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Take a Chance on Greece

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An easy and fun read! The descriptive scenery had me wanting to travel Greece asap.  There was a great group of characters in this novel which brought the whole story to life.  Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early e-copy.
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The last place Orlando expected to find herself was moving back in with her father, but after a medical issue, that’s what she has to do. When she finds out he has been keeping family secret, she packs her bags and travels to a Greek island. There, she meets a handsome stranger and enjoys the beautiful setting. This was such a cute, feel good story. I’m glad I took a chance on reading it! Thank you to Netgalley, the author and Bookouture for the review copy!

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I really enjoyed this one. It was an easy and fun read and I adored the Greek setting. The storyline wasn’t unique but it was still a good chic lit read with a strong group of characters and I’d thoroughly recommend it.
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Good read. Great characters, enjoyed the setting, lots of side stories weaved into it and it flowed really well. A good read for a rubbish day. Will make you feel better!
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Wonderful armchair travel and escapism at its finest. I was completely and utterly transported to Kos, and feel I now have a good idea of what there is to do on the island. 

I'd definitely be up for a trip on the pirate boat at any rate, as well as flirting with some gorgeous guys, not so sure about yoga on the beach at stupid o clock in the morning though.

But basically I would have loved to have been Orla for the majority of the book, I mean not the initial bit with the health scare, nor the secret that needs to be uncovered, but the exploration of Kos side of Orla, I'd have happily swapped places with. 

Another stunning Greek set story from Sue Roberts.

Thank you to Bookouture and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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I loved this, I loved the very descriptive scenery, making me feel like I was there. 

Thank you NetGalley for my complimentary copy in return for my honest review.
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The perfect escapist holiday read.

I loved the descriptions of the setting and the people and it really brought Greece to life for me. The characters are likeable and fun and the plot moved at a good pace which kept me engaged from the first page.
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Pure escapism that has you lost in the delights of Greece- imagining the sights and scents on your own wonderful trip. 
I love the way that you get to know all the characters- some more loveable than others. Would highly recommend for your holiday suitcase to read around the pool
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Always love Sue Roberts’ books set abroad as she conjures up such wonderful images I can feel the sunshine on my skin, even when reading on the dullest of days. 
Once again she’s created a story filled with fully-formed characters and a storyline that held my attention from start to finish. 
This is obviously fiction, so some artistic licence is allowed when thinking about the storyline of finding a long lost half sister, but  I did enjoy the book. 
I was immediately drawn to the main character and admired the strength & bravery the author created for her, facing treatment for a brain tumour but also stepping out and exploring the world as a lone female traveler. 
I really enjoyed the book, it kept my attention throughout and I warmed to the main characters & was definitely rooting for them to overcome the barriers in their way & get together. 
An excellent book to take on holiday, but equally a great book to bring a bit of sunshine to the reader any time of year.
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Orla reassesses her life after being treated for a brain tumour. She makes a surprise discovery at her dad's house as she recuperates and heads to Greece. Whilst soaking up the sun and culture, she considers her life choices.
Take A Chance On Greece is a warm and uplifting summer read. However it also has an important message about being brave enough to take chances with whatever life throws at you.
Orla travels to Greece on a mission but also determined to make the most of life's opportunities. She has never had much luck in the romance department but finds herself making positive relationships with a number of men: will one of them capture her heart...? There are multiple possibilities for finding love but Orla needs to focus on herself first. I had no idea which of the lovely men she meets would be the one to give her a happy ending.
There is also the subplot of finding out what she discovered at her dad's house. Again, Orla has to face her fears and be brave in order to make improvements to her life and relationships. This element to the plot develops slowly over the course of the book to increase our understanding of Orla's hesitant personality.
The style of writing is rich with description especially of the scenery and food. This brings the location and atmosphere to life and makes me want to visit Greece!
Take A Chance On Greece is an enjoyable and gentle, romantic, life affirming novel.
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I loved this book! The characters were so likable and the setting in Greece was an absolute dream! It had me wanting to plan a trip to Greece ASAP! Sue Roberts writing really made you feel like you were there. This is a perfect beach read and I look forward to reading more books b6 this author!
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I really loved reading this. And have since added Greece to my list of places I want to visit. I really love it when the city in which the story is set in is used nicely, and this one was just that. 
I just have one complaint, and that is that it was a wee bit too long. But since it was a comforting read regarding life and how it can change at any given moment, so the too long part was fine. 
Will recommend it to those who love a good feel good book.
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I love Sue Roberts' books set in Greece.  They are filled with vivid descriptions of the islands, the people and the culture--almost like traveling there.  In this book, a young woman travels to Greece after recovering from a surgery to remove a brain tumor.  In addition to the urge to travel, she also appears to have another reason, but it's not divulged until much later in the book.  She stays at a small hotel where she meets some interesting fellow travelers, including a mysterious writer who is rather grumpy at times and seems interested in her at other times.  She can't figure him out. It was fun to travel vicariously with her and to see what happens to the characters.  A great read for the beach!
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Loved this trip to Greece with Orla. I’m hoping for more stories with her. It had the feeling that there would be more adventures of her and her love interest as I found the ending rather rushed
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I thoroughly enjoyed Take a Chance on Greece by Sue Roberts and day dreamt I was in Greece too. A great book to escape into for a few hours. A perfect beach read but also could be read anytime any place.
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After a health scare, Orla moves in with her dad and finds out that he is keeping a big family secret. To distance herself, she choses to vacation in sunny Greece by herself. At the B&B she is staying in, her gorgeous neighbor, Georgios, is a writer looking for inspiration for his next novel. And Orla might be just what he needed.
This is the second book set in Greece I read by this author, and I prefer the other one (What Happens in Greece). The pace was slow, the dialogues were clumsy, and the character was very often "miles away". But the description of the settings was on point, and it was a fun beach read. If you are looking for a slow paced grumpy x sunshine trope set in a beautiful sunny location, this is for you!
I received an advance review copy for free and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Orla is happy with her life or so she portrays those around her.  She needs a fresh start in life and her new beginning must happen now.  She packs up and heads to Greece for a vacation of a lifetime.  With her dysfunctional family miles away, she is happy with her decision.  The warm sun and the sandy beach is perfect.  After checking into a quaint bed and breakfast, she soon meets her neighbor, Georgios who is a writer.  He spends more time inside with pen to paper writing, than outside living life.  Orla begins to pull him out of his shell, and shows him there is so much more to enjoying life than just working.  But who is this new found adventure really for, Orla or Georgios, and is Orla’s time in Greece just a vacation or has she found her happily ever after?

If you are in need of a beachy vacation, then this is the book for you.  Pack your bags because this story will have you packing your bags and heading to Greece.  I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful descriptions of Greece and the sandy beaches was just what I needed.  I found this story to be inspirational, uplifting and utterly delightful.  The characters were believable and one’s I would have in my circle of friends.  This feel-good and magical story is one that hits all the feels.  I laughed, I cried and I definitely recommend it.

Thank you Sue Roberts for such a heart-warming story.  This was such a wonderful escape.  I loved the storyline and I highly recommend it.
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With descriptions of Greece that made me want to jump on a plane and then run straight to the nearest beach. This is a gentle romance that whilst not unpredictable, is a fabulous read.
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This was a wonderful book set in different locations around Kos Greece. I loved the fact that the leading female (I never remember names lol) travelled to try and experience different locations it added that extra fun element to the Story. I loved the amount of Greek culture that was in this book it made me feel like I was back there myself. Plus it's great Learning about different cultures. I really appreciated that the author had the lady seeking out more traditional food and experiencing they joys of the family life there it was wonderful to read. It was a very nice story line with a slow burning romance. There was a great array of characters that were loveable and well developed. I could feel the emotions of the story come through. If you are looking for a relaxing read full of Greek culture then this book is for you. It's also brilliant for those who love to travel the world through fiction books as you can tell the author has a vast knowledge. I bet she is living their now.

So much praise goes out to the author and publishers for creating this magical story that transported me into Greece. I can't wait to read more from this author. 

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I really enjoyed reading about Orla's travels in Greece. As a woman who enjoys to travel this story just really resonated with me. 

After collapsing at work and learning that she has a benign brain tumor, Orla decides she wants to get out and see the world. But during her recovery she discovers an old letter amongst some old family photos written to her father letting him know that he had another daughter in Greece. A sister, something Orla always wanted and never knew she even had.  So she decides to go back where it all started, Kos , Greece, a place where she used to spend summer holidays as a child with her mom and dad. 

Orla is staying in a small B&B where she gets to know all the different guests in the small hotel, one in particular being Georgios. A mysterious Greek/Englishman who is on holiday looking for inspiration to finish his book. In this book I really felt as if Orla had great character development. She was a wanderer afraid of commitment and in the end I truly believe she has found things in life worth sticking around for. Definitely one of the better reads I've picked up this year and I would definitely recommend to anyone needing a cute feel good story.
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