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Coming to Canada

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I don’t believe this book was for me. Don’t get me wrong the writing is amazing and the information really useful, but I’m more in the “how to get there” than “I’m living in Canada” phase. 
The author does give great tips but feels more like a guide. It does comes from he’s experience but doesn’t feel as an advice. Definitely, not what I was looking for. The only thing I would add it would be a “how he did X or Y”  and a overall advice at the end of the chapter.
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This nonfiction guide for people wishing to immigrate to Canada is well-done. It is organized logically and all the information is laid out in a concise pathway for the reader. I recommend this for individuals or families who are going to or have hopes for moving to Canada.
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I found this to be an interesting, informative, and thorough guide for people who may be considering moving from the U.S. to Canada. This book starts with the paperwork needed to get into Canada, then the paperwork that is needed right away to allow you to move and have access to credit(banking), healthcare, and being able to get a new license for driving. Looking for possible areas in which to move to, that’s in here, the best places for single and family fun-in here.
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NIce! And comprehensive, I think. I would love to see one written for the US. Covers moving to, working, transportation, and so much more. For anyone in the US thinking of moving to Canada, it's a whole new world compared to ours. Europeans may find it easier to adjust. Others will depend on their individual cultures. Book offers a lot of outside perspective on living in the north. Well written with loads of info.
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