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This is a good basic cookbook.  Readers will find some old favorites as well as some new recipes.  I added a peach muffin recipe to my to try list.  The author does discuss her faith. It is mentioned throughout but is in no way overbearing.
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I have to have a copy of this book for my kitchen. I loved almost every recipe in this book. I love the variety of recipes from oatmeal, granola, muffins to my favorite Dutch baby. The photos are great as well
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This was an awesome cookbook. It truly is filled with recipes and stories that fill you with comfort. I would see this as a great cookbook for at home but also a coffee table book.
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It's rare to find a cookbook I so categorically, across the board, want to make every single recipe from. (Okay, except for the eggplant parmesan in this one ... :D but maybe if I put chicken in instead?!)

Stephanie Wise is a new-to-me author--and I am super stoked to start following her blog. If it's anything like this cookbook, it'll be excellent.

I especially appreciated a few references in the introduction to Bible verses and studies--a pleasant surprise! And, the overview of ingredients, baking stuffs to have at hand, and techniques were also helpful. These short-lists often vary from author to author/chef to chef, so reading a bunch can be helpful to really flesh out my own kitchen. (<innocent whistle as I head to Amazon><waits until after Christmas>) Wise also helpfully explains the whys and wherefores behind her own decisions (i.e. why she doesn't use European butter--because of the different fat content) around what to use.

I think my hardest decision is going to be what recipe to make first! They are all beautifully presented (and I'm confident mine will look just like the lovely pictures ... right? Right? Bueller? :D), and all seem to have easy-to-find and "normal people" ingredients. Hooray!

On a super rando aside, I was elated to see a recipe for Sally Lunn bread. Turns out that is actually a legit thing (who knew, haha ... not me!) and also legit was created by, or at least first recorded in, the eponymous restaurant/bakery in Bath, England! Which I have blessedly visited (and desperately want to return to, like, yesterday). So cool!

5/5 stars.

I received an eARC of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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Comfort Baking is a well curated collection of tasty comforting baked goods with recipes by Stephanie Wise. Released 18th Oct 2022 by Herald Press, it's 336 pages and is available in hardcover and ebook formats.The publisher is a well known Christian press but there is no proselytizing contained in the book (she does share part of her own faith journey in the introduction); just wholesome recipes with high quality ingredients. The author does use

The joy of feeding our friends and loved ones is tied deeply into emotion, pleasure, and contentment. This author really gets that. The book is bursting with attractively styled and presented food full of taste and that idea of comfort and connection. The introductory sections contain the author's tips for success and the most common ingredients and tools and equipment. The recipes are arranged thematically: quick breads, breakfast/brunch, cookies, cakes, pies/tarts, breads, and meals (to take to friends). She's also included a bonus chapter of extra recipes for taking to friends, visiting, bereavement, or make-ahead potluck type situations. 

Recipes are written with an introduction, prep & cook times, and yield in the header, followed by ingredients in a bullet list, with step-by-step instructions after. Ingredient measures are provided in imperial (American) units only, no metric. Flours, leavening agents, and sweeteners are also slanted toward products easily accessible in North America, which makes sense, but should be noted for bakers who live elsewhere and are used to flours/sugars/ingredients available in Europe and elsewhere. 

The photography is stunning, including many (many!) macro shots of mouth-watering cookies, cakes, and other yummies. The author's chatty and friendly style of writing is fun to read. It's a beginner accessible collection and there are lots of easy confidence building recipes included. 

Five stars. This would be a good choice for public library acquisition, gift giving, and home use.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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Thank you to Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

3.5 Stars

Girl vs Dough blogger Stephanie Wise has released her first cookbook, Comfort Baking, focusing on the fundamentals of  from scratch baking.  She has a nice introduction that includes common ingredients, tools and techniques.  Her recipes cover a nice variety of baking favorites, including breads, cookies and bars, cakes, pies and some breakfast favorites.  Each recipe has a nice photo of the dish, an introduction, ingredient list, instructions and a couple of tips on how to save the items for later. Some of the recipes are basic favorites like monster cookies, zucchini bread and monkey bread but she also has some fun spins on classic desserts like tropical cheesecake bars, apricot upside down cake and banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  There are no nutritional facts and lacked tips or tricks to modify recipes.  Overall this is a nice cookbook that offers comforting classics.
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Comfort Baking: Feel-Good Food to Savor and Share by Stephanie Wise focuses on easy-to-follow recipes that make people feel good from the inside out. For anyone who is looking for a moment in the kitchen as a time to create, worship, relax, or prepare a recipe for a friend in need, this is your guidebook. In addition to over 100 recipes that exude comfort from beginning to end, baker Stephanie Wise of Girl vs. Dough includes plenty of helpful tips along the way to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re preparing a quiche or whipping up a late-night batch of cookies, the recipes in this book are guaranteed to bring you and the people you share your creations with comfort.

Comfort Baking: Feel-Good Food to Savor and Share has some great reminders for experienced bakers, and trick and tips for newcomers, and best of all the understanding that all of us are still learning. I love the encouragement to experiment once you are comfortable with a recipe and process to see what works (or tastes) best for you. As someone that finds baking comforting and soothing, and always has, this title called out for my attention, and it had some great offerings. I had not been a follower or fan of the author, All of the information and instructions are easy to understand and follow, I liked the organization of the sections, and how each section when from the basic recipes to the harder and more complicated options. The recipes were nicely varied, with something for everyone. All of the ingredients are in empirical measuring units, so if you usually bake using weight measurements rather than cups and tablespoons you might need to do some converting and adjustments. There were some recipes familiar to me, or close to something I have tried previously, some I would like to make, and some that are just not to the taste of me or my household- but that is as it should be since everyone is different.
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Comfort Baking starts out similarly to other cookbooks, with an introduction, tips and hints, ingredients and equipment, and so forth.  The recipe sections are as follows, with some of the recipes I will be or have already tried:

Quick Breads and Muffins: Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

Breakfast and Brunch: Braided Raspberry and Cream Cheese Bread

Cookies and Bars: Giant Peanut Butter Cookies

Cakes of All Kinds

Pies, Tarts, Crisps, and Crumbles: Pumpkin Meringue Pie


Meals to Bring to Family and Friends: Chicken Tamale Pie

Bonus Recipes: Ultimate Mac and Cheese

Stephanie Wise is a Christian food blogger, a fact for which I was unaware when requesting to read Comfort Baking.  The comments about her faith and her philosophy may be comforting to some, but did nothing for me personally.  I was looking for a good baking cookbook, but this one fell a little short.

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Reader's Copy of Comfort Baking by NetGalley and the publisher, Herald Press.  The decision to read and review this cookbook was entirely my ow
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I’m definitely a comfort baker so this was right up my alley. Easy to follow recipes. Delectable pictures. Definitely a need for all bakers
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The author started loving baking in college. Since then she has created a blog Girl Versus Dough.

This cookbook contains baking tips and tricks, photos that make you salivate, and recipes that include breads, sweets, and casseroles with options to make them gluten-free. I found several recipes I would like to make during the upcoming holiday season.

It would make an excellent gift for the baker in your life!
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I loved this. So many yummy and great, easy to follow recipes! I love that there is a photo for almost all of the recipes as well!
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Cute if basic baking book. Measurements are in Imperial and by volume only. Hides steps in ingredients list (nuts need to be toasted, chopped, and candied, for example, which would add considerable time to the recipe). Several good recipes though nothing I'd make again.
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I enjoy baking and it is a way that I relax when the stresses of life get to be to much. Anytime I get a new cookbook I like to browse through the whole book and choose several recipes to try out so I can see how hard or easy they will be to make.  After reading through the wonderful tips I enjoyed reading over the common ingredients and equipment that you will come across while baking.  Next I chose my recipes the first that I tried was the Bacon and Pimento Cheese Bread.  Being from the south I love Pimento Cheese and this recipe gave me a new way to enjoy.  Next I made the Giant Peanut Butter Cookies because who doesn't love those!  The recipe was different from my own and I like to try recipes I like in as many ways as I can find them.  The last recipe I tried was the Carrot Cake Roll, again this is something I make a couple times a year but I haven't been happy with the recipe I have.  This was a great find, I loved this so much more than the recipe I have been using.  The recipes weren't simple but they were easy to follow and as long as you are precise in your measurements there shouldn't be Amy problems.  I look forward to trying some of the savory baked the end next!
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Simple, classic, and delicious!

This cookbook was filled with a lot of classic comfort foods like apple pie and baked macaroni and cheese, but there were some interesting twists like PB & J babka and Chai spiced monkey bread. Loved the beautifully lit photos and how easy to follow the recipes were. Nothing seemed too complex or that would require a trip to a specialty foods store. I think this is a great cookbook for a home chef who is looking for a classic that will stay relevant throughout the years!
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This would be an excellent first baking book for a teen, young adult, or anyone getting into baking for the first time.   It has a very helpful primer in the beginning regarding ingredients, equipment, and techniques which will provide a good knowledge foundation for successful baking.  The recipes themselves are accessible and appealing--I could make all of these and I want to!    They are clearly organized and explained and each recipe is accompanied by detailed pictures as well as notes and tips.   My only tiny quibble is that I wouldn't have minded having weights provided, especially for dry ingredients, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this is a really solid resource that offers everything one would look for in a good cookbook!

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
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When I'm stressed, I bake.  So, to find a book called Comfort Baking was a sure sign that I needed this book.  I also collect cookbooks, so they have to be either very good or very unique to be added to my library.  This one is both.  With the goal of providing comfort to both the baker and the delighted recipients of the baked goods, the recipes are clearly written, completed with everyday pantry items and basically hit every reminder of home and family.  It defintely filled a gap I did not realize I had in my library and became a top of the list book to be gofted this year.
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Comfort Baking by Stephanie Wise
Release Date: 10/18/22

If you know me then you know that I love to bake and I was so excited to review this book! Since the title is Comfort Baking, I expected a lot of traditional creations that everyone would know and recognize but this book really surprised me in it's variety of baked goods that it offered. I loved that it had both a combination of savory and sweet bakes and I was so intrigued to find dinners in one of the later sections! Overall I loved every second of baking from this book. The recipes are easy to follow, there's beautiful pictures of each recipe, and the ingredients are easy to find. 

Thank you to @netgalley and Herald Press for the ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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I absolutely Love Comfort Baking by Stephanie Wise. I did not know she had a blog until I read the book, but I know I will be reading it now. I appreciate her sharing about her faith, as I am also a Christian. As I read the book, I felt her faith was shining through as I saw her joy and read her little stories with the recipes. 

I always tell people I love to read cookbooks just like a regular book. I also enjoy the little stories the authors tell along the way. I like hearing about their life, why they like the recipe, etc. This book did not disappoint. The pictures were absolutely gorgeous, I Loved her clothes (Although, yall may not care about that.), her sweet baby what looks like a goldendoodle, and her love for her family and cooking. The recipes look and sound delicious, and I cannot wait to cook them for my own family. Right now, we are doing Atkins, so I will have to wait for a family get-t0gether to really be able to enjoy them. 

I love books, and I love cookbooks. I have already gone to Amazon and added my own hardback copy to my Amazon Christmas Wishlist. 

Thank you to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Comfort Baking by Stephanie Wise comes out just in time for the holidays when many home bakers will be deciding what to share with family friends. It is a useful addition to any new and experienced baker’s collection. 

Comfort baking includes information on typical ingredients and supplies useful for new bakers. However, recipes are rewarding for all skill levels. Individual recipes have tips and information storing for later. I appreciate that there is a photo for each recipe.

I look forward to trying: Blueberry & Cardamom Crumb Muffins, Chocolate Chip Sheet Pan Pancake and a twist on a favorite - Mixed Berry Dutch Baby. 

Thank you to Stephanie Wise, Herald Press and NetGalley for an advanced copy.
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Girl Versus Dough blogger Stephanie Wise is hitting the shelves with her very first cookbook, Comfort Baking.  Stephanie describes the essence of comfort baking as baking “something from scratch as a source of comfort, both in the act of baking and in the enjoyment of the end result.”  Remember the warm feeling of baking banana bread and sharing it with your neighbors during the early days of the pandemic?  That’s what this entire cookbook feels like.

This cookbook has a really appealing and pleasantly surprising variety of recipes.  I was expecting sweets (of which there are plenty), but there are also savory breads, breakfast bakes, and a whole section on dinner bakes and casseroles too.  The design is clean and modern, and the gorgeous photos have a decidedly minimalist aesthetic, making sure the food is center stage every time.  Even better, there’s a photo accompanying every single recipe, which is one of my top priorities in a cookbook.  

The recipe instructions are thorough and clear, and every recipe includes useful tips about prep, storage, and substitutions.  There are a variety of difficulty levels sure to appeal to novices, experienced bakers, and everyone in between; and the recipes in each section are helpfully arranged from easiest to most complicated.  There are some old favorites, some new twists on classic dishes (like pumpkin meringue pie) as well as some drool-worthy new flavors, such as slice and bake cookies that taste just like a London Fog latte.  Mostly from scratch with few pre-packaged ingredients, these cozy and delicious recipes are sure to delight whoever you bake them for.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Herald Press for providing me an advance copy of this cookbook.
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