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Mission Possible One-Year Devotional

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So far, this book is good.  It's not very deep, but it's perfect for a quick break in the day to touch base with God and center yourself.
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I would recommend this devotional to anyone. This is one I will definitely come back to. Even though Tim has had a much different life than most. He is able to relate to most people because he is human just like me. He may have been able to have different experiences, but he's had his own ups and down's like anyone else. I am guilty of owning all his books, because he has a way of being able to capture what is the most important in life and that is nurturing your relationship with God and sharing him with others. He brings us back to reality and after reading the devotionals you can't help, but want to get closer everyday to God.
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I really enjoyed this devotional by Tim Tebow. I loved how there were guest writers for some of the devotions. I also enjoyed the statements and questions at the end of each devotion. They really got me thinking about my life. It also got me thinking about why I am currently struggling with writing my story about suicide for a collaborative book about suicide. I know I am meant to write it and on some of the days after reading the devotional by Time Tebow or the guest writers I was even more motivated to actually write my story and to it without reservations and just let God work and speak through me.
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I was super excited to receive this book from NetGalley written by Tim Tebow.  I really look up to this man and his stand for the Lord through his career in football.  Tim provides you with a daily scripture and expounds on the scripture and how to apply it to your life.  Encouraging the reader to step back and see how they can make a difference in this world and draw closer to the Lord. This is a one year devotional as the title says and I will continue to read through this devotional daily.  Great read thus far!  Buy it!
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I am not religious. I love a good church with beautiful mosaic windows. 
However, I do believe that people are entitled to believe in whatever might make them better people and help them during dark times. 
As my mind is always open and curious, I found Tebow's work to be interesting and, if it possibly encourages other people to be optimistic and fruitful; this is a positive book that will help those seeking solace. 
Though I understand had Tebow been a Rap Phenom, he would get all the likes, for those seeking clarity and guidance, and trying to better themselves, Mission Possible is a great read that will positively help readers seeking guidance.
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