reading this with me and learning more about electricity and the man who helped bring it into our lives. She was especially amazed by the last pages where she could see what his alternating current has brought into our modern lives; things like batteries, drones, solar panels and lights really shocked her. The illustrations are beautiful and we cannot wait to add this to our home library when it is released!
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Thank you Netgalley and Little People, BIG DREAMS for allowing me to read this ARC.

Nikola Tesla is someone who I have heard of and know very little about, I enjoy how this books tells the most simplified version of his brilliance in a way that children can understand. 
I had no idea that he loved of pigeons, he created his first motor at the age of 6. 
Due to his amazing contribution to electricity and designing the electric system, that we all use across the world today Tesla named their company and cars after him.
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We really love these series of books they bring real light to the subjects and then make girls like to read around the subjects themselves at their leisure. We have a library of these and dip
In and out of them at our leisure.
They are really informative and well written.
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