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This was definitely a mystery with lots of twists and turns along with some good action. Richard even got in on the showdown with Amy, and not from the standpoint he's usually at which is with the reinforcements coming to assist said showdown. He was in the thick of it right along with her. And he'll have even more of a reason to worry about her sleuthing in the near future. ;)

I was never really sure whodunit and kept changing my mind. I didn't trust any of those suspects, lol. After a couple incidents that Amy took as a personal threat, she could tell she was getting close. That was one exciting showdown that was fairly lengthy but I couldn't read fast enough! A gorgeous horse got to be the hero (I LOVE when that happens!) and got some sweet revenge along with it. You'll find out what all that means when you read this latest installment in the Blue Ridge Library Mysteries. I'm super happy that the author was contracted to do books 8 and 9! Yay, more time with Amy, Richard, Aunt Lydia and all these people I call my book friends in Taylorsford, Virginia. Don't miss this book coming out on December 6, 2022!

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Amy and Richard are settling into married life. Richard has a big dance show coming up with students from Karla's studio, as well as high school and college students and a few professional dancers, including his ex. When she is found dead with one of the students standing over her with a knife, Amy begins to look for clues as to who could have done this. There are lots of suspects, but the young man is the easy target. Amy works asking questions to help identify other possibilities. Too many questions lead to problems for Amy and Richard. This series gets better with each book. It's like visiting old friends. Great writing, good plot and a perfect ending!
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A small town murder mystery featuring a town librarian has all the right feels for this reader. 

Victoria Gilbert’s newest Blue Ridge Mystery title features library director, Amy Weber, as she investigates the death of one of the cast in her husband’s play. Not only is the murder victim a dancer, but Meredith Fox is also the former fiance of Amy’s husband. The town is full of suspects and secrets

Death in the Margins, the seventh in this series, can also be read as a stand alone. A fun, light and cozy novel that’s also good on audio.

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Dancer Meredith Fox, a vindictive, cruel and ruthless person, was found dead by librarian Amy Webber Muir. She'd been stabbed in the theatre, backstage, and standing over her body was a young sixteen year old dancer with the knife in his hands. Did he stab her, or was he trying to save her as he said? Amy's husband, Richard Muir and his dance partner, Karla, along with the dance group, were rehearsing in preparation for the premier of a new show in a few days time. But their preparations would be hindered by Meredith's death as one of the key dancers, also the young man who'd been arrested.

At the request of Chief Deputy Brad Tucker, Amy was investigating the many suspects, asking questions and generally making a nuisance of herself. No one had liked Meredith, so there were plenty who weren't sorry she was dead. But would any of those people resort to killing her? Amy thought not. But as she searched for answers, she came closer to the truth. Would there be someone out there who would kill again to keep their secrets?

Death in the Margins is the 7th in the Blue Ridge Library Mysteries by Victoria Gilbert and I enjoyed it. Fun, light, entertaining, with Amy being her usual amateur sleuth - which everyone was aware of by now - the combination of the library, Richard's dance production and catching up with Aunt Lydia, Sunny and others was great. Recommended.

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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The seventh book in the series although I have not read all of them. I did find this was the best one I have read so far.

Amy and Richard are now married and their relationship seems solid. However in Death in the Margins Richard is spending all his time rehearsing for a dance performance and Amy, despite her job as Director of the local library, seems to have time on her hands. The murder of one of the dancers lets her do her favourite thing - sleuthing and assisting Chief Deputy Brad Tucker in finding the killer.

There are loads of possible suspects, lots of red herrings and Amy manages to survive despite several attacks on her person. There is a really nice ending for those who have been reading the series for a while.
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The seventh Blue Ridge Library mystery is set around a stage production that Richard and his partner Kendra are preparing. It's a fundraiser and includes a lot of Richard's students and Kendra's students too. Richard has also hired his ex-fiancé - Meredith Fox - to be one of the principal dancers along with a couple of his other friends from the professional world. 

Meredith is not a very nice person. She has managed to upset a number of the student dancers and the accompanist too. So, when she is found dead in one of the rehearsal halls there are a lot of potential suspects. The one person Amy doesn't suspect is the young student who is found standing over her with a bloody knife in his hands. Unfortunately, the sheriff's department doesn't agree with her. 

As Amy helps her friend Deputy Brad Tucker, she uncovers a number of possible suspects including her ex-husband and his family. There is also a mother who is very angry at Meredith for upsetting her autistic daughter. And neither of the other two principal dancers or the accompanist are at all upset that she's dead and they might have reasons to want to help her along.

This was an entertaining episode in an engaging cozy series.
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Amy's husband Richard and his partner are about to premiere a new dance performance when his ex- Meredith- is found murdered and one of his students is standing over her.  Meredith has been a pain for years and her involvement in the planned event has been fraught with her tantrums so there are a number of possible villains.  No one- not Amy, not Richard and not Deputy Brad Tucker really thinks Connor did it.  But who did?  Amy, using her good sense, research skills, and investigating ability sets off for answers. It's a classic cozy with good characters that keep me reading the series (and this will be fine as a standalone).  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  A good read.
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This has a great storyline and some interesting characters.  I do like a good library to be included in the story.  The world of dance is as competitive as everything else.  There always seems to be a Diva, no matter the group.  I love the relationship between Richard and Amy and their Aunt Lydia.  I can’t wait to go visit again and see how things are progressing.  I received this book from NetGalley, but my opinion is my own.
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Death in the Margins is the 7th installment of the Blue Ridge Library Mysteries series by Victoria Gilbert. This series is very entertaining and the characters seem to welcome you back in every book. I like the character development that continues in each installment. Death in the Margins finds Amy settling into married life with Richard. When Richard's former fiancee, Meredith, is murdered during a dance rehearsal, all eyes are on the young dancer who is found over the body with the murder weapon in his hands. Amy sets out to investigate the murder in order to verify the innocence of the young dancer. Helping the local sheriff's department, Amy gets into both the art and horse world, often putting herself in grave danger, to uncover the motives of the killer. This series continues to draw me in to find out escapades Amy will get into each book.
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I gave Death in the Margins by Victoria Gilbert 5 stars

The theater is no place for murder—but a case of backstage betrayal drags library director Amy Webber into a case that could mean curtains in critically acclaimed author Victoria Gilbert’s Blue Ridge Library mystery.

It’s early summer, and while Richard Muir and his dance partner, Karla, are preparing their new choreographic piece, Richard’s wife, Amy, is gathering the dance’s source materials. Based on folktales and the music of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the production is set to premiere at an old cinema that has been converted to a theater. But when dancer Meredith Fox—Richard’s former fiancé—is found dead backstage, Amy is once again propelled into a murder case that threatens the careers and lives of those she loves.

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This is the seventh book in the Blue Ridge Library Mystery series. Same as the other books in the series, this was a five-star read for me. I really love this series and have enjoyed reading about Amy and all the other characters since book one. It has been a pleasure seeing how she developed more with each book. This book was no exception, and the ending made me happy, and I am now excited about the next book.

The mystery was great and the ending had me biting my nails. I also liked that it took place at Richard's place of work, so we got to know him better. If you haven't read this series yet, I really recommend picking it up!

This book comes out December 6.

Thank you Net Galley and Crooked Lane Books for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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A perfect cozy mystery set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Excellent characters keep you engaged in wanting to solve the mystery.  I will definitely read more in this series.
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Another solid mystery in the Blue Ridge Library series. This one wasn't my favourite as it was set in the theatre more than the library. I'll read more in the series, though.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book.
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I was happy to get a copy of #DeathintheMargins by Victoria Gilbert from #NetGalley and #CrookedLaneBooks. Although I hadn't read any of the previous Blue Ridge Library Mystery series books, the description, title, and beautiful cover drew me in. I found that the book, expertly crafted by Victoria Gilbert, stood well on its own and I never felt like previous events that were mentioned were left unexplained.
The main characters are interesting and relatable, the murder of the nasty dancer almost understandable, and the large number of credible suspects kept me guessing as to who committed the crime right up until the end. Gilbert's descriptions of the settings were detailed without going overboard, and her dialogue is fast-paced and realistic.
I recommend this book to any cozy mystery lover.
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The latest installment of the Blue Ridge Library series (# 7) is another fun read for a cold afternoon in front of the fire. Amy and Richard are settling into married life. Richard's latest dance production finds him working with both Karla, his long-time friend and dance partner, and also with Meredith, his ex-wife. Not unexpectedly, someone dies and Amy gets involved. This time, at least, she does not always go sleuthing alone, but she still ends up in danger all the same. With the help of the usual friends and family, several crimes get solved and the story ends on a happy surprise. For fans of cozy mysteries a must.
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Newlyweds, Amy and Richard Muir make every effort to spend as much time together as possible but Richard with his partner are producing a dance program to open the newly refurbished theater.  Richard has hired Meredith Fox(his last partner) for the female lead but unfortunately, she turns up dead making the company of dancers all suspects. 

Amy works to gather details for the police, most aren't really anxious to tell the police anything and Amy has a sympathetic ear as well as being Richard's wife.

The mystery was good but I was disappointed that it centered more around the dance troop and had very little to do with the library.  I'm guessing it was to further the main characters development, but I'm hoping that Amy will return to her antics at the library.
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An enjoyable entry in the Blue Ridge Library mystery series finds the protagonist Amy Moore Muir investigating the murder of her husband Richard's ex-fiance, the loathesome Meredith.  Richard hired Meredith to be part of a dance production but she has managed to rub everyone the wrong way and make enemies quickly.  Amy's investigation twists and turns to a satisfying conclusion.
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A converted theater, jealous dancers, and old secrets combine to put Amy in the middle of a murder with her husband as the main suspect.  Will the show go on?  Wait and see....
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When a mean-spirited, antagonistic dancer is found dead in her dressing room, there is one obvious suspect: the promising young student standing over her holding the murder weapon. An earlier argument between the two only cements the case, but dance teacher, Richard Muir, is convinced there must be another answer. Handily his new wife, Amy, has a track record in helping solve crimes, and it isn’t long before the police ask her to use her status as a civilian, and town head librarian, to talk to some of the possible suspects without it being a police matter.

Turns out there are as many versions of the story as there are suspects. Can Amy figure out the discrepancies and figure out who – if anyone – is telling the whole truth?

We’re seven books into this bookish cosy mystery series now, and a lot has gone on in the ongoing background – a few ‘spoilers’ here for that, but definitely not the mystery!

It’s lovely seeing Amy and Richard still being themselves but happily married, it feels like a very healthy relationship and the dramas are provided elsewhere – like the murder of Richard’s former fiancée!

This was an enjoyable enough story, and the mystery is decently handled. Still, I think the whole thing has become a little too much about the romance and ‘background’ continuing story, and as much about dance as books. Which is to say, it’s drifting a little from my original interest.

Still, the plot is crafted well enough, and the characters are a pleasure to spend time with – apart from the dead woman, of course, who was a love-to-hate kind of a creation. I also really appreciate the way Amy’s involvement in the crime is kept more or less believable, with perhaps just a hint of “would the police really ask her to be involved at all?”.

The whole things wraps up the mystery well, and also gives a nice – if unsurprising – ‘twist’ for the main characters. Will they be back? While nothing here makes this a favourite series, I’ll still probably dip in again if they are.
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Victoria Gilbert spins a mystery with an unexpected twist.  Dancer Richard Muir and his wife Amy, the Blue Ridge Library’s director, must deal with the murder of one of the professional dancers scheduled to dance in a new piece created by Richard and his colleague Karla.

In a delightful change of pace, Chief Deputy Brad Tucker enlists Amy’s help gathering information and clues to help find the culprit. Plenty of red herrings and distractions keep the pace tight and pages turning. Death in the Margins offers an engaging visit to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the diverse character mix proves entertaining.
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Nothing like a great place for drama than to set this cozy little mystery in the theater. While this story is part of a series, it is can be read as a stand-alone book as well.  Librarian Amy Webber seems to have a penchant for stumbling on dead bodies.  While delivering lunch to her husband, a professional dancer and director of a new production at the local theater promoting young talent, she meets Richard’s ex-fiancée, Meredith Fox. Meredith is very much the haughty prima donna dancer and despised by all who are in her way. Witness to her angry outbursts and tantrums, there seems to be many who would love to have Meredith removed from the production.  Then Amy discovers Meredith, murdered with one of the young dancers standing over her with the murder weapon, dripping with blood.  It is hard to feel bad for Meredith. But Amy feels that the young boy is innocent and sets out to help the local sheriff discover who the real killer is before they kill again. So many suspects, motives, and twists and turns made this a delight to read. Nothing sinister or evil, the characters are relatable and I like the back story between Amy and Richard.  Grab a hot cup of tea, curl up with a warm blanket and read this cozy little mystery today. As I enjoy the legends and music of the Blue Ridge Mountains,  I think I will check out other Blue Ridge Library Mysteries by Victoria Gilbert. 
Many thanks to #netgalley #deathinthemargins #victoriagilbert for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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