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Fun high jinks and murder occur in the book, Murder on A Class Trip by Lee Hollis. Maya and Sandra are private investigators, who happen to get stuck being chaperones on a school trip to Washington D.C. The other two chaperones are teachers and a couple of the high schoolers are their own kids. While touring D.C, Sandra's soon to be ex-husband, Senator Stephen Wallace’s female intern, is found dead in his bedroom. Her death appears to be suicidal at first but upon further investigation, it turns out that she was murdered. Stephen then asks Maya and Sandra to investigate so that he can be cleared.

This story is loaded with plot twists, political drama (fictional of course) and interesting characters. An entertaining read!

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Murder on the Class Trip is the third title to feature Maya and Sandra. Earlier entries in the series are Murder at the PTA and Murder at the Bake Sale. From the books’ names, readers know that these are cozy mysteries.

Maya and Sandra are parents, friends and private detectives. This time, they are also chaperones on a class trip. Their respective children are not pleased about this.

The trip takes the duo out of Maine and to Washington DC. Sandra’s almost ex is a Senator there. When a young female intern is found dead in a compromising position, needless to say, he is quite upset. He asks for the help of Maya and Sandra to get to the bottom of things. The FBI is considerably less than thrilled that Maya and Sandra are investigating but the two persist until matters are resolved.

There are plenty of suspects and motives in this entertaining mystery. This book will be enjoyed by those who like sitting down with a reliable, cozy title.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for this title. All opinions are my own.

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Is there anything worse than being forced to chaperone the senior class trip to Washington, DC, historical sites? There is, if you find the body of a murdered girl (and you met the nice girl just the day before), when it's obvious your soon-to-be ex-husband will be accused of the murder.

Sandra Wallage (the wife of a Senator), and her private detective partner, Maya Kendrick, are trying to help keep 25 teenagers--including their own children--safe and in line with the efforts of the trip leader and another chaperone.

But the mood of DC turns ugly when "proof" is found that Senator Wallage knew his intern much better than was appropriate; much to the delight of slimy politicians in the opposing party. Sandra snd Maya need to find out what happened to Tess, the young and beautiful intern, before Senator Wallage is forced to resign or arrested for murder!

Although I've never enjoyed politics, this was a pretty good story. It's not completely realistic, but what--in entertainment we enjoy--is?

3/5 Stars Slow build-up to the main plot.

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the temporary ecopy preview of this book; any review is voluntary and entirely my own opinion.

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A senior class trip to Washington DC finds Sandra and Mayra chaperoning. A fun read with added humor to it. Great story plot that will keep you guessing until the end. Love the friendship between the two characters. Another great mystery from the author. Thanks #netgalley and #kensington for the eARC in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are mine.

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I was looking forward to this book as I live in the DC area and have chaperoned many class trips with my kids. It was an easy read and can be read as a stand alone.

The characters in this series (Maya and Sandra especially) are very relatable and you just can't help but root for them. The addition of the FBI investigators were fun and added alittle something to the

Thank you #Netgalley and #Kensington for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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In the third book of The Myra and Sandra series , Sandra and Mayra are roped into chaperoning their children’s Senior class trip to Washington DC . While trying to keep the intense schedule of sightseeing the women decide to investigate the murder of one of Sandra soon to be ex-husband Staff worker .

The plot keeps you guessing until the end . I also love how the authors add bits of humor in the story .
The addition of new characters ( FBI ) agents were interesting . What I enjoy most about this series is that we are able to watch the women grow as people and their friendships evolve.

Thank you to the authors, publisher and NetGalley for allowing me a chance to catch up with old friends.

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How I loved being back with Maya and Sandra!
I enjoyed this third installment of this series.

Maya and Sandra are roped into being chaperones on their kids school trip to Washington D.C. While there, they visit Sandra's "not quite" ex-husband and his staff, including Tess the intern.
When Tess doesn't show up for work the next day, Sandra and Maya look for her and the case begins.

I liked the mystery/case, but what I like most about this series are the characters. I have enjoyed watching the relationship between the two women grow and change and how they are as both mothers and professional women. I like that their relationships with their husbands are not simple or cliche...they are complicated.

I look forward to the next book!

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Murder on the Class Trip is the 3rd book in the Maya and Sandra Mysteries, a cozy amateur sleuth mystery series written by brother and sister writing duo, Lee Hollis. I've read all the books in their Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mysteries, and then I started this one... with only three written thus far, it was easy to catch up to the 2022 release. The series is set in Portland, Maine around a Senator's wife and a private investigator whose husband is in prison. The two women bond of their troubles, as well as due to the children dating one another. In this caper, they're both roped into chaperoning their seniors' school trip to DC, where they find a dead body in Sandra's senator husband's apartment. Whodunit?

Another clever tale weaving together politics, high school drama, and husbands and wives who are figuring out how to deal with one another during a divorce. Toss in some extramarital affairs and a few intense moments with DC FBI detectives, this book has a lot of great things to offer readers. Fans of Hollis's writing will enjoy the book, and those who want more than a small-town cozy will also find some hilarious moments. While I think the series is great, some side stories continue to be left without any follow up in the ending (all three books). One or two I could overlook... but it's too common of a problem in this series, so the editor needs to focus his or her read a bit more. Doesn't need a lot to close the loop on a red herring or explain why this random character popped up to look guilty but then disappears and no one follows up. Oh well... doesn't stop me from reading them tho!

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This was another great installment in the Maya and Sandra series. Maya and Sandra reluctantly agree to chaperon the senior class trip to Washington D.C. when two other chaperons back out at the last minute. While they are in D.C., Sandra and her son, Ryan, visit with Sandra's soon to be ex-husband. The next day, his assistant is found dead in his condo. He asks Sandra and Maya to help prove his innocence. I loved the mystery. The plot was well done, and I didn't guess the killer at all. It was nice to see Maya and her husband try to reconcile now that he is out of jail, as well as Sandra's relationship with her husband. I love this series and can't wait to read more.

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If you are a mystery/thriller reader, Murder on the Class Trip is a good read. Maya and Sandra have their own PI business, and on a class trip that they are chaperoning a murder happens, an investigation they cannot pass up. I enjoyed this book, it was a quick read. My favorite character is Maya, she is straightforward!

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Friends and private investigative partners Sandra and Maya agree to chaperone a high school class trip to D.C. While there, Sandra visits with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Senator Stephen Wallage. One of his young aides is found dead in his bed. He swears he has no relationship with her and is being framed, and asks Sandra and Maya to help investigate. They go up against two FBI agents who are convinced he is guilty. This is a fun, neatly-tied up mystery.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the third installment in the Maya & Sandra Mystery series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

Sandra's soon to be ex-husband, Senator Stephen Wallage, finds himself the lead suspect in the murder of a junior staff member, Tess. Maya & Sandra are asked to investigate while chaperoning their children's senior class high on a trip to Washington DC.

I hope there are more episodes coming soon.

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This is the third installment in Lee Hollis's Maya and Sandra Mystery series called Murder on the Class Trip.

I have read this series from the beginning and what appealed to me are not only strong, capable, fun female characters but the fact that the main heroines are so different and yet they compliment each other so well.

The story is moved from their town and it adds special flair to it. We get to see the inside of some of the places we wouldn't usually have the chance to visit and to learn a bit more about the system and the highest eschelons of the government.

I like the fact that most of the characters are recurring, I feel that it adds to the genuinity of the story. There are also some personal touches which encance the cozyiness of the series.

Mystery is well laid out, the clues are easy to follow should readers chose to. The conclusion is satisfayingly wrapped up.
The tone of the book is light and affortless and such a pleasure to read.

I highly recommend this series.

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The perfect new title to recommend to the many fans of cozy mysteries. Anyone who enjoys other Lee Hollis titles, including the Poppy Harmon series, will love this. Also share with readers who like Donna Andrews, Leslie Meier, Joanna Fluke and Jenn McKinlay, to name a few. The premise is fun -- two school parent volunteers are attempting to start their own private investigating business, and are called by the school principal for a case -- which turns out to be chaperoning a school trip (while also keeping an eye open for trouble). Great story and fun new characters.

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I really enjoyed this fun cozy mystery! I enjoyed trying to figure out who done it and enjoyed the fun characters! All of Lee Hollis mystery books are great!

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Loved reading this book and author. If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend her and her books. I suggest reading them in order .

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This one brought back some memories. I once chaperoned a class trip to Washington DC. The itinerary they followed even sounded familiar and brought back some pleasant memories. Fortunately, my trip didn't include murder. Also, unlike Maya and Sandra, I never got any closer to the White House than the fence outside but, hey, the door was open and I got a distant picture looking inside. In any case, back to the book...

What starts as a case of reluctant chaperoning of their children's much anticipated class trip to DC ends up with murder, political intrigue and posturing, and the involvement of the FBI. Hardly a relaxing vacation for Maya and Sandra. True, Sandra is an ol' pro at navigating Washington DC having been married to Senator Wallage for some two decades, but divorce is coming soon and she's unsure whether to trust Stephan after he lied and cheated on her. She sees something different in him this time, however, when he claims innocence and asks for their investigative help. She's even wavering a bit on that divorce but, well, first they have a murder and some political intrigue, lies and innuendo to deal with. Maya finds her competitive self riled by two female FBI agents, adding to the fun. Oh, and they do get an invite to a White house event thanks to Sandra's longstanding connections and likeability.

There's humor in the book, some of it due to the images bus driver Clancy's driving conjures up in one's mind. If you've ever ridden in a school bus, which most of us have, imagine doing it while past-retirement-age Clancy abruptly abandons his slow-poke ways to help Maya and Sandra chase down a wayward student by speeding up and dodging DC traffic, slamming on the brakes and hitting the gas with seeming glee. He gets his student, however, one who becomes a suspect in the murder of Sen. Wallage's assistant, Tess. That's just the beginning.

Who killed Tess? Is Sen. Wallage telling the truth? What was she doing where she was found? And, hey, speaking of politics, how annoying is Sen. Grisby? Could he have killed or had Tess killed for political gain? How about his son, Kyle? Where did Kyle get those incriminating emails? How far would ambitious reporter Zoe go for a story that would make her career? Why is Preston so, uh, difficult? Could the likable Suzanne have been involved? How about the now ex-girlfriend? Surely not but, well, there is evidence that.....

Oh, enough teasers. Read this book. You won't regret it. It's a quick, easy read whose short chapters just seemed to fly by. My only quibble with the book, which I devoured in one day, is that things seemed a tad too easy. Evidence was easily found with the right help and, no, I don't mean the FBI. Maya and Sandra are both likable and I definitely liked the growth of their friendship over this series. They work together, trusting and using each others strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Sandra is great at the good cop routine but, oh, such a softie, whereas Maya is, well, Maya. Stern, abrupt, and able to use the people and scene reading skills honed during her years on the police force. Both have interesting relationships going on, too, and growth is shown in both. Will that be good or bad? Dang it, I'm ready for the next book, Lee Hollis. Smile.

Thanks #NetGalley and #KensingtonPress. I enjoyed the tour of DC, especially the basement tour of Ford's Theater. I wonder where I stashed all those photos.

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I honestly don't know how to rate this. This is advertised as a cozy mystery, but I do not agree. The content and plot twists were not within the cozy genre. There was also a plot thread that made me very uncomfortable, and I feel as though the characters' responses were not realistic. I will not be continuing with this series.

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Maya and Sandra find themselves chaperoning a class trip, much to the dismay of their children.
This story is fun and easy to follow, and makes for a great book to read on the beach or relaxing at home.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for selecting me to read an advanced copy of this book.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Murder on the Class Trip was a strong take on a love triangle gone wrong.

Maya and Sandra find themselves wrapped up in a murder case after deciding to chaperone on their children's class trip. This murder happens to have a main suspect, that being Sandra's soon to be ex husband Stephen.

For me this story had a pace that started off slow and quickly built up as we continued the story; so the book made sure to keep my attention. It was very interesting to see how Maya and Sandra worked with the FBI, the local police, and the suspects. I must say though the ending sort of fell flat for me as I have read a lot of love triangles gone wrong; but it was definitely a well told story and a series I'd like to add to my reading list.

If you like cozy murder mysteries that build up pace overtime this book is great for that! The plot, characters, and story over all definitely allow you to build a view in your mind for everything going on. It was great to see how Sandra and Maya used their private investigator skills to help solve this case!

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