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I was super excited to get this book. I am throwing out a disclaimer because I have no idea what the print version will look like..I struggled with the digital version.

Likes: I loved the recipes, the variety and the "save for later" instructions. Stephanie is clearly super talented and knows her stuff for REAL. I also liked the photos of the treats! I am a super visual person.

Dislikes: Again, it could be just on the digital version, but I did not like that the ingredient list was listed after the recipe instructions. I also thought it got pretty wordy.

Overall, I would be willing to give the print version a try!! I just had a hard time with how it showed up digitally. It felt kind of unorganized.

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Welp. I officially need this one for my kitchen. In fact I’m definitely going to buy it. Spiced Apple Cider Donut Muffins, Cheesecake Swirled Pumpkin Bread?! Ummm these are the most delicious recipes I’ve seen in a baking recipe book yet.

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This is a lovely cookbook by a popular Christian food blogger. I was not familiar with her but I can see why her recipes are popular. The cookbook has a wide variety of types of recipes and they're all pretty easy to follow. There is a photo for every recipe, which I appreciated. There is no nutritional information provided.

I cook for family members and friends with lots of special dietary needs (gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, keto, diabetic, etc.) and I was hoping there would be recipes that work for people who don't eat the SAD (standard American diet). This is a very traditional, standard baked goods cookbook. They all look like nice recipes, but the book doesn't really stand out for me from thousands of other good baking cookbooks. Fans of Wise will certainly love it, though, and it will be a hit with anyone looking for more fattening, traditional treats to bake (sorry, didn't mean that as catty as it sounded!).

Three stars for me -- liked it but wouldn't personally use it.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for review.

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After the last two years baking has become very popular. It has been a way to survive the isolation and a way to feed your friends and family. Some people like to bake when they are stressed. Some people bake to show others that they care for them. Whatever your reasons for baking you will want to add this cookbook to your collection. Whether you like baking muffins or want to try something a little more out there like bacon and pimiento cheese bread she has you covered. There's something for every fruit season so if peaches or blueberries are your favorite she's got you covered. Every cookie and cake you can imagine is included. It's time to start baking.

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